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Article compiled   by: White Nation Editorial  September 25   2017




THE whites in South Africa today are living on a knife’s edge of survival. The slow pre-planned  genocide against the Boer/Afrikaner – being oppressed, discriminated against – and being murdered on a daily basis – slowly but systematically are taking it’s toll  among the last remnants of a once flourishing nation. The proverbial “white Atlantis” now is fast sinking beneath the tidal waves  of a murky ocean full of ungrateful black kleptomaniacidal  scavengers-  who’s only quest is to follow their communist Jew masters in Britain who again- only are interested in expanding their evil corporate “empire” and plunder an untapped resourceful country  to stuff their own personal bank accounts. BUT the black communist onslaught did not start without a well-planned catalisator that propelled them into power.


Arthur Keppel-Jones (1909-1996) predicted the course of South African history in his book:” When Smuts Goes: A History of South Africa from 1952 to 2010,”–  first published in 2015 (Cape Town: African Bookman, 1947, 203p). From the dates the actuality of the text appears. The author was a lecturer in history at the University of the Witwatersrand, but established himself in Canada in 1959. In 1972 he visited South Africa and acknowledged that some of his predictions were incorrect. His father was a British and his mother was a descendant of British settlers.

From his book Keppel-Jones’s admiration for the British and even colonialism appears obviously. He was an Anglo-Saxon who assumed, for example, that Rhodesia would remain a stronghold of British excellency. His view of the Afrikaner government and British colonialism emerged from the following: “The Republic had achieved its aim of keeping the Kaffir in his place.”The Republic had achieved its aim of keeping the Kaffir ‘in his place’. He had not been allowed to advance in civilization. That he would have made an advance, under the determined and patient guidance of civilized leaders, is proved by what has happened to the branches of his race in other African countries” (p 174). ( The outlay of Keppel Jones’ book can be seen HERE.)


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The National Party– Referendum with a nasty Devil’s twist

In the 1983 referendum, the white people were asked to vote YES,“- or “ NO,”  on the following apparent innocent question: Are you in favor of continuing the state president’s reform process launched on February 2, 1980, aimed at establishing of a new constitution through negotiation? Astonishingly- the vote results turned out YES 66% – NO 33%. Now this was as you can see- a very “innocent “ question- one that nobody would suspect- hid a very deeper and more sinister evil “plan” to be executed. The vote was the key to unlock a very deadly Pandora’s box full of worms that eventually would saw to it that South Africa capitulated into communist anarchy  – and the eventful pre-meditated extermination  of whites in a slow silent genocide-  that could only be compared to the most horrendous atrocities last seen in World War 2 and Cambodia under the despotic reign of Pol Pot.

If we were to ask that same question now and under the circumstances we live now, the same question should have been altered into it’s true form and should read: “Are you in favor of continuing the pre-paid state president’s reform process started on February 2, 1980 and aimed at the Establishing a new constitution through negotiation? The sole purpose of the process will be the total surrender of all constitutional and military power to the ANC / SAKP alliance, with the unconditional handing over of all power, weapons and weapons systems of the South African Defense Force and the South African Police to Umkonto we Sizwe, as well as the introduction of land reforms, racial discrimination and economic discrimination against whites in all areas. After that, the phasing out of Afrikaans schools and universities will necessarily follow? “

IT is true that the then National Party government held a referendum to give the whites in the country the chance to vote whether they would accept the changes or not. Two-thirds of voters who voted- voted for the changes during both referendums. First referendum, 2 November 1983 and the second referendum on 17 March 1992. 

Red flags flashing from all four corners – but the conspiracy must go on 

With a referendum itself, nothing was wrong, but the problem arose with the massive false  propaganda and bare lies that the National Party used to convince the naive white Boer/Afrikaner that it would be ” the right way to go. “ Several right-wing factions and conservative political parties warned the government that they were falling into a mess. The Herstigde Nationale Party of Jaap Marais, Conservative Party of Andries Treurnicht –  and Afrikaner Weestands Beweging of Eugene Terreblanche raised the red flags that what was about to come- would be a total capitulation of the pseudo Jew-controlled National Party into black communist hands with NO leniency or place  for whites at all. The Broederbond-controlled Nasionale Pers , Max Du Preez’s liberal PFP-controlled “Vrye Weekblad” , the masses of Jew conspirators and the British communist-controlled media all attacked the  so-called “right-wingers “ – and the conservative equilibrium were rejected as all that was “bad and wrong.” The question is – IF that so-called “changes” was not bad at all…..then why did all the liberals threaten the white Afrikaner to vote “yes?” 

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WE still  remember the threats and scaring tactics  that the nationalist conspirators at CODESA  proclaimed, telling the white  populace  about sport boycotts, economic boycotts, economic decay, violence , civil war , anarchy and unemployment  that would be part of our daily life- all that now forms part of the  agenda today. Even the Jew puppeteer Harry Oppenheimer threatened to flood the South African market with diamonds from Russia if the whites dare to vote “No”- and George Bush Sr threatened that America would come down on South Africa like a “ton of bricks.” From all over the world whites was threatened with retribution and retaliation if they dare vote against the New World Order wishes. That is some “democracy “ for you! But that only was a prelude of what was to come….the villainous National Party, The Jews – and their lapdog ANC street dogs were not finished yet- not by a long shot! 

