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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Cape Town December 10    2017






IT was with much amusement when I read about the next halfwit-in-line hopeful Nkosazana Clarice Dhlamini Zuma and her racist anti-white fustian tirades to score some cheap political points again. Whoever thought that this numskull ex of Jacob ever could lead a country as “president” really must make an appointment to have his brain analyzed for serious mental deficiencies. But then again nobody will choose her out of free will- logic and sanity sometimes prevail now and then in this old country. But her “appointment” also will not come by “democratic” free choice- but rather is carefully “planned” behind a cloak of conspiracy- as the ANC mob generally  operates.


The poor sub-schooled sod has lashed out at white people for criticizing radical economic transformation (iow black racism against whites in the job market) – and saying it is meant for ” looting the state.”  ( She must have been out of the country too long to have missed her ex-hubby’s state capture and looting together with his New Delhi pals!) She was speaking on Sunday at her farewell prayer in her hometown of Bulwer in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands ahead of the ANC national elective conference at Nasrec in Johannesburg this coming weekend. Dlamini-Zuma said white people “ were the ones who had looted and even stolen the land from black people. ” “We are not talking radical economic transformation because we want to steal. We want people to get their land back. There is no dignity if people do not have land‚” she said. Dlamini-Zuma said should she be elected as ANC president she will “ take white people on a bus to show them how black people live in informal settlements. ” “I will show them that those people live worse than their dogs‚” she said.(Link) 

NOW this is quite some interesting arguments this poor left-over of a by-gone-era nincompoop left us with to ponder about.

Firstly: It is quite obvious this “has been” ex target of Jacob’s sharp spear are trying the age-old commi trick of whipping up some sentimental “feelings” among the black radical populace to “unite” against a “common enemy”– the whites again – using whites as the scape goats in the hope to rally the black masses behind her fat overstuffed derriere.

Secondly does she show us she is a naked racist that does not waste any time in starting yet another anti-white race divisional political spectacle.

Thirdly does she verify the allegations that she is a superb class act clodpate that does not even know her history very well- but merely start to sing the same counterfactual rhetoric as her class act clown husband Jacob and his padawans Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama about the whites that “ stole the land.” . It appears ol’ Robber Mugabe’s ghost affected many poor ill-informed Africans than those three anti-white hell-raisers!. For someone that apparently obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a  MB ChB at the University of Bristol– she really sounds like a mamparra on steroids. It became the cultural norm among African politicians to start “blaming the white” whenever they want some political recognition.

Fourthly does she do the current illegal ANC communists in control a bit of collateral damage by stating a “fact” that she want to take whites on a bus tour through black informal settlements to show them that blacks in general lives much worse than “their dogs.” OUCH!! What she then factually say is that under the current ANC rule most black people ( as the majority lives in black settlements by own choice due to all the “free-bees” ) – still lives in worse conditions than dogs belonging to whites! Now THAT is a huge bitch slap in the face of her ANC buddies! That means that the ANC rats is incapable of looking after their own kind and after 20 years of black rule blacks are much worse off than under “apartheid”– for under “apartheid” blacks in South Africa had the highest living conditions per capita of all blacks across Africa! Can one “has been” really be so stupid? Then she babbled on about how “they”  can make a difference to the lives of the people who are “suffering”. Again she now admits that blacks are “suffering” under her own ANC incompetent plundering  buddies.

South African cartoonist Zapiro puts the Zuma cartel in one single neat picture!

But then again one has to look at someone’s past in order to determine his/her future- not so? Dlamini-Zuma courted lots of controversy, however, by advocating a controversial anti-HIV/AIDS drug named Virodene. Furthermore, she was in charge of the Ministry of Health during the Sarafina II scandal, in which government funds of R 50 million were deemed to be “misallocated.” What in reality happened was the funds was there to do research on HIV AIDS programs- but Zuma puled a …well- er...”ZUMA” stunt- and R 50 million simply “disappeared” into thin air.

