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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Durban   August 11  2017




THE stench of hidden black racism and media hippocracy  ascends to unbelievable levels of  pollution in South Africa. Hardly does a day go by – or one-or-the other black racist have a lot to barf against whites. It appears black racists just cannot let go of the whites. It appears that blacks have this deep-rooted hatred and jealous inferior complex against whites.

If they do not whine about the white statues, they whine about white universities. If they do not whine aout the white universities- they whine about the Afrikaans language. And when they do not whine about Afrikaans– they whine about the land. If they do not whine about the land- they whine about “white monopoly. ” And if they do not whine about the “white monopoly” – they whine about “ wage disputes“- on farms- but whine they do. Now they even whine about white dolls on supermarket shelves. Unbelievable how much inferior complexes they display!! Meanwhile the trash South African media demons hops like aids-ridden jack rabbits from one anti-white trumped-up “racist” court carrot to the next…from Coligny to Reitz to the SPUR-  from the SPUR to Pretoria’s KFC.  All just to f*ck those “white racists.”  So these very deranged media psychopaths and their mindless “correspondents” just go on and on and on with their mentally handicapped little race war against the whites while their commi Niguni terrorist handlers  pumps out one-after-the-other anti-white discriminatory “law.” 

If it is not black racist politicians that keep on pummeling whites for so-called bourgeois ” racism“- it is black racist socialites that does the whining. If it is not the socialites- it is the leftist troll-media that does the willful and deliberate anti-white instigating – but on a continuous basis some non-white/liberal  wretch from society or paid trash leftist website are complaining about the whites. Meanwhile not a word is coming from the whites themselves about this daily verbal abuse and provocation  from the blacks and the troll-mediaThe rot in the South African population runs deep since the illegal capture of the country by the Jews and their Nguni terrorists. And behind this whole “anti-white” drive in South Africa  is the British communist Jews with their useless noisy garden gnomes Zuma, Malema, and Mnxitama..


The most recent case is the KFC debacle where the instigators- a black couple that started it all- now suddenly are the “victims” – while the whites that retaliated- are the “culprits.” AND the profound sick methods and angles this psychopaths writing anti-white articles are just mind-boggling. It nowadays start with: ” A racist incident at **** went “viral” on the social sites.” What a lot of misplaced CRAP from this mentally deranged so-called anti-white ” correspondents “-  that mostly are mainly either Indian, black, Arab- or…yes – you guessed it –WHITE liberal scum. 

BUT that is not even where deep black racism stops! A black racist group -called the “Black Centric Forum “- now again  has launched an anti-white  petition against the sale of white dolls at black communities. According to the petition‚ the majority of baby dolls produced in South Africa in every major supermarket are white baby dolls whereas the majority of the population are black people.“And because of their historical credence‚ ‘White Baby Dolls’ have outplayed Black Baby Dolls even in the Black community since White Dolls are present in every corner and probably in most Black Families and this in essence perpetuates the continued doctrine of white supremacy devised in its visibility in the Black community‚” the petition said. Vukulu Maphindani‚ who founded the forum‚ told TimesLIVE that the forum hoped to see black dolls being sold at major retail shops across South Africa. It does not matter to Maphindani that no black manufacturer ever thought of manufacturing black baby dolls themselves . 

Maphindani is the author of a book titled “Message to a Blackman ” in Africa. The forum is made up of black supremacist activists and more than 300 racist volunteers who run campaigns in communities “We are tired of the inferiority that comes with being a black‚ especially since this is something they are taught at an early stage in life. All we want is for all white dolls to be completely removed from shops operating in black communities and for companies producing black dolls to feature in the market‚” said Maphindani. But no black-owned company as yet thought of manufacturing black baby dolls.

The petition which will be delivered to Shoprite‚ Pick n Pay and later Parliament has attracted 78 endorsements and is left with 22 to reach the target of 100. Khulile Vilakazi-Ofosu‚ a co-owner of Sibahle Collection‚ an online store that sells black dolls‚ said that she wanted to make a toy that a black child could identify with. After her two-years-and-a-half year daughter wanted straight and wavy hair similar to that of white people‚ she felt compelled to make her embrace her skin and hair. “She looks like me‚” said Vilakazi-Ofosu’s daughter after seeing her black doll for the first time.


All I want is for the African child to know that they are beautiful. All the dolls you find are Barbie with facial features of white people‚ from the nose to hair‚ so I wanted something that truly represents a black child. “Its humbling when parents come to me and thank me for the difference the dolls make in their children’s perceptions of the world and their blackness‚” Vilakazi-Ofosu said. Vilakazi-Ofosu said that it was hard starting a business of this nature as many manufacturers did not want to take up such a concept. “There is no market for it‚” manufacturers would say. Maite Makgoba owner of Momppy Mpoppy and Vilakazi-Ofosu hope that social campaigns like the petition can help make black dolls more marketable. “It’s hard for small businesses to supply larger retail stores. I rely on courier services and my own shop.”

