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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town October 1   2017










I REALLY find this quite amazing- yet not surprisingly- that the mainstay of collateral damage to the white people’s property rights  in South Africa- Julius Malema’s Economic F*cked-up Figters– now kicks up some heavy dust because three promising new terrorists were expelled from Maritzburg College because they brandished EFF T-Shirts.

NOW- as a rule White Nation do not publish the general sub-standard racist crap this half-wit illiterate lost advent children of Ham and their Little Red Riding Hood pee-pots on their heads utter in their permanent abuse of the right to idiocracy- but this time we will make an allowance just once to indicate to the readers the type of mental incapacity the “majority” and especially the mentally  constrained  news corespondents in South Africa praise and worship as their so-called “leaders” to incite race hatred.


The EFF has now has release another load of anti-white garbage from that dustbins situated under their floppy noses again- “threatened mass action “  at Maritzburg College if the school refuses to drop charges against two black pupils who brandished a political tee on Friday.  “We demand that they drop their reactionary and unconstitutional charges with immediate effect or face the full might of our mass power,” said spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.  The red cladded extremist black supremacists   declared “unconditional support” for the pupils who have been charged by their school for brandishing political slogans at school. The Pietermaritzburg public school made headlines when three pupils went viral in a picture with the slogans “EFF our last hopes of getting the land back” and “loading 2019”.

Image result for Mbuyiseni Ndlozi eff


Mbuyiseni Ndlozi-another loud mouth black racist spewing venom seeking the political spotlight
The T-shirts were brandished at the school on the last day of school for the matric class of 2017 before final exams commence next week.  The Department of Education in KwaZulu-Natal has also announced that it is investigating allegations ofracism”  (???) at the school as part of a full scale investigation at the school. “We have received a number of allegations relating to racism which could be a reason for learners to retaliate in a certain manner. We want the investigating team to look at the circumstances that led to the alleged developments and the manner in which the school management team has handled such matters,” he said.
The department is also aware that there are some (Like the EFF extremists) who are now using this sensitive matter for political gains,” said Mthethwa. Ndlozi defended the pupils and said they had a” freedom of expression. ““The black child has a freedom to express their thoughts anywhere in this county without any fear or favour. This freedom… has long been paid with blood over centuries of our liberation struggle. The school must drop the charges and allow the young people to focus on their exams without any disciplinary hearing hanging over their heads,” he said.
Ndlozi said the two boys were academically excellent.  “These two fighters are academically excellent students who are in their matric year. In fact, they will start to write their matric exams next week. The school has charged them, threatening them with expulsion for declaring that EFF is their last hope for the return of the land,” he said.


The T-Shirts that set off the whole pathetic  “racism” issue with the inferior-complexed EFF buffoon again


Maritzburg College confirmed to the Sunday Tribune through lawyer Jaco van der Merwe that they had charged the two boys as they had contravened the South African School Act, the school’s code of conduct and social media policy.
Ndlozi rejected the charges, referring to them as “pure apartheid” and “colonial thinking”. “In our democracy, there is no bylaw, rule or school code of conduct that must be inconsistent with our supreme law of the land; the constitution. Maritzburg College, by charging our young fighters, is in direct violation of the constitution. It is offending their rights to freedom of expression.  “The young men have not killed anyone, stolen anything or caused any physical harm. They have simply expressed an idea and by suppressing them, the school is not only anti-intellectual but also scared of the truth.  “By charging them, the school is seeking to guarantee protection to the reactionary and anti-black racists who refuse to see blacks as equals and as rightful owners of the land. The school is dancing to white supremacist tunes, thus reproducing itself as hostile to our democratic order,” said Ndlozi. The tribunal is expected to take place on October 21, three days before exams start.

BUT let us see what Ndlozi’s OWN “democratically” chosen government say about political meddling in schools….

