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Article posted  by: White Nation editorial  August 26   2017





SOUTH AFRICA after 1994 became a test bed for political class discrimination  and black racism- PERIOD! It does not matter from which angle liberal scum or black extremists try to wriggle around the truth anymore.

It doesn’t help political thugs and corporate thieves try to substantiate their discrimination against a certain class anymore. It doesn’t help the far-leftist media try to play “democratic correct” games anymore. The hard facts now is cutting through the “democratic” bullsh*t – and the majority South Africans must now accept the fact that they are hard-core racist ghouls that has no place in any healthy first world society anymore.

Looking at the recent ” coffin case” in Reitz where two white farmers were found guilty of attempted murder and abduction by a black judge– we can clearly see what the South African circus really has become.  Today  we once again saw how the so-called  “law “ was raped in such a vile way-  that there is just no words to describe how even the judiciary has stooped so low as to rather give a “political correct” judgement – just to please the media and majority racist “jury” – than to be fair.  This was also the case of the white farmers in Coligny. The black judge pronounced the anti-white judgement to please the anti-white media and political hungry black  wolves.

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The two white farmers-Oosthuizen and Jackson–   that were accused, trailed and found “guilty ” by the South African media before any judgement even was handed down. The false state want to make a point- it want to send a message to white farmers: “ Do not oppose our iron rule. You are fair game. You as white farmers are not welcome in our “democratic” dispensation any longer. Whites are earmarked for extinction.Only black lives matter” 

We saw all three major (mainly black) political parties sing and dance in jubilation outside the court when the poor misdirected judge handed down the verdict. We saw the leftist SA Media sigh a sigh of relief when they learned that the one case THEY have been driven for months on end- at last swing in their favor. But can anyone explain why the same political parties and anti-white media do not bother to relentlessly hunt down the black offenders the same way they did the white farmers – as what happened with the following cases – where whites were brutally assaulted and  burned with irons by black thugs :

1. http://www.netwerk24.com/…/man-78-in-sy-motorhuis-deur-rowe…

2. http://maroelamedia.co.za/…/bejaarde-deur-veld-gesleep-tyd…/

3. http://www.netwerk24.com/…/5-rowers-oorval-vrou-dogter-in-h…

4. http://lowvelder.co.za/401…/yet-another-horror-farm-attack/…

5. http://www.hinnews.com/…/farmer-murdered-in-cold-blood-in-…/


6. A man who was the victim of an assault during which he was tortured with a iron believes that his faith and open confession of God saved him from a certain death. In addition, he said the incident would not get him off the farm where he lives. The 35-year-old Mr. Anton Muller was attacked on a hill between Delmas and Springs by four terrorists without covering over their faces, threatened with death if they did not find money they believe in the house. They left the house and left in chaos without getting money. They have Mr. Muller, however, beaten in his face and burned in his lower body and high on his lids with a iron gun. The men finally tied him with plastic cables and picked the harp with cash, television, audio equipment, meat, clothes and a drilling machine.

7. http://albertonrecord.co.za/…/farmer-shot-in-farm-attack-ne…

8. http://maroelamedia.co.za/…/vyfjarige-tydens-huisroof-gesk…/

9. http://ridgetimes.co.za/…/plaaslike-boer-anton-smuts-se-pl…/

10. http://www.netwerk24.com/…/boer-gewond-skiet-aanvaller-dood…

See on the link below  many white farmers have been killed since 1994 – but still the racial black political parties and anti-white media remain silent:


This is only 10 of the literally hundreds of incidents of black on white anarchy – but no fuss by the media or political parties is made – for killing whites randomly for pleasure in South Africa became a daily culture and political “acceptable” standard to promote black “consciousness.” .

Double  standards and prejudice are applied by the black political hyenas and media reptiles in SA where the white race is involved. This again is evident in cases such as the Penny Sparrow case, Coligny case, Reitz case, Steve Hoffmeyer , Dan Roodt, Sunette Bridges anti-white sentiments – and many more. The bottom-line is that the sick South African media dogs of perdition are gunning for and discriminating against whites. The Reitz “coffin case” again underlines the sick generation of racist bottom dwellers now operating in South Africa as the “democratic” nation.