Were it prophetic words? Everything has become true! Remember De Klerk’s famous phrases of “weights and counter-weights?”  Then they were also sending out false propaganda about  built-in protection for whites and other minority groups, from white schools and other tertiary institutions that would “ remain white.,”- the devious lies that white suburbs will remain white and many more sickening lies and deceptions.   De Klerk regularly spoke of “standards “ that would be “maintained. ” Of course, the National Party government knew it was all lies. It was all part of a  well-thought-out plan with which they had been busy for years – and that was the betrayal of the National Party. Not since the betrayal of the Boers by  Jan Smuts was there such a cruel and cold-blooded calculated act of treason as what the National Party did. They had no honor. They had no conscious. They had no pride. They were demons from hell in party garments-  dressed to destroy. And today we feel and see the bitter fruit of their dastardly deeds. 

Die Opregte Afrikaner Mag Nooit Vergeet wat hierdie "mense" aan ons gedoen het nie.!!!

Posted by Sakkie Claassens on Friday, January 30, 2015


The following quotes from talks that have taken place between the National Party and the ANC serve as a clear confirmation that the ANC has already planned a total takeover of power from the outset. The reconciliation concept of power sharing was never a reality:

In recently published memoirs, one of Cyril Ramaphosa’s main opponents pays generous tribute to his character and negotiating skills during the talks leading up to the new South African constitution and the election in 1994.

Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, who died in 2014, was a constitutional lawyer who became an  MP. He was also a key adviser to  Mangosuthu Buthelezi both during the negotiations and afterwards when the latter was minister of home affairs in the governments of national unity. His memoirs – the Prince and I: A South African Institutional Odyssey – are published this year by his estate.

According to the memoirs, Mr Ramaphosa, “stood head and shoulders above his colleagues” in the African National Congress (ANC) as well as above the National Party’s negotiators. He was a “born leader” and a “straight shooter”. Nor did he ever lie or “misrepresent anything”.


Since then Cyril  Ramaphosa has had a great deal else to say. He said recently that “radical economic transformation” required policies with an “over-riding focus on the creation of jobs”. Policies that “do not create jobs – or that threaten jobs – must be reviewed and revised.” This thinking is incompatible with expropriation of all white “wealth, land, and economic power”.To what extent  Ramaphosa is still committed to what he said in his speech about white people and frogs became horribly  clear this past 20 years. As a trade unionist before he went into politics he had to adopt a pragmatic approach. If he ever became president of the ANC and of the country, this  pragmatism will supplant revolutionary ideology! (Link) 

Selling out your own people while you help the enemy.

It makes one wonder why the National Party’s “reconciliation message “ is still being promoted by the liberal white community to the white population so aggressively? Politicians, analysts, opinion makers, and other role players in our community knew all of this. Was this temptation out of ignorance or did it reach a level of gross betrayal?

Just like the “Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil” we had three apathetic monkeys in the South African politics. But our three, heard the evil thing, saw it, lied about it, and then acted deceptively about it. John Vorster, PW Botha and F. W. de Klerk fed the hand that murdered their own people .They were actually three treacherous gorillas: ‘Hear all evil, see all evil, speak lies, and do all evil’ 

(Also see the truth of the deception concocted  by  the National Party HERE

In the 1980s the South West Border war was at its peak. From Zambia, Angola and Mozambique, the attacks came to our borders, and these countries were our outspoken enemies. But at that time, the South African government supplied gasoline to Zambia to keep its industry and transport going on. While the motorists in South Africa had to pay 65c per liter, the South African suppliers delivered to our hostile states that host the terrorists, fuel at less than 35c per liter, and all while there also was supposed to be a shortage for the consumer in the country with regard to  petrol!

ON June 6, 1980, the press reported that Zambia received 20 million liters petrol at the mere cost of  R7 million. In the National Party’s propaganda sheet, “Nat 80s” of August 1980, it was confirmed that petrol was delivered to Zambia at 34.7c per liter – it was at a time that  P.W. Botha were  the prime minister of South Africa. On May 1, 1980, the Botha government passed a law by which parent companies were allowed to export gasoline free from the 16,75c levy tax rate (the then figure) to this hostile countries fighting and killing our sons and daughters in the South West border war.  And of course Zambia did not pay taxes either. That’s how the motorists from South Africa were taken to subsidize the National Party’s terrorist friend and protector.

Could there be a greater political treachery? It was one of the quadratic Botha’s – Pik and P.W’s  “diplomatic solutions”. This was a devious  solution whereby they did not weaken the terrorists,-  but rather strengthened them to continue the war from Zambia against our young men in the operational South West African arena. After revealing this disgrace, the National Party “reassured “ its blind and naive voters and “apologized “ – blaming the international oil companies supplying the fuel to Zambia (Beeld, 27 March 1981).


But again, their feeble “apology “ was proven to be false when a telecommunications message from the South African Railways was obtained prominently stating  that Sasol’s petrol had to be sent through Sasol to “our northern neighboring states“. And … the reason for the supply was not because there was a surplus of fuel, but because there was an” urgent need for gasoline in these states.” 

But it was not just fuel that was transported by the South African Railways to Zambia. On April 6, 1980, the Sunday Times reported that more than 3,000 train carriages of the South African Railways were standing vacant in Zambia and Zaire, where they mainly transported maize – but also other food, parts and mining equipment. 


The then South African Railways liaison officer said: “There are now thousands of carriages needed to maintain SAS’s service there. We asked them to send back the wagons so that we could send more material  to them “(The Transvaler, 4 April 1980). The Sunday Times added in it’s  report: “There are now 7800 SAS carriages  outside the Republic, 1800 in Mozambique, 3000 in Zimbabwe and 3000 in Zambia and Zaire.” So, that’s how we had to fight. While our sons died on the border, our government fed the enemy! The Botha government has provided thousands of tons of maize, wheat, other foodstuffs and strategic supplies to states that were in war with us.