How did it “dissappear”…or being ” misallocated” – here is a few items on the list:

R520 000 for principals;

• R499 200 for subprincipals;

• R900 000 for “subsistence” at R50 per person, 50 people, 365 days a year;

• R300 000 for four security guards;

• R60 000 for dry cleaning;

• R120 000 for telephones; R32,000 for two cellphones;

• R960 000 for accommodation for the cast and crew;

• R1 070 000 for a luxury air-conditioned bus with toilet;

• R600 000 for a 24-tonne truck tractor and semi-trailer ; and

• R300 000 for a mini luxury 18-seater with air-conditioning.(Link) 


In Sarafina II, the historical groundwork for the ANC’s contemporary contempt for constitutionalism was laid in the concrete in which it has been trapped every since. And at the heart of it all was Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Of her many failures in the Sarafina II matter, perhaps the most egregious was  Dlamini-Zuma’s misleading of Parliament. As the public protector’s report pointed out, the information given to Parliament and released to the public through press statements, was often false, exaggerated or misleading. But there were no meaningful political consequences for her.

She was not charged and brought before a court in custody like me and you would have- but got a soft “slap ” on the wrist and quickly moved a-laANC-style to become minister of Foreign  Affairs! So we got another (Zuma) thief preparing her fat pachyderm arse for the top seat- it appears. Now AGAIN she is caught up in controversy while polishing her back-side for that hot seat.  Chief Whip of the African National Congress (ANC) and staunch Cyril Ramaphosa supporter Jackson Mthembu has claimed that the Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma camp are attempting to ‘buy their delegates’ in a desperate bid to edge ahead in the ANC presidential race…iow Jacob’s nanny are now busy bribing the stool pigeons to vote for her. (Link)

Similar of which claims have also been made by ANC presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu. Despite her not being the biggest fan of Ramaphosa, she is a critic of both Jacob Zuma and his ex-wife Nkosazana.

South Africans have long suspected that Jacob Zuma is pushing Nkosazana  to become the next president as part of a plan to protect the extended Zuma family. In October Nkosazana’s name appeared on a list, along with other members of the Zuma family, that was circulated among UK and European politicians. She stands accused of money laundering – which is pushing funds acquired through the proceeds of crime through the global financial system. Her supporters have denied she has committed any financial crimes, though they all happen to be within the Zupta clique and have also been tainted by graft. Dlamini-Zuma backers argue that the accusation is a plot by foreign intelligence operatives to interfere with internal ANC business. However, prominent British politician Lord Peter Hain is the person who has blown the whistle on Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. His information comes from individuals in South Africa. Lord Hain has impeccable credentials . He has called on the authorities in the UK and Europe to investigate Dlamini-Zuma and for global banks to stop doing business with individuals on the list. Another logical next step would be for governments to impose sanctions on South African politicians who have helped to raid state coffers and shift the proceeds elsewhere.

In letters to UK Chancellor Philip Hammond and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Hain provided details of individuals who should be investigated for “industrial scale” money laundering. The names include Jacob Zuma and some of his current wives, including Gloria Ngema-Zuma and Thobeka Madiba-ZumaThere are many people with the surname Gupta on the list, plus associates of the crony capitalists like Eric Wood of Trillian and former Eskom and Public Investment Corporation boss Brian Molefe.

Lord Peter Hain,  who became a Labour Party cabinet minister and is now in the House of Lords.

Hain has also put the spotlight on corporate evil-doers KPMGMcKinsey and SAP – all of which raked in huge sums by facilitating business dealings of the corruption-tainted Guptas – and global banking giants HSBC and Standard Chartered, which appear to have allowed the laundering of the proceeds of crime.   Dlamini-Zuma’s backers have labelled reported links between her and alleged illicit flows of funds by the Gupta family as a “clear” attempt to block her from ascending to the party’s top post, reports News24.