The “majority” (black) voters have won. The overwhelming majority of (black ) political parties have won. Another strike was hit against the “white racists.” The white in South Africa became a political play ball to juggle during elections- and to unite and recruit votes  among black voters . The more  the media can high-light white “racism”,– the more these “political correct” courts can find innocent whites guilty and apply double standards in judgments against whites –  the better the story of South Africa as a so-called “democratic” country.

Related image

The black judge in the case will surely be honored as a “heroine “ and who knows-perhaps still  will be presented the honor to become a  chief judge. About the many whites killed by blacks- no tears will be shed in this political “correct” bullsh*t cesspool we loosely refer to as a “country “ and it’s vindictive racist Nguni overlords in control.  The deliberate genocide against whites will simply be written down as “normal crime”.

The attack against the white population in South Africa is becoming increasingly fierce. The anti-white sentiment is used conveniently to unite black voters and promote race hatred.THAT is their formula to rule: Divide and conquer.  Whites are discriminated against in the worst terms possible. The laws and discrimination in South Africa stands against all human rights laws as prescribed in the United Nations code of conduct. Was this the case in any other country- the despicable media hounds immediately would have lots to say- if we could take the case scenario now playing itself off in America where the so-called “ Antifa” thugs in their thousands are mobilized against Trump for so-called “human rights violations.” BUT demonizing and blaming whites for all the woes in South Africa was planned long ago before 1994.


Across the world whites are facing a total onslaught from these liberal dregs of society. Brainwashing non-white nincompoops exploited and paid by the corporate lords such as Rothschild and Soros are mobilizing across the globe to wage a war against conservative whites. South Africa is no exception to the rule. It’s a Jesuit “thing” to rid the world of whites in order for the powers to be to rule the world.

They need to establish a “new world order” of hybrids and sub-standard intelligence that will follow their every command. Whites are independent thinkers. The corporate “rulers” do not tolerate any “free thinkers” in their dynasty of darkness. They want mules. This is why the “multicultural “ agenda are driven extensively to pollute pure blood-lines. This is why we observe the whole world’s leftist media (controlled by liberal corporate vultures)- has nothing good to say about Donald Trump – bar gunning for him in the most villainous negative way in each and every article their poisonous black widow spiders wrote. All again because he is a white “conservative.”

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In South Africa ALL the news outlets in the MSM are fake news and pro-communist mouth pieces. The difference is that in South Africa natural born illiterate African killers and black dictators are used to kill as many whites as possible to promote a white genocide, accelerate land grab programs- and bring forth the total extinction of the white race throughout Africa- something these same vultures would also like to see happening  in all other predominantly white countries.

Related image

AFRICAN NATURAL BLACK KILLERS AT WORK WITH WHITE FOOD PRODUCERS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Yet the media hippocracy runs deep and their government keep a lid on it.

The South African public are generally mentally unstable indeed. And political thugs and media skunks exploit this mental default of the masses to the limits. It comes then as no  surprise   that the whole South African populace can unite against Jacob Zuma to oust him- a one-man destruction machine with literally hundreds of corruption cases against him, a rape case – and some very deep human rights abuse  cases of his own people in the ANC’s  pre-1994 Gulags such as the Quatro camp- but eerily he is still operating outside a jail. He alone is the single most destructive force that brought the country on it’s financial knees- yet the most the psychopaths in the media and political dregs can do- is to hold little rallies and send feeble little fart motions of “ no confidence” in parliament. They fear him. He outwitted all of them time and again. Whites on the other hand are more “suitable” soft targets. It is then no wonder Zuma laughed in their faces.

