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Article posted by : White Nation Political correspondent- Cape Town August 12 2017







THE 35-plus ANC MPs who voted in a motion of “no confidence” against  Jacob Zuma last week must know they have a target on their backs. They voted against a man without mercy, one who, when the ANC was in captivity, – did not hesitate to ” take out” – or organize that they were “taken out”, those comrades who according to him- left the organization.

After Zuma stuttered, sang and visibly danced  the merry victory on Tuesday night after the voting session, he eerily became very silent and morose. On Wednesday’s Women’s Day celebration in Kimberley, he did not say anything about the previous day’s high drama. (He seemed a bit shy though.) As the impact of the distrust bomb at the ANC began to sink, the initial bravado made way for a wrecked anger, especially in the Zuma camp. NO ENTITY WHO OPERATES AND WORK THE WAY  THE ANC  DO, CAN SURVIVE ON THE LONGER DURATION.

Zuma’s mimic speakers were set early and high. That fire and brimstone  minister, Lindiwe Zulu, said in a radio interview on Tuesday night there should be “ dire consequences ” for the ANC MPs who ignored Luthuli House’s mission to vote against  the motion of ” no confidence.”  Other Zuma puppets said the rebels had to disclose their identity on their own. Fikile Mabalula, the ANC’s circus minister, – also was quite fast out of the blocks. He suggested on Twitter that all the ANC MPs had to go through a lie detector to force the rebels out of the closet. To Hell with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court’s verdict on a secret ballot. Perhaps the most dreadful words came from her “excellence”  – Thobeka Madiba-Zuma,-  one of the president’s four wifes. On social media, she branded the dissidents as “traitors.” It is also possible that they are the talk in the pillows at night whilst she await her turn to fornicate a bit with the el presidente

. “Traitors”, who judged like the  “the enemy” (opposition parties),  denounces and show distrust in a president who is corrupted into every cell of his brain and every fiber of his body. Nobody thought or believed it was about the ANC. “Traitor” and “enemy” are not words that belong in constitutional democracy, the kind of dispensation in which most regrettable South Africans do not want to find them themselves.

Of these two little slanders, it is a small leap to Rwanda’s “cockroaches”, – the trigger word for genocide and civil war. The only ray of leadership  in the ANC this week came from Zweli Mkhize, -the party’s treasurer-general. Although there should be repercussions for  ANC MPs that think otherwise than the common ANC dogma, the party will make a big mistake if he ignores the underlying message of their protests,- Mkhize wrote in the Daily Maverick. The key to a turnaround in the ANC’s spiral of decay is the correct handling of the current crisis in the party – including the unprecedented step that a few dozen MPs voted against their leader, wrote Mkhize.

Cyril Ramaphosa, the constitutionalists and the “good ANCs” champion, stood mum in a thousand languages. What is Ramaphosa going to do if the Zuma gang starts  a tracing and eliminating campaign against Tuesday’s rebels? Looking the “other way”- , as he often does?  Ramaphosa looks more and more like a sun that is setting before he has yet risen. The secret ballot brought Zuma’s parliamentary ANC opponents into the open. It’s easy to work out Pravin Gordhan, Makhosi Khoza, Mondli Gungubele and Derek Hanekom are among them. It’s a matter of time before the other group or 30’s names will also be hung on  the big clock. When branded as “counter-revolutionary”, “askari’s”, “white monopoly capitalists”, Western imperialism and the “dark forces of regime change”. What will follow will be death threats and all other forms of physical intimidation, the prevalent tactics of the Zuma era.

Tony Leon tweetedcafter Tuesday’s voting that Zuma is now a “political zombie” – neither dead nor alive. And former editor and columnist Peter Bruce wrote Zuma had a close escape and he should be “very afraid”. I wonder. All who need to be afraid is the Tuesday rebels. When Moeletsi Mbeki said last week in Rapport Direct that it’s almost a matter of fact that Zuma will survive and in December get his wish with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as his chosen successor, I did not really want to believe him.

After this week I understand what he is talking about. But the very Moeletsi wrote a few months ago that the ANC’s historical mission has been served and the party has no use anymore. It’s equally true. No entity living and operating  like the ANC currently does, can survive in the long run. History will show one day Zuma’s contribution to the demise of his beloved ANC was enormous. SOURCED


There have been at least 1‚200 assassinations or organised killings in South Africa from the year 2000 to date. This is according to Assassination Witness – a group which has been recording criminal hits and their impact on society‚ economy and democracy‚ alongside the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime‚ the University of Cape Town‘s Institute for Safety‚ Governance and Criminology and the Open Society Foundation for SA. On its website‚ Assassination Witness reported that the bulk of assassinations they recorded were linked to the taxi industry. Around 518 taxi-related killings were noted in the last 17 years.