Kebby Maphatsoe, who was among the leaders who flanked Dlamini-Zuma during her presidential campaign rally in Evaton in the Vaal on Sunday, said the probe was a case of foreign intelligence services ” interfering in the ANC succession debate. ‘ ‘  They are interfering in internal affairs of the ANC, to determine who is the next president of the ANC, because they don’t like Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma talking about radical economic transformation,” Maphatsoe said. Other Dlamini-Zuma backers – who have all been implicated in the Gupta-Zuma state capture scandal – also rallied to her defense. Notorious Free State ANC chairperson Ace Magashule said South Africans were not stupid and could see that it was a “clear” attempt to block her. Why, now that Nkosazana is contesting the leadership of ANC. I don’t think we will be fooled. At all times, people have been blamed, attacked and tarnished. I think it is for NDZ to stay focused,” News24 quotes Magashule as saying. Dlamini-Zuma – as expected- has denied the alleged links, said News24. The former African Union chairperson released a statement on Friday in which she claimed that she was unaware of Hain’s letter. (Link)  It is then no wonder Dlamini-Zuma avoided commenting on her name appearing on a list of 27 alledged criminals, who may have benefited from corruption, linked to the controversial Gupta family.

YIP- THAT sounds like the Zuma cartel all-right!! BUT as we by now know how the Zuma octopus operates- we know that all ventures are done with a pinch of corruption- and Nkosazana’s political “rise” also is not with a pinch- but rather with a spade  from the start with bags of corrupt “planning.” ” A major cabinet shake-up is on the cards, with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma expected to be named as a new minister. According to a report by the Sunday TimesDlamini-Zuma will be named the minister of Higher Education,( May God have mercy on the poor children’s’ education) –  after which it is believed the plan is for her to be the one to announce “free education ” ( paid by the dwindling taxpayers) at tertiary level and win over voters.

However, a source close to Dlamini-Zuma said that she had only discovered through the media that she was being deployed to parliament. According to a separate report by the City Press, insiders also confirmed the move, saying that making Dlamini-Zuma a minister would pave the way for her to take over leadership of the party, and make it easier for Zuma to step down in early 2018. (SURE– and the treasury stays firm within the grasp of the Zuma-clan.) This was “the plan all along”, insiders said, adding that a serious shake-up of the ANC’s parliamentary caucus will soon follow, likely to get rid of Ramaphosa supporters, including the outspoken ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu. These rumors were confirmed by a National Executive Committee member (NEC) who said they were “not ruling out that possibility.”  (Link) 

However– let us not blame Nkozana Zuma- as she only portray the true nature  of her corrupt husband and his ANC plunderers’ pillaging quest of the state coffers. But she still say people can accuse her of many things, but not corruption. ” I’m not corrupt and I don’t loot,” Dlamini-Zuma tweeted. ( That R 50 million seem to have “disappeared” from her selective mind- we presume.) But even blacks do not trust this slick Zuma chick.  Twitter users, however, replied to Dlamini-Zuma that she was compromised by the people she surrounds herself with.

@Pheli7812 tweeted “: As long as you are friends with your ex-husband’s crooked friends, we can’t trust you. You’ll owe them and have to defend them the same way he does.”

Koketso Rantlhwatlhw (@KRantlhwatlhw) said Dlamini-Zuma will eventually be corrupted. “The only reason they are pushing you to become the ANC leader is merely to loot, nothing else,” Rantlhwatlhw said. Bully for you Koketso!!

AND lord Zuma will make sure he appoints a committed thief as CIC to proceed his own legacy by plundering the state coffers, venture on sleaze secret deals, sell the country to foreigners, blame the whites for everything- AND ensure his own black arse are saved from prosecution by being granted ” indemnity” by his successor to go spend that billions he stole from the taxpayer at leisure on his Nkandla estate.  So- do you really think his ex- ” pompie” will not follow his personal instructions when he hands her the top seat on a platter when he eventually “resigns??” He is a slick bugger and will make sure he pull the poor naive South Africans another last mickey before he leaves- trust me! Nkozana’s blabbering is simply another political bag full of hot (Zuma)  air.


No automatic alt text available.

BUT– let us have a quick glance what really happened under the “Teflon Don” and his ANC cartel and just how this mafia mob of slum lords ran their “hood” into uncountable self enrichment this past  15 odd years- a cartel Nkozana was a full member of :

BUT FIRST- LET US HEAR WHAT MANDELA PROMISED- AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTERWARDS…(Please pay special attention to his promise about the corruption, the president paying taxes, the fat cats- and the gravy train.)


En die regte mense het toe nooit hierdie greep gesien nie!!!!!! Donner tog!!!!!!Vriende, dit wil julle graag sien!!!!!!

