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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Adelaide AUS   August 26   2017






EARLY in 2012 we already predicted that the Jesuit conspirators in Britain and America exploited  South Africa as a test bed for their evil world domination plan. The plan was created not around global wars to overthrow the mainly white countries anymore- but rather by the exploitation of other more equal devastating means which will cost the Jew mass murderers less in financial capital outlay- and also less chance of being pointed out being directly involved.

The plan was created around activating  the “les miserables” on a global scale to invade particularly white dominated countries – iow the less intelligent races which have a record of uncontrolled birthrates .  It starkly reminds us of that strategic game ” Star Craft”– where the whole galaxy was invaded by the brood of “Zerks”– an uncontrollable specie of disgusting  fast breeding consuming  parasitic  creatures that invades worlds by simply infesting   them like a swarm of locusts. When they have consumed all the resources of the world they infested- they simply take off on their quest for another world to infest- leaving behind a barren wold that do not have the resources any more to sustain life. Iow- they leave behind a dead planet.


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Another feature of this “Zerks” is that once you are bitten by one of them- the venom starts a metamorphosis process  in the hapless victim’s  body  – and slowly turns him/her also into one of these slimy creatures. The victim become just as infected and adopt all the characteristics of the parasite swarm. He/She also become a “Zerk.” Then the other characteristic of the “Zerks” is the fact that they are controlled by ONE QUEEN Kerrigan. Now according to the game Kerrigan once used to be  a normal human girl with conservative and patriotic principles. . But in a certain war she was left behind on a planet when an evil warmonger general withdrew all the troops around her – and left her alone stranded to face an oncoming “Zerk “ army. She was bitten and thus became a “Zerk “ herself.



The Zerk themselves are mindless creatures that cannot think or reason for themselves- and like zombie androids- are dependent on the queen to give the final instructions for about every move they make. BUT they are cunningly exploited to do all the donkey work and because of their ability to spawn so rapidly- are utilized to invade worlds e masse with their overwhelming numbers. The last feature that reminds us of Star Craft– is the fact that the whole infestation exercise are neatly planned and controlled by one queen and her ugly bunch of  picked “elite” monsters.

Now looking at the game- we observe five very  distinctive definable  characteristics  here: 1- An infestation by a swarm of fast breeding parasites. 2– The swarm being controlled by the queen and her “elite.” By the exploitation of zombie-like masses-  the queen and her “elite” then take total control of the galaxy and all it’s sustainable planets- destroying any race that oppose them. 3- The immediate destruction and consummation of the world and it’s resources they infested.4- The creatures are mindless like zombies – and unable to reason for themselves- but their minds are controlled by the queen and her lackeys. 5. After their destruction of all the resources belonging to the world they invaded- they immediately set off  for another planet-  leaving behind a barren empty shell that once was a healthy and sustainable world.


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Returning to the reality of today again- South Africa was the test bed of the Jesuit onslaught against the global white conservative countries- and as I said- it already was predicted in 2012 and I quote:

“South Africa is under attack! She’s  under an attack from the global mass murderers. You “passive” white races across the word must remember one thing…YOU ARE NEXT! The dark races are going to flood your countries as well- on the NWO orders…and you also will be  a race to become extinct very soon as well. Barak Obama is fast on track to “Africanize” the USA in a very short time- and countries like Britain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark are so flooded with dark and alien races- they now already outnumber the white children in schools. Australia is no better off. Still the sick liberals are just too ignorant stupid to see the danger- and then you get white liberal idiots like Madonna and Angelina Jolie that still adopt these dark races and pamper them!!

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You in the International community- be warned- take a good hard look at the S.A barometer…and know what is coming your way through your own governments…..and naturally- your gas pumps you pay so hefty to help you, your descendants- and your race disappear as well. Go out- and count how many whites are living in your cities..and how many Blacks, Hispanos, Pakistanis, Indians and Arabs. Maybe that could be an eye-opener for you. After that- sit down and determine which race actually is paying all the taxes to carry this humanoid parasites to keep-on multiplying.

