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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom   August 09   2017





YES….you read it correctly- they are at it again!! The South African leftist media offensive against the white Afrikaner just found a new scourge to whip those white Afrikaner whiteys again.

The most recent juicy morsel of “racism” apparently is the video placed by a black anti-white socialites Miya Ngoma and  Tumi Sole– that happened  at a KFC outlet in Montana  Pretoria- which we show to you below:

The video, posted on Twitter by a black socialite @Tumisole is making rounds on twitter. It was posted on Friday and has been retweeted more than 3,000 times.


NOW what these white chaps did- was unnecessary- and by no means acceptable by any civilized standards- PERIOD! Especially in South Africa that has a record of being having a totally anti-white sentiment and take any attack on a black as a major crime second to none- even rape or murder. This was down-right stupid and irresponsible- especially with the vultures  behind the media laptops.

Looking at the video one can clearly hear the black woman screaming “Are you gonna hit me- I am a woman”– and by the footage see the white guy bashing her while she was laying on the ground. That is such clear evidence that something very disturbing happened at that KFC outlet in Montana– something that will- for the next couple of months- have a rippling effect on those white guys- but not only for them- for the white Afrikaners in South Africa as a whole. With the anti-white communists gearing up to release another barrage of anti-white “racist” laws on the hapless white Afrikaners again- this was down-right bloody stupid timing to do something like that….to say the least!

According to leftist news outlets the husband suffered a burst eardrum while his wife and child begged the attackers to stop assaulting them. A video of six men violently attacking a married couple, Jacob and Dudu Sono, has gone viral on social media. The video and images of the assault were shared on Facebook by Miya Ngoma who urged people to ‘expose these racists.’ Tumi Sole also shared it on Twitter. In the video, six white men beat Jacob and also assault his wife while their child is screaming in the car.

According to police, four of the men have been arrested while the other two are yet to be apprehended. They were arrested at the scene. Kay Makhubela, police spokesperson, said the four had already appeared in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court. Makhubela added that the couple were undergoing trauma counseling. “The four men were charged with assault and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. They appeared before the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court on Friday‚” Makhubela told Times LIVE. Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula tweeted that investigations were under way, while KFC condemned the incident. The police’s Vuyo Mhaga says the Police Minister takes the attack seriously and wants the men to be arrested urgently. “Basically, it’s obvious, one it’s an act of racist attack, two, we can’t resolve any difference that we have in the country through violence.”In other words- prepare yourself for another white “racist” BIG SHOW.


Well known for his anti-white rhetoric- ANC police minsiter Fikile Mbalula quickly added his condemnation about the incident- but are eerily quiet about 68 brutal attacks on whites by black thugs this past July. 

KFC- quite as expected- quickly reacted “democratically correct” to safe face in front of the mainly black clientele out of fear of yet another black back-lash and possible boycott.

Already the black replies point to yet another anti-white racist storm brewing. BUT none of these black socialites will utter one single word about an old white couple being brutally assaulted by black thugs. South Africa are torn about by racism- by the regime, blacks and whites alike. It’s only the white ” racism” that you will hear and read  about.

Miya Ngoma posted on Facebook: “The racists have struck again: this time at Montana by the KFC. They beat Jacob Sono and his wife into a pulp simply because Jacob asked them to drive forward in the Drive-thru queue. Dudu’s crime was to film them as 6 of them (in 2 cars) beat her hubby and burst open his eardrum in the process. These racists must rot in jail. 4 have been arrested and 2 are at large. Let us expose these racists. Please spread this video and pictures‚ even to media houses and authorities.”

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance has commended the South African Police Service (SAPS) for its swift response in arresting four of the six men reportedly involved in a racial attack on a black couple. “The Democratic Alliance condemns in the strongest terms the violent incident of racial abuse by four white males perpetrated against a black couple at the KFC drive through in Montana, Tshwane,” DA Gauteng MPL Adriana Randall said on Saturday. (Link) 

As you can see- the build-up for yet another onslaught against “those white racists”  are steadily growing. Now we do not know what precisely lead to this vicious onslaught against the black woman- but something very problematic must have happened before that lead to this attack to take place. As with all “racist” videos now hitting the internet- you never will see what the actual flint- the spark that set of the sequence of events- really was. All we see is the dire consequences which was the result of a chain of events. So many black-on-white assaults, black racism, threats and down-right promotions of murdering whites  are shown – especially on You-Tube– but not ONE media outlet or politician ever say a word about it. That unfortunately- is the liberal hippocracy at play.





