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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom October 22   2017








THE liberal South African judiciary system took another turn for the worst in cultivating little criminals as a judge of it’s High Court just ruled that you cannot punish that bad ass brat of your’s at home anymore.

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Judge Raylene Keightley- Decided punishment at home is unconstitutional

As of Thursday morning, the “reasonable chastisement” of a child by a parent is no longer a valid shield against a charge of common assault. Instead, any parent who hits a child faces the same potentially criminal treatment as if the victim had been an adult – whatever the family’s belief or religion. “The common law defence of reasonable chastisement is unconstitutional and no longer applies in our law,” ordered Johannesburg high court Judge Raylene Keightley, a judgment in which fellow judge Ellem Francis concurred.

Corporal punishment has previously been outlawed as a punishment in the justice system or in schools, but courts have scrupulously steered clear of pronouncing on smacking within the family. Keightley, however, was blunt about the effect of her order reaching not only into the home, but overruling religious belief. “The removal of the defense will not prevent religious believers from disciplining their children. It is so that they may have to consider changing their mode of discipline, but in view of the importance of the principle of the best interests of the child, this is a justifiable limitation on the rights of parents,” Keightley said in a lengthy judgment. “This is a case where I am satisfied that it is permissible to require religious parents who believe in corporal punishment to be expected to obey the secular laws, rather than permitting them to place their religious beliefs above the best interests of their children.”

Keightley said that parents who did hit their children would not be criminally charged “willy nilly”, but would be diverted to existing intervention services. At the same time she found that the state should be “empowered, rather than shackled, by the arsenal at its disposal to investigate, prevent and protect children from harmful and potentially harmful situations”. The court had been considering an appeal by a man identified as YG against his conviction in a magistrate’s court for assaulting his son and wife. YG said he had caught his 13-year-old son surfing pornography after circumventing their home internet security system. As a religious Muslim man, YG said, he felt it important to teach his son that pornography is wrong.

He assaulted his wife later the same night in what he claimed was self-defense. She is described as weighing between 40 and 50 kilograms. His son reported YG for assault, and his wife is in the process of divorcing him. Keightley rejected YG’s defenses, saying he had kicked and punched his son in what was “without any doubt” assault, and that his wife had not been the aggressor.In considering YG’s defense of reasonable chastisement, Keightley asked interested parties to make submissions on reasonable chastisement, and heard arguments from The Children’s Institute, the Quaker Peace Centre, and Sonke Gender Justice, all opposed to corporal punishment. Social development minister Bathabile Dlamini also made a submission strongly in support of removing the defence.

Non-profit organisation Freedom of Religion South Africa (Forsa), which claimed to represent six million religious people, argued to retain the reasonable chastisement defense. “Forsa explains that its interest in the matter lies in that millions of believers believe that the scriptures command reasonable and appropriate correction of their children,” Keightley summarised the position of the organisation. “Thus, for millions of believers, child correction, including physical chastisement at times, is a central to their faith. They submit that the court has a duty to respect and protect the religious convictions and beliefs of those believers who follow this tenet.”

The defense Forsa fought to retain is sometimes called the moderate chastisement defense or the disciplinary chastisement defense. It protected parents who would, if they meted out the same treatment to an adult, be liable for conviction on common assault, as long as their treatment of their children was reasonable. The reasonableness of the discipline was measured against the nature of the infraction by the child, the motive of the person punishing, the force used, the object used to punish, and the age, sex and build of the child. Once a parent raised the defense, the state was obliged to prove that the punishment had exceeded the bounds of reasonableness. But that offended the Constitution Keightley found, including by making children “second-class citizens” with less protection in law than adults treated in a similar fashion.