The Sunday Tribune of 22 June 1980 stated that Zambia: received “250,000 tons of maize bought, and we believe they wanted more together with  thousands of tons of wheat” The report also clearly stated that the transactions were government-to-government, and not between private institutions. Pik Botha could not help but to eventually acknowledge that food was provided to Zambia, among others, but Beeld of August 11, 1980, explained as follows: “Mr. Botha said the HNP says South Africa should not feed its enemies. But the “enemies” buy South Africa’s maize at the  most expensive cost. ”  As if “most expensive” makes any difference to the principle. Even it would have been acceptable to the blind white “Yes”  voters.

To what the Siamese twin Bothas says, someone who is not politically unconscious will not rest, and rightly so. First of all, the Zambian government did not have the money to pay for “the most expensive” commodities, and the Zambian minister stated that they had paid about R55 million for 3.5 million bags of maize. At ten pounds per tonne it worked out on 350,000 tonnes of maize. R18 million was transport costs according to the Zambian spokes person. In other words, they paid about R37 million for the 350,000 tons. It works out at just over R105 per tonne as confirmed in the Rand Daily Mail of 26 May 1980. This while the fixed price in South Africa was R122.50 per ton. The government therefore sold the maize either  at a subsidized price, or at a loss to the host of terrorists who killed our boys in the operational area. THAT was what the National Party’s   three Botha gorillas did to their own people.

Like Mr. Jaap Marais, the former leader of the HNP, stated: “That ministers indicate that South Africa has to provide its enemies with food because they pay a good price –  is the pinnacle of cynicism” Hendrik Schoeman and Pik Botha measured the “Loss of life of our young men at the Price of Grain” – Jaap Marais wrote his book “Truth and Reality”  He wrtote: ” The murderers  of our young men and bounty hunters  aiming for  our country were fed with maize with a  price that was much lower than a farmer in South Africa  received for his maize – and all this treachery was done  by the so-called  leaders who was suppose to serve as patrons of our people!”

The lame-duck National Party government has apologized on an occasion and declared that the United Nations  will expel South Africa  and the country will be “ boycotted”  if the rat NP do not give aid to those terrorist supporting states. This apology /threat was one big farce- as can be expected. NO industrial world of the world can do without South Africa’s copper, iron ore, coal, gold, chrome, platinum vanadium and many other minerals.

The UN does not threaten boycott! Of course, if the pseudo government’s leaders had the courage – they could have applied  boycotts themselves. Mr. Jaap Marais pointed out on several occasions that many experts repeatedly pointed out that an interruption or disturbance of, for example, West German trade ties with South Africa could be “catastrophic” – at that time it was declared to Reuters by Mr. Eberhard Bosch, Chairman of the West German Trade Union for Precious Metals (Transvaler 17 July 1980). South Africa’s powerful position in terms of its mineral position can be determined by the fact that the USA is dependent on its essentials for its defense and industrial purposes for 26 essential raw materials. Of which, South Africa have  at least six main supplies: antimony, asbestos, manganese, vanadium and zirconium. As far as chrome is concerned, 95 percent of the world’s reserves are located in South Africa and Zimbabwe. NOW you can understand why the Jew conspirators in Britain just HAD to get rid of the Boer/Afrikaner- and had to put their own front men in power. He who owns the Arab oil fields, South African minerals – and American wheat fields- controls the world- it’s THAT simple! 

For a stronger leverage, better bargaining power and negotiation power base, NO  politician or leader could   ask. But in spite of this, our  so-called National Party “leaders “ started with macabre excuses and scandalous cowardly maneuvers to deceive and destroy their own people ,  assisted and feed murderers and terrorists who had only the degradation of the country, vindictive hatred towards whites-  and destruction of the white race  in mind. No economic terms justify such action. This is betrayal of your own. The leaders under whose authority this betrayal was committed should have been charged for treason and be executed- for they were responsible for the death of thousands of their own people and the impoverishment of thousands more!  Now we wonder how we lost everything – we did not lose the fight, our freedom was signed off in offices with the “authority” of referendum crosses obtained through treason and lies from of the white voters, – and then with a “yes “ voice from mainly English speaking liberals, coloreds and Indians  from Durban and Cape Town. This led to the start of the capitulation of the National Party under the hospice and watchful eyes of Henry Kissinger, Chester Crocker and Harry Oppenheimer at the CODESA hand-over conspiracy. Many Afrikaner NP Broederbonders were involved- each one eager and greedy to dig deep into the opportunity to get his share of the loot. 

The Jewish conspiracy behind the NP Broederbonders and their ANC cohorts

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Considering that Jews comprised only 3.1% of the White population and 0.6% of the total population, South African Jews should take tremendous guilt in the very high proportion that opposed the white Christian rule  one way or another.   It is doubtful that any other separate group, whether Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Catholic,-  or even the wealthy Indian Muslim community, – can boast anything more notorious approaching the proportionate number of Jews who took part in the global conspiracy against the whites of South Africa. Since very early times of the South African history the Jewry made sure hey had a strong influence into the South African politics. It already started way back when gold and diamonds was discovered in the Boer republics- which led to the Boer independent wars. More than 24 000 innocent Boer women, children and elderly people died in the British concentration camps due to the Jew/Rothschild orchestrated “scorched earth” policy of the British thugs.  It was the Jews that funded conspirators such as Cecil John Rhodes, Horatio Herbert Kitchener, Jameson, Barney Barnato and Sammy Marx .


It was Jew money that sponsored the British forces that illegally invaded South Africa.   Kike Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and murder the Boer / Afrikaner people. In the 19th century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to British Rule. In 1948, the Boers took power democratically, with the election of the National Party. It was Jews like Harry Oppenheimer and Anton Rupert in cahoots with the Rothchilds  that were behind the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd for his opposed view against the creation of a Reserve Bank that would control Jew money racketeering and dumping the South African populace into loan sharking debt. In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made South Africa the economically strongest nation in Africa, and gave the blacks in South Africa (and the whites) the highest standards of living of any African nation.

