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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank November 18   2017







NOW we all know that for the black man in Africa land is power..and the more land – the more power.The whites don’t measure power with land ownership because during the oppression under the British Empire the poor Boers lived and died as slaves working the land under sometimes cruel British landlords. Hence the Great Trek. Whites buy a house and car,-  educate their children – and find peace in this. Only white farmers are land owners .

Most of the time they produce Smallholdings that are not big food produces- so they tend to be country homes for peace and a few animals.Blacks on the contrary love land ownership- purely just to feel the power it brings to them- and most of the time they live on huge farms as though they were on  smallholdings….until that power is finally transferred to the black elites under the cloak of “land revolution.…private property- everything eventually lands in the pockets of these black “elite” vultures. Thus the African Revolution goes on for more than 400 years now- and the killing goes on. None of these pieces of land ever was/were bought- but obtained through scrupulous racketeering. The white man with his laws just happen to make it so much easier to steal land from the rightful owners. You simply fabricate a “law” to do that. No more clan wars and the unnecessary killing of your own clan during this wars. You only get a devious Jew lawyer that could fabricate a “law”- push it through your parliament- and there you are! Robert Mugabe just showed us how it has been done again. AND then we silently wonders about the 4000 plus farms under ANC control? So how much land is not owned by the political elite??

Now we can understand the ANC/EFF’s zest to invade white farms in South Africa. The black rule is simple: He who owns the most land is the most powerful. Thus the ANC and the EFF now have a competition running just who will invade the most white farm land- that would determine who will run the country. And to obtain that land from the white- you simply use the white’s law against himself. For this reason whites were disarmed in order to be defenseless against the attacks endured on a weekly basis by black gangs. This is a psychological warfare to drive whites off their land so the demonic black “elite” can obtain that farms. To support that the ” Land Restitution” law now are being passed in order to obtain land NOT procured through farm attacks and invasions.

Let us have a look how Robert Mugabe progressed with his land invasion programs this past 30 odd years- and how much he himself raked in:

Mugabe owns 13 farms. Team Lacoste releases shocking details of farm ownership in Zimbabwe.
1. Gushungo Estates 4046ha Mazowe
2. Gushungo Dairies 1000ha
3. MazoweIron Mask Estate 1046ha
4. Mazowe Sigaru Farm 873ha
5. Mazowe Gwebi Wood 1200ha
6. Mazowe Gwina Farm 1445ha
7. Banket Leverdale Farm 1488ha
8. Banket Highfield Farm 445ha
9. Norton Cressydale Estate 676ha
10. Norton Tankatara Farm 575ha
11. Norton John O’Groat Farm 760ha
12. Norton Clifford Farm 1050ha
13. Norton Bassiville 1200ha


Alamein Farm 1300ha Beatrice

Gijima Lodge xxx Hwange

Marula Block 36 2034ha Bulilamangwe


Joseph Made
Tara Farm 840ha Odzi

 Emmerson Mnangagwa

Sherwood Farm 1600ha Kwekwe

Francis Nhema
Nyamanda 1000ha Karoi

Stanislaus Mudenge

Chikore Farm 760ha Masvingo

Kembo Mohadi
1.Jopembe Block 3000ha
2. BeitbridgeBenlynian Range 3200ha Beitbridge

Patrick Chinamasa

1.Tsukumai 800ha Headlands
2. Nyamazura 1260ha Rusape

Hebert Murerwa

Rise Holm 1100ha Arcturus

Ignatius Chombo

1. Allan Grange 3000ha Banket
2. Oldham 400ha Chegutu
3. Shingwiri 1600ha Chegutu

Webster Shamu
1. Lambourne Farm 1340ha 2. SelousTobacco Estate 900ha Chegutu

Obert Mpofu
1. Young Farm 2300ha Nyamandlovu
2. Umguza Block 39, 40, 41 6200ha
3. UmguzaAuchenberg 1026ha Nyamandlovu

Sithembiso Nyoni
Fountain Farm 3100ha Insiza
Walter Mzembi
BW Farm 720ha Masvingo

Nicholas Goche
Ceres Farm xxx Shamva
Savior Kasukuwere

Conucorpia Farm 100ha Mazowe

Didymus Mutasa
Harmony Farm 500ha Mazowe

*Sydney Sekeramayi* Maganga Farm 620ha Marondera

Edna Madzongwe
1. Aitape Farm 2000ha Chegutu
2. Coburn Estates Plot 13A 560ha Chegutu
3. Bourne Farm 445ha Chegutu
4. Mpofu Farm 1200ha Chegutu
5. Stockdale Farm 750ha Chegutu
6. Reyden Farm 1340ha Chegutu


