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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape town   August 27   2017




Death of Nadia Stephanie Bond (8) : Cape Town

“Dear Mr Shaun Abrahams, National Director of Public Prosecutions and every Western Cape Government Official!

Since I approached the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) in January 2016 – 20 months ago, I have had my questions treated with contempt and what I experience to be a total disregard to the victims of crime.

My daughter was murdered on the 18th of September 2015. After it became clear that the SAPS had no intention of completing a proper investigation into her death, whether from lack of resources, incompetence, or corruption, I approached the NPA to address VERY concerning issues. I have repeatedly e-mailed the Western Cape DPP and STILL I don’t receive any sense of urgency or any response that gives me ANY reason to have faith in the Criminal Justice System. In fact Sir, the responses I did receive raised MORE questions, showed complete lack of insight and were simply disgraceful in it’s failure to address the TRUTH.

As the father of a murdered child – I, like EVERY OTHER South African Citizen, expect a properly conducted investigation and ANSWERS to our very reasonable questions. It should not even be debatable! Yet it was FORCED upon us to get Private Experts to do the work which we as Tax Payers (even little Nadia was a registered tax payer) expect from Government Institutions. In the process it has done irreparable damage to us as a family which I wont even begin to express coz it is clear that our emotional and psychological well being is no concern to those that keep ignoring me. Let me just state that Families of murdered children need the TRUTH to find closure, anything else only causes more harm, and refusal to take decisive action and answer our questions causes devastation to our souls.

I took my concerns to the Prosecutor who referred me to the NPA, I took my concerns to the WCPO who referred me back to the NPA – I have been understanding, I have been respectful, I have complained, I have repeatedly insisted that my concerns be addressed and in return I got nothing. In your letters from your respective offices you claim “Professional Diligence” it is exactly that: Professionalism and Diligence which every Citizen of this country must believe in and relies upon in such circumstances – yet sadly, in my case I have found it not to be anything but meaningless words on paper.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the criminal justice system, neither am I an Idiot that believes every drunk driving death is committed with the intention to kill, but… How many drunk drivers know their victims? How many of them have previously harmed the same family? How many of them pass their victims before racing around the block and speeding directly at an innocent little girl, striking her so hard that witnesses see her flying through the air? How many do this virtually in front of their own home which is supposedly a “Day Care center for children” then stop and load their victims in their car and leave the scene? How many times must the evidence be ignored before a father that loves his little girl more than life itself can expect the Criminal Justice System to take action? Refusing to do a proper investigation or to present “evidence” known to be incorrect is a crime against the Administration of Justice. It is a crime against the Citizens of this country. It is a crime against Humanity and it is favoring criminals!

In the Western Cape we have experienced many Child murders lately, innocent young lives grossly violated in many different ways, families destroyed… their lives matter… the families of murdered children MATTER – I don’t need to hear that the “file has been closed as you consider the matter finalized” while my questions have NEVER been answered. I have sent documents that prove my concerns, I have sent e-mail with a specific question, why does it not get answered? Not every family can afford an Advocate to FORCE Authorities to do their job’s – It’s time that the diligence proclaimed is offered to victims of crime, time that the NPA prosecute without fear, favor or prejudice.. So much more so when the victim is an innocent, defenseless child.

I love my daughter more than you could even begin to understand, I will not be afraid to speak out, I will not be silenced and accept a BLATANTLY incompetent / corrupt SAPS investigation to be the “end” of her beautiful, loving, innocent life. If the Criminal Justice System refuses to speak for her – I will SCREAM for her from the rooftops and across every form of media I can find. The question is, why has it been allowed to get to this point where I feel I have no other choice?