Verwoerd’s policies had two main opponents. One was a Jew named Harry Oppenheimer, the other a Jew named Anton Ruppert. Both controlled banking monopolies in the country, and wanted “rights” extended to black South Africans for the purpose of extending their money lending business. Oppenheimer had ties to the Rothschild banking family and to the US CIA, which throughout the 1970s through 1990s supported the overthrow of white South African rule, at the direction of the Jew Henry Kissinger.

Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschilds to overthrow Verwoerd, who had publicly denounced the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschilds secured the support of the Rockefeller, Carnegie and other “Anglo” families in the United States, and had those institutions lobby against the white government. Rockfeller influenced the Council on Foreign Relations and its members in the US government in particular to oppose white rule.

The Jewish take over of South Africa

The Jews despise Black people, anti-Black Jewish racism is well documented. But that doesn’t hinder Jews from involving themselves in lucrative gold and diamond ventures in Africa, often in collusion with the Zionist state. After the fall of Israel’s ally  in white  South Africa in 1994, Israel has tried new ways of excerting influence and amassing wealth from the sub-Saharan continent, often in complete disregard of the human, non-Jewish, cost of these “blood diamonds” and likes.

One such actor is the Israeli Jew Beny Steinmetz. Born and raised in Israel, Steinmetz served in the Israeli army but moved to Belgium in 1978 to run his father’s diamond business. He became chairman of the Geneva-headquartered Steinmetz Diamond Group, which is South African (Jewish) De Beers’ largest buyer of rough diamonds. Back in Israel, Steinmetz expanded into natural resource mining and real estate, the Beny Steinmetz Group mines copper and cobalt in Congo and Zambia, iron and bauxite in Guinea and diamonds in Sierra Leone, to name a few.

Another actor is the diamond-tycoon and Russian Jew Lev Leviev, who is seriously competing with De Beers of the Oppenheimer Jews. Leviev is well embedded in the Israeli establishment and is even using his wealth to finance illegal Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine.

Another good illustration is the “Angolagate” affair where the French Jew and kibbutznik Jean-Christophe Mitterrand (son of President Francois Mitterrand) colluded with a Russian-Israeli mobster Arcadi Gaydamak (the latter with good Mossad connections) and sold weapons illegaly to Angola’s MPLA-Government, when the country was struck by civil war. Other Jews connected to this dirty affair were Jacques Attali, Marc Rich and Samuel Mandelsaft. The Angolan opposition Unita-leader Jonas Savimbi, who during the Cold War had been supported by the Israelis and CIA, now became regarded as an obstacle to the access to Angola’s oil and diamonds and was thus hunted down and killed with Israeli cooperation.

In South Africa,” diplomatically noted South African civil rights activists Desmund Tutu to a Jewish interviewer, “Jews in their success, especially as industrialists and business people and as traders would be seen as people who have benefited from the exploitation of Blacks, because the South African system is a capitalist system which has tended to favor the strong and successful … [HOFFMAN, p. 14] think there is a perception [among many South African Blacks] that Jews are not entirely innocent. Most of us oppose capitalism, because what we have experienced of capitalism tends to favor the privileged and the strong and [it] seems to be exploitive.” [HOFFMAN, p. 14]

The Zionist Organization of America has denounced two universities for inviting Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak on their campuses. Citing at least half a dozen instances in which the anti-apartheid activist spoke out against Israel, ZOA president Morton Klein criticized Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law for hosting Tutu last week and the University of Pennsylvania for inviting Tutu to be its commencement speaker in May. Tutu, said Klein, ‘is viciously anti-Israel. To give a podium [to a] man who hates Israel, who compared Israel to Hitler, is shameful.’(Link)

To substantiate Tutu’s remark- we could see how the Jews conspired to get control of the South African mineral riches by exploiting blacks as “mules” again. It also was Jews that hi-jacked the black conscious ANC movement and controlled, boosted and assisted it into becoming the new South African “government. “ In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African “front men”  – Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA. 

In particular, Ruth First, the Jewish wife of Jewish Soviet KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, a leader of the South African Communist Party, was primarily responsible for funneling funds to this “African” National Congress. In 1966 the CIA financed the assassination of President Verwoerd, through their “lone nut” operative Demetrio Tsafendas, a Greek immigrant to South Africa. In particular, Oppenheimer’s South African Foundation funneled CIA money to Hendrik Van Den Bergh of the South African Security Police and John Vorster, the Minister of Justice, who were the men who recruited Tsafendas to assassinate Verwoerd.

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By the 1970s the Jewish campaign to subvert South Africa was having no effect. The economy was unaffected by sanctions and communist unrest was minimal – though much was made of it in the Jewish owned elements of the US press. In 1978 the CIA recruited Pik Botha, the South African foreign minister, as a spy and used him to subvert the South African government, working with Samuel Huntington and Chester Crocker, Botha was assigned to undermine and alter the attitudes of the South African government regarding black rule.



Smit was standing as the National Party candidate in the Springs constituency and had rented a house in Selcourt, Springs, where he and his wife were staying. The expectation was that Smit would assume a high-up position in government after the election. On the evening of November 22 1977 Jeanne Cora Smit phoned the secretary at her husband’s constituency office to tell him that “his guests are waiting for him.” As she put the phone down she was shot three times. As Robert Smit walked through the door sometime later he was shot in the neck, and then again, from close range, in the head. The bodies were discovered early the next morning. Robert Smit had also been stabbed once in the back, and his wife 14 times with a stiletto. The letters “RAU TEM” had been written – in red spray paint – across the fridge and kitchen walls. From early on rumors started circulating that someone high-up in the ruling Afrikaner establishment had ordered the assassination. Particular suspicion fell on ‘Lang’ Hendrik van den Bergh, the head of the Bureau for State Security (BfSS), and a man who had once claimed to know everything that was going on in South Africa.  It was reported at the time that Smit had stumbled on a high level scandal – involving some kind of foreign currency racket – and was planning on blowing the whistle following his election to parliament.

