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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA  December 10   2017








ANOTHER police officer was involved in the shooting of an unarmed man- and got away scott-free with first degree murder! . Arizona police officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, a bespectacled Ramboesque nerd of a cop, was one of six Mesa police officers who had their guns drawn on Daniel Shaver after they ordered him out of his hotel room last January.

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Shaver and his wife Laney Sweet in happier times

“Show us your hands,”–  they first shouted. “Place your hands behind your head,“- they then ordered. ” Place your hands on the floor and come crawling to use, “- they then commanded. Shaver, a 26-year-old man who only moments earlier was showing his pellet gun to a couple of new acquaintances he had met in the hotel, began crawling towards the cops.

At one point, it appeared as if his shorts began slipping off and he instinctively reached back to pull them up, but a Mesa police sergeant told him not to do it again because it can be perceived as a threat. “Please don’t shoot me,” Shaver begged as he kept crawling. But his shorts kept slipping, so he reached back again to pull them up and that was when Brailsford fired five rounds from his personal AR-15 rifle with the words “You’re Fucked” inscribed on it, killing Shaver instantly. One bullet struck Shaver in the back of the head. Another stuck him in the upper back. Another ripped into his upper chest. Another tore into his lower leg. And another grazed his cheek.

The autopsy report indicates that Shaver had his head down on the carpet for those two bullets to enter the back of his head and upper back. Brailsford would later tell investigators that watching Shaver crawl towards him wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts was a “terrifying” experience each time he reached back to pull up his shorts, which you can see in the photo above, were not tightly fastened. But his body cam footage convinced Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery that there was no need to kill Shaver – which is why the other five cops held their fire – and charged him with second-degree murder.

Philip %22Mitch%22 Brailsford2

This Is How Mesa Police Officer Mitch Brailford Looked The Night Of The Shooting.

Today, Brailsford is due in court for a preliminary hearing where a judge will determine if second-degree murder is the appropriate charge, for which he has already pleaded not guilty.

Shaver’s widow, Laney Sweet, said in March that they plan to offer him a plea deal that would reduce the charge to negligent homicide, which would not be the appropriate charge considering it is geared towards individuals who accidentally kill another person through negligence.

Brailsford meant to kill Shaver. That’s what cops are trained to do. And that is what Brailsford apparently could not wait to do, carrying his personal AR-15 even though he had a loaded Glock in his holster. A personal AR-15 with the words “You’re Fucked” inscribed on the side. He wanted to send a message. That much is clear.



This Is How He looked today In Court.

But he is the son of a longtime internal affairs officer from the Mesa Police Department and we know how the justice system works, which is why it would not be surprising if he is offered the negligent homicide charge, which could leave him with a light probation sentence.

Mesa police are already claiming Shaver was “highly intoxicated. “ And his autopsy states he had a blood alcohol content of .29, which is more than three times the legal limit – a figure the local media ran with.However, the autopsy was not conducted until four days after the shooting, which means the figure could be a “false positive” because alcohol can continue fermenting in the body post mortem.

In fact, numerous studies can be found on the internet determining that alcohol readings on bodies can only be trusted within 48 hours of death. According to Atlanta attorney Ken Shigley, who simplified it best:

As discussed in a recent article by forensic scientist Jim Wigmore, over half of postmortem blood is not sterile, and contains bacteria, yeast or fungi. In addition, postmortem blood sugar (glucose) concentration can be 7 to 10 times greater than blood before death. Fermentation is the formation of alcohol from sugar.  Yeasts can convert 100 milligrams of glucose into approximately 40 to 50 milligrams of alcohol.  Bacteria and fungi generally can convert 100 milligrams of sugar into 10 – 20 milligrams of alcohol.

During fermentation other volatile compounds such as acetaldehyde and n-propanol are produced and may assist in the determination of elevated blood alcohol scores due to fermentation or putrefaction.

It has been well established for many years that:

  1. Blood alcohol levels at autopsy are valid up to 48 hours after death when solid protocols are observed in the collection and storage of samples.