AGAIN these judges make decisions that will have far reaching effects on the discipline of our communities. The destruction of discipline  started in our schools at first- then shifted to public places- now it finally invaded our homes- step by step these liberals are destroying our societies. Already our youth are cultivated in an environment of crime and brutality in the streets- and now by making irresponsible judgments like this for the general public rather than concentrate on the merit of the case at hand- Keightley and Francis created another dangerous situation whereby children now can oppose the discipline in the community. Even in nature animals have a disciplinary code of conduct and adolescent young animals regularly are disciplined- many times “spanked” by their parents in order to force the young animal to step in line with the hierarchy to keep the order in the pack.

We can only take a quick look at the situation in the Cape Flats- where parents lost control of the young generation what the outcome of irresponsible judgments such as these leads up to. 90% Of the young generation in the Western Cape – especially Cape Town- belongs to gangsters. These kids do not receive disciplinary correction at home any more- and the gang related violence are tearing the communities apart. The kids quickly realized that their parents cannot control them anymore- thus a culture of “Kidz rule- Parents drool” took control of the youth in the Western Cape. Parents are standing helpless as their kids run rampant in the streets- assaulting and killing innocent people. Children do not have a sense of responsibility adults have- and by taking away the one thing they fear most- a spanking- will cultivate disrespect for law and order.  Already by removing disciplinary codes of conduct from the schools created the  violent society South Africa experience today. Today we observe multiple cases where children disrespect and even assault their teachers in class- yet this same “laws” these judges pass are not there to protect the teachers against these young bullies.


From parliament to schools lol

Posted by Sunil Behari on Tuesday, October 3, 2017




And we as the society will oppose judgments like hers to create little monsters who will destroy our societies this way….law or no law!!

Now judges like Keightley brings that same evil culture into our own homes whereby the child now can/may assault his parents. The kid will not face criminal charges the same as an adult – as he is still deemed as a “minor.” AND they quickly learn to know their “ indemnity” against reprisals from the so-called “wrist-slapping” “law.” So children now will have a free hand in assaulting their family members without fear of reprisal. To run to the “law” helps nothing- as capitol punished also already were out-ruled and now corporal punishment also took the same direction with judgments like this Worse is that gangs run the show in the prisons- and the children become real hard-ass criminals once in prison. Still wonders why our prisons are so over populated? It is because of judgments like these.


This is PRECISELY what happens if we as societies allow misdirected judgments and “laws”  to interfere with our discipline of our children at home….they step out of line- and start challenging the parents for supremacy! This is against the law of nature and only will end in disaster.

“Community duty” also is totally useless as a deterrent as the kid does not fear any harsher reprisals- and return to proceed his/her bad habits after the so-called “community duty “ time was done.  Judges like Keightley’s judgement  therefore create a new generation of young undisciplined thugs that will one day become adult thugs. When you start meddling with the social structure of a community you are stepping on very dangerous grounds that will have serious consequences two or three generations further down the line.

Jody Kollapen and his  misdirected “Human Rights “ gangsters already added more confusion to the disciplinary code of conduct by stating that kids now have the right to charge their parents when spanked. There is a difference between a spanking and an assault. Mr. “YG” obviously did not qualify in the criteria of “spanking“- what he did was a direct assault on his wife too. To now come and “generalize” that no parent may spank his unruly bad ass brat anymore as it will be deemed an “assault” based on Mr. YG’s conduct– borders to direct irresponsible judgement and an infringement of the private domestic discipline administered  at home.Instead of concentrating on the merit of the case- Keightley generalized and handed down a judgement that will have dire consequences in our private societies.

Personally I will not adhere to such illogical judgments- and if my kid pulls “bad ass” on me or try to undermine the discipline in my house- I will grab him by the scruff of his neck and give him a what for whacking- judgement or not. This judgement is a direct assault of the private disciplinary code of conduct which the parent has the full right to to keep their children in line with the community hierarchy. Without punishment there will be no respect. Without respect there will be no order. Without order there will be chaos and we will cultivate a generation of lawless hooligans in our communities – as this already happens currently across our country and in our street whereby innocent people are assaulted and murdered by gun toting youngsters as young as 13 years. Judges like Keithtley must be very careful when they hand down judgments that will have an effect on our social structures in future.