CLEARLY you can see the black pair was looking for trouble- even calling the whites ” motherf*cker!” AND swore him by saying “F*ck You!. Then the black male took the first swipe at the white guy. THAT was the flint that started it all. BUT for the South African media- the preliminary instigation- the flint that started the whole messy affair- it doesn’t matter at all. They will not show you the preliminary attacks by the black and the verbal abuse.They only will show you what happened next. They only are interested that a black was pummeled by a white- case closed!  Here we again have a similar incident as the SPUR saga where the media hid the preliminary incident where the black bigger girl slapped the young white girl- but it was not shown- only what happened next.




Posted by News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents on Tuesday, July 18, 2017



This footage is not a nice thing to watch or share… however it is the only way we can try and help put the perpetrators behind bars!

Posted by ZA NeighbourHoods Watch on Thursday, August 10, 2017


Dis my vraag vandag asb mense kom ons maak die viral

Posted by George Kruger on Friday, August 11, 2017


I am deeply shocked at the idea that we can do that to a woman just because it Does not meet your advances? This is a coward! I ask you to share.

Posted by Simon Lawrence on Saturday, August 15, 2015




Breaking News – A 51 yr man arrested on Friday for murder, whilst claiming he acted out of self defense

Posted by Suburb.News on Friday, August 11, 2017



BUT for the South African media- the preliminary instigation- the flint that started the whole messy affair- it doesn’t matter at all. They only are interested in the results what happened to yet another “victimized” black. The end result is what gives them the scoop of white “racism” that can be inflated  out of proportion-  kept on the front pages to make that reader numbers roll again- and assist the drive to heighten the racist division between the black and white populace in South Africa. The media in South Africa ostensibly are waging a psychological  war against the mainly white Afrikaner populace- and any excuse- no matter how insignificant– will be fully exploited to again demonize the white Afrikaner and link him to that “dreadful” Apartheid era. The South African media are paid lapdogs that acts as propaganda mouth pieces of the current corrupt regime- and funded by Jew heathens such as George Soros.

In South Africa the leftist media deem themselves as the “protectors” of the ” previous disadvantaged” – and self appointed “guardians” of morality. They see themselves as the “watchdogs” of the current communist regime and “messengers” of especially anti-black sentiment. This is no more so much a reality where white Afrikaners are taken into the equation. The leftist media in South Africa are at a total war against the white Afrikaners. It doesn’t matter how many white Afrikaners are brutally attacked by black thugs or how many white Afrikaners or farmers are brutally murdered by black thugs on a daily basis. To the leftist South African media an incident like this at the KFC is food for fueling yet another never-ending barrage of anti-white Afrikaner bashing for the next few months to come. AND like the Reitz  coffin case saga- they will not let go of the issue unless some or other black  anti-white “minister” have another anti-white law tabled again to discriminate against the already oppressed Afrikaner again.

And that is precisely what reaction the media got in two days already as the racist anti-white minister of Police Fikile Mbalula  added his tweet that the matter must “ immediately be investigated. ” Against this background those white chaps went and did the unthinkable…they assaulted protected game! All hell is  about to break loose for that six white men involved in the attack- and trust you me- they will be very prominent in all the leftist newspapers this coming weeks. “White racism” will be on top of every agenda and leftist newspaper. Already it became headlines in the following leftist outlets only within this past two days:

TIMES live

Maroela Media

The Citizen


Rekord North

Eye Witness News

702 News

The Sowetan

News 24


SO– as you can see- within a short time span of TWO days only- the villainous leftist media in no less than ELEVEN major liberal leftist outlets already launched a scathing attack on these chaps…and there will be many more to follow this coming weeks- you can trust me on this one. This incident will hit every head-line locally and even overseas- especially in the liberal UK media. This white chaps brought some heavy leftist artillery upon themselves- and they will feel the brunt shortly. It does not matter what the flint was that sparked the incident- whether the black couple was agitating the whites, swearing at the whites- or being generally arrogant as many blacks go against whites these days. There is evidence from the lawyer representing one of the white accused that the black couple made racist remarks to the white men- which sparked the whole incident-(Link)  but the leftist media will NEVER tell that.