Botha recruited Minister of Sports Piet Koornhof and Head of Military Intelligence General Tienie Groenewald to the CIA-Jew operation. Groenewald in particular passed on the names of Afrikaner nationalist and white rights activists to MI6 and the CIA, and arranged for acts of violence and harassment, COINTELPRO style, against Boer activists in the country. In the late 1970s and the early 1980s the banking families, Oppenheimer in particular, began to speculate in the Rand for the purpose of devaluing the currency. Inflation rose to 7 percent and growth fell to 3 percent, with inflation reaching 16 percent in the early 1980s. Jews put the Progressive Party headed by Helen Suzman into parliament and where there was no Progressive Party candidate, they voted for the opposition United Party.

It was Jews- Helen Suzman, Hellen Zille , Zach De Beer and  Nadine Gorimer that funded and helped ANC terrorists out of the country when the white government hunted them down for their terrorist acts of car bombs and limpet mines against innocent civilians.It was a Jew- George Bizos– that acted as lawyer for Nelson Mandela in the Rivonia trail. Of the 150 activists charged in the 1956 Treason Trial, 23 were whites. Significantly, of the 23 whites, no less than 14 were Jews. After the Sharpeville staged massacre  in March 1960, in which 69 rioting Africans were killed and 180 injured – the ANC and the PAC were banned. Oliver Tambo, Deputy President of the ANC, escaped, assisted by Ronald Segal,  Jewish founder of the anti-Apartheid journal “Africa South”.


Nelson Mandela and the Jews

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Factually Jews have been a part of Mandela’s life from his arrival in Johannesburg in the early 1940s until his death .
The law rather than politics was what he initially chose to go into, and it was a Jew- Lazer Sidelsky that gave him his start as an articled clerk in his law firm at a time when it was unheard of for young blacks to be taken on in such a capacity. His fellow clerk, a Jew named Nat Bregman, became his first kike  friend in Johannesburg and, as a member of the Communist Party at the time, also played a part in his early political education. Mandela went on to study law at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he established enduring friendships with fellow  Jew students Jules Browde and Harry Schwarz, both of whom were prominently involved in liberal politics thereafter.

As he moved increasingly into political activism, Mandela came more and more to be associated with members of the Jewish community who were likewise confronting the apartheid system. Thirteen of his fellow defendants in the 1956-1961 Treason Trial, for example, were Jews, among them such Struggle stalwarts as Lionel Bernstein, Joe Slovo and Ruth First. Among the founders of the underground military wing of the African National Congress, Umkhonto we Sizwe, were Dennis Goldberg, Harold Wolpe and Arthur Goldreich (a volunteer in the War of Independence who later settled in Israel). Jewish lawyers were prominently involved in defending Mandela in the various political trials in which he was involved, among them Isie Maisels (later a member of the governing body of the Jewish Agency), Arthur Chaskalson, Joel Joffe and Sidney Kentridge. He also worked closely with the journalist Benjamin Pogrund, who later made aliya and in addition to promoting Israeli- Palestinian dialogue has been a staunch defender of Israel in the propaganda war against it.

The Communist Party and the ANC established illegal underground terrorist  headquarters at the Lilliesleaf farm home of Arthur Goldreich in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia. Nelson Mandela stayed there in the guise of a farm worker and it was there that an illegal terrorist military arm, Umkhonto we Sizwe (The Spear of the Nation), was conceived. Its High Command comprised Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Raymond Mhlaba, Joe Slovo and Arthur Goldreich, who was selected because of his experience in the Israel army in 1948.

Significantly, all the whites arrested in this epoch-making event in 1963 at Lilliesleaf farm, were Jewish: Arthur Goldreich, Rusty Bernstein, Dennis Goldberg, Bob Hepple, and Dr Hilliard Festenstein. Their trial in October 1963, known as the Rivonia trial, resulted in the imprisonment of its leaders, including Nelson Mandela, for life. Harold Wolpe, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, who was not at Lilliesleaf at the time, was arrested a few days later. He and Goldreich escaped from Marshall Square police station and crossed the border to Botswana.

After Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, he and the mainstream Jewish leadership forged a cordial relationship and many leading Jewish businessmen were brought on board to assist in addressing the so-called “ legacy of poverty and inequality left by the apartheid system.”  He became especially close to Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris, a new-con liberal  leader who whole-heatedly embraced the new “democratic “ dispensation and encouraged the greater Jewish community to do likewise.


The National Party and the Jews

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Image result for hendrik van den berg national party south africa

Just how deep Israel interfered with South African politics: A diabolical alliance, left to right: Eschel Rhoodie – South African director of Propaganda, Yitzhak Rabin – Israeli Prime Minister, Henrik van den Bergh – Director of the South African secret service. Meeting at the Israeli PMs residence, April 11, 1975.

The NP regime had very close ties with the Jews- John Vorster at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, occupied Palestine.