MEANWHILE six black thugs  charged with torturing and killing a white farmer- Floris Johannes Kruger (60) on a smallholding may be free shortly. Khangelani Matebe, Luyanda Nkolose, Mzuvukile Foli, Fuzile Kosana, Athenkosi Mtshayisa and Fundile Nqwensu were arrested after killing Kruger in August 2010 at his smallholding near St Albans in Port Elizabeth. The thugs  broke into Kruger’s house, robbed his house and assaulted him during the evening. His body was found full of stab wounds on his arms and back . He was found dead along a dirt road the next day. A post-mortem investigation found that he was eventually killed due to a bullet wound on his head. BUT the South African whining blacks and vile media will not utter a word about it. “Racism” against a black and having white baby dolls on a shelf instead of a black one  is deemed much more a punishable  offense than blacks  brutally murdering a white farmer- according to the misplaced  norms and double standards of blacks and the South African skunk media ghouls. 

But by far the deepest black racism progressed in South Arica is the BBEEE “laws” the commi anti-white terrorists are now driving.  17 Firms are to be investigated for “transgressions “ of BEE laws. If found guilty, companies may be fined 10% of their annual turnover and individuals are liable for prosecution through the courts.  The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Commission will be investigating 17 companies to determine if they have violated the Black-Broad Based Economic Empower (B-BBEE) Act. The exercise seeks to establish if the companies’ B-BBEE ownership structures comply with the Codes of Good Practice and the Act.

Sidwell Medupe, departmental spokesperson for the department of trade and industry (the dti), said all the entities were notified. “If there are adverse findings against them, they will be given 30 days to respond to the adverse findings before the B-BBEE Commission makes the findings final,” Medupe said. In terms of the legislation, the commission is empowered to initiate an investigation on its own volition. It says the investigations often occur after a tip-off from the public. Thus- white liberal white commi Rob Davis want to make sure his anti-white racist discriminatory laws are enforced upon the white  public. Talk about gross discrimination- but hey– the commi diuctatorship, blacks – and thug media are “a-ok” with it. Whites do not riot, burn tyres, destroy government buildings , whine about “racism”– loot shops or murder black politicians.

South Africa is a country known for deliberate acts of violence, yet the oppression directed at whites only is a great injustice. There is no end to the racial hatred actions and slow genocide of the white minority group. Genocide is a nasty word, and the meaning is the deliberate killing of a particular ethnic group or a large nation of people. The white minority group of South Africa has been victims of attacks for years. Not only are lives threatened, but there is also the continual implementation of new laws plotting to destroy the whites in South Africa.

Officially there will be no more bursaries for white only students. ” Discriminatory bursaries bequeathed to white only students violate the Constitution of South Africa, “– the Western Cape High Court declared. Several bequeaths stipulated that white only students may qualify for bursaries. The courts found this to be “racist ” and “not constitutional.”  Equality and prevention of unfair discrimination must be considered according to Universities benefiting from the funds bequeathed. Several universities do not associate itself with bursaries or loans that unfairly discriminate against individuals.

The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) implemented to address restrictions existing within South Africa for black individuals to participate equitably in the economy is a mess. The BEE implementation is unconstitutional and racist. The BEE legislation is to secure the riches of South Africa for the majority. BEE perceives a person who has a job, a house, a car and a tertiary education as a previously advantaged person. The entire BEE legislation is about white and black and reverse apartheid. The status of BEE is often updated to ensure that whites have difficulty in obtaining work, eliminated from the economy and be placed in a disadvantaged position.

There are simply not enough white people in South Africa to take from and make a meaningful difference.The illegal government presumes that if all white-owned assets were moved to the majority of South Africa, it would eliminate poverty. There are not enough white-owned assets in South Africa to defuse the poverty problem. Communist Politicians use color to gain votes instead of solving problems of poverty. Only a small percentage of blacks have benefited from BEE deals, and the majority still live in poverty and worse conditions than under the Apartheid government. The terrorist African National Congress (ANC) government are introducing laws to eliminate whites in the workplace, stop bursaries, donations, and force the minority into obliteration.

The attempt to destroy the spirit of the white minority group does not end with changing laws and implementing acts that discriminate against the minority group. Perhaps it is the horrific murders that silently claim the lives of innocent victims. Genocide is wrong and to kill people based on what ancestors did is immoral. Farmers, the people that feed the nation, are brutally murdered because they are white. The murders are never without acts of heartless actions, like the rape of elderly people, children and torturing the victims before killing. Barbaric acts against the minority have not stopped, and international groups carefully consider awareness of the slow genocide.

U.S. Army veteran Jinger Jarrett has connected with people of South Africa and sharing stories of brutality in an attempt to bring awareness of the genocide and racial discrimination. Jarrett believes the economic failure of the current ANC government is blamed on apartheid that ended more than 20 years ago. According to Jarrett, the government should not create economic disparity. Resolving the racial tension in South Africa is challenging when educated activist students try to abolish part of history by destroying statues, rioting, and xenophobia. It might be said that historically no black was ever dispossessed of land and today remains under the control of the tribal chief. The loss of lives during the latest spate of violence and the political instability to resolve issues do not give rise to solidarity. South Africa is a country filled with bitterness, hatred, and blame.

The paper value Constitution will not protect the white minority forever, internal terror is as much dangerous as external terror. The racial oppression and genocide of the minority are crimes against humanity.The white minority group in South Africa are the most oppressed people in the world.