Constantine Chiwenga

Chakoma Estates 1276ha Goromonzi

Perence Shiri
1. Bamboo Creek 1950ha Shamva
2. Eirin Farm 1460ha Marondera

Augustine Chihuri

Woodlands Farm xxx Shamva

Paradzayi Zimondi
Upton Farm 1029ha Goromonzi

Happyton Bonyongwe

Thetford Farm

Henry Muchena
1. Serui Drift 1500ha Chegutu
2. Abu Basutu Swallowfork Ranch 2711ha West Nicholson

Elson Moyo
Daisy Farm 1600ha Chegutu


Godfrey Chidyausiku

Estes Park 895ha Concession

Luke Malaba
Marula Block 35 1866ha Bulilamangwe
*Paddington Garwe*
Faun Farm 760ha Chegutu

Antonia Guvava
Harndale Farm 1000ha Chegutu

Mafios Cheda
Marula Block 37 3039ha Bulilamangwe

Ben Hlatshwayo
Kent Estate 800ha Norton
Charles Hungwe
Little England 6956ha Makonde

Chitakunye Alfias
The Grange 1300ha Chegutu


David Karimanzira
Arcadia Farm 1300ha Marondera

Cain Mathema
1. Gwayi Ranch 4600ha Gwayi
2. Umguza Block 3700ha Umguza

Chris Mushohwe
Kondozi Farm 400ha Odzi

Titus Maluleke
Clipshap Farm 3000ha Masvingo

Thokozile Mathutu
1. Dete Valley Farm 2800ha
2. Anthonia Extension 6500ha Umguza

Angeline Masuku

Wollendale Farm 3000ha Gwanda

Cephas Msipa
Cheshire Farm 2100ha Gweru


Reward Marufu(Grace Mugabe’s late brother)
1. Leopards Vlei 1294ha Glendale
2. Kachere Farm 880ha Mazowe

Sabina Mugabe(Robert Mugabe’s Late Sister)
1. Mlembwe Farm 1037ha Makonde
2. Longwood Farm 924ha Makonde
3. Gowrie Farm 430ha Norton

Leo Mugabe (Robert Mugabe’s Nephew)
1. Diandra 815ha Darwandale
2. Bangladesh 1200ha MhanguraJourney’s E

And each youth is just demanding for only 200 square meters of land.


THIS is the vile anti-white hippocricy in South Africa- was it whites that advertised “Jobs or death” this way-  all hell would have broken loose in the skunk media and political circus in Cape Town!This is a DELIBERATE instigation to a civil war- but the clown Mnxitama gets away with it! 


In South Africa things are not so “kosher” as well. The ANC “elite “ are gearing up to rake in land and property ownership among the ” brothers” and  “sisters” as well. We already knows Tokio Sexwale owns many hectares of land such as the prestigious Bloemendal wine estate in Durbanville in the Western Cape.  Zuma himself has a lot of land in his pocket in Kwa-Zulu Natal- and Cyril Rhamaphosa owns shares in the Lonmin mine group.

Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti helped an ANC comrade take over a R97- million farm in Limpopo, which then fell into ruin, reported the Sunday Times. The minister denied wrongdoing to the newspaper. “Bekendvlei Farm was bought for R97-million and handed over to Errol Velile Present, who had been working at Luthuli House for more than 10 years, and his partner, businessman Moses Boshomane, to manage,” reported the newspaper on Sunday. “The senior department official had prioritised the deal by bypassing required procedures. A day after the deal went through.” Nkwinti was the speaker at Present’s lavish wedding. “Neither Present nor Boshomane had an ancestral claim to the farm. They also had no experience in agriculture.”

The newspaper said the farm was bought by Nkwinti’s department, although it was not subject to a land claim, and handed over to Present and Boshomane to manage. Although the department spent another R30-million on running costs, the farm workers were not paid for five months and the farm became run down.“About 3 000 cattle, worth almost R18-million, were sold off, machinery disappeared and crops died,” said the newspaper. Nkwinti eventually evicted the men in March last year. The minister’s involvement was exposed in a forensic investigation by auditors Deloitte, with a draft report in May last year recommending that Nkwinti be charged with corruption, but the final report in November does not mention Nkwinti or recommend any action against him.(Link)

So the ANC “elite” follows close in the footsteps of the typical African land lords.   White farms are procured ( on tax payers cost)– and then given to the new black “elite.” In a written reply to a parliamentary question by the DA, it came to light that since 1996 the ANC had spent R21 billion acquiring 3.4 million hectares of land. The illegal African National Congress government is withholding the transfer of 1.4 million hectares of land to its rightful owners, the Democratic Alliance said .

