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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria August 29   2017





FARMERS  are thieves!  This is the view expressed by ANC and Zuma loyalist Carl Niehaus during an interview he had with Rapport’s newspaper recently.

Because the land was “stolen,”-  apparently Niehaus, who has been linked to acts of dishonesty, said it should be “nationalized”  by the state, although he generously said farmers can still farm, but only as long as they help “empower black farmers. “ In the interview, Niehaus appears to be a complete “His Master’s Voice” of Zuma, with a verbal repetition of fake ANC and Zuma expressions and without any fresh insight into rhetorical matters.

“It was in many cases overall theft, and I do not think we should continue with a policy of paying for land that was stolen from most black people in the country,” he apparently told Rapport. He also believes that Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is the best candidate to follow Jacob Zuma. In the past, TAU SA has already promised an R1 million reward to anyone who can prove that any of its members “have stolen”  land. Apparently, Niehaus has no such names available. (Link)

NOW– we all know that this poor misdirected white fool lives in a land of fairy tales. He even bungle up being a bad thief!  Niehaus is what you typically would refer to as a ANC ” bum-nugget.” On the criminal communist scale of seniority  Niehaus ranks the same level as crayfish sh*t- and crayfish sh*t as you know- are below sea-level. Even his commi cohorts are paying little attention to this inconsequential little twerp.  He is a nothing. It is then no-wonder this little piece of lost molluscan crap is looking for some self-recognition And what better way than copy-catting his black Nguni mentors and jump on the dilapidated anti-white wagon as well? It very much reminds one of that other cretaceous creature feature- ol’ Max the “librilla ” –who  on a continuous basis also have this bad habit to “gop” in the Afrikaans leftist tabloid Beeld some unsavory trash against the Afrikaners as well. These creatures live in a limbo- to “sleg” to be white- and too incompetent to even be good blacks! BUT that is the normal characteristics of most of this despicable white bum-putty! Typical “ I hate my white skin” deplorable creatures.

Can you still remember how he squealed about a white warden throwing him into some police cells where he apparently was raped by hardened criminals? (Link) Niehaus then “recounted “ how a white prison warder, who apparently saw him as a traitor to his fellow Afrikaners, took him from his single cell in Diepkloof Prison in Johannesbug and put the poor soul  in another cell with 20 “common criminals.”  Niehaus was quoted in Afrikaans-language newspaper Die Burger-  as saying he could not remember precisely how many men had raped him, but he guessed it was more than 20. Niehaus knew who the warder was, but didn’t want to name him “and ruin his life“.

Shame- what a tale of heroic woe! With that many real men raping the poor little nanny- one might think that at least someone in that mother of a ” gang-bang “pumped some brains into him. Apparently that was not the case. So the “men” that raped him must’ve been mentally retarded– taken in consideration the little mishap  we have to tolerate today. However being such a whiner pink-pussy liberal- we presume Niehaus might even have enjoyed it too. Niehaus was- as the grapevine goes- convicted of plotting to blow up a gas factory in Johannesburg.He is so pathetic he even f*cked THAT up and got caught! 

BUT that was not the end.  Niehaus was stupid enough- and we suppose greedy enough- to try to pull yet ANOTHER stunt that would land him back in the slammer- maybe facing another pack of 20 stiff ” Long Fellow” serenades up his you-know-what again. Shows you liberal idiots never learn- now do they? He has been entrusted by his ANC co-terrorists with the strategic job of “spokesperson” in 2008. But  Niehaus has left a broad trail of bad debt and broken promises behind him. he even screwed his own co-conspirators out of their stolen money. Confronted with allegations that he owed hundreds of thousands of rands to corrupt politicians and croquet  businessmen – and committed fraud while working for the Gauteng provincial government, a tearful wheener Niehaus admitted that he:

  • Forged signatures while he was chief executive of the Gauteng Economic Development Agency (Geda) before resigning in December 2005;
  • Borrowed money over a six-year period from some of the brightest stars of the ANC and business galaxy, much of which he has not paid back;
  • Asked to be connected to Brett Kebble because he was ‘desperate for financial help”;
  • Had to leave a top job at Deloitte and Touche in 2003 after his financial woes became embarrassing;
  • Owed the Rhema Church more than R700 000 when he was asked to resign from his post as chief executive and spokesperson by a full board meeting in 2004; and
  • Had to repay R24 000 to director general in the presidency Frank Chikane when he left his job there under a cloud in 2004.

Niehaus, appointed ANC spokesperson in November 2008, also admitted to using the Rhema Church’s travel agent to book a holiday for himself and his wife in Zanzibar and to using the presidency’s travel agent to book flights and a trip to Durban for his former wife. This guy really either is a natural born  imbecile- or a total rejection from mother nature- strewth! He is so pathetic he cannot even screw his own corrupt cronies!

Niehaus was good and truely “fuc*ed”– and try to secure some financial help from the “Mob.” Among those mob bosses he asked for financial assistance are the then Arts and Culture ANC cadre  Pallo Jordan, ANC empowerment shills Saki Macozoma, Tokyo Sexwale and Cyril Ramaphosa, Absa chair and former Jew deputy governor of the Reserve Bank Gill Marcus and mining tycoon Rick Menell. When confronted by the Mail & Guardian about all the poor imbecile’s mishaps- the poor thing broke down and confess: ” ‘Most of what you’ve confronted me with is true. I wish it wasn’t. I’ve made massive mistakes and I’ve disappointed a lot of people terribly. I’ve no illusions that if you publish this article it will mean the end of my career,” he said, weeping. What a pathetic wet bag of sh*t! 

When powerful friends could not rescue him from what he described as ‘the devastation of debt” he drifted into seemingly outright criminal conduct. In 2005, after just seven months as Geda chief executive, responsible for handling millions of rands of transactions, he wrote a fraudulent letter and forged the signatures of then finance minister and now Gauteng Premier Paul Mashatile, transport minister Ignatius Jacobs, education minister and now ANC Women’s League president Angie Motshekga and agriculture minister Khabisi Mosunkutu. The letter was intended to secure a loan for Niehaus from a businessman who hoped to use it to ensure “favorable “ treatment from the Gauteng government on property deals. Niehaus confessed this fraud to Mashatile, who told him to quit or face a disciplinary inquiry. Niehaus resigned on December 9 2005.Shame- he even is too damn bloody pathetic to be a common thief as well!  (Link) Now this is the same misdirected useless twerp that accuse farmers of being “thieves?” Farmers are the mainstay of our food supplies and the producers of all that nice fruit and veggies Niehaus can only walk to the supermarket, conveniently stretch out his claw- and start to “vreet.” – Question is -except for some useless communist chaos- what else did Niehaus himself produce or contribute to the country’s welfare? If we were in the farmers’ shoes we would have sued the freakin pants off this jerk for crimen injuria!!