Yet here we have two white farmers that did not even went a quarter of the distance dangerous swindlers like Zuma and his ANC cronies went-they were no danger to the country or society, did not engage in scandalous corruption like the ANC clique, did not rape or harm anyone –  yet they were arrested , kept in jail awaiting trail for months on end- endure every bit of negative flak the media thugs could fling at them-and now can expect a harsh sentences for their “racist” conduct against a cable thief Rethabile Mlotshwa . All because the South African MEDIA played “prosecutor” in the case,- promoted their so-called guilt – and political despots such as the ANC, EFF and DA “demanded” so-called “justice”  and  for them to be found “ guilty.” The Reitz case again high-lights the corporate demonic forces operating behind the South African political and judiciary system to make examples of demonizing whites and especially white farmers on a continuous basis.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

But then we also have this white human excretion that calls themselves “liberals.” This white trash are the ones that side with the communist rulers to attack and vilify whites in general. They do this solely for their own selfish benefit. They are like parasites that only leech on a host as long as they enjoy the benefit of the situation.Most of the times it all revolves around power and self-enrichment.  Like chameleons they will change their color to adapt to any ruling political environment.

White liberal Afrikaners are the worst type of destructive cancer in the white  South African culture.

They are the ones that always will express their ‘concern” for the non-white races- always pretending they have “compassion” for the non white “previously disadvantaged.” Not that they care much about the non-whites- but rather they try to “blend” in with the majority to reap the benefits by acting “compassionate” with the stronger political force in order to enhance their own status either in the work or political environment. Ex-NP dregs again are good examples of this sick culture as many of them ended up supporting and sitting in the ANC benches after the capture of the country in 1994.

 AND there are many of these white trash among the white society. The Boer/Afrikaner’s progress to rule themselves in an independent country  in South Africa most of the times were jeopardized by specifically these white liberal scum.It already started with white psychos like Jan Smuts, Louis Botha et al during the second Boer war- and they are still well and active today in sowing their evil seeds of discord and destruction- from the top to the lowest white maggot that acts as provocateurs and agents for the communist fly lords.You see them daily operating on the social sites- posing as pseudo “Boers” and “Afrikaners.

Most of the times actions against the white farmers, Boers and Afrikaners are launched and financially promoted by this hidden treacherous and gutless white cowardly scum that are too pusillanimous to face you in the open- but rather prefer to hide behind their key-boards while spitting venom against white conservatism and stab other whites in the back to enhance their own deranged political agendas. De Klerk and his  greedy National Party bogeymen were good examples of this treacherous conduct against their own people .While white, black and colored South African boys and girls were fighting a battle in honor of their country in South West Africa- these white vipers were already in negotiations to hand the country on a platter to the same communist enemy those boys and girls were fighting against and dying for.

 This brings us back to the Reitz case and the many traitors behind the case that promoted the fall of that two white farmers- mainly the NASPERS media- who accidentally are controlled by WHITE Free Masons and their board of directors also eerily consists of mainly white liberal psychopaths. Meanwhile the sickening murders on whites goes on and on. Like the murder on Wednesday morning (16 August) when one woman was found dead and another was transported to hospital after three black thugs  targeted the home of a well-known sportsman. Captain Appel Ernst, Randfontein Police spokesperson, also confirmed there was a third victim, namely famous sportsman, Ken Wittstock, 76, who is bedridden.(Link) AND then also was another 66 year old white man and the 60 year old Dolf Raaths also shot in Brakpan by a black thug this past week (Link) . Pierre Erasmus was attacked by five black thugs last week.(Link)   James Munro was severely assaulted during a farm attack on Ncandusi Farm a few kilometres outside Barberton. He and two other people were tied up and threatened with a gun by four black thugs.(Link)  

A renowned rhino farmer of Limpopo  was murdered on his farm with his wife. The bloody bodies of Piet van Zyl (68) and his wife, Tilla (66), were found early in their farmhouse in the Immerpan district near Roedtan in Limpopo on Sunday morning. It is still unclear whether the couple was shot dead or stabbed with a knife. “There had to be a terrible struggle because everything was stained  with blood,” said a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous. The attackers seem to have come to a backdoor. Tilla was found in her bedroom on the top floor. Piet was also murdered in the room. The vault has been broken but it is not known what was stolen.(Link)   