As for me personally: Sorry judge Keightley- I will ignore your irresponsible judgement. Where it comes to the upbringing of my kid you as government and all you judges are way out of your depth. Stay out of our private social structure and how we raise our kids- that is NOT negotiable- judge or no judge. Threatening me with jail sentence is not going to work either- never threaten us when it comes to raising our kids. Where kids are genuinely abused by their parents- it is totally another case scenario and the regime ( if they have time in-between plundering our state coffers) can step in. But when it comes to normal punishment- you , your government – and all the liberal wrist-slapping pink judiciary brigades  step out- PERIOD!

By spanking my kid I teach him discipline and respect. If my kid rebel against my authority- he will be spanked- and if he proceed on his rebellious path- he will be kicked out of my house and then you or the “law” can come and pick him up, look after him- pay for his bad habits- and punish him your liberal way! By leaving that kid to proceed on his mischievous and many times destructive manner will only affect the rest of my family and also put pressure on us as a family-which without doubt will lead to constant confrontation within the family circle.

One rotten apple will become a lot of rotten apples in our homes. This will create stressful and many time very expensive situations on other family members. One unruly kid constantly is looking for trouble with other family members- and constant fighting and scolding erupts until family members cannot cope with the stressful situations this kids create at home anymore- which again can cause this evil to escalate beyond the family circle. Many parents with uncontrollable children in their homes knows precisely  what I am talking about and can identify themselves with it. If you do not bend the tree when it is young- it becomes a real big tree with real bitter fruit that  you will not be able to eat anymore. How many parents already have been abused by their rebellious offspring due to this liberal mind-set from judgments like this? The neo-cons will tell you that the kid “has a problem.” Freakin right he /she has a problem! They are getting out of line and rebellious! Ninety-nine percent their little friends at school taught them that way! After one or two good spankings that problem will quickly resolve itself.

And the “law” with all their clever judges will not come to the rescue and save your family from falling apart because one kid create problems inside your family circle. To come around and tell us to take the kid to a psychiatrist is straight forward a bag of bullsh*t- as again the parents must fork out thousands of dollars in session after session with this expensive quacks- and medicine that become addictive to the child. Now we created a real little monster that cannot survive without his/her medicine- one evil leads to another. On the end of the day that child in any case grow up to become another problem for society- and any case ends up in the slammer because his parents did not discipline him at home.Many libs will tell you they never spanked their kids and the kids grew up to be such “lovable” creatures. If that was the case- how come we today are sitting with this huge crime and drug problem among our children then? That “lovable” kids are far in the minority.

My dad use to whack me some good- and through fear of a spanking I was too afraid to become rebellious and cocky. He was the disciplinary tool in our home that kept law and order among our society. Now this liberal-based judgement want to take away that one solid structure? To always reason worst case scenario and try to make us believe we are “abusing” the child every time we spank him/her- really is the pits of stupid ideologies. I never thought of being “abused” when my teacher or my dad whacked me. That also prevented me from doing things unlawful. Today I am very glad that old man kept me on the straight path. Judgments like this plant seeds of destruction in the minds of our children and teach the child that his “rights” allow him/her to do whatever they want- challenging the hierarchy at home- and venture into life threatening situations such as drugs and gangsterism- precisely what is happening in many of our major cities.

A good spanking never “psychologically “ destroyed a child before. That is a piece of neo-con liberal propaganda trash. It was only when this liberal “human rights” advocates came into power that the real problems in our social structures started. They created chaos in our homes and family circles. All this neo-con crap of “other means” such as taking his/her cell away, etc is downright a bag of bullsh*t. It never works- trust me! My advise to parents is to disregard this illogical judgement- and whack that little bugger good if he/she steps out of line.