The only thing that matters is that a video was taken by a black – and the version we see is  the aftermath of something that happen before that initiated this actions and we most probably will never know about the same way the now infamous  SPUR incident happened. The same goes for the Reitz coffin case– where the media also distorted the truth and still are using the incident as a scoop to create race divisions in South Africa and demonize whites- irrespective if the black/s was the culprits. The media in South Africa are direly in need of a “racist” incident on a monthly basis to portray the white Afrikaner as a “racist” dinosaur from a forgotten “Apartheid” era- and these white chaps in Montana literally just gave it to them on a platter.

IF we may turn around the tables and show you a couple of other similar  incidents- actually MUCH worse than the Montana incident- you will clearly see precisely how this liberal anti-white media in South Africa applies double standards:


An elderly white couple and their family were attacked and tied up by black thugs on their farm in Letsitele just outside Tzaneen on Friday by two black thugs  who robbed them of their belongings, Limpopo police said. The two black thugs  allegedly attacked the white couple, aged 76 and 78, around 14:00 at their home on a plot in the Taganashoek area while they were with their family members, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe said.(Link)

“The two suspects attacked them with sharp instruments, demanded money, searched the house, stabbed the old lady, hit the old man with a hard object and tied them on both legs and arms before they disappeared with their cellphones and car keys,” Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe said.

Police have yet to make any arrests, but nine other crimes were dealt with and the perpetrators taken into custody throughout the Limpopo province. Farm murders have generated increasing attention locally and abroad, with the government committing more resources to keeping farmers safe. Even so, the number of attacks happening in rural areas doesn’t seem to be enjoying as much attention as many believe they should and several civil society organisations have taken the police to task.

In another black-on-white murder on Friday morning, August 4, a white man was shot and killed on a smallholding in Muldersdrift. Apparently, around 05h45 the man heard noises on the smallholding and went outside to investigate. Without any warning, a gun battle ensued between the man and the black thugs. The man was shot in his upper body. He was declared dead at the scene. The man was about 30 years old.(Link) 

AND in yet another black-on-white murder the  Bluewater police have been notified about a body of a 47 year old white farmer  that was found near his farm in Bluewater on 29 July 2017 at about 06:40. He sustained gunshot wounds. The motive behind the alleged shooting is unknown at this stage. The suspect/s are still at large. All SAPS role players are still busy on the scene.(Link) 

A white  neighborhood watch member of Kraaifontein Cape Town was stabbed and killed by black thugs  last night.He was only 28.(Link) 

A white resident was shot and killed by black tugs in his home in Vanderbijlpark on Friday during a house robbery.(Link)

Another elderly farm lady- Blackie Van Den Berg was brutally assaulted and robbed by two black thugs on her farm in the North West Province on June 01 2017 (Link) 

Jenny Achenbach– a 65 year old blind patient in a nursing care home for the elderly – was mistreated and deliberately manhandled by black staff to such an extend that she was bruised. Sez Jenny:”

” I was in a bed with bars and the black nurses threw me around and bumped me  around. I could not see what they were doing and I pleaded they should stop hurting me.They said I had to shut up and even pushed a pillow over my face. If they fed me they forced the food into my mouth until my nose was full of food. “ She said she was hit by the fist at once and female nurses washed her intimately for a man and said she had to keep silent when she asked why a man was present. “As they pulled up my legs apart, they said they show the man how to get me washed because he’s going to do it the next day.“(Link)

And in Port Elizabeth a white woman and her daughter were brutally assaulted by black thugs.(Link)