Read more about the close ties between the NP regime and Israel HERE

In 1989 a Freemason with ties to B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Masonic fraternity which controls the ADL, was elected President of South Africa. Presient Frederik De Klerk was a Jewish-backed candidate with ties to the international Zionist establishment. De Klerk worked for, and eventually achieved, the Jewish goal of black rule in South Africa. The South Africa’s central bank was run by a Jew named Gill Marcus after the so-called “democratic” nation was created in 1994 on Jew money and propaganda  , with the black frontman named Tito Mboweni taking instructions. Trevor Manuel, a Jew, was  the Minister of Finance. Alec Erwin, a Jew, was  the Minister of Trade and Industry. Helena Dolny, the Jewish ex-wife of KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, controlled  the Land Bank. Ronnie Kasrils, a Jew, was the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry. Louise Tager, a Jew, was chairman of the railway system, Spoornet. Michael Katz, a Jew,was the chief consultant on taxation. Meyer Kahn, a Jew, was the managing director of the police service. Three Jews – Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs – sat on the South African Supreme Court. It was the Jew- Richard Goldstone- that was appointed to investigate the Helderberg accident- which still leaves many questions unanswered.

The Jewish take-over 

” That people of Jewish descent should be so prominent in the liberation movement says something fundamental about the compassion of Judaism. Many Jewish immigrants who arrived in our shores in abject poverty, laying claim to little but their rich commitment to humanitarian and egalitarian ideals. These commitments were sometimes rooted in traditional Jewish teaching. They sometimes emerged from traditions of socialism. Whatever the case, Jewish compassion is the fruit of empathy, rather than sympathy. It is the fruit of struggle over many millennia, against racism and persecution”.


It was not a Jew who expressed the above views. They were spoken by secretary general of the African National Congress Kgalema Motlanthe in his address to the 42nd Biennial Conference of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in Gauteng on October 19, 2002

What has happened in South Africa under the name of “democracy” and “diversity” has been the Jewish takeover of their country. As with all Jewish governments, South Africa is now a failed nation. It is poor, it is crime ridden, and it is not safe to walk the streets. The Jews wage war on anyone who opposes their total domination of the world’s economy. They also work to make sure they control the governments of every single developed country in the world. Jews use whatever tools they can – phony allegations of “racism” or pleas for “democracy”, for instance – to win stupid, thoughtless liberal white non-Jews to their cause, but all celebrated communist, socialist, “democratic” and/or anti-racist groups in the world are Jewish run and Jewish financed- such as the newly formed Antifa  now running rampant in America-  which is sponsored by another Jew- George Soros. Factually  today another krypto British Jew- Rob Davis–  is the pinnacle evil force behind the BEEE laws to drive white Christian people in South Africa into poverty with more than 400 000 already languishing in impoverished squatter camps directly due to this unconstitutional human rights abuse and onslaught against their nation .

The only solution to the world’s Jewish problem is the extermination of Judaism. All other solutions, from expulsion to oppression, have failed, and the result is today’s total world domination by Jewish interests who are impoverishing, murdering, warring against and destroying the entire rest of the world’s six billion people.



BEING an  Afrikaner/Boer/White – (call us what you please), in South Africa today is like being a Jew in 1930’s Germany,  without the worldwide network of sympathy and support.
But whites everywhere (except for Russia) could face this predicament if Zionist bankers continue to use migration, gender dysfunction and “white guilt” to increase their hegemony.  Purim today is a reminder that anyone who resists Zionist hegemony is an “anti Semite” marked for liquidation. I have started to take a more keen interest in my country’s current affairs. It is amazing when you open your eyes how the pieces of the puzzle start to fit into each other. At times I feel like a crazy person .
Every day now there is at least one white farmer murdered. Every day I open my Facebook account and there is another report. Since the 5th of March, there has been 18 white farmers murdered. Four of them belonged to a whole white family which was wiped out. A mother, a father, a grandfather visiting from England and a nine year old daughter.
The little girl’s body was found in the shed outside. She probably ran away to hide and they tracked her down and killed her.They were all bludgeoned to death. As usual nothing much was stolen. The liberal mainstream newspapers reported it might be because of a “wage dispute” (their normal blame shifting excuse) – , even blaming the father for perhaps being a “racist. “ It actually made the mainstream news because it was a whole family wiped out at once and it would definitely seem strange to most folks still living with their eyes closed if something was at least not said.
As of Friday March 18, there was 69 attacks on white farmers in the last 71 days. They are being killed like flies. In most cases nothing is stolen. In most cases, there is torture or horrendous methods used to kill, often including rape.
At least another seven farmers are in critical condition after having been shot or stabbed or bludgeoned.
These are only the dead, only farmers and only up until yesterday. Yesterday the bodies of a white couple was found in their home as well. The wife lay in a drain pipe and the husband in the kitchen. The wife had been strangled and her neck broken. The husband was stabbed eighteen times.
A white family of four was tortured for hours; a grandmother and her two grandsons and one of the grandson’s girlfriends. They raped the girlfriend repeatedly and tortured them all by hitting them with bricks and sjamboks and pouring boiling water over them. There are other reports, but I think you do get the picture. Nothing was mentioned in the mainstream media about the other reports and deaths. Nothing. Only on Facebook where the Boers circulate it among themselves.

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We, the Boers and Afrikaners, are being ostracized like never before. Zuma (our president) has announced they will be instituting something called a “blacklist for racists. ” We all know, or at least those with enough sense, that is just another word for white people that dare open their mouths and complain about what is happening to their people.
Today was a public holiday in South Africa, Human Rights Day, or the commemoration of the Sharpeville attack of 1976. Before the weekend major corruption charges once again surfaced against Zuma. Everyone was holding their breath over the weekend, hoping and praying that this time Zuma would be recalled.
He came out victorious once again, denying all accusations and addressing a large crowd of ANC supporters today. His main topic of the day? Racism. His words were that “white supremacy “ still exists and that the minority people in this country need to embrace the new South Africa. Hate speech will be punishable by law very soon and together with the racist black list”  it will surely take away the white people’s right to any freedom of speech. Zuma himself still sings the song: Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.