Members of the Public Please support our ongoing fight for Justice and our campaign against Drunk Drivng Killers: Purchase a bumper sticker or donate to our cause to fight for every victim and family that needs the truth”

  • John Bond (Father) 



On the 18th of September 2015, a colored young unlicensed, drunk, driver with no regard to traffic laws or traffic signs came speeding excessively down 9th Avenue (Kraaifontein) – a residential road in which he himself lives and within meters of a Daycare owned by his parents (who’s car he drove) – he slammed into this innocent, precious young little girl, sending her petite, delicate and fragile little body flying through the air while the vehicle left 42m of break marks in a 60km/h zone.Nadia Stephanie suffered a broken leg, broken pelvis, broken neck, severed spinal cord, multiple facial fractures, massive internal bleeding and severe brain damage. A life so full of promise…

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The grieving family of Nadia Bond, the little girl who was killed by a colored drunk driver last September, believe they are being victimized by the police. Meanwhile the criminal case is dragging on due to what they allege to be substandard investigation by the Kraaifontein police. In a desperate attempt for justice, Nadia’s father, John Bond, last week again turned to social media after another incident of alleged police intimidation against his family. Nadia’s young killer are protected by his father and family so far.

John Bond wrote after her death:

We prayed and begged God to save you Baby Girl, to hold you near to Him, to repair your brutalized little body. I stood begging you to open your eyes, to fight… I cried for you to wake up, to move to show a sign of hope and I know you tried Baby, I know you fought really hard to hang on, I cried in my helplessness, cried to take you in my arms and comfort you, begged for you to stay with me… but you were so terribly hurt, so brutalized and damaged, so viciously violated that you could not fight…

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On the 19th of September at 13:30 the neurologist declared that you had no brain function left, that you were brain dead, that you had died. Oh what horrific words, indescribable despair flowed through every cell in my body as our world fell to pieces your once exited, sparkling, loving big brown eyes clouded and still, expressionless, emotionless grey… I knew you were no longer there and even with people around me I felt a feeling of being totally alone, forsaken in a universe of grey nothingness, my brain unable to understand or comprehend the finality of infinite loss. In utter disbelieve every emotion within me crumbled.
Mommy donated your organs to save other children, “it is what she would have wanted” she said through her tears, and she was right Baby Girl, you were so giving, so loving and caring in life that you would have no hesitation in death to be the same, you were an Angel in this world, your bravery, your love, your life may have been taken but even in death you brought joy to others. The Red Cross Hospital notified us that you saved 3 little lives with your organs.

Our world was dumped into a shocked sadness and longing, disbelief in an unreal parallel existence far distant from the life we knew and cherished. Blank staring eyes greet me in the mirror filled with agony, crippling our faith in everything we held true. Oh what is life without you Baby Girl, without your bubbly joy that lightened every day… oh how I begged God to make this all a dream, to let me wake with you cuddling beside me, to watch you smile as you woke. How I wished I could turn back time, to be there to save you from this hideous crime, but I cant my Darling, I can do nothing to have you safely back in my arms – and time, time just moves on relentlessly, as if nothing has happened, leaving us somewhere behind where this world lost an Angel. This world was too Brutal, too cruel, too sinful, too filled with lawlessness to be deserving of someone like you it could not possibly harbor such a pure soul.

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Now… now as a grieving family lost in our disbelief and sadness we get slapped in the face with laws that protect the “rights” of little Nadia’s Killer… set free to laugh in the face of our grief, set free to potentially kill another innocent person with their lawlessness, charged by the state with Culpable Homicide, NO charges against the hideous blatantly gross negligence of those in a position to STOP THE CRIME, those that facilitated it…
Even where the Prosecuting Authority is mandated to protect the innocent we only hear of the rights of the accused, from a community that have lost loved ones due to drunk driving we hear nothing but rampant history of incompetent investigating, slap on the wrist prosecuting and corruption. Where is the voice that must speak for Nadia, the voice that must scream for Justice? Where is the voice that must save the life of the next innocent child? ...NO OUTRAGE FROM THOSE IN POWER... as silent as the gone and forgotten dead of cases gone by!
We as innocent grieving parents are left facing the fear of incompetence, scrambling for funds to ensure the attention of a knowledgeable Attorney to watch over the case, scrambling, near begging for funds to appoint private accident reconstruction forensic personal, private blood forensic personal to ensure prosecution. a Family who had invested everything into the well being, advancement and education of their children facing financial ruin in an attempt to get Justice for the Murder of their child…”