A farm manager in the Komatipoort area in Mpumalanga was robbed, assaulted and assaulted by five armed black thugs  on Tuesday night. Erick Meiring, 64, told Maroela Media he was at his house at 18:15 when he barked out the dogs. “My house was locked, but when I heard the barks, I thought there might be a visitor. I went out to see, when there were five of them. One had a firearm, “Meiring said.(Link) 

On the night of August 05 2017  a white couple was shot and the male killed by black thugs in a farm attack in Mooinooi, Meerlust str. The white owner was cold bloodily murdered and shot systematically in both his legs and arm and head 4 times- once in the head. The woman was injured with one shot in the leg. The couple’s daughter who is in Grade 11 is currently receiving counseling. The other child in Gr 1 was sleeping during the attack.

Another attack on Herman and Meisie Botha at  Groblersdal / Loskopdam late this morning by black thugs while their children were watching. Herman was seriously injured and was taken  to hospital  by helicopter,  About ELEVEN  armed black thugs were  involved with a yellow BMW. Herman subsequently died of his injuries. (Link) 

Six heavily armed black attackers hit a farm near Tzaneen in Limpopo at about 08:30 on Sunday. Marius Jacobs, founder of the Watchdog Tzaneen who initiated  and act as Operations Manager of Canine Security, told Maroela Media that a woman who owns the farm and the farm manager ate breakfast when they were attacked by the black thugs . “The attackers were apparently heavily armed with hail guns and handguns,” said Jacobs. “They tied the woman and the man-   and hit the man with a firearm while claiming that the woman handed the keys to the safe.” According to Jacobs, one of the thugs  fired a shot on the man, but it  missed . The woman then gave the keys of the safe  to the thugs.(Link) 

A white man was brutally attacked buy black thugs in Sinoville Pretoria. The white victim were continiously struck with bricks as he tried to get away from his assailants. ( Link)  

A white elderly woman is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot on a smallholding in the Muldersdrift area in Gauteng during an attack by black thugs. Const. Police spokesperson Lucky Matome said police were called to the smallholding in the Rietfontein area at about 20:30 on Saturday and found the woman where she was in a puddle of blood. “The preliminary investigation indicates that the woman was shot in her back during a house robbery. It is not clear how many suspects were involved in the heartless crime, “Matome said. He said cell phones, a home theater and an unconfirmed amount of cash were stolen from the house.(Link) 

From 1 January to 31 July 2017 there have been 257 farm attacks, and 53 farm murders reported on whites in South Africa- excluding attacks on whites in suburban areas in so-called “robberies.”  It’s terrifying, it’s shocking, but in South Africa attacking a white by blacks – it’s routine.  In 212 days, 53 white people were brutally killed, many tortured, and families torn apart forever.Yet this is the reality happening in South Africa- a reality that the liberal news media does not report- nor high-light in their newspapers. As you can see- there were THIRTEEN attacks and murders on whites during the same time-span the KFC “racist” attack took place- yet you did not see any of them hitting the headlines the same way the KFC hit ELEVEN main stream media outlets’ front pages  in two days. BUT to the South African media a “racist” incident by whites are much more a felony worth going viral  and news worthy-  than 13 brutal attacks and murders on farmers and elderly white people this past two weeks.

Neither did you  hear Fikile Mbalula uttering ONE single word of condemnation- and not ONE police big wig promising retaliation against the black perps. NO word of condemnation from the Democratic Alliance and  Adriana Randall either. I am not even going to talk about the black racist socialites that also became eerily quiet when a white is attacked or murdered. Killing whites in South Africa is “politically acceptable” – (even promotable) – and farm murders so common these days it does not even hit the main stream media anymore. Killing white farmers is a daily past time for black thugs in South Africa. Zuma promotes it- Malema promotes it- and Andile Mnxitama promotes why not adhering to their calls? The media always takes sides with the black “ victim” to promote “ political correctness” – irrespective if the victim actually perpetrated the incident- like the Reitz coffin case where he was caught stealing copper wire which is a big problem on farms in the Free State.