Posted by Jack van Niekerk on Sunday, July 30, 2017

NOW- LET US SEE HOW MUCH OF MANDELA’S PROMISES CAME TRUE- AND WHAT HAPPENED IN THE ANC AFTERWARDS….the corruption, the president paying taxes, the fat cats- and the gravy train…

  1. Multi-billion $ Arm’s deal
  2. E-tolling
  3. Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla Homestead Project (Project Prestige)
  4. Nkandla Freeway Project
  5. Misuse of the plastic bag levy funds
  6. Police Buildings and the exorbitant lease saga
  7. Travelgate
  8. Tony Yengeni’s arrest
  9. Jackie Selebi and everything about the trial
  10. Jackie Selebi’s parole
  11. Shabir Schaik’s trial, during which Zuma was implicated but no prosecution followed
  12. Schabir Shaik’s parole on medical grounds, but suddenly, he has fully recovered
  13. Richard Mdluli’s slush fund
  14. Richard Mdluli’s abuse of safe houses
  15. Richard Mdluli’s travel agency scam
  16. Richard Mdluli’s abuse of state owned vehicles
  17. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang’s liver transplant
  18. Nathi Mtethwa’s private residence upgrade with public funds
  19. Julius Malema’s Limpopo feeding program
  20. Ntau Letebele’s transport tender in Limpopo
  21. Julius Malema’s transport tender in Limpopo
  22. School feeding schemes in the Eastern Cape
  23. Ms Dina Pule and the ITC Indaba
  24. Limpopo textbooks saga
  25. Moses Kotane Development Agency corruption
  26. Msunduzi municipality officials using more than R1m of taxpayers’ money to fund an ANC rally.
  27. Mthatha corruption case over fraudulent legal jobs didn’t exist
  28. Ekurhuleni municipality corruption in awarding water meter contracts to Lesira-Teq
  29. Thaba Chweu local municipality’s misuse of R3m in 2009
  30. Endemic corruption at Nala Local Municipality to the point that treasury have cut them off
  31. Desiree Tlhoaele’s axing after going after corrupt officials in sports, arts and culture
  32. Viking testing station’s corrupt examiners
  33. Police officers Linda Mlambo and Mahlang Shaku fraudulenty conning motorists out of cash
  34. Sandton officers arrested for corruption after extorting money from a motorists
  35. Willie Hofmeyer’s axing
  36. Mvula Trust and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs’ job creation fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of rands
  37. Government’s endemic over-use and over-pay of consultants
  38. Glynnis Breytenbach’s axing
  39. The spy-tape saga
  40. Thosan Panday corruption in KZN
  41. KZN’s misuse of R785m in 2011
  42. Madibeng municipality awarding millions in tenders to its own employees
  43. Madibeng municipality’s taxation scam with its employees
  44. Madibeng municipality paying money to fictitious companies for fictitious work
  45. Madibeng municipality paying for funerals that never took place
  46. Madibeng municipality paying for home renovations for its employees
  47. Taung municipality paying triple digit increases without consultation
  48. Morake Incorporated Attorneys & the Rustenburg provincial department – R13m paid in fees for a disciplinary hearing
  49. Endemic corruption at Mbhashe municipality to the point of the mayor and 7 others being fired
  50. Corruption exposed by SIU at Rustenburg and Madibeng local municipalities
  51. Corruption exposed by SIU at Moses Kotane
  52. Corruption exposed by SIU at Bojanala District
  53. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ventersdorp
  54. Corruption exposed by SIU at Greater Taung
  55. Corruption exposed by SIU at Tswaing
  56. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ramotshere Moiloa
  57. Corruption exposed by SIU at Mahikeng
  58. Corruption exposed by SIU at Dr Kenneth Kaunda District
  59. Corruption exposed by SIU at Maquassi Hill
  60. Corruption exposed by SIU at Moretele
  61. Corruption exposed by SIU at Lekwa-Teemane
  62. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ngaka
  63. Corruption exposed by SIU at Modiri Molema District
  64. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ditsobotla
  65. Corruption exposed by SIU at Kagisano
  66. Corruption exposed by SIU at Kgetlengrivier
  67. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ratlou
  68. Corruption exposed by SIU at Dr Ruth Mompati District
  69. Corruption exposed by SIU at Naledi Local Municipality
  70. Awarding of tenders to Vivian Reddy following Zuma intervention
  71. Twenty five cases, involving R768 827 043 in KZN in 2010 alone
  72. The Glen Agliotti case
  73. Diverting of public funds to Swazi King
  74. Diverting of public funds to Robert Mugabe
  75. Diverting of public funds to Zanu-PF
  76. Funding of military equipment in Zimbabwe with SA public funds
  77. Zuma’s corruption in numerous cases prior to his presidency
  78. Fraud, corruption, tender-rigging, kickbacks and irregular appointments at Tshwane municipality
  79. Endemic corruption at the heart of Mpumalanga municipality including physical violence to avoid publication of facts
  80. Public Works’ endemic misuse of public funds for private residences of government officials, disguised as security upgrades.
  81. Public Works leasing back property from its own employees for official use, while footing the initial bill too
  82. BEE fronting for SAPS land deals outside of the main contract for PTA head office through Roux Shabangu
  83. R2.4bn in improper bonuses paid out by SABC to directors
  84. SABC paying fictitious staff
  85. ANC controlling SABC with threats of fund withdrawals
  86. SABC awarding tenders to its own employees