Image may contain: text

I BET Mr. Ndlozi is not even aware of this law! BUT then again we know Ndlozi was not an avid learner at school level  himself- and his 4 best years in school appear to be in Gr.2. Thus Mr. Ndlozi still battle to read properly. His mouth again are writing out cheques faster than his muffled brain can cash. 

BUT LO- While Mr. Ndlozi so quickly speaks of “Rights to Freedom of Expression” and “Pure Apartheid” and “Colonial thinking” when memorabilia of ” derogative” nature are displayed – let us take this same EFF misdirected commi heathen back to his OWN disregard of “rights to freedom of expression” :


“The EFF calls on the elimination of Die Stem from the National Anthem. Die Stem is a heritage of oppression and indignity. It is a song of oppressors, racists and mass murderers.” This was according to Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF National Spokesperson & Commissar Responsible for Communications, in a Heritage Day statement posted on the EFF website. “(Link) 

Then how about the communist and liberal resentment of “Freedom of expression” against the white old national flag?

“So, it’s time to take down that old South African flag, to ditch “Die Stem” from the National Anthem, to move all statues glorifying apartheid and colonialism to a graveyard where tourists can visit, much like people visit concentration camps in Germany (maybe at the Voortrekker Monument?), to get rid of the colonial trappings in Parliament; in short, to begin the work of symbolically reimagining South Africa.“- White liberal Pierre De Vos. ( Link)

“The FW de Klerk Foundation has  lambasted the 21-year-old “perpetrator ” Dylann Roof for using the old apartheid South African flag and a Rhodesian flag in one of his Facebook photos, saying that such an incident should not be associated with our country.(Link)

” Somizi posted pictures of people wearing t-shirts bearing the old South African flag on his Instagram account with the following message. “Racist white South African’s hoping Zuma’s fall will give them a white president or bring back apartheid is try denial of the  reality. It’s like Oscar believing that he’ll one day take part in the olympics. Never. it’s like Donald Trump thinking he’ll be the next American president. Never. It’s like Mercy Pakela believing she’ll on day of a duet with Adele. Never. So pls stop taking expired drugs and accept or leave our country. Just cuz you got away with apartheid doesn’t mean we can’t see you using this Zuma campaign as a shield to hide yo racist bullshit. Nxa.” (Link)

SO– we gather that wearing a T-Shirt connecting you to an extremist radical group posing as a “political party” is accepted only if you are black – but wearing a T-Shirt from a legal old government is not when you happen to be white– irrespective if that also forms part of the constitutional “Right to Freedom of Expression” – according to the double standards of Mr. Ndlozi and the rest of the anti-white racist hypocrite blacks and liberals? We wonder- Mr. Ndlozi and his EFF thugs hates whites so much. Did he notice the T-Shirts displayed by his young college terrorists ALSO happen to be printed on a WHITE back ground? Why then not rather print it on a BLACK back ground?

If he and his bunch of EFF hookers so much despises “colonial” and “apartheid” symbols-why does he still drive in a WHITE invented car on WHITE invented roads with WHITE invented road signs to go and work in a WHITE invented economy, stay in a WHITE designed house, use WHITE invented electricity, electrical household components, fly in a WHITE designed airplane with mostly WHITE pilots, write in a WHITE invented language, use a WHITE invented mathematical system-  and live in a WHITE financial invented system? Most of all why does he use a WHITE invented banking system and gleefully receive thousands of rands salary in  WHITE invented money? This sounds much like PARASITISM to me? Why not rather go the “African” way and demand COWS or GOATS for monthly payment and travel the “ancestral” way on a freakin DONKEY or by foot to work  then? How did one very intelligent old gentleman once put it- GFY you damn hippocrate!

As for the white liberals– yea well- they are the scum of the earth- no term exist to describe their despicable misdirected ideologies. White liberal Pierre De Vos already got slapped silly once by a Boer for his direct attacks on Afrikaners– but he seemed to have recovered and as liberals go- again is on the scream wagon- mocking the Afrikaner again until he gets slapped again- liberals  never learn.