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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria December 06   2017






SUGAR TAX- The “new kid” on the South African Revenue Service’s list to pop you yet another hole in the purse. BUT this latest racketeering scam of SARS is not something new. “ The origins of sugar tax  date back to the 1950s, when Coca-Cola began intense marketing campaigns in Mexico. By the 1970s, sodas were well established as components of daily cultural life,” writes the nutritionist and campaigner Marion Nestle in her book Soda Politics, published last year in the United States of America.

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) today passed the tax on sugary drinks, which is part of the Rates and Monetary Amounts and Revenue Law Amendment Bill. This marks the end of 18 months of negotiations on the tax that included four public hearings and a negotiation process in Nedlac. The tax, due to be implemented on 1 April 2018, will see the price of a can of Coca Cola increase by around 11%.

SA on the “right ” path

We applaud Members of Parliament for putting the health of millions of South Africans before the narrow interests of the beverage and sugar industries,” said Tracey Malawana, coordinator of the Healthy Living Alliance (HEALA). “Thanks to Treasury and MPs, South Africa is on the right path to reverse the alarming numbers of diabetes cases and other NCDs associated with obesity. We now look to the President to sign this important law without delay. “ Initially Treasury proposed a tax of around 20% on a can of Coca Cola. The current tax will levy 2.1 cents per gram of sugar on all sweetened drinks, with the first 4g of sugar per 100ml exempt as an incentive to encourage industry to reformulate its drinks to reduce their sugar content.

A victory for public health

South Africans are among the top 10 consumers of sugary drinks in the world, and research has shown that drinking just one sugary fizzy drink a day increases ones’ chance of being overweight by 27% for adults and 55% for children. Diabetes alone claimed more than 25 000 lives in 2015, and public health facilities reported seeing 10 000 new diabetes cases every month last year. “While the tax is a victory for public health, it is around 11% on a can and we would like it to be strengthened to 20% to really deter people,” said Malawana. “We will also be monitoring how the proceeds of the tax are used to ensure that government uses the money for health promotion.”Over 30 countries worldwide are taxing sugary drinks, and South Africa joins Portugal, India, Saudi Arabia and Thailand who have passed similar taxes this year.

But let us follow the money-line of Sugar tax…TAXTAXTAX

The design of the tax has been revised, the treasury said, with the tax rate now set at 2.1c a gram of sugar content, down from 2.29c/g under the first iteration of the proposal. Importantly, a new threshold has been included, and the tax will only apply to sugar content in excess of 4g/100ml in each drink. This means a 330ml can of Coca-Cola, containing just over eight teaspoons of sugar, will cost an extra 46c. Aviva Tugendhaft, deputy director of the health advisory programme Priceless SA, said the initial proposal amounted to a 20% tax on sugary drinks but the revised proposal takes the rate closer to 10%. “We are happy that the tax is still going ahead and we believe a tax at that rate will still have an impact.” She said a 20% tax could have had a greater health benefit.

According to Priceless SA’s presentation to Parliament, a 20% tax would prevent a quarter of a million people from becoming obese. Priceless SA (Priority Cost Effective Lessons for System Strengthening South Africa) is made up of Wits University School of Public Health, the Medical Research Council and the Wits Unit in Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research (at Agincourt in Mpumalanga). Although the tax will raise revenue — how much remains to be seen — for the taxman, it is designed as a measure to curb wider costs to South Africa’s healthcare system. Obesity is linked to the rising epidemic of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The healthcare spend on diabetes was estimated at between R11-billion and R20.5-billion in 2010.

The treasury also said in the budget review that a broader World Health Organisation (WHO) definition will be applied to cover intrinsic and added sugars in sugary beverages.  This, according to treasury officials, means any sugars, including naturally occurring sugars such as those derived from fruit or fruit juice concentrates added to sweeten drinks, will be also be taxed. Milk and 100% fruit juices have been exempted from the tax for the time being, in line with other countries that have applied a similar levy.

But the treasury has said the inclusion of 100% fruit juiceswill be considered in future” because many health experts have argued these juices have the same or very similar health consequences as those of sugar added to soft drinks. The announcements on the tax coincide with new reports that a 10% tax in Mexico has driven sustained decreases in the sale of sugary beverages after it was implemented in 2014. Taxed beverage sales in that country declined by 5.5% in 2014, and 9.7% in 2015, or an average of 7.6% over the period, according to research published by health policy journal Health Af fairs. Sales of untaxed drinks increased on average 2.1% over the same period. Under the budget’s revised proposal half of the proposed tax rate will apply to concentrated beverages. SOURCE

SO– do you follow the money-line? Did you count how many times the term “tax” appeared in this article? These pigs are so arrogant they even tell you what this whole ATM racketeering scam from the Zionists and their laptop regime is all about….TAX! It’s got nothing to do with cool drinks, obesity- or even caring about our “health.” It’s all to do with TAX. This Zionist scam and “carbon tax” was the two evils that lingered for a couple of years now. If the friggen Azkenazi open his mouth- the first word leaving his lips IS “TAX.” 

The libworks think we are a bunch of monkeys by trying to throw “figures” and “obesity” in our faces in order to psi-ops us into believing we are fat- and cool drinks are the reason why we are “obese” – and we are about to succumb to heart failure or cardiac arrest. This groundless rhetoric started way back in America when the Jews also screwed  the poor naive Americans into stuffing millions of dollars in Mr. Jew’s arse through “taxes.” Especially where WITS is involved- you can bet your old aunt Tilly’s arse it’s one helluva concocted conspiracy to mindf*ck you into departing with your hard-earned money again!

What a lot of liberal bullsh*t this is! But anything to get us to again start coughing out TAXES. WHO– on the end of the day- will benefit from all these TAXES you may ask. The answer is simple- the JEWS and their laptop regime. The same goes for their hoax “carbon tax” to stop us “damaging” the ozone layer with our vehicles. HOW the HELL does carbon dioxide– the most heaviest gas in the world – got up to the stratosphere and attack the ozone- and how the hell will TAX supposed to “prevent ” the carbon dioxide getting waaaaay up to the ozone- or repair the so-called holes in the ozone? The biggest contributors of carbon dioxide are VULCANOS– and that natural occurrence has been happening for ages – even before the shrewd Jew entered the “cradle of mankind.” Will they now start to tax mother earth as well? You follow my drift? 

For your information- cool drinks or sugar does not lead to obesity or cardiac problems. Where are the days long gone by when they advocated sugar is  healthy and our bodies need that sugar to give us energy? Now all of a sudden it’s “dangerous” and make us OBESE? WTF? We get obese by EATING the wrong stuff. Our EATING habits – all that yummy FAST FOODS (especially Pizzas, Schwarmas, Cake, Tards, Spagetti, Macarni, Noodles, etc)  makes us obese and lead us to encounter cardiac arrests- not cool drinks!

Are they now going to tax sugar , honey, cakes, tarts, sweets, chocolates , etc as well? How come is it just cool drinks that now all of a sudden be taxed? Because the friggen AMERICAN Khazaars  set the hoax in motion years ago – and South Africa is the bum nugget of the West? Sugar in any case turns into acid when inside our bodies. So how the hell can acid turn you into an obese pachyderm? Can this clever libcompoops in WITS explain THAT to us? BEWARE South Africans- your illegal communist mamparras are about tho screw you six ways again!