  87. Ekurhuleni employees signing off on deals that do not exist
  88. Land fraud in KZN worth R50m involving three officials and a businessman for farms and other properties
  89. Department of arts and culture misuse of R42m during the soccer world cup
  90. Loss of dockets relating to high profile corruption cases
  91. Education department officials involved in examination selling
  92. Parastatals’ inflated sponsorship of events hosted by the Guptas and New Age
  93. New Age website having massive funds diverted its way from government budgets without readership stats to speak of
  94. The City of Johannesburg rigging a large tender in favour of Regiments, an ANC-connected empowerment firm central to a consortium that made the JHB mayor’s wife a *multimillionaire.
  95. On-Point Engineering securing Limpopo tenders through Julius Malema and his accomplices
  96. Amathole district municipality awarding irregular tenders relating to vehicle tracking
  97. John Block’s R112m tender fraud relating to water purification equipment
  98. Gaston Savoi’s R112m tender fraud relating to water purification equipment
  99. DoC official awarding R500k tender to his wife
  100. Martin Masemola from Dept of Minerals & Energy receiving financial kickbacks and land for favours to friends and family
  101. Bosasa and Correctional Services corruption to the tune of R3bn in tender rigging
  102. Public Works corrupt relationship with Saab and the blacked out agreements that not even they are entitled to
  103. R63 million tender fraud at Limpopo traffic department involving Mbhazima Sithole, 45, Felix Baloyi, 34, Mphateleni Musubu, 43, and Lufuno Muladi, 27, all directors of various companies that secured tenders illegally
  104. Gauteng Finance dept awarding R23m in IT tenders fraudulently
  105. Kelly Group securing labour broking tenders worth R372m by BEE fronting
  106. Eastern Cape health department and their tender fraud worth over R800m in just one single case
  107. Obed Mlaba securing tenders to the value of R3bn in KZN
  108. KZN misuse of public money to the tune of R532m in 2009
  109. Public Works in Limpopo involved in tender fraud for undisclosed sum late last year
  110. Tshwane kickback scheme for tenders to the tune of R1b
  111. Tshwane maladministration in their financial dept for undisclosed sum
  112. Philemon Mohlahlane (ex Land Bank CEO) embezzling R19m out of the Land Bank for his personal and business use
  113. Prestige Portfolio tender corruption at Public Works as investigated by SIU (this appears to be linked to Project prestige – Zuma’s development)
  114. Bobby Motaung’s multi-million rand fraud involving stadium tenders
  115. Ekurhuleni Metro IT tender for R21m that was used to buy Porsches and Mercs
  116. Limpopo transport tender fraud of R63m
  117. Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale’s influence in awarding tenders
  118. Buffalo City Metro tender fraud of R12m
  119. Ekurhuleni Chief Financial Officer Mr Zakes Myeza, Chief Director Water and Sanitation Mr Slindokuhle Hadebe, Acting Head of Department of then Roads and Stormwater Mr Moses Maliba, Junior Official Water and Sanitation Ms Nomusa Malimabe and Independent Contractor Mr Miyelani Holeni’s all involved in tender fraud worth R166m
  120. Julius’ cousing Tshepo Malema involved in corruption and fraud through the government worth R63m
  121. Pikitup tender fraud relating to contracts awarded through City of Johannesburg for undisclosed sum
  122. Vivian Reddy’s company awarded an inflated contract of R1.25bn for smart electricity meter reading in Joburg despite never having done anything like it before
  123. Xhariep district mayor Mongi Ntwanambi’s fraudulent travel expenses claims costing half a million rand a year
  124. Free State Government paying R140million for their website created with a $40 WordPress template
  125. Limpopo Health’s unaccounted for R739m tender spend for 2012
  126. Gauteng Health’s R1bn corruption in 2010
  127. ANC’s investment body, Chancellor House, receiving yet another state tender worth billions of rands
  128. ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, receiving millions from the Medupi and Kusile deals
  129. ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, to benefit significantly from R40bn Eskom tenders
  130. The spending of more than R13.5m on Nomvula Mokonyane’s home. A home that was purchased for R11.5m
    Zuma’s position weakens as he loses battle to keep ‘spy tapes’ under wraps
  131. Bankrupt SAA
  132. Bankrupt Post Office
  133. Bankrupt SABC
  134. Corruption and takeover of the Media
  135. The Gupta’s
  136. FIFA
    137 Bankrupt Eskom
    138 Bashir saga
  137. Northern Transvaal budgeted R10m for a recent festival in Pietersburg; Western Transvaal budgeted R16,7m for their festival while the Eastern Transvaal spent R14,5m. The Free State, however, runs ahead with R42,5 million for festivals for the 2017/18 financial year.In total, the refinement exceeded R80 million – money that could be used to provide basic services or maintenance work. 
  138. Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba implicates an unnamed minister and a deputy minister in a decision taken by the then ANC-led council to purchase a fibre network for almost R200m.
  139. SANDF waste R 100 billion on advertisements– but have no money to get their non-existent navy back to sea.
  140. WOW– and Nkosazana are complaining that blacks in informal settlements  lives worse than the dogs of whites??!! Now we can precisely understand why!