Now all of a sudden he is the “victim” of “white racism“- being glorified by the media and all three major communist political parties alike.  He was placed in a coffin- and only threatened. These white people above were brutally attacked and murdered– yet somehow the Reitz “victim” deserve more sympathy than the real victims that were brutally attacked and murdered. And as the court case drags on- he keeps on adding additional “suffering” which he cannot proof. But the South African media are having a ball at the court. Bashing white Afrikaners is a general culture today. Black atrocities against whites are hidden and never exposed. There even is a ban on the media reporting black-on-white attacks and murders,-  and NO race must be mentioned- BAR if the perpetrator was a white. Because white-on-black atrocities rarely occurs- the media exploits every morsel of any incident to blow out of proportion and distort it to major news.That is the current media hippocracy in South Africa.

Adriana Stuijt wrote:

“The young Belfast Afrikaner Pierre Etienne de Necker was lynched by 12 racist blacks in Belfast in June 2016 – and when his family gave me permission to publish the tortured man’s picture to show the world what is happening in South Africa – I was attacked by the local newspaper and flooded with hate-mail. Since this happened, my has been deleted – but many other South Africans have over the years saved my archived reports on their sites and are still publishing the latest horrors which the ANC-regime is visiting upon the besieged, defenseless Afrikaner Boer people. (*Their only sin is their white skin, to paraphrase an old ANC ‘struggle-song’).”


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Oh that overpowering, dreadful decaying stench of double standards! When Penny Sparrow had to appear in court, and the Middelburg farm boys, and the Coligny guys and the Parys farmers the streets around the courtrooms were packed with ANC Woman’s Laegue supporters and DA supporters baying for blood. When Deputy Minister Mampara Manana had to appear in the Randburg magistrate’s Court this morning on a charge of beating up a woman, he slipped in through a backdoor (no pun intended) – and not a sign of a yellow or blue T-shirt anywhere!



Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Manana, is the big anti-white dick that shouted at the parliamentary debate on farm murders: “Bury them alive!” Now he has landed in trouble himself. Manana was with a lot of ANC zaps  at the Cubana restaurant in Fourways when they became involved in a clanger about who should replace  Zuma .In the shebang he lost his temper and clobbered another black female good and solid. There is a video of the incident that has been widely distributed and shared- and a case has been opened. Police minister Mbalula says Manana must be   arrested. Now we hope for his sake, his fellow bandits do not put too much interest in his sexual preferences! Shall we ask the South African media to also go “viral” about this incident- or is it only whites that have the “preference” to be demonized?


SOUTH AFRICA is torn apart by racism- all are guilty of that: from the regime, political parties, the media, blacks and whites alike.The ANC started the racist culture- and today after 20 years of communist hatred- sucked the whole population into this race-hatred frenzy. South Africa is more torn apart and divided than it ever was – even during “apartheid.” But it is just that racism that ironically keep the current regime in power and the British Jews in control- for was it not for the division racism create- black and white would long ago found common ground and worked together in a united nation. This would have spelled grave danger for the current regime and their Jew corporate handlers. “Divide and Conquer ” is their main weapon to rule. Thus– the leftist media are well exploited and specially trained to promote racism- and the white the age-old “villain” to be labeled as the ” devil ” in the black “democratic” garden of Eden to carry the brunt of the reversed racist attacks.


The media in South Africa went rogue. They are like scavengers preying on dead carcasses. They are the most vile and despicable form of propaganda imaginable. They have no honor, no morals , no ethics- and no self respect no more.  They are following the instructions of their Broedebond masters- the liberal cretins running the show and the mostly white liberals in their management. Most of the media cretins writing these “reports” also are anti-white racists. If YOU then still support this South African deceptive lying anti-white main stream media sites- you also are nothing less that an active co-conspirator and traitor that supports a system that is  directly responsible for the demonization of your race. We implore all white South Africans that still have a bit of decency left NEVER to support especially the South African main stream media or any of NASPERS’, New Nation, , Al Jazeera or Africa Check’s  affiliates- for they have stooped lower than crayfish sh*t- which again is lower than sea-level. They have become vagrant instigators of a genocide and thus should be despised.   As for now- we will brace ourselves for yet another barrage and very long  and boring saga of KFC white “racism” again. God be with us. 






SOURCE: White Nation