The biggest racists in this country are the ANC government themselves.
As if by miracle, today, with this speech being made, a white farmer had his house raided by the police because someone complained about him making a Facebook post inciting murder of all blacks. It is directly translated as: The Boers are fed-up. At the same time over the last couple of weeks I have taken screen shots of hate speech by blacks. I went onto one’s Facebook profile and saw he works for the Department of Education and sent them an email complaining of his hate speech. No answer at all, it has been two weeks. It has been openly said that blacks cannot be racists. I beg to differ.
Black Anarchy
In the meantime, there are protests across the country. Buses and trains are burned, whole towns get closed off by burning tyres and violent protesters. They loot nearby shops, liquor stores, building warehouses. It is quite amazing to see how everyone just simply walks in and takes whatever they want and leaves. It is like a feeding frenzy. The main stream news only shows short snippets of the protests, usually of them still peacefully dancing, and then go onto sports or the latest movie release. People do not know half of what is going on in their own country.

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Not far from where I live they have attempted a land grab (hundreds of blacks came with taxis and were dropped off at the land and started claiming land for themselves, although this is property owned by another). It started on Saturday and the latest report was that the roads have been closed there and it is has become violent. They have burned a bus and throwing rocks at passing cars. The police are trying everything in their might to remove them.
The Land Expropriation Bill will soon become law as well. According to the amended bill the government will have the right to take whatever property you own, be it residential, commercial, intellectual property, shares in a company, anything. They can actually take it without giving you a cent and without really giving you any reason at all. It has not become law as yet, but the bill has been passed in parliament last month and will soon be instituted.
The ANC needs to keep their promises to the masses and give them land for free. They have been told the ” whites stole it from them “ – and it is theirs, even though we have worked very hard for our property and in fact still have to pay the mortgage off for another fifteen years before it really becomes our own. I do not think they understand this. What will become of this country if they just demand everything for free? Do they not realize it will be the end of South Africa – completely?


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In the meantime my heart aches for the close to 400 000 whites (conservative figure, it might be closer to 700 000) that are living in squatter camps and depend on charity as the government do not look after the poor whites. My heart aches for these proud Boer people who have lost their jobs due to Black Economic Empowerment in a country where only the strongest will now survive. Even their own people have turned their back on them. The white liberals who I am surrounded with. The Boers up in the old Transvaal, Orange Free State and Natal are suffering the most.
I live in Cape Town where most whites are still living their lives behind high security gates and guard dogs. They live in a bubble where they only watch the mainstream news, if any, but much rather prefer watching sports and do not want to be bothered by bad news because it is just “too depressing.” They do not even realize that their own lives are in danger and that it will soon spill over to our province. Then there are those white liberals who I have come to despise even more than the black murderers and rapists. They have turned their backs on their own people, choosing to side with the majority as if that will save their skin when the time comes.

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When they are about to kill or rape you, they will not ask if you were liberal or not, they will only see white. I have become more vocal in the last couple of weeks of my changing views. You see, I have been one of those white liberals I now so much despise. My eyes have opened. I see my people suffering. I cannot believe that I was oblivious for so long to the genocide being perpetrated on us. I think my eyes started to open, I felt an uneasiness when the protests against our language, Afrikaans, started at the universities. Everything Afrikaans must fall. All our statues, all our artwork, our language. They do not want any reminder of our past and that of our ancestors anywhere. They actually reminded me of my roots again, of my forefathers and who they were.


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I dug deeper. I read up, not the Wikipedia that is so obviously compiled with bias, but the real history. I remembered stories my grandmother use to tell me of growing up on an ossewa. I remember the values I was taught when growing up, almost forgotten as the “Rainbow Nation ” took over.
I started speaking up over the last couple of weeks and it has become quite clear that I am stepping on people’s toes. Some of my own family members, who I have grown up with, have taken me on in public and turned their backs on me, branding me a “right wing racist “ for not believing in the “Rainbow Nation “ anymore. They automatically assume I hate all people but white because I dare to stand up for my forefathers and for my fellow white people that are being murdered every day. I do not understand that. I do not understand how they can live in the same country, know about this, and turn a blind eye. Of course the media plays a great role in this, not reporting on the horrendous crimes of brutal torture and murder, but still … When you want to speak up, you are left feeling alienated and alone.
I fear that soon I will not be able to speak my mind anymore. The world is full of traitors this side and saying too much to the wrong person can land you in jail. It has become a nightmare not to wake up from. There are many who try and advocate for us, but it is small numbers and most people will not stand up for each other. They are all too afraid and hang onto whatever little they have just to survive. You cannot blame them, but it is to the downfall of us all at the end. The Boer men long for a leader that will lead them out of this, but as soon as one wants to stand up, he is shot down. We are ostracized by the liberals, the blacks, the government and their power is just too overwhelming at the moment.
I am writing this to you early morning hours as my time is swallowed by work and looking after family. It has been quite a relief putting this all on paper, although there is still so many other things that happened just over the last couple of weeks, some so laughable, like the nurses protesting because their uniforms are white and it reminds them of Florence Nightingale and the oppressor. I just could not believe my eyes, that even white uniforms have now become oppressive.


The bottom-Line is- no matter from which angle you want to look at it- the National Party was an evil selfish bunch of shrewd con-artists that only looked after their own best interests. The National Party was corrupt in every way possible- just as the ANC is today- and like the communist Ngunis today- they screwed their own people into the ground for their own personal advantages. They watched as hundreds of their own young boys were massacred on the South West African border- all while they supplied the enemy with war material. And all the thanks those boys that survived got for their brave battle against uncountable odds- is to be alienated by these same National Party thugs- everything taken away from them- and being  demonized as “racists” and “white supremacists” today.