No automatic alt text available.



The ANC incompetents and their run-down municipalities

The Gauteng Provincial Government is hampering service delivery in the province’s municipalities as it currently owes a collective amount of R622 105 203.30 to local governments. Home to the most affected residents, DA-led metropolitan municipalities make up the lion’s share of this debt. ANC-run Emfuleni, Merafong City and Rand West City owe millions of rands to both Eskom and Rand Water. Emfuleni is already experiencing a decrease in water pressure as Rand Water has restricted flow due to the large debt the municipality is battling to service.

Gauteng MEC for Finance, Barbra Creecy, along with Cooperative Governance MEC, Paul Mashatile, have done very little in turning around the fortunes of these local municipalities and assisting them with servicing the debts they owe. These local municipalities should have been placed under Section 139 administration to ensure that residents do not continue to suffer under ANC mismanagement. Both MEC Creecy and Mashatile refuse to take this step because of the embarrassment it will cause to the ANC in the province, as it tries to give off the impression that it has a good story to tell.

If MECs Creecy and Mashatile cared as much for the residents of these municipalities as they did for the image of the ANC, then they would take decisive action and ensures that monies owed were paid timeously to ensure service delivery does not grind to a halt and that basic constitutional rights of residents are not threatened. The DA will write to MEC Creecy to ensure that these monies are paid as soon as possible because the effects of non-payment will be detrimental to the well-being of residents. (Link)

Denel has no money to pay December wages. SA has no money to pay January salaries. SAA is only paying salaries because Gigaba gave it R5.2bn. SABCNewsOnline has no money to pay salaries right now. Post office, PetroSA bankrupt. ” Radical economic transformation ” this!

[12/14, 12:34] Thousands of former and current councillors throughout the country stand to lose their pensions as the municipal councillors pension fund (MCPF) cannot account for over R 140 000 000

So what happened to Mandela’s promise about the end of corruption, the president paying taxes, the fat cats- and the gravy train today? Zuma must have missed this interview.