In a written reply to a parliamentary question by the DA it came to light that since 1996 the ANC had spent R21 billion acquiring 3.4 million hectares of land. However, only two million hectares had been transferred, meaning that only 59 percent of land had been transferred to people while 41 percent had yet to be transferred.

“The delay in the land restitution process is a clear indication the ANC-led government is not serious about ensuring that our people get the land. Land restitution is merely thrown around by the ANC to play with people’s emotions in a desperate bid to gain votes. They are not really serious about transformation,” Steyn said. So here we have the illegal ANC Africans already planning to “skim” off some of that land to the cronies and cadres. And steal land from whites through illegal scrupulous laws they will.  Jacob Zuma already suggested that “black parties” should have united to pass the motion and create “the legal institutions to address the problems we have of inequality, poverty and unemployment”.

Land redistribution is being held up by owners unwilling to sell their property or farmers setting unreasonable prices for their land — and this must be changed, ANC Limpopo chairperson Stan Mathabatha told the Mail & Guardian. “The kind of compensation that is given to Van der Merwe must not be dependent on Van der Merwe, it must be dependent on government, based on the valuation conducted by government, not these independent valuators who will come and tell you about the market forces, which are never definite,” said Mathabatha.

In a February speech, Zuma suggested that expropriation without compensation is constitutionally “acceptable.” Recent ANC decisions on land reform and expropriation have committed to replacing the “willing buyer, willing” seller policy with “just and equitable compensation”.Does this not much sound like Mad Bob’s rhetoric that landed Bob and his cronies with half of the country belonging to the “elite” and Zimbabwe in the starvation basket as well? 

Sipho Mbuso wrote in News 24 the following:

There can only be one reason why  Jacob Zuma and his loyalists lie about the real facts about black participation in the economy and land reform: they’re using emotive and populist issues to mobilise around in order to divert the attention from their greed and corruption.

The lie that has been repeated so often that it is now widely regarded as fact , is that white South Africans control 90 percent of the economy. The real situation, as was confirmed  in an opinion piece by the deputy minister of finance, Mcebisi Jonas, is that 50 percent of the JSE’s capitalisation is foreign owned. Some of the largest segments of “white monopoly capital” are listed primarily on foreign stock exchanges. In fact figures show that SA blacks own 24% of the JSE capitalization, and SA whites 21%. The Public Investment Corporation is the biggest single investor in the economy with the R1,8 trillion in the pension funds of civil servants (overwhelmingly black) it controls.

Economist Mike Schussler wrote  that the gap between the income of white and black households had shrunk by 40 percent over the last nine years. That is radical progress. The significant difference in education levels between black and white partly explains the income gap, Schussler says. Blame the past, of course, but also the monumental failure of the governments since 1994 to manage education and skills training.

Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration Ayanda Dlodlo wrote in City Press that the state only owns 14 percent of the land and that 97 percent was in white hands. This is a truly wonderful statistic, as 97 + 14 = 111 % . Even a grade 5 pupil knows that the sum cannot be more than 100 %. These figures given are no more than blatant lies.

The total land surface of South Africa is 122 081 300 ha. 25% is controlled by the state, 15 % is communal land in “homelands” and other reserves, and 10 percent consists of conservation areas or property of the SANDF, the SAPS and other national or provincial departments. i.e. 50% not in white hands. Another 3 million ha would have been transferred to black owners through the land restitution project, but these beneficiaries preferred financial compensation – over 90 percent of claims, according to the president’s State of the Nation Address. All this at a cost so far of R 8 billion. This annoyed Zuma, who urged people to take the land rather than the money because “it perpetuates dispossession”. He seems to choose to disregard the fact that two out of three South Africans live in cities in towns now. They would prefer urban land, houses, better services and education rather than to go struggle as farmers. That’s why most of them took the money.

One also has to factor in the land that has been bought by black individuals and black-owned companies on the open property market. Further, a significant number of white farmers have engaged in share schemes for farm workers, meaning they eventually end up owning 50 % of these farms. In addition large land reform projects have been undertaken by private farmers and agri-business.

Hundreds of ANCWL supporters cheered and chanted that they loved and supported the minister of social development outside the gates of the Constitutional Court. The women, who are Sassa recipients, were dressed in African National Congress colors. Some older women who were using crutches told News24 that they had come from as far as Klerksdorp in the North West. “I believe in Bathabile. She has never lied to us. I don’t have any doubt that I will receive payment on April 1,” said 78-year-old ANCWL member Betty Sebotso.

These women are completely unable to comprehend that Bathabile Dlamini has defied the most powerful court in the country, by not following its instructions to get a supplier through a competitive bid situation, as prescribed for all State Procurement. Her reluctance to get rid of Cash Paymaster Services screams to the fact that large scale corruption is involved, where she must benefit handsomely at Taxpayers’ expense. This uneducated thinking among most of the black voting public, has given the ANC a huge open cheque book on corruption, maladministration, incompetence, and self-enrichment by those in charge. No accountability of Government Ministers is ever called for or demanded.