They robbed the Federal Reserve from 4 TRILLION rands of gold. They never got arrested for theft, crime against the state- or corruption. They still walk among us as “free” men. They got lucratively paid for their treason against their own people. For their hideous crimes they got away. They are the “Broederbonders” after all- a secret Free Mason society with enough financial  Zionist – backed power to control the direction of the South African politics. They saw to it that certain “fall men” like Eugene De Kock , Clive Derby Lewis and Wouter Basson were to take the blame. As with the communist ANC killers and terrorists- they all already “organized” their “political indemnity” at their CODESA false flag operation. They – disgusting creatures like Neil Van Heerden– who ran overseas and bragged about his part in delivering his own people to the black heathens- are the mass-murderers of their own people. For them there must be no salvation- for they deserve to burn in hell. 


While they still live in luxury behind their high security walls in Bishops Court and Houghton- thousands of silent white graves are littering the South African landscape due to their treason. Many innocent white boys now lay in cold graves due to their treacherous acts. These were 18 year boys that were lawfully FORCED into a war these cold-blooded political mass murderers started- and kept going for 25 years to protect the Jew Harry Oppenheimer’s diamond mines in Swartkopmund against the same blacks they eventually handed the country to.


Pik Botha was the prime evil in the game of treason- he was the pinnacle lord of the flies that saw to it that those white boys who still had so much to live for- was murdered for no reason- no cause at all. It was so easy to allow someone else’s child to be shot to pieces- so convenient to let someone else’s family grieve- and many a time this bastards did not even have the decency to apologize or show remorse to the many fathers and mothers that lost a child. No- to these villainous wretches it all was one big game of fortune. While they gave their lives “protecting” their country against  a world-sponsored terrorist onslaught- these vile NP creatures were  already “negotiating” the capitulation with the same enemy those boys were fighting against. Not only did they turn their backs on their own people- but also did they deceive Ian Smith of Rhodesia and Jonas Savimbi– a Christian rebel that also was against communism in Angola.

But they were not done yet- they also stuck Lucas Mangope of Bophutatswana  in the back- attempted to assassinate PW Botha– one of their own- and was behind the assassination of Eugene Terreblanche to prevent a white uprising. The National Party of South Africa was a heinous bunch of Satan worshipers- because only their mentor cold think of such vile acts against Christian children and God fearing people. They still are very much alive today- and behind the scenes still worship the devil and control South Africa’s economy. The Broederbond still is very much alive- and their evil deeds still goes on where they meet in secrecy at night on remote farms in their Babylonian Free Mason garments. We will see this human secretion again rising in the political spotlight- very soon. Their evil works will expose them. They will appear again- in a new face- a “new” National Party- but with the old blood of their victims still dripping from their scarlet garments- and they again will start to deceive the weak -minded and unwary into believing them. They again will take control from their Nguni slaves- and will again step onto the throne  as the “new leaders”  of South Africa – just to repeat their age old game of blood letting and deception. Be aware…..do not let them deceive you again.


Many white farmers , their families and innocent children now are dead because of this National Party’s heinous flirtation with the devil. They delivered their own people into the hands of black executioners without having a single bit of remorse. They are “politicians”– the “untouchables.” They are the white harlots of Babylon with their scarlet Free Mason insignia written all over their robes. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing- still eating the food coming from that same white farmers they handed on a platter to the communist  devils in control.

More than 5000 white farmers already have been brutally murdered due to this National Party treason. More than 400 000 white have been forced into starvation- more than 1 million were forced to migrate. The country are on the brink of a financial collapse with corruption and chaos reining from the parliament right down to the streets. A slow silent white genocide are in process- and a decline of South Africa’s food resource production are tethering on a dangerous level of collapse.

The question is now if this we have today – which are hailed as a so-called ” democracy” – really is what we expected? Is this happening in South Africa today really worth all the innocent political instigated deaths at the border wars-  and sacrifices made by earlier pioneers and fighters of our ancestral heritage really worth it?  The British started the laws of division between white and black- and very cunningly gave it a “smart” name- “Apartheid.” By now blaming a “system” – automatically vindicates them from being blamed- a blame they again shifted onto the white Afrikaner for being the “racists” of Apartheid.


After the assassination of Verwoerd- the British Communist propaganda machines went into action- and blame all the woes and problems on Verwoerd as the “architect” of “apartheid” simply because dead men don’t talk. They could not blame the whites- this would make them racists- so they create a “system” ( meaning the white Boers/Afrikaners) Gradually the British communist press started to shift the blame of “Apartheid” onto the white Boers/Afrikaners themselves – labeling them as the skunks of the world. As in past history- the British mass murderers again get of scott-free all while they shift the blame onto an innocent nation. “Democracy” thus is just another British Jewry communist  brain-child for a slow white Christian genocide across the world. If you do not see the real motive behind the fall of South Africa- and the reason for the demonizing of the Boer/Afrikaner– you simply are too brain -washed, brain dead- or obstinate mentally handicap to differentiate between right and wrong- and between good and evil.

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YEA– Cyril Rhamaphosa was right in his analyses of the white South African frog- they are too complacent and careless to realize the pot they are sitting in – fast now are beginning to reach  boiling point in  preparation for a total extinction of their race down South. As for the white liberals- there just is no word or phrase to describe their mentally retarded state of mind. They simply can only be described as the advent children of a very evil and devious god.  Factually- white Europe and America better take close notice of this…for they are next! 



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DIE NASIONALE PARTY SE HULP AAN DIE TERRORISTENet soos “Hear no evil, speak no evil en see no evil” het ons, ons drie…

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