In the mean-time- Wallstreet maggots like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Du Ponts, Forbes, De Rothschild, Rhodes, Mountbatten,Morgans and other vermin that belong to the Club of Rome ‘Commitee of 300″ billionaires with their prime evil matriarch Queen Elizabeth 2 – are languishing in the fact that they hi-jacked South-Africa’s mineral resources through the pumpkin-patch ANC lapdogs- and assassinated Eugene Terreblanche to prevent him amassing the Boers against their demonic plan to starve the Boers the same way they eliminated Africa of it’s “useless eaters” by organized epidemics and starvation.

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They will stop at nothing to control the whole world’s mineral resources- even if it means a total genocide of a nation. Our past battles and skirmishes with the NWO dregs from Britain has already laid proof to that.What is happening these past 16 years to whites Afrikaners in SA- is soon to be yet another proof that the battle between Boer and Brit is not over by far. The show-down is still to come. Like they impoverished and murdered our nation with two wars- trying to eliminate us- they again are doing it for 16 years in a very covert manner already. This is why white farmers have to be eliminated and driven off farms by cunning moves like ” land restitution laws.” – so that their “starvation plan” can work. in S.A. ( If war failed to satisfy their death lust, the elite had back-up killing systems.

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How about organized epidemics of fatal diseases, like EBOLI and AIDS to eliminate millions of “useless eaters”? Whether the HIV virus was developed in a World Health Organization lab, as some medical researchers have suggested, or it developed in some natural way which they cannot yet explain, it has proved a winner in the death race. Even better, it has a disproportionate impact on the socially and economically oppressed “with about 80% of the world’s 9 million AIDS deaths through 1995 having occurred in Africa [Covert Action Quarterly Journal, Fall 1996].”) 
NOW you understand why their are so many farm murders…and so many whites in squatter camps: They are busy eliminating all white Afrikaners in South-Africa!” 

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OK– now we again take a look at “Star Craft “– and draw a similarity what happens in the game-  what happened in South Africa- and what currently  is happening today in Europe and America. Let us change that five points of Broodwars into today’s events:

1- An infestation by a swarm of fast breeding parasites. ( Africans, Hispanics and Muslim Arabs) 2- The swarm being controlled by the queen and her “elite.”( Queen Elizabeth 2 is the matriarch for the Illuminathi and the Illuminathi Jesuit bankers are controlling then world finances.)  By the exploitation of zombie-like masses-  the queen and her “elite” then take total control of the galaxy and all it’s sustainable planets- destroying any race that oppose them. ( Through all their corporate tentacles and controlling the natural resources , food and weather patterns- these evil “controllers” in Britain controls your every-day life.The white genocide in South Africa and assassinations of Verwoerd , Kennedy , Eugene Terreblanche, Sadam Hussain and  Ghadaffi are  good examples of the destruction of a nation that dare oppose the British and American “controllers.” )  3- The immediate destruction and consummation of the world and it’s resources they infested. ( The Middle East and South Africa are sound examples how they invaded these independent countries. destroyed their governments- and by introducing their own bourgeois front men- started to rape the mineral resources of this countries.) 4- The creatures are mindless like zombies – and unable to reason for themselves- but their minds are controlled by the queen and her lackeys. ( Looking at the Middle East after Chester Crocker, Bush and Obama and their respective political  cronies overthrow PW Botha, Hussain, Ghadaffi et al- they started to instigate riots and chaos by paying union bosses and political thugs to create mass destruction  by exploiting  poor and illiterate  blacks, Hispanics and Arabs Muslims in order to destabilize and overthrow the true leaders of these countries. America now are in the cross hairs of these villains- there the reason for the newly created “Antifa” movement of thugs and terrorists. ) 5. After their destruction of all the resources belonging to the world they invaded- they immediately set off  for another planet-  leaving behind a barren empty shell that once was a healthy and sustainable world.(Look at South Africa where chaos now reigns in the streets, look at the Middle East- especially Iraq , Libya and Syria where emptiness and death now reigns after the globalists created ISIS to destroy the land and leave it empty. Take a look at America now after “Antifa” started their destructive course. )


Uncanny similarities here can one say. Why? Simply because what happens in Star Craft  and what happens today in the real world- are basically based on the same principles: Both are games. One is a  game based of fantasy- the other a game played by fanatic fantasizers. BUT in both instances the rules applied are the same. The fantasizers do not play by the rules of engagement like in the olden days. No- they are playing a game of deadly deceptional conundrums. Their war does not consist of soldiers marching to the battlefield and fight like heroes.

The sad state of London in 9 seconds , no further comment needed….

Posted by Generation Europa IV on Thursday, August 31, 2017



Their game consists of  cowards and illiterate creatures that have nothing else to loose – running amok in the streets and  destroying everything in their wake for a few dollars. Their game does not have honor and gentlemen’s  wars like in the olden days. No- their game rules include mass murders, assassination, mind control, demonization, genocides , famine, starvation, impoverishment , biological warfare and illegal invasions. Their game consist- like the Zerk- of metamorphosis of conservative patriots  through false doctrines, propaganda and multiculturalism.  Their modus operandi never change. It follows the same pattern throughout the ages. From Cesar to the French revolution- the Bolshevick revolution, the Boer wars, both world wars, the Middle East, South Africa-Europe and now America. Always it’s the same rules- always the same end result- just different players.



In South Africa it’s the white Boer/Afrikaners that are targeted for extinction by exploiting the black races to do the dirty work – in Europe the white race are targeted and Arab Muslims again are exploited to do the dirty work – and in America the white conservatives are targeted for elimination by the exploitation of Hispanics , Muslims and screwed-up white liberals alike. But in every case you can follow that proverbial scarlet thread to the conspirators behind all these attacks on whites: The Jesuit order and the crypto Jews. Organizations like the European Union, The United Nations, Antifa, Club of Rome, Elders of Zion, Illuminati, Free Masons, Commitee of 300, The Karstphanomen,The Skull and Bones, the Rosicrucians, Bilderbergers, Knights Templar, Brotherhood of the Snake, Afrikaner Broederbond  and many more. Their tentacles stretch across the globe and includes some  of the most rich and influential business tycoons and politicians.

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Adam Weishaupt, a young professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, was a Jesuit priest and an initiate of the Illuminati in 1776.  The Jesuit connection is important, as you will see later in this paragraph. Researchers agree that he was financed by the House of Rothschild (mentioned in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”). Weishaupt advocated “abolition of all ordered national governments, abolition of inheritance, abolition of private property, abolition of patriotism, abolition of the individual home and family life as the cell from which all civilizations have stemmed, and abolition of all religions established and existing so that the ideology of totalitarianism may be imposed on mankind.” In the same year that he founded the Illuminati he published Wealth of Nations, the book that provided the ideological foundation for capitalism and for the Industrial Revolution. It is no accident that the Declaration of Independence was written in the same year. On the obverse of the Great Seal of the United States the wise will recognize the all-seeing eye and other signs of the Brotherhood of the Snake. There are vast corporations that are controlled by these secret Jesuit societies- of which the media  and Hollywood stands out as the biggest propaganda machines to bring about total world control.

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Is there another kind of fantasy war  raging on our planet? Are we invaded by a specie  of fast breeding mindless creatures in a global infestation exercise? Do they have one queen and and elite that controls them? Do they exterminate our race and destroy all our natural resources? Do they take control of our countries through infestation of alien beings? Do they leave a country ravaged, empty and in chaos after they are finished with their plundering? The answer I believe you already know. If your answer is “yes”– then welcome to the realistic version of  BROODWARS the war against the white race…..the global game of  the destruction of the Western societies.!!


SOURCE: White Nation