Robert Mugabe is promised  more land to the country’s former freedom fighters, telling those who have not yet benefited from his land program to “indicate” which farms they prefer, ahead of next year’s elections, July 2018. The majority of war veterans no longer support his candidacy. He is desperate to rectify this as he moves on to his desired 5th term as President. He knows the economic situation of the country continues to deteriorate. Severely, therefore, he has nothing to campaign with. The completely disastrous indigenisation and land redistribution mantra has passed its sell-by date and people want food on the table.

In wooing the war vets and promising to address their grievances, he wanted to bring back an important part of the machinery that has kept him in power for all these years. The war vets are particularly important in that they have significant influence in the military, police and intelligence, as well as strong connection in the rural voter base. More importantly for him, they can be easily used as tools for violence when the need arises. Violence is always part of Mugabe’s power retention strategy. At its height, Zimbabwe had 250 000 whites as compared to a black population of about 15 million. He was very successful in chasing most of the whites out of the country. Zimbabwe, from being the bread bowl of Africa, is now one of the poorest countries in the world. And Zuma, Malema, Nxitama et al want South Africa to  head that way too. 

There is so much farming land lying fallow in this country, especially in the former homelands, that it is a complete joke. Rather than develop farms out of virgin bush, it is far easier to take a fully developed profitable farm away from a white man. Throughout the history of the world, land possession has changed ownership. Must Australia be given back to the Aborigines, must America be given back to the Red Indians, and must part of Europe be given back to the Vikings and the Romans? Must Iceland be given back to the Eskimoes? Farms change ownership on average every 11 years. They are therefore no longer owned by those whites who first occupied the land. The new owners paid hard cash for the farms, why can’t aspiring black farmers also pay for their farms?

 It will be very interesting for aspirant blacks to walk onto farms own by militant white Afrikaner Boers, and tell them they are taking the land without compensation. The Boers will form large, very heavily armed military commando units, and dare them to go ahead. I can very easily see the white Boers attacking military bases and arming themselves with tanks, armored vehicles and field artillery items, as well as attack helicopters, and possibly a few Grippons here and there, to be flown by ex Air force pilots. Never ever underestimate the will of the White Afrikaner Boer to protect his paid for farmland. In America, only 3% of the population are farmers, the rest work in towns.

Has anyone ever done the sums about this highly emotive land ownership issue with the blacks saying they must take back the land from the whites so that they can all prosper from land ownership? At present we have 40 000 commercial farmers in SA. Let’s say these are mostly whites, as blacks have dismal record at successful commercial farming. The ANC policy is that 30% of the country’s commercial farmers be black. i.e. that relates to 12 000 farms being taken from whites and given to blacks. The latest buzz is this is to be done without compensation. History has shown that 9 out of 10 farms given to blacks fail within months. i.e. that leaves 1200 successful black commercial farmers surviving. With the present black population, that means 0.003% of the black population are now proud owners of ex white farms. What do the remaining 44 998 800 blacks get from the deal? Absolutely nothing. No farm, no land, nothing. Is it worth destroying the whole agricultural food potential and production of SA, for so little gain? Makes no sense to me at all.

This whole land issue is nothing more than revenge and blatant racism against the whites. It just sounds right and feels good, to have more black farmers than white in the new South Africa, even if it leads to massive starvation of the population. In such an instance, the black people will simply call on WHITE Food Relief Agencies to assist them on humanitarian grounds.” (Link)

Meanwhile the murders on white farmers proceed unchecked. Nobody bats an eyelid at the horrendous culling process going on in the white farming community. Even the United Nations– that devious bunch of useless liberal greedy kleptocrats– brushed the motion on white farm murders aside without even blinking   an eye. So whites- please do not bargain on these international mass murderers to listen to your plea. You’ll have to sort out your problems the “Boer” way- it seems. ( Link) 

My view is that those “Boers” better not let these African plundering thugs take their land as they did in Zimbabwe. When the time comes- unite- and like Sipho Mbuso said- go grab that arsenal from the Defense Force Depots and a few Grippens “here and there“- (many thieves did so in the past in any case)- and give this criminal government a bloody hiding they already are long overdue!  Let the land war start. They will try to intimidate you with their useless police and defense forces- but once you start fighting back- these cowards- like their government- will start running like scared rabbits. Many black Nguni tribes like the Pedis and Shangaans will join you- as they also hate this ANC commi trash just as much as you do.

SOURCE- White Nation