Arno Niehaus (53), owner of the Big Creek Guest Lodge near Rustenburg in North West, was found at the lodge on Sunday morning. Sgt. Police spokesperson Kelebogile Moleko confirmed to Maroela Media that a  man’s body was found at the lodge in the Maanhaarrand area at 11:00 on the floor of his residence. According to Moleko, the man’s body was half-naked and there were bruises right across his body. “There were also visible marks on his neck and the police suspect he was strangled.” (Link)  Then also a white KwaZulu-Natal farmer was shot on the farm  in the Winterton area on Monday morning. (Link) 

Also was  Jack Oosthuysen and his wife Linda of Louis Trichardt’s were brutally  attacked by black thugs at the couple’s house in their Rondebosch smallholding just outside Louis Trichardt last week. ( Link)   In Kinross police confirmed that a white farmer from the area was murdered on Saturday, 19 August. People reported a field fire between 9pm and 10pm, and the farmer living next to the fire investigated . He came across a burnt bakkie with a corpse inside. Because the corpse was very burned, it was not possible to determine how the farmer was killed. The police confirmed that it was a local farmer and that they were investigating the murder. ( Link)  

Gwen Cooks, 74 was attacked and the black thug then asked her: ” Should I rape you, or should I shoot you? “The  black thug asked Gwen on Thursday morning after instructing her to pull her clothes off. “Shoot me rather,” Gwen Cooks, 74, answered. A neighbor of Gwen and her husband, Vic, 75, said on Friday, a day after the Cooks couple were attacked on their holding, Haaskraal, outside Potchefstroom.(Link)   Johan Marais – one of Jeffreys Bay’s most enjoyable residents was killed after he was investigating a noise at his house in Silver Tree street. ( Link)   A cell phone and laptop, that is what a white couple paid for with their lives last week. The couple in Browning Street in Ext 8, aged 55 and 61 years, was shot dead just after 19:00 on Sunday, August 13.( Link)  

In South Africa the life of a white is considerate less important than that of a stray dog.

YEA– and so the murders on whites just goes on and on. The mentally deranged media skunks conveniently ignore such atrocities on whites. NO– they rather will celebrate two white farmers being sent to jail on bourgeois  charges –  just because the media has a war going on against whites. Two- faced black politicians will celebrate because two “white racists” again “united” the black tribes. Mentally retarded white treacherous liberals will feel sweet “victory” because two white Afrkaners again will spend their time in jail while their families suffer. THAT is the sick “democracy” the international corporate reptiles bestowed onto South Africa- just another oppressive system to replace “Apartheid” and brought race hatred to another level.  

But all these leftist criminals now operating against the Boer/Afrikaner in South Africa – white,  black, Indian, Arab, Pakistani, politicians,Jew  lawyers,  and God knows what else- themselves are alien usurpers- from the useless Nguni politicians- to the non-white newspaper “correspondents”– right own to the low-life white liberal alien scum with double citizenship and treacherous “Afrikaner/English ” democrats.”  Their ancestors never fought to build or defend South Africa. THEY themselves never fought or defend South Africa. They are nothing but loathsome alien creatures who’s ancestors slipped into the country to do nothing but rape the resources of the land and to sit behind keyboards and stand on podiums to damage the country and demonize the builders of this land. They are the alien infestation and cancer which destroys or societies. Like locusts they swarm into the land and start to devour the healthy crops.



When finished they again will spread their ugly wings and migrate to the next country to destroy it again. They are the parasites of the human race. They build nothing, produce nothing- and generally are leeches looking for suitable hosts to spread their sick propaganda- all for the sake of power and self enrichment. You will always find them in political positions, Law and judiciary environments, art and newspaper offices- places of power where they can do the most harm to society. They have no honor, no conscience- and no patriotism. They are mere maggots that suck the life-blood from the country. When done- they will again crawl to the next host to repeat their disgusting process again. 

Whites – it’s time to stand up against your anti-white government and anti-white media. You are responsible for stopping these barbaric acts by the government, the media and the vast majority of black, media and political anarchists.This is NOT your chosen government. They are alien infiltrators instated against your will by the Jesuits. This is your country. Rebel against the illegal capture by usurpers in the government and media of your country.Take back your self respect. your dignity- and your sovereignty. You are an indigenous nation- fight for your self determination. Other than that- your time as proud white Boers/Afrikaners is all but over.

SOURCE- White Nation