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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria November 08   2017






SOUTH AFRICAN state hospitals generally are in a state of chaos and degradation- this is literally not a state secret anymore. State hospitals in South Africa have long been in the spotlight for their disgusting filth, their incompetent and lazy BEEE staff, their below standard services, insufficient medical stock due to government plundering- and also the rife clandestine naked racism against especially white patients in these hospitals.

With below average competent and poorly trained BEEE staff pushed into key positions through “crash” courses they now are not fit to occupy- their criminal government that plunders the state coffers empty- and continues “budget cuts “ that became the norm of the day due to these plunderers in high positions- the general standards of South African hospitals like most of the state-run departments dropped from a once proud state machinery to  slum-like human butcheries that would even force a tear in the eye of Dr. Frankenstein.

In the latest incident that went viral on the social sites involving  a white woman that became terminal due to a burst ulcer- the true reflection of this useless and careless BEEE incompetents was exposed of what really goes on behind the walls of this government human abattoirs. The daughter of the elderly female patient in the State-run Pelonimi hospital wrote the following on the social media:

”  This is the state of our disgusting Government hospitals! This one in particular is Pelonomi government hospital . A friend of mines Mom has a burst Ulcer. This happened YESTERDAY morning!!! It is now 16:36,the 4.11.2017 and STILL has not been seen to. The mom was also placed in a bloody storeroom, like seriously WTF???When asked for help etc…the tonsil goes and watches a movie. It is a place you go to die!!! Not to be helped
” It’s now 17:45, the same guy watching the movie and claimed he didn’t know anything, says “Oh we forgot about your mother” they have only now given her Pre Op medication. Today 6.11.2017, post op, my friends mom is in copious amounts of pain and been treated soooo badly . I am waiting for more details. Her daughter is in tears!!!



Message received from daughter @ 12:33 6.11.2017:

I have seriously had it with them… last night at 21:30 my mom phoned me crying they are making fun of her and she said they want to poison her . She understood there language so she was in a state. She is there right now and NOT allowed to see her mom…they claim to be” busy! ” This morning 7.11.2017. A cleaning crew appeared, not sure if due to the shares of this post. My friend went back at 14:00 after clean up…”clean videos and pics attached”.




In another incident  a patient at St Mary’s Hospital in Pinetown died hours after she was humiliated by a nurse on Monday afternoon. A video of Nozipho Ngcobo, 43 – a nurse from Hammarsdale – went viral on Facebook as well after being posted on Tuesday by a patient who occupied a bed opposite her. On Wednesday, the video had been viewed more than 640 000 times, was shared 1 405 times and amassed 873 comments. The nurse can be heard telling the bedridden Ngcobo to use a bedpan to relieve herself. She warns Ngcobo of possible bedsores if she continues using nappies and that she must remember that she has more responsibilities and children waiting for her.



The nurse shouts at Ngcobo and does not draw the curtains while changing her nappy. The patient who shot the video said she was traumatized by what she had witnessed. She asked not to be named because she had already received threats for posting the video. The hospital had also instructed her to remove it from her wall.


Posted by Nkulie Nonkuleko Nkuleko on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

“I was in disbelief that a nurse could treat a patient with such lack of compassion. When she drew her last breath, the patient must have had the nurse’s image in her mind,” said the patient. She said her traumatic stay at the hospital forced her to discharge herself on Tuesday. “I’ve seen it all. During my stay, this was the third patient to die in front of me. The latest patient died in the early hours of Tuesday and remained on her bed until daybreak. “I was not getting any help for my severe headache, so the thought of spending another day at the facility was too much for me to bear,” she said.

Before Ngcobo died, she was on a nebuliser and foaming at the mouth. When it was discovered that she had died, the nurses drew the curtains and left her on the bed. The patient said: “Public health care facilities prove not to be reliable and we go there because we can’t afford the private facilities. I left that hospital before I could get my blood results so I don’t know how I will find out what I’m suffering from.” Ngcobo’s daughter, Asanda, said her mother had returned to KwaZulu-Natal from East London because of ill health. She had pneumonia.

This was her second week at the facility, and we have since discovered that she was not taking her pills and there was no explanation from the nurses for that. She was not getting decent treatment. The family is devastated,” Asanda said. She said they also found that her mother’s two cellphones were missing when they collected her belongings. “This hospital and the department have a lot to answer for,” she said. On Wednesday she received a call from the hospital, saying that the management wanted to meet her. “I told them where to get off. They have to pay for the humiliation they put my mother through. That nurse displayed cruelty towards my mother,” she said.

Health Department spokesperson Sam Mkhwanazi would not comment on the two patients said to have died in the ward before Ngcobo. In a statement later, the department condemned the nurse’s conduct and said the hospital’s management was dealing with the matter according to the department’s disciplinary procedures. It said: “The nurse appears to be addressing the patient in a manner that does not convey empathy.” Democratic Nurses’ Organisation of SA provincial chairperson Sibonelo Cele said they had raised a number of issues with the department, including working conditions, staff shortages and medical equipment, “but not all is attended to”. “This will cost the department dearly and it’s up to the leadership, political and administratively, to fix the problem.” (Link) 

THIS people- is what happens all the time in the black ANC-run hospitals in South Africa. These hospitals used to be professional institutions that could perform mostly any operation, service or emergency with the utmost care- yet today most of them are destroyed by your so-called “democratic” alien demagogy in control. Many patients have not enough money to pay for the exuberant racketeering private hospitals- especially many whites that are being pushed out of the job market by Rob Davis and his merry band of commi gangsters and are forced to put their chances (and their lives) in the hands of these half-wit BEEE butchers.

YET the leftist anti-white media in South Africa and all their non-white racist reporters – as malicious and devious trash as they are- would rather race-driven concentrate on blacks in coffins, poor black “victims” in SPUR restaurants, whites that “bump” blacks off vehicles- and any place elsewhere where it appears that a “poor” black are remotely “mistreated ” by whites-  but NEVER will be near where multiple  black butchers are killing white farmers every day, whites  being verbally abused on social sites for “hate speech”, white ladies knocked unconscious and put in coffins, farmers dragged behind vehicles, old white women raped,  burned with hot irons, tortured with drills, hot oil poured on them , suffocated with plastic bags, drowned in boiling water, shot in cold blood- or where half wit BEEE Zerg broodlings posing as “nursing staff”  maltreating  and neglecting whites in state hospitals. So-called white “racism” is the main topic for these sub-standard media hounds from hell- and reporting on black racism a definite out of the question topic which only can be whispered about in dark alleys and “speak easies” due to a racist anti-white regime ban on reporting black on white atrocities.