  2. Alcohol levels in samples of blood taken from the intact heart are as significant as levels of blood from the femoral veins.

  3.  False blood alcohol levels greater than 0.200% can be generated in autopsy blood samples which are not correctly stored.

  4.  High blood alcohol levels may develop during putrefaction and levels up to 0.200% do not necessarily indicate that alcohol was imbibed before death.

  5. Significant false high blood alcohol levels do not develop during incineration in absence of putrefaction.

However, the man and the woman who were with Shaver in the hotel room in the moments leading up to his death said that he was very drunk. In fact, they did not even know him until he met them in the elevator and invited them to his room for a shot of Bacardi. That was when he showed them his pellet guns, which he uses to shoot birds that fly into Walmart. A specialized job that took him from Texas to Arizona. In the room, Shaver and the other man were pointing the weapon out the window, checking out the scopes, which led to a couple downstairs to call the front desk, who in turn, called police.

But Arizona is an open carry state and guns are common, so it does seem like it was an overreaction just based on something somebody saw through a window. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has refused to release the body cam footage, but Sweet’s attorney, Ben Meiselas, said it should be released . Below is a video from Laney Sweet where she talks about her frustrations about not being allowed to see the body cam footage, which includes a secret recording she made of the prosecutor, which is legal in Arizona.

Here is a link to Laney Sweet’s Go Fund Me page.




Brailsfort in court- protected by his lawyer. union- and police buddies…cleared of 1st degree murder

Click here to listen to Brailford’s interview with prosecutors. And click here and here to listen to the statements made by the man and woman who had been in his room. And click here and here to listen to the 911 call and police radio chatter as they respond to the scene and react to the shooting. enclosed in a red box.
SEE VIDEO OF THE SHOOTING: https://youtu.be/Cz5am_saaJk

An Arizona judge finally released body cam footage from the shooting death of Daniel Shaver, which led to murder charges against Mesa police officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford. However, the videos are edited, removing the actual shooting of the unarmed man who died begging for his life. But we already know Brailsford shot and killed Shaver after he was ordered to crawl towards police on his hands and knees. And we already know that Brailsford was the only officer out of six that felt “compelled “ to shoot.

Two videos were released, the first one showing officers arriving to the hotel, the second one showing officers standing in the fifth-floor hallway, ordering Shaver and his acquaintance to step outside. “Listen to my instructions or it’s going to be very uncomfortable for you,” one cop yells. The video then cuts to a clip showing the woman asking the officers if Shaver is dead, telling them she is very scared. “It is unfortunate that the Mesa PD coverup continues,” said Shaver’s widow, Laney Sweet, in an email to Photography is Not a Crime. “My husband was brutally murdered while he begged for his life. Redacting the evidence won’t change the facts.”

Daniel Shaver head2



Daniel Shaver chestDaniel Shaver faceDaniel Shaver legDaniel Shaver hallwayDaniel Shaver body



Mitch Brailford’s Arizona police union buddies have no problem using Facebook to slander the unarmed, dead-man that one of the Mesa Police shot in the back and killed, and whom prosecutors say, “didn’t do anything wrong.” Prosecutors asked a judge seal the body cam video of Shaver being killed this week.

And they have repeatedly denied Daniel Shaver’s widow the right, to even see for herself the damning footage of her husband’s last moments, which will in all likelihood result in the killer cop’s criminal conviction, based on the Prosecutor’s plea deal offer. The DA’s crazy theory, heard in the video going viral that you can see below, is that by the widow seeing the evidence, it would then let her speak truthfully to the press about her husband’s death, and that is somehow wrong.





Doubtless, Mesa Police officers have seen the footage, they investigated the incident. Maricopa County Prosecutor Bill Montgomery had a conversation in mid-March describing victim Daniel Shaver thusly to his widow (time 5:42 see below):

“What happened that day was the responsibility of the police officer. Your husband didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t. He was trying to comply.”

Now, the Mesa Police Association boldly claimed this on its Facebook page today in a thousand word rant, which can be seen in full below that:

“Mr. Shaver committed a felony by recklessly displaying a dangerous instrument (ARS 13-2904A6).”