Midnight visit very suspect

On Thursday night at about midnight two constables from the Kraaifontein police station arrived at their door to supposedly serve him with “papers” relating to a case that Piet Gysman, the father of the alleged drunk driver Bradley Gysman, had made against him. “When I asked what it was about, I was told to phone a Colonel Vlok at the Kraaifontein police station. They got him on the line and when I asked why he sent the constables to my house in the middle of the night, he asked to speak to one of the two constables,” says Bond.
“After the one policeman finished this conversation outside, they said they would come back in the morning as they had the ‘wrong’ papers. I insisted to see the document and demanded to know what it was about. However, they refused to show it to me and said nothing, indicating to me that the only reason they came to our home was to harass us.”
To date the police have not been back to the Bond house.  According to Bond this was the second incident of its kind, the first being in January when four officers of the Kuils River Police Station arrived at his house at 02:00 in the morning for him to sign a warning to appear in court on a counter charge made against him by Piet Gysman.
“I found it very suspect that they had to come knock on our door and wake us up at two in the morning for this,” says Bond.
On 24 November 2015, Bond laid a charge against Piet Gysman for allegedly assaulting him and threatening his life outside the Kuils River Court, where Bradley appeared on the day. Bond says this incident took place in front of several witnesses and was recorded on video. “Eventually they (Kuils River police) took a statement from my wife on 14 January, nearly two months later. I even provided them with video evidence …” he stated on a Facebook post, and later confirmed in person to TygerBurger.


Still nothing five months later
Five months later I have still heard nothing about the progress on this case even after enquiring from the Kuils River detectives and the state prosecutor. Yet, when Gysman laid a complete and utterly false counter charge I get knocked up at two in the morning by four policemen. What sense does this make and what does it leave me to believe?” he said to TygerBurger on Monday morning. On his Facebook page he posted the following and made a call to the wider public and media to help him and his family to expose this lack of justice: “A family grieving the murder (sic) of an eight-year-old little girl became the victims of intimidation by the very force who are mandated to serve and protect. I have no doubt that our lives are in danger yet our constitutional rights are being violated.”

Bond says he reported the incident to the police, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and the Western Cape government the very next day.  “I even left an urgent message for station commander, Brigadier Gerda Van Niekerk, who until now has not phoned me back,” he says. “I want to know who sent them to my house in the middle of the night to harass my family and leave my wife in tears. Who gave the orders and why?”

On his Facebook post he claims he had been warned by several residents months ago to “watch his back as the Gysmans had friends in the police”. The Gysmans’ attorney, BCM Muller, denies this, saying it was “nonsense. “ Bond however, believes it to be true after the latest incident and in the absence of any other explanation.  Believing the Kraaifontein police to have bungled the investigation, the Bond family in March appealed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to review the investigation, with a view to change the charges from culpable homicide to murder, based on the dolus eventualis rule of intent.

Bond says they have had no access to the investigation into their daughter’s death. “None of our questions are being answered and we have been refused access to our child’s medical and pathology report. I personally saw my daughter’s injuries and this can have bearing on the criminal case. I need to ensure that this was reflected correctly. I have requested this information several times but have been denied this. Why? “This was my child who died and I have the right to know the status of the investigation. We have many questions that remain unanswered”.

A witness statement pertaining to the behavior of Bradley Gysman has also not been taken down by the police as yet.
According to this witness who lives in the area, he had on prior occasions before Nadia’s death warned the accused to stop racing down the very same road on which my daughter was killed, lest someone gets hurt. I informed the police about this witness and provided them with contact details. They never took down this statement.” The case was postponed to 24 May, while Gysman is out on bail of R2000 on charges of culpable homicide, drunk and negligent driving and driving without a licence. Lieutenant Colonel André Traut, spokesperson for the provincial police, said the above allegations are being investigated. Muller, declined to make further comment.(Link) 


SOURCE: White Nation