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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Pretoria December 14    2017



The Final capture of South Africa

Gupta Leaks: A tale of two captures










SOUTH AFRICA apparently now not only stares an economic melt-down in the face with the arch-fiend Jacob Zuma and his merry kleptocracy mob in the driving seat- but the populace also can ready itself for a metamorphosis to a full communist  police state where only the proletariat “clique” have all the power  if the latter gets his way and enforce a state of emergency down. In other words- Zuma not only captured the state- he also want to pull a Coup-De-Etat on the country.

For the first time in 20 years, the criminal ANC regime has started to compose regulations for a state of emergency. Rapport, sister publication of News24, saw the draft regulations in terms of the State of Emergency Act 64 of 1997. In terms of these draft regulations, any security official will have far-reaching powers to act within his or her own judgement, arrest people, search property or cut communication channels such as cellphones or the internet. Proposed draft regulations for a state of emergency would give Zuma the right to appoint a “control officer”, who would have far-reaching powers, including the prohibition of the dissemination of information. A “reasonable” member of a security service would also have the authority to make arrests without a warrant.

This according to a leaked South African National Defence Force (SANDF) document containing proposed draft regulations. As expected Zuma’s cohorts in the presidency obviously  on Tuesday denied that it was involved in the drafting of regulations to be used in a state of emergency. News24 has seen documents from the South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF) defense legal services division (DLSD) on the arrangements for a workshop on draft regulations to be used in the case of a state of emergency, including a document with draft regulations.

Nowhere in these documents is there reference to the Presidency pertaining to the organisation of the workshop. The documents state that an interdepartmental task team, including the Department of Defence, was appointed in 2016 to “commence the drafting of state of emergency regulations”, without saying who appointed the task team.

‘Restoration or maintenance of peace’

The 30 people who were invited to the workshop on October 25 at the South African Airforce College Thaba Tshwane only included military (ANC appointed) officers. One document states that the SANDF “plays an active role in enforcing state of emergency regulations”. “Accordingly, information briefs on the draft regulations were presented to DLSD command council and the operations staff council. “The draft regulations is a concept master document, to be adapted by the task team as the circumstances of the specific emergency will dictate as and when it arises. The regulations will only thereafter be signed and promulgated by the president.”

The draft regulations, if put into practice, would allow a member of “a security service” who “is of the reasonable opinion” that his or her actions would be in the interest of safety or “restoration or maintenance of peace” the power to:

Order “in a loud voice in one of the official languages” to leave to a place designated by the security officer or desist from the conduct;
Disarm people;
Make arrests without a warrant;
Question an arrested person;
Enter any place, premises, building or vehicle without a warrant;
Search any person or place;
Seize any vehicle; and
Request any person to provide his or her full name and address or proof of identification.
According to the draft regulations, the president would also have the power to appoint a “control officer” for a designated area. This “control officer” would have several powers, including:

Establishing a curfew;
Controlling service infrastructure;
Controlling, prohibiting or regulating the dissemination of “any comment on, or news required for dealing” with the cause of the state of emergency;
Activation of emergency operations plans;
Implementation of “public-protective measures”, including prohibiting the sale of firearms and alcohol; and
“Any other matter which in his or her reasonable opinion, is necessary or expedient for ensuring the safety of the public or restoration or maintenance ofpeace and order.”
There is also a draft regulation that would effectively allow for an internet blackout, which reads as follows: “The president may issue a rule or bylaw to provide for the manner in which any measure may be taken to temporarily block any computer-related resource, communication or activity that incites the endangering of the safety of the public or a disturbance of peace and order.” According to the State of Emergency Act, Parliament has the power “disapprove of any such regulation, order, rule or bylaw” of a state of emergency.

According to section 37 of the Constitution, a state of emergency may only be declared when “the life of the nation is threatened by war, invasion, general insurrection, disorder, natural disaster or other public emergency; and the declaration is necessary to restore peace and order”. 


The state of emergency may last no more than 21 days unless extended by the National Assembly. “The assembly may extend a declaration of a state of emergency for no more than three months at a time. The first extension of the state of emergency must be by a resolution adopted with a supporting vote of a majority of the members of the assembly. Any subsequent extension must be by a resolution adopted with a supporting vote of at least 60% of the members of the assembly. A resolution in terms of this paragraph may be adopted only following a public debate in the assembly,” reads the Constitution.

Army ‘not in charge’

Furthermore, the Constitution also allows the courts to “decide on the validity of a declaration of a state of emergency” or any extension of the state of emergency, or any legislation or actions taken in consequence of the state of emergency. The State of Emergency Act also prohibits any legislation relating to the tenure or election of members of Parliament or provincial legislatures, or sittings of Parliament.

On Sunday Rapport, sister publication of News24, reported that the Presidency had started to compose regulