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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria September 05    2017





NADEEM SIKHORT, the friendly and well-known manager at Willowton Palace Restaurant woke up on Wednesday morning beaming with joy that his wife was due to give birth to their third child on that day. Her hospital bags had been packed  with him only having to have her admitted later in the morning.

The family’s happiness was shattered however when he encountered two black intruders who broke into his home at Anvar-Court flats at around 6am yesterday (Wednesday). Posing as customers who wanted to purchase roti, the men attacked Sirkhot with a knife and he immediately fought back sustaining serious knife wounds to his chest. One of the attackers produced a gun and threatened to shoot his daughter, a threat that eventually managed to subdue Sirkhot.

The men ransacked the home of valuables and also made off with an undisclosed sum of cash. During the fracas  concerned neighbors hearing the commotion ventured out to see what was happening and themselves came face-to-face with the black thugs who threatened to shoot them as they fled the scene. At the scene,  the home and was confronted by blood splatters visible throughout the flat indicative of Sirkhot’s struggle with the thugs.

Sirkhot was rushed to Midlands Medical Centre’s trauma center where he received stitches and was x-rayed for any internal injuries. Mohammed Asad, a family member, said Sirkhot  was currently recovering and should be discharged soon. “Apparently they were young guys who spoke English fluently. We don’t know if they’re South African or not” said Asad. The thugs were seen making off in a Volkswagen Polo with a getaway driver waiting for the attackers.

Sirkhot’s colleague Shireen Seekola, said that she went over to the house to help clean up and what she saw was terrifying. “There was blood everywhere and all the drawers in each of the rooms had been opened” said Seekola. She said the attackers forced Sirkhot to open all the drawers and cupboards as they did not want to touch anything and leave their fingerprints.(Link)

This is but only one incident that South Africans have to endure on a daily basis. A peaceful man harming no one and no threat to anyone- brutally attacked in his own home. Normally White Nation high-lights  the white murders in South Africa- but today we are going to try to show the world what THEY have created out of a country that was generally at peace with it’s people. Now I understand that there are still many misinformed poor brainwashed believers out there that still clings to that “political correct” lie that “apartheid” was worse than this evil system the world hails as “democratic.” The truth is that you as the international “democratic” world created a deadly monster in 1994 which now also are about to devour your countries too. What happened in South Africa was just an experiment to expand across the world. If I look at Europe and the USA- well- then I can clearly recognize the tell-tale signs of this we as South Africans endure this past 20 odd years of YOUR so-called “democracy”– iow invasions, murder, chaos, rapes  and mayhem.

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BUT lo- wait- this one attack on Mr. Sirkhot only forms an eeny-weeny tiny little part of what is the reality in South Africa. You must understand- you as the international “enlightened” liberal ones instituted a regime that had previously a very long history of terrorism, bomb planting, murder – and assassinations. Now how anyone could expect a terrorist movement to rule a healthy country I don’t know– but as we know the Jew controllers– that is exactly what they planned- looking at their modus operandi in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iraq. Now we again see that same trend in the USA with the newly created “Antifa” urban terrorist movement. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow healthy governments not dancing to their tune- and re-instate CIA  created terrorist movements which they can supply with weapons and temporary power – like ISIS to look after their stolen “assets.”

BUT let us return to South Africa- YOUR prime black-ruled fu*k-up which you as the international “community” now keep such an eerie sound of silence about.



September 2017:


  1. The police at Middelburg arrested a 25 year old black man after being in an accident with an Audi A4 he had reportedly hijacked at Kanonkop,Middelburg late this afternoon. (Link)
  2. Balck thugs attacked an elderly  white woman (55) in her house in Brakpan- Gauteng. They sat on her and threatened to kill her. One of her ribs were broken. (Link) 
  3. A White farmer- Mike Botha (45) – was attacked with a pick handle by two black thugs  in Witbank . (Link)
  4. A 16 year old white boy of Mr.Gert Kotzee  was attacked on their farm by FOUR black thugs in Warmbaths area this week. (Link)
  5. Five black thugs were arrested in the Tzaneen area for yet another farm attack. All of the thugs already were let out on parole for previous armed robberies. (Link)
  6. A White farmer – Peet Van Es– begged for his life in another farm attack in the Barberton area. Although he begged the black attackers not to kill him- they blatantly shot him anyway. He died subsequently of the gunshot. (Link)
  7. A white man and his wife was held at gunpoint by black thugs in their home in Centurion– Pretoria (Link)
  8. Julie Harmse(82) of Phalaborwa- was brutally attacked by black thugs during yet another house robbery attempt. She fought desperately against the  attacker- who dragged her to the garage. He stabbed her numerous times with a sharp object in the neck  before he fled. (Link) 
  9. The 72-year-old farmer who managed to take on a gang of five black thugs after a warning from one of his farm workers, is in a serious but stable condition in hospital. Hennie Gerber was shot in the stomach, but according to police spokesperson Captain Carla Hartley, no vital organs were damaged. ( Link) 
  10. A white couple and their domestic worker was brutally attacked by Five black thugs in their home in Hartebeespoort complex in another house robbery attempt. ( Link) 
  11. A brutal attack on the Van Rooyen family has left the Vryheid community in shock. According to Neighbourhood Watch, who responded when the call for help came through, 15 black attackers armed with AK47’s converged on the Van Rooyen home in the Swart Umfolozi area shortly after 8pm on Tuesday night and opened fire on the family. It is believed that the attackers had been hiding among some trees on the property. Mr van Rooyen was shot in the chest when he stepped outside to investigate why his dogs had started barking. As many as 50 shots were allegedly fired inside the Van Rooyen home. Local farmer, Billy Van Rooyen was killed in the savage and senseless farm attack. His father in law, Ronnie Lombard, was critically wounded and succumbed to his injuries the following morning. Billy’s father, Lood Van Rooyen, was also injured in the attack, but has since been discharged from hospital.(Link)
  12. A 47 year old white man was attended to by an Advanced Life Support paramedic after he was assaulted, shot and then robbed by black thugs in his Craighall Park home. He was in a very serious condition after being assaulted and shot more than once. The man was stabilised at the scene and analgesic medication was administered to control his pain. He was then transported by a Netcare 911 ambulance to an awaiting Trauma Centre for the urgent medical intervention that he required.(Link)
  13. Jack Oosthuysen and his wife  Linda was brutally attacked by a gang of black thugs on their Rondebosch smallholding  outside  the Louis Trichard area. (Link)
  14. Jan Minnaar – a young white man- was murdered by black thugs in Piet Retief. Jan did not place any black in a coffin- so the media will not go ballistic about it.(Link) 
  15. An elderly couple- Victor (75) and his wife Gwen Crooks (74) – were brutally assaulted and robbed on the farm close to Potchefstroom by two black thugs. Victor later succumb to his injuries. Only R 300.00 and some jewelry was stolen. Again- no black man was offended- thus the media will pay no attention and no police minister will leave a tweet of condemnation. ( Link) 
  16. Well-known ballroom instructor, Gavin Wingrave, was attacked on his farm by three suspects on late Monday evening. The details of the attack are not yet clear as the matter is still under investigation. A trusted source on the scene has confirmed that he is seriously injured and is being attended to by emergency services. The area around his farm has been closed off for further investigation.(Link)

A 82 years old white woman was about the get prepared for the funeral of her husband when two black thugs  broke into her house. The thugs kept the woman and forced her to not attend the funeral of her husband which she recently lost. As this was not enough the two thugs beat the woman to death when she refused to tell the place of her valuable goods. The perps are not caught yet and there are many people who try their best in order to find a clue in real life through various means such as social media. NO media outcry or political demands for justice for this white woman. She is not black- her life doesn’t matter. (Link)

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"The true story of whites in South Africa"Nuwe film wat amper vrygestel word, gebasseer op die waarheid.

Posted by SA Nuus en Meer on Tuesday, March 29, 2016






Now this only is a few attacks and murders of especially te white farming community- all by black thugs. SIXTEEN attacks and murders by blacks on whites- and not ONE black man assaulted by a white! WHERE IS THE REITZ MEDIA AND POLITICAL PARTIES WITH THEIR ACCUSATIONS OF BLACK RACISM AND RIOTS IN FRONT OF THE COURTS NOW?Where is the slapping of black baby dolls now? Where is the EFF and their threats now? Where are those big mouth liberals such as Max Du Preez and Carl Niehaus who has much to say about whites now?  Yet the villainous South African media in all their pro-black/anti-white hippocracy will not high-light this gross human atrocities against whites- and politicians in all their double standards will not condemn this human rights abuses and murders against white people. On the contrary- when the Freedom Front Plus council  member asked the other council members in the Potgietersrus  municipality to honor a minute of silence for Piet and Tilla Van Zyl that was brutally murdered by black thugs on their farm in the area- she was scoffed at and sneered at by the black ANC and EFF politicians. Eight black suspects who are believed to be responsible for the double murder of Piet and Tilla van Zyl two weeks ago, were arrested this morning. The couple was found murdered in their bedroom on their farm in Limpopo on August 20. The breakthrough came about after a special investigation was launched involving Limpopo and Mpumalanga police.  (Link)

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Michael Andrews was brutally murdered on his smallholding near Paddock in Kwa-Zulu Natal. They found him with a rope still around his neck in a shallow grave on the farm- a mere 300 meters from his own front door. The thugs then went and stripped his bank account from R 30 000. He was missing from December 24 2014 up until January 05 2017. They fond his pick-up burned out in the black township of Eisicolweni. The question to the South African sick skunk media and demonic political street dog parties is where was your outcry then like you did with the Coligny and Reitz incidents with the white farmers? The stench of your Hippocracy reeks of naked  pure anti-white hatred !

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Vanaand ons buurplase aangeval…gebrand..voerstore afgebrand…huise en selfs swart werker huise….chaos..maar ons boere mense veg saam on brande te blus en verdagtes aan te keer

Posted by David Strauss on Saturday, September 9, 2017



This again clearly shows us the type of racist sentiment portrayed against whites  by the mainly black politicians in South Africa. However– was it ONE black man that was murdered in the same way black thugs murder whites on a daily basis – all hell would have been loose and the South African media again would have a racist anti-white campaign going on for weeks on end supported by black political parties dancing in front of the court, slapping white baby dolls- and “demanding” justice. The black politicians and the anti-white media in South Africa are waging a war against whites in general. The anti-white ANC communist regime are waging a war against the whites in South Africa. Thousands of black supremacists are waging a pseudo war against whites on their social sites. All-in-all about every so-called ‘democratic” thug in South Africa are waging a war against the whites in South Africa.It became a culture to demonize, murder and discriminate against whites in South Africa. And the United Nations, European Union and all those “guardians” of morality in Europe and America’s legislature , human rights organizations like the Red Cross and governments are a-okey with this? Not a word of condemnation like they did with the “poor oppressed” blacks during their “apartheid” madness? Truly we live in a very sick world today with liberal political wolves leading countries full of mindless goats!


South African farms are being turned into  in a bloody massacre, with farm attacks that are drastically higher this year than in 2016. According to Mr. Henry Geldenhuys, chairman of the SA SA Security Committee, – of 282 farm attacks from January 2017 to August – 22; 56 people died in these attacks. A shocking 28 attacks and seven murders have so far occurred in August. In comparison, 244 farm attacks occurred in 2016 in the same period in which 49 people died. In the past week alone, there were a total of eight attacks in just four days, leading to many farmers’ reverting  to protect themselves and to tighten safety measures on farms. The police appear to be utterly useless and non-compliant. Six of the attacks occurred on farms, while two on holdings in rural areas occurred. This is Thabo Mbeki’s anti-white communist legacy for disbanding the Commando units that protected farmers of all races. Yet the media and the world only focused on Reitz and two white farmers who did the “unthinkable” by placing a black in a coffin- although he survived with no injuries. How deranged and mentally disturbed can you get? 


Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa. The country has a very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes (adult, child, elderly and infant), and other crimes compared to most countries. Most emigrants from South Africa state that crime was a big factor in their decision to leave. The South African Police Service who is responsible for managing 1,115 police stations across South Africa are losing the battle against the rising tide of criminals ruling the streets and rural areas- as most police officers themselves are deeply involved in criminal activities.


A survey for the period 1990–2000 compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ranked South Africa second for assault and murder (by all means) per capita and first for rapes per capita in a data set of 60 countries. Total crime per capita was 10th out of the 60 countries in the dataset. The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute have conducted research on the victims of crime which shows the picture of South African crime as more typical of a developing country. Recently released statistics from the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Statistics South Africa (SSA) saw a slight decline of 1.4% in violent crimes committed in South Africa.


Around 49 people are murdered in South Africa each day. The murder rate increased rapidly in the late 1990s and early 2000’s. Between 1994 and 2009, the murder rate halved from 67 to 34 murders per 100,000 people.Between 2011 and 2015, it stabilised to around 32 homicides per 100,000 people although the total number of lives lost has increased due to the increase in population.There have been numerous press reports on the manipulation of crime statistics that have highlighted the existence of incentives not to record violent crime.  However- South Africa’s murder rate increased by 4.9 per cent in the last year, to more than 50 people killed every day. In total, there were 18,673 homocides in the 12 months to March 2016, official statistics show. This is up from 17,805 in the previous year. The police minister said the country was struggling with “a prevalent culture of violence”,AFP report.


Elderly woman robbed at the entrance to an estate, you can see the panic on her face. SHARE if you believe criminals like these are ruining our beloved country 😡😡😡Credit Anton Koen

Posted by South Africa Live on Thursday, September 7, 2017




The country has one of the highest rates of rape in the world, with some 65,000 rapes and other sexual assaults reported for the year ending in March 2012, or 127.6 per 100,000 people in the country.The incidence of rape has led to the country being referred to as the “rape capital of the world”. One in three of the 4,000 women questioned by the Community of Information, Empowerment and Transparency said they had been raped in the past year.More than 25 per cent of South African men questioned in a survey published by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in June 2009 admitted to rape; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person.Three out of four of those who had admitted rape indicated that they had attacked for the first time during their teens. South Africa has among the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world.


South Africa has a high record of carjacking when compared with other industrialized countries. Insurance company Hollard Insurance stated in 2007 that they would no longer insure Volkswagen Citi Golfs, as they were one of the country’s most frequently carjacked vehicles. Certain high-risk areas are marked with road signs indicating a high incidence of carjackings within the locality.


Kidnapping in South Africa is a common in the country with over 4,100 occurring in the 2013/2014 period, and a child going missing every five hours


Daniel Lötter of  Front National SA put it neatly in a nutshell:



There is a remarkably unique culture of resistance in South Africa which basically works like this:

The price of a train ticket goes up by 50c – annual increase. Because they have to pay R10 instead of R9-50 now, a group of unhappy citizens, usually representing a particular segment of our population, decide to set fire to the train. This causes severe delays, extensive damage and a complete disruption of the system. The arsonists are angry, because they have to take the train to work. If it wasn’t for apartheid, we would live in a land of milk and honey where nobody ever worked, everybody had a house and a BMW and satellite television and food and clothes for free. But apartheid is the reason why we must all work and all travel to work.

In order to compensate for the damage Transnet will eventually have to increase the ticket price again, but when that comes we blame Jan van Riebeeck and burn another train.

In the meantime the train which we have burned just now, does not run tomorrow morning. Children are late for school so the parents go to the school and insist that the school now provide transportation. When the principal explains that he cannot possibly arrange that, the parents instruct the children to boycott school. They will eventually not pass their exams at the end of the year, but the department of education will promote them nonetheless because they, the 14 year olds, are the victims of the poor education system which Hendrik Verwoerd ran 40 years ago. When they don’t find employment because they have a qualification but not an education, they won’t be concerned because the government will see to it that companies employ them through BEE legislation even though they hold a phone upside down when answering it and cross the road when the little man is red because they cannot distinguish between colours. And if not even Affirmative Action and BEE can assure them of a job, they join the ranks of the 17 million on social benefits – good money for sleeping late.

The rest of the train’s passengers are also upset because the train is not running this morning. They now have to take a taxi which would cost even more. Inside the taxi are three Somalians on their way to the market with their stock of sunglasses and cell phone chargers. The unhappy passengers, who burned the train the previous day, decide that the Somalians are to blame and turn upon the three. Xenophobic violence breaks out. In the process someone notices and MTN of Vodacom shop nearby, conveniently situated right next door to a bottle store!

How dare those colonialists open such shops?! Oh wait, they didn’t open it. They stole it from the black man. So let’s loot it!

Eventually they remaining would-be passengers of the never-to-arrive burned out train wreck decide that someone must be blamed and therefore they arrange a stay-away action for the staff of the match company and factory because the company made the matches which were used to set fire to the train.

And nobody ever stops to think: Maybe it is not such a good idea to burn the train….”


Image result for south africa riots 2017

Violent black riots continue unabated over parts of South Africa. There has been an escalation in violent riots  over the past few weeks and uncivilized blacks  have taken to the streets over a range of “issues, “– and as normal- including “service delivery”– , housing and racial tension. Rioting among blacks in South Africa became a culture- and a destructive one at that. Today they riot and burn a police station- tomorrow they riot because there is no police station. The day after they riot again because their own chosen regime  was too slow with  their “service delivery” in building another  police station.  And when the new police station at last is built- they kill the policemen and start to riot all-over  again because there is no “service delivery “ from the police. I still cannot figure out the logic behind this- but I take it to be a ‘black-thing.”

This now is been going on month after month- year after year for the past 20 years. South Africa ostensibly are the country with the worst riots in the world. There hardly is  a day in South Africa without blacks going on their seasonal riots. South African blacks are so malicious professional with their riots- COSATU might  even now think about exporting their South African black merchandise  to various parts of the world to go riot for international leftist movements  such as “Antifa” on a monthly contract basis.


More than 2 000 police officers in Gauteng do not have firearm compliance certificates, says MEC for Community Safety Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane. She was replying to written questions from the DA’s spokesperson on community safety Kate Lorimer in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. Lorimer has asked Nkosi-Malobane to give her details of police officers who are active without firearm compliance certificates. She also wanted to know where those officers were stationed and their ranks. Nkosi-Malobane said the number of police officer without those certificates stood at 2031 and she also gave a breakdown of all affected stations in Gauteng. Of the 2031 members that are active without a firearm compliance certificate, 627 officers are stationed in Tshwane.

Ekurhuleni has 351, and Johannesburg has 196. The worst affected stations are Evaton with 45 and Sebokeng with 49 uncertified members. Nkosi-Malobane said: “The province was able to carry on with training until the first week of July when the ammunition stocks of the various training centres ran out. The division supply chain management received limited stock and started issuing ammunition again during the last week of July 2017.” She, however, said the provincial human resources division would be increasing the number of members called up for shooting exercises, in order to ensure that those who should have been assessed during the July 2017 were assessed. Lorimer said that Nkosi-Malobane should ensure that those police officers undergo competency tests.

Afriforum says data provided to it by the department shows that the police had lost exactly 7829 firearms. Kwa Zulu- Natal recorded the highest number of lost and stolen police firearms – 1908 in total. Afriforum’s Ian Cameron says Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has admitted some of the firearms may have been used in violent and serious crime.”In the last five years robbery aggregated has increased by about 30%. It will probably increase even more. The story is the same with cash and transit heists, they have also increased. Looking at murder in the past year, 18 000 people were killed.”

Image may contain: 1 person, text

These members are not only a danger to themselves, but to the public.” (Link) BUT these are the police who arrest YOU if you do not have a firearm licence- ironic to say the last!


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PricewaterhouseCooperss fourth biennial Global Economic Crime Survey reported a 110% increase in fraud reports from South African companies in 2005. 83% of South African companies reported being affected by white collar crime in 2005, and 72% of South African companies reported being affected in 2007. 64% of the South African companies surveyed stated that they pressed forward with criminal charges upon detection of fraud. 3% of companies said that they each lost more than ten million South African rand in two years due to fraud. Louis Strydom, the head of PricewaterhouseCooper’s forensic auditing division, said that the increase in fraud reports originates from “an increased focus on fraud risk management and embedding a culture of whistle-blowing.” According to the survey 45% of cases involved a perpetrator between the ages of 31 and 40: 64% of con men held a high school education or less. Then also the fraudulent and corrupt culture of the ANC government and it’s officials are rife- but because being hushed up- no real statistics are available. The fact that most state departments and minicipalities are screeching to a halt indicates that corruption among government officials are so extensively rife- it now has bring the country and it’s infrastructure on it’s knees.

Advance fee fraud scammers based in South Africa have in past years reportedly conned people from various parts of the world out of millions of rands. South African police sources stated that Nigerians living in Johannesburg suburbs operate advance fee fraud schemes. In 2002, the South African Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, wanted to make a call center for businesses to check reputations of businesses due to proliferation of scams such as advance fee fraud, pyramid schemes and fly-by-night operators. In response, the South African Police Service has established a project which has identified 419 scams, closing websites and bank accounts where possible.




Squatter camps conjure up images of poverty, filth and isolation for the regular person around the world. People often do not visit these secluded places, there is no time, there are urgent needs to attend to and the destitute are forgotten. The cry of a child is not heard. There is no song to sing as the dark endless days of helplessness grow.
Then greed set in, white people who rented a fairly decent three bed roomed house with one bathroom, was given notice to vacate the premises, because the owner had a lucrative deal. In the older suburbs around South Africa, houses were sparsely renovated and converted into tiny rooms, including the kitchen and outbuildings. A home, previously enjoyed by a family of four or five now could accommodate up to one hundred people all paying a small rental for the pitiful conditions. One hundred people, one bathroom and a shared kitchen, equal health disaster. The urgency to accommodate illegal immigrants grew at a staggering number and houses were converted into rooms and white families had no choice but to find other accommodation, which at that time was not easily accessible.

South Africa: Race-based laws forced white farmers off their land, other white workers out of jobs and have driven over a million into squatter camps like this.Cernovich Media

Posted by SA-News on Friday, September 8, 2017

A proud father, able to work and provide for his family was suddenly without work, desperation sets in as he walks up and down the streets trying to find a job. The enforcement of the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) deliberate racist act slowly gains momentum and white people remain unemployed. Companies in South Africa are forced to give preference to black counterparts and turn the ratio of poverty from black to white. The favoring of blacks over whites in the workplace has escalated drastically even though white people are more than competent and trained to perform the duties required. We have a law and companies have no choice to abide with this racist law, apartheid in reverse.
Local churches and communities saw the plight of white people and began setting up squatter camps to house these needy people. People began to realize there was a real problem and their eyes opened to the crying children who begged for a piece of bread. Hungry, sick, cold and dying, helpless parents witched as their offspring suffered.
White parents once the proud and dignified head of the family now lives in shame, as they cannot provide for their children. The distraught and depressed people try to find a way to bring food and other essentials to their families, often venture toward the busy roads of a nearby town, and stand with an old cardboard sign begging for some help from the passing traffic. Standing all day long in the sweltering heat with the sun burning their frail bodies, does little to lift the spirits of the destitute as motorists ignore their plight. Sometimes a kind and considerate passerby will give a few coins or bread, to the beggar. At the end of the day, there might be enough money to buy some bread. Dry bread and water for dinner, with no nutrition or sustenance, just enough to ward off starvation for another day. More than 41% of South Africa’s people today lives in squatter camps without a job. So- international reptiles- are you happy with your achievement? Better than “apartheid” you say? Are you blatant racist or just mentally retarded? It’s with realities like this that one can wish that every sick piece of liberal trash that helped destroying this once beautiful country becomes a homeless bum too!!

South African Squatters Camps

South Africa: Race-based laws force white farmers off their land and have driven over a million into squatters camps like this.

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Sunday, August 6, 2017


NOW– this is the country you as the international world created- and hailed tops to “Apartheid.” It doesn’t matter how many people are murdered in South Africa- it doesn’t matter how many innocent women are raped each day- nor does it bother you as international reptiles how many innocent children are abducted and murdered in your so-called “democratic” cesspool YOU created- as long as you as liberal demons from the international world can have that “peace of mind” that at least now South Africa is “democratic” – and you sir/madam- played your “part” in the destruction of a country and innocent lives. You are very sick indeed. Apartheid apparently was “much worse”  with 4 murders  per month.What sick type of perverts  controlling Europe and America today – is  a strange question we hope later generations will be able to unravel. Why would a government, their lapdog media – and the majority of it’s so-called “Christian”population stoop so low as to target a small segment of their populace to be branded as the “culprit” for all the mistakes then – one might ask? The answer is obvious:

South Africa, it’s illegal terrorist regime, Jew bank-rolled political parties – and the skunk media in it’s total infrastructure are being owned, funded, controlled and manipulated by the Jesuit big corporations.  Across the world there is a total onslaught against all white nations. We see this in South Africa, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands,  the UK and now in America. In every white bastion you will find this terrible demonic -instigated psi-ops war raging against the white race with the dark media as usual  at the forefront. With thousands of sub-human creatures behind laptops and news desks they attack the white race. In the streets you see this alien creatures running amok with banners- demonizing and flinging obscenities against the white people. In their social media you read how they type malicious slander and threats against the white race, In countries you observe inhuman anti-white “laws” been tabled to discriminate against whites. On the news channels you hear how they work hard to brain-wash the  populace to embrace mixed marriages- producing a next generation of hybrids, homosexuality, child rape, chaos  and the murders of especially white people. Do you for one moment think this is “normal”- or would you rather detect a pre-planned global conspiracy operating against white people  here? 



AFRICA is home to 90% blacks-iow 90% of Africa belong to blacks- yet they keep on hollering about “whites ” that “stole our land.”  In South Africa there are SEVENTEEN “blacks only” towns- and most of the hundreds of townships are majority blackbut the vindictive communist regime and their retarded media are griping about THREE white enclaves! This boils down to white hatred and pure jealousy. They will not allow the white to own ANYTHING!

No automatic alt text available.

White people are generally “free thinkers”, inventors, survivors.The Jesuit order don’t want “free thinkers” anymore. Free thinkers pose a grave threat to their world domination plan. They want hybrid slaves they can control. They want a race that can be easily manipulated,- a race that cannot reason three dimensional – and a race that cannot be productive. Therefore the political frenzy to push the ” interracial” agenda- to produce just that- a mongrel breed that can be easily controlled without much resistance. O and they hide their evil agenda/s behind all kinds of ” smart terms” to mislead you as well- terms such as “Antifa”, “Democracy”, “Rainbow Nation” and many more. But all those “smart terms” hide their true agendas- and all came from the same Pandora’s box of worms. They use various types of bait- but inside still lurks the same devilish hook.


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For this reason the media see to it that every insignificant incident where white people are involved- are being blown out of proportion and hung on the big bell of “ political correct “ shame. The white race must be hated, demonized, vilified and discriminated against. Race division is a very important part of their ” divide and conquer” strategy. And it also supports a slow white genocide. This then brings us back to the “Boeremag”, Coligny, SPUR and Reits incidents- all incidents blown out of proportion by mainly the villainous media ghouls to specifically demonize and belittle the white race again. And what better lap-dog cannon fodder than semi-educated non-whites and misdirected white liberals to do the dirty work? Zuma, Malema, Mnxitama, Maimane et al only are the maggots crawling on a dying corpse way-way down the global corporate rotten  food-chain.


Blaming “apartheid ” also is absurd and only a ploy to divert the attention away from the incompetency of the ruling Nguni mobsters. Even the Zulu king- King Zwelithini agrees to this. South Africans can no longer blame apartheid and whites for the way things are in the country.Blaming apartheid and white monopoly capital for South Africa’s problems is absurd, wildly unreasonable, illogical and preposterous, King Goodwill Zwelithini inferred.  According to the King, it’s unreal to blame certain negative situations on apartheid. King Zwelithini made these inferences while he was addressing a gathering of high school principals in Ulundi. He wailed that the quality of education in the country has deteriorated to unimaginable conditions. The king said it’s grievous that education in South Africa is being ranked lower than those of the poor country in Africa.

Racism is not limited to the actions of one dominant race over another. If only liberals had big enough brains to read global newspapers and stories. Maybe then they’d realize everything isn’t quite as simplistic as they make it out to be. Here in America, 150 years ago, laws were biased in favor of white people. But, we have since moved on, learned, and progressed as a society. The same can’t be said for Zimbabwe where blacks are the ones in power, and white people the ones being murdered and their land taken away with the full support of the government.


This is very similar to what we’re seeing here today with Antifa, BLM, and the mainstream news outlets who refuse to report these groups are training in guerrilla warfare, and offering workshops on how to “kill police” and “seize white land from racists”. That is why it’s more important than ever to stay informed on what’s going on around the world and look for global patterns. We’ve all likely heard about how white farmers in Zimbabwe have been forced off their land, and many murdered at the hands of racist blacks.

But, this week marked yet an even more tragic development in this race war wrecking havoc to progress and human dignity around the world. Look at Robert Mugabe’s chilling response to the blacks who killed white farmers. Keep in mind this wasn’t 150 or 200 years ago. This  was last week. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is refusing to as much as suggests that the blacks who murdered white farmers in Zimbabwe should be punished.(Link)

Addressing thousands of people during Heroes Day commemorations at the national shrine yesterday, Mugabe said the former farmers were killed because they had resisted a government-sanctioned program. “Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask: Why we should arrest them?” he said. At least 12 white former commercial farmers were killed by suspected Zanu PF activists and war veterans during the violent farm grabs, which resulted in international condemnation, resulting in the imposition of travel sanctions by Western countries angry over Mugabe’s wanton disregard of human and property rights.

Refusing to punish a crime means you think it’s okay. By refusing to punish the men who killed the white farmers, President Mugabe is saying keep murdering the whites. It is okay in my country. And this is not the 1st time the President of Zimbabwe has publically stated that he doesn’t believe white people should be able to own land. So, his remarks following the glorification of black murders are in alignment with his racist worldviews. Yesterday, Mugabe reiterated his call for newly-resettled farmers to stop leasing their farms to white farmers.

Some (white farmers) are coming back under the guise of coming to collect their tractors or asking to work with the new farmers. Some of us are accepting. They (new farmers) are being persuaded like ladies being courted by men without even considering who they are dealing with,” he said. South African ANC communist President, Jacob Zuma, has also called for the confiscation of land owned by whites, without any payment or mercy to the Caucasian property owners who BOUGHT the land. Western populations are declining. That is part of the reason so many migrants are entering the country. Soon whites will no longer be the majority. And if the African-American people in America  are anything like the people in the countries they came from, Americans  are in for a bumpy ride like South Africa and Zimbabwe too.

You think the Republican Party, Democraic Party, ANC, Black Panthers, Antifa, ISIS, EFF /al-Qaeda or whatever political party or movement /terrorist organization will look after your interests?Think againALL politics, movements, unions-  and terrorist organizations were/ are funded and orchestrated by the Jesuit World Order– it only is that you are too damn naive and blind to see the real picture. They always create two sides of the equilibrium- a “good” party- and a “bad” party- but no matter which party you prefer to cast your vote for- all that votes- for and against- lands in the same evil magician’s hat. You will sometime notice the same gorgoile rabbit popping out of that hat time and again. Left wing or right wing- they both belong to the same bird!Next time you see their smiling mugs on posters hanging from walls, lamp posts or stands again- rather avoid making that “x” on that ballot paper- because they deceive you. Politicians are the personification of Satan’s power on earth. They are there for the power- and you are conveniently there for their convenience and their taxes- remember it!

Murfreesboro kid attacked after school

*WARNING* GRAPHIC VIDEO: Murfreesboro student attacked after getting off the school bus. The family released this video of the assailant who they said shows "no remorse." His sentencing is next month.*WARNING* The entire video is too graphic for Facebook, full story here:

Posted by WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville on Monday, January 23, 2017


South Africa today is a Jesuit planned slaughterhouse, an organized crime infested spectacle ruled by corporate warmongers and African clowns in one huge malignant open air circus. South Africa became a deadly created war zone and battlefield full of  the worst kind of despicable greedy ghouls imaginable. South Africa is the brainchild of the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers and Bilderbergers,- a  curse and wasteland full of scavengers and predators  created by the international world- an international world that created an evil monster from who they now conveniently are turning their faces  away from the shame they themselves are responsible for. As for “Democracy”– well- that also is just another ‘smart term” of telling you that you actually are being f*cked from behind in such a way that you keep on  looking forward to start squatting  again!

What makes this picture extra sad is that the white race themselves are so docile- so passive…like scared rabbits they just watch, read…and cringe into their dark corners out of self-imposed fear. Behind their high security fences and burglar alarms they hide as-if that will save them from total destruction. That on itself gives full power and authority to all this demons from hell to proceed their dastardly attacks – and obliterate the white race across the world. I hang my head in shame for the white race for their cowardice. I hang my head in shame for my country and it’s people for their shameless hippocracy and racism against the whites. I despise this illegal terrorist regime for their blatant hatred , open racist demonetization and alienation of a group of people that helped design and built this country- assisted black people in education , supported millions of poor black people through taxes- and gave them work in times of need.

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I look upon the international world with the utter disdain because of what they have done to my country. White Europe and America– you created a “democratic” destructive monster in South Africa in 1994- and that monster now are in your countries too- systematically devouring you the same way you planned and supported it pre- 1994. You delivered an innocent white nation to Satan and his followers- but you will be the ones feeling the brunt of his revenge. You screamed and yelled “ Free Mandela”-NOW you feel what dark “freedom” you wished for the white Afrikaners then..your “freedom ” now comes in the form of sharia “freedom” – and that  freedom now bangs at your door.


VIDEO: Migrants Brutally Attack A Woman In Italy!

VIDEO: Migrants Brutally Attack A Woman In Italy!For More Great Videos Please LIKE/FOLLOW This Page!

Posted by Britain First on Sunday, September 10, 2017





VIDEO: Police car in France being attacked by Muslims!

VIDEO: Police car in France being attacked by Muslims!For More Great Videos Please LIKE/FOLLOW This Page!

Posted by Britain First on Monday, September 4, 2017


Shall we also now yell ” Free Osama Bin Laden?” What goes around…comes around. If you had a little bit of decency…a little bit of self respect, patriotism- or honor- you would have assisted the white Boer/Afrikaner when the Devil and his followers ascended that throne in South Africa in 1994. But lo– you were too busy shouting and screaming “apartheid” in your blind madness. You were too intoxicated by the Jew’s false media propaganda to think reasonably.


Even today your voices are eerily silent against all the horrendous murders of whites in South Africa. BUT  little did you realize that South Africa only was the experiment for the Jesuit Illuminati to a much bigger plan- to overrun white Europe and America the same way they did with South Africa. How does the Good Book describe it: ” What thy sow- thy shall reap!” I sincerely hope white Europeans and Americans have enough storage space for the Muslim harvest now blooming in  their fields of treachery.

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