Meanwhile, Maricopa County Prosecutor Bill Montgomery is trying to give disgraced Mesa Cop Mitchell Brailford a quick ‘get out of jail free card’-style plea deal from second-degree murder to “negligent homicide “ charges, rather than let the officer stand trial. Widow Laney Sweet recently hired prominent plaintiff’s attorneys from California, the Geragos & Garagos law firm, who just filed legal action to give her a seat at the table under the Arizona Constitutions “Victim’s Bill of Rights” and state statute.


Autopsy Image Showing Victim Daniel Shaver Shot In Back.

“It’s a disgusting and depraved post by Mesa’s police union,” said Geragos lawyer Ben Meisalas,and indicates that the Federal Department of Justice should be brought in to investigate both this incident and the department.”

The Arizona police union has also sifted through the mountain of evidence, doubtless with a team of lawyers, and is convinced that the important thing isn’t that their officer shot a man in the back who begged for his life and failed, but rather that Daniel Shaver was intoxicated – lawfully – in his own hotel room at night, when the incident began and he followed officers dictates to the letter, saying:

“After an autopsy, it was discovered that Mr. Shaver’s blood alcohol content was a .29, almost four times the legal limit of intoxication of a person driving.” Except that he wasn’t driving.

The Arizona police union continued to say:

“We believe if not for the actions of Mr. Shaver, this incident could have been avoided. Unfortunately, there were consequences to Mr. Shaver’s actions, and he paid the price.”


An Arizona prosecutor was caught on audio recording telling Daniel Shaver’s widow that he would suppress videos her beloved husband’s death, because she might share them with the media.Mesa Police meanwhile fired Phillip Mitchell Brailsford for killing Shaver and numerous other violations.


Laney Sweet– embittered by the blatant murder of her husband by police- yet they get away with it. The police are nothing less then appointed “guardians” and “ legal” assassins of the “deep state.”

That’s how the Mesa Police Association is defending Officer Brailford, who had inscribed “You’re Fucked” on his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which he selected for its useful “long range” in the crowded motel hallway.

“The Mesa Police Department and its Police Association should be disbanded and re-constituted,” said the attorney Meisalas noting the disbanding of West Valley Utah’s corrupt narcotics unit as an example, or Camden, New Jersey as another, “If they’re going to support murder, then this is going to happen over and over again. If this is their public stance, imagine what they’re saying in private.” They must be stopped.”


Daniel Shaver was a pest control specialist with an air rifle for work. Mesa Officer Mitchell Brailsford’s Sergeant ordered Shaver to crawl towards them on his hands and knees.

Victim Daniel Shaver.

Victim Daniel Shaver.


When Shaver got close, Brailsford lost situational awareness. The Arizona cop later admitted to police investigators that he “thought ” the unarmed citizen was trying to get into “better firing position” while crawling compliantly towards the officers. Shaver died on his hands and knees, while begging for his life, when the Mesa cop shot him five times with an AR-15 rifle from a distance of just under 13 feet. You can read the legal objection which the widow filed below, opposing the Prosecutor’s motion to seal the video, which Sweet argues “was not, and is not, approved by the Victims or filed for their benefit.”


But, the  600 officers represented by the Mesa Police Association police union can rest assured, their police union would defend them no matter how grotesquely horrendous their crime. The Mesa Police association President Nate Gafvert can be reached here by email: president@mesampa.com


AS expected- the police union covers for their paying members. Across the globe we read of this “rambotesque” police officers who act on instructions of their globalist masters- and treat the public like animals. Their job IS dangerous- take that not away from them- and they face multiple dangers every day which threatens their lives- but in this case FIVE officers showed discipline by  restraining themselves from shooting Shaver- only Mitchell Brailsford- without receiving any orders   from his sergeant- or really been threatened by a pleading Shaver as he had FIVE back-up officers – opened up fire like a real cowboy with his multiple shooter . He seems to be the ONLY one that felt “threatened” by Shavers “sudden” move. This is totally unacceptable– but then again- working for the “deep state”- these officers have a “licence to kill.”