So is Phapano Phasha saying that source of South Africa's combined problems is white people? If all white people left South Africa tomorrow would South Africa be miraculously healed? Zimbabwe tried that & it didn’t work. "Monopoly Capital is the enemy of revolution" – Phapano Phasha "Mainstream media is owned by the same people – who control the economy" – Phapano Phasha#ANCconf2017Via Salaamedia

Posted by CICA – Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness – South Africa on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

So is Phapano Phasha saying that source of South Africa’s combined problems is white people? If all white people left South Africa tomorrow would South Africa be miraculously healed? Zimbabwe tried that and  it didn’t work. “Monopoly Capital is the enemy of revolution” – Phapano Phasha “Mainstream media is owned by the same people – who control the economy” – Phapano Phasha

If it seemed unthinkable for Mugabe to be removed, the same could be said of Zuma. Rumors persist he may delay or collapse the ANC’s elective conference in December if he sees his preferred candidate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s chances fading. And even when Zuma is finally removed, South Africa will sit with a similar problem to Zimbabwe. Too many greedy politicians have built their careers on Zuma’s ticket. Their sticky tentacles of corruption will continue to cling tightly on to the structures of power. Zuma is busy preparing that last mickey for the populace- as they already are gearing up for the next move- to call a police state into action if Nkosazana loose the election- ( as Rhamaphosa who is a Ndebele already is leading he voting ahead of NZ who is a Zulu)-  which immediately will deem the election nul and void and keep Zuma in power as all civil laws will disappear under Zuma’s state of emergency laws: ( Link)

Grace Mugabe reportedly said of Mnangagwa: “Hit that snake on the head,” but it would have been a solution only for herself and her own career ambitions. Here in South Africa, we should not live under the illusion either that the removal of one man will kill the slithering strings of darkness enfolding us. If the illegal gremlins in Lethuli-House have their way- the pillaging of our resources and state capture will continue unchallenged. 

AND this is how your “beloved” Durban looks like these days under the Zuma dynasty! (Like most streets in our cities look like these days as Africa took control of the once modern Western society. And Penny Sparrow had NO hand in this affair. This is a complete “democratic  thing “ on it’s own. Welcome to Durbs!


Proudly South African this is what we have to look forward to these holidays. Let’s sort this out Durban Beach Front

Posted by Lisa Rossouw on Saturday, December 9, 2017


-And then we have Jo’burg today …..same old ANC story of mismanagement an degradation of a once pulsating city…

Driving through Johannesburg cbd today. City of gold.

Posted by Renier Buys on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SO Nkosazana…….to WHAT can we look forward for…..a total COLLAPSE of our once proud cities under your future  mismanagement?

One day we Black people are going to find ourselves living in a country without schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure. Unlike our White counterparts, we don’t have resources to move to Australia or Europe should South Afrika hit rock bottom. So when the day comes, the day when our loved ones die in our homes because there are no clinics, the day when our children stay home on cold days and boycott school on rainy days because their classrooms are filled with cracked walls and broken windows, we will realise that burning down a country in protest hurts us more than it advances our struggle…” Malaika Mahlatsi


SOUTH AFRICA has been ruined…ruined to such an extend that even hard-core communists and liberal cretins such as Max Du Preez and Winnie Mandela were forced to admit their “utopia” of building “democratic” castles in the air were after all precisely what the conservative “ right wingers” have been warning them all along right back in 1994- one big f*ck-up and a national disaster. They quickly found out it’s easier to build castles in the air than painting them.  Sez the decrepit old Mandela ex: “ All We Fought For Have Been Ruined.We cannot pretend like South Africa is not in crisis, our country is in crisis and anyone who cannot see that is just bluffing themselves.” The old has-been shared the sentiment above when she speaking about Ahmed Kathrada commemoration ceremony at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. SO– Max Du Preez’s right wing “doom prophets”  were right all along eh? The “Rooi gevaar” seem to have caught up with these white liberal scum-bags. What more can one do to try and change a liberal mind-set then- bar slapping the bloody idiot silly? 


SOURCE: White Nation

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