This includes hits on taxi bosses‚ taxi drivers and members of taxi association committees. “These hits are usually connected to disputes over route allocations and power struggles within taxi associations‚” said Assassination Witness. The second highest number of assassinations were attributed to organised crime‚ with a total of 273 killings recorded. “We categorized cases related to ‘economic interests and organised crime’ as clearly using targeted violence to influence an economic outcome. There have been multiple hits of high-level criminal figures related to a variety of disputes‚ most prominently around drugs‚” Assassination Witness said.

One such crime was the killing of strip club owner‚ Lolly Jackson. The Teazers boss was gunned down outside his home in Kempton Park in 2010. Cyprian national George Louca was arrested for the killing. Just shortly before succumbing to lung cancer‚ Louca named Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir as the trigger man who killed Jackson. Assassination Witness said politically-related murders followed closely behind organised crime killings‚ with around 255 recorded since the year 2000. “Cases placed within the ‘political category’ generally targeted individuals designated as holding a political or administrative office‚ almost always in local government‚” said Assassination Witness.

Last week‚ lame duck Police Minister Fikile Mbalula announced the establishment of a special task team from the national detective branch and the Hawks to probe the scourge of such crimes particularly in the KwaZulu-Natal region. At least 33 political murders were recorded in the province since January 2016. “The killing of political leaders in KZN has reached appalling levels which should be condemned in the strongest possible way‚” Mbalula said at the time. Meanwhile‚ 154 murders were recorded which are classified as “personal assassinations”. The ‘personal category’ as expected‚ included several cases related to ‘love triangles’‚ attempts to obtain insurance payments and several cases of children arranging for their parents to be killed.”

One prominent personal assassination was that of Acting Judge Patrick Maqubela‚ whose murder was orchestrated by his wife‚ Thandi. Her husband was found suffocated with a plastic bag at his Sea Point flat in Cape Town in 2009 – a day after he reportedly said he wanted a divorce. Sixty-two- year-old widow Thandi Maqubela is serving an 18-year sentence for the judge’s murder and forging his signature on a will declaring her the sole beneficiary of his R4.1 million estate. Meanwhile‚ Assassination Witness said it was possible that the number of assassinations are far higher than those it has recorded. “We fully recognise that the database we have constructed does not and cannot represent all ‘hits’ conducted and that the database is a work in progress‚ constantly being refined.”

The group said it had built its database of individual ‘hits’ through an electronic database‚ of print media covering local‚ regional and national news. “We supplemented that with searches of electronic news sources.” (Link) 


ZUMA is notorious for being a con artist., lair, mobster, rapist, thief, swindler, rotten with corruption, state plunderer- and even partaking in murder in the infamous Quatro camp. Zuma will not relinquish power. That is a well-known characteristic of a dictator- his power hungry madness. Zuma will and shall revert to dirty tactics to ensure his corrupt dynasty stays intact- whether he will force his Lethuli-House gangsters to push his ex half-wit wife Dlamini Zuma into power- or whether he will execute the “ night of the long knives” agenda and make sure ALL opposition members are quietly dealt with the mobster way.

Zuma is a dangerous psychopath that have no honor or moral values- a disgrace for any country to have as a leader- and will even revert to civil war if that is necessary to retain his stolen power. He embezzled enough capital through dark deals , corruption and plundering the state coffers in his off-shore accounts to fund a private army to do his dirty work for him. South Africans were too naive, lazy and careless to remove this cancer from their society early enough to avert the current disaster they now are facing. White liberals and black racists have created yet another Robert Mugabe– and now the country is paying the terrible price for their treacherous double agendas.

The media cockroaches also were very helpful in keeping him in power. They are just as guilty as Zuma himself. By constantly blaming the whites for all the woes in he country- they effectively kept all eyes on those imaginary  “white racists” – rather than taking notice what was happening right before their eyes. Zuma can only be removed one sure way….and I think you know the answer to that. South Africa today have quite enough applicants to fill that opening as well – I believe. The ANC is  not a  shepherd leading a flock of sheep anymore- but rather South Africa is being governed by a pack of wolves leading a bunch of goats.