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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town October 21   2017








THE POOR  anti-white South African black hippocrates staggered again this week under yet another “racist” advertisement.

Liberal ” I hate whites” production experts in the pro-“I love black” TV industry could not believe their eyes when they saw an advert posted online for a senior position. Looking to hire a commissioning editor in Johannesburg at an annual salary of R800 000, the ad read: “Please note: We are specifically looking for a white, English-speaking commissioning editor as this role is for someone who will produce soapies and programmes in this specific demographic.”
Needless to say- the anti-white racist bed-wetters could not jump on their back-paws fast enough.

This was close to desecrating Nelson Mandela’s grave. This was an unforgiving sin – even to mention the term “white” in an advert! Alerting City Press about the patently racist ad, one source – who does not wish to be named for fear of “jeopardizing “ their “employment prospects ” ( in other words one racist anti-white wretch) – applied for the position and engaged with the recruitment agency, Kandhi Consulting. The position, they were told, was for M-Net. “They were specific about the TV station being M-Net, the kind of contracts M-Net offers, the psychometric tests that it does, etcetera.”- whined the poor whimpering white hater.
M-Net – as expected- capitulated at this “gross atrocity” – and immediately has “distanced “ itself from the ad, saying it was not authorized and that the work had been subcontracted by its agency to another recruitment outfit without the company’s knowledge. But M-Net has no qualm about receiving WHITE money from subscribers- and up to today- like all the hippocrates in the corporate industry- still refuses to waver white money away. Double standards are in the offing!
Yolisa Phahle, the chief executive of M-Net, said the station was “appalled” by the “racist, unlawful and disgraceful advert, which would be contrary to our recruitment policy, our values, the Constitution and other legislation”. Phahle did not mention anything about M-Net advertising positions under the equal racist and “appalling” BBEEE discriminatory laws which also is contrary to the United Nations values and legislation. But that is ok- South Africa in any case is a lost Titanic slowly drifting towards the proverbial doomsday iceberg of self induced maladministration and anti-white racism.
She (that is now the poor anti-white whiner)- sent City Press (which happen to be an anti-white racist black media outlet )– the extensive role profile that had been submitted to the original recruitment agency. It made no mention of demographic (that means blacks only) requirements.  Another TV executive, who also wished to remain nameless, ( funny how all these anti-white reptiles want to “remain nameless)- could not contain their disbelief when shown the ad. “There are lots of excellent black commissioning editors who handle work in other demographics. Since when can a black person not make TV for white audiences? White people make TV for black audiences right across the film and TV industries. This is just racist.” (Racism seems to control the poor black minority complexed souls) 
Kandhi Consulting staff were, at first, happy to speak to City Press over the phone. They confirmed the authenticity of the ad and that it was for a position at M-Net.  However, they referred the racist black newspaper outlet  to their more senior associates, Ambit Recruitment.  Ambit’s Caren Doyle had a fright of her life- and immediately (as expected)– denied any involvement in the ad: “I confirm that this was not something that M-Net or Ambit was aware of, and we do not condone it either. The consultants in question had, at the time, just started working with Ambit Recruitment and posted this ad in their own capacity.  “It was a very unfortunate oversight, which should not have happened. This is in no way a reflection of our clients’ policies, nor that of Ambit Recruitment,” Doyle protested.Do you read about the anti-white liberal sentiment here? Who is the biggest racists here- the ad….or the poor misdirected ” politically correct” fools back tracking from the term “white?” 
M-Net’s Phahle (which appear to be a “blacks only” racist himself ) – said the company had established that, “without our knowledge, our recruitment agency subcontracted another agency to advertise the commissioning editor vacancy”.  “Our proposed advert, sent to our recruitment agency for this vacancy, made no reference to the race of the applicant. Our recruitment agency has advised us that it did not mandate the subcontracted agency to word the advert in this racist manner.”
Phahle said attempts to reach the subcontracted agency by telephone had not been successful by yesterday.
We view this in the most serious light and are investigating the matter. We will take appropriate and firm action, including of a disciplinary nature, should we find that anyone on our behalf was involved in the production of this abhorrent ad,” she said, adding that the station produced “shows that reflect our country’s diverse cultures and languages”.

Maybe Phahle and all the black hippocrates that hates whites so much must start developing their own inventions and stop piggy-backing on white money capitol and white inventions if they so much find the term “white” so much “appalling.” Other than that these devious “anti-white” black ” I want to stay nameless”  benchers that holler on a continuous basis against whites ( but gleefully supports racist anti white BEEE laws)- and  gleefully accept the money of white subscribers and white companies must get their ducks in a row for they are two-faced hippocrates that applies double standards to suit their own selfish needs.

BUT that is typical the black hippocrates in this country: On Saturday they line up to vote for a black ANC regime just to prevent a white becoming president of the country again. The following Monday they will sit in their hundreds at shopping malls in white areas- waiting for a white employer to give them a “piece job” so they can eat themselves full before they again will go and riot on Wednesday against “poor service delivery” from the same ANC black government they just voted into power on Saturday. What a bunch of anti-white racist “politically correct bull*hitters these South African black politicians and their goat-ish followers  are!


SOURCE: White Nation