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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  September 18   2017




NASA astronaut Alexey Leonov, who is known as the first man to walk in space, has now said that some parts of the Apollo 11 Space mission were faked.



The statement comes after the Stanley Kubrick video where he allegedly admitted the moon landing was faked. Leonov said that Kubrick was hired to film them in a studio in Hollywood, not in Space. Soviet cosmonaut Leonov was interview by The Russian News & Information Agency (RIA). He also says the American flag was held up by a wire mesh.  There are now more and more people coming forward to reinforce the theory that the moon landings were actually fake. Mr.Teague, a mission control worker during the Apollo era said in the Infowars nightly news in 2014 that film was “probably faked”.

ALSO  there are claims that NASA astronauts faked distant shots of the Earth from 130,000 miles away by filming a window of their spacecraft while in low orbit of our world.  A video uploaded to YouTube claims color video footage of the astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, filmed inside the Apollo 11 spacecraft in July 1969 is proof that “trickery” was involved in the mission. Claims the lunar landings never happened, and all the video footage and images were staged, is one of the world’s biggest ever conspiracy theories.




It is completely denied by NASA, which insists that they all happened and all footage is “genuine.”  But, the narrator of the film says the footage of the first ever moon landing mission shows that the astronauts were being told how to fake the footage by a mystery person heard speaking to them from mission control. The film alleges that the crew never left low Earth orbit, but were able to fake images of a distant-looking globe by zooming in on a window of the spacecraft.The film suggests that if they were still in low Earth orbit, you would not be able to see the whole of our world through the window. So, it claims the crew darkened out the inside of the spacecraft and filmed the circular window through which part of the Earth would have been visible.


The narrator claims the dark interior of the craft then looked like the blackness of space, and the circular window around part of the Earth created the spherical shape of our planet. The film even claims that one of the crew used a crescent shape to insert into the window to alter the shape of Earth as they allegedly drew further from our world. The film questioned why high-quality color video was available inside the craft, but the one used outside during the Moon landing was low-quality black and white.

It claimed it came to light after raw, unedited footage was released by NASA by mistake, showing how the fake footage was produced. The female narrator said the crew were prompted on what to say, when to speak and how to manipulate the camera. She said: “The illusion they are attempting to create is the Earth at a distance to demonstrate their far journey from it. “The federal government would have you believe that this is a view of Earth from a distance outside of the spacecraft as it nears the Moon. “It is not.”

“What they have ingeniously done is place the camera at the back of the spacecraft and centre the lens on a circular window in the foreground outside of which is completely filled with Earth in low orbit. “The circumference of the window appears to be the shape of the Earth at a distance with the dark walls of the space craft appearing to be the blackness of space around it.” The film went onto suggest that the “fakery” was proof the Apollo 11 landing never happened, because if they were in low Earth orbit they could not have been on the Moon nine hours later as it would take three days to get there. Then there also is the question how the astronauts survived the Van Allen Belt- a highly toxic radiation belt around the earth without proper protection.

She said: “If they genuinly went to the moon why would they be faking any part of it? “Why this trickery with the window? “By faking being halfway to the moon it becomes apparent that they did so because they could not even go half way to the Moon.” NASA denies the Moon landing hoax conspiracy theories, but says it will not comment on individual claims. has sent the video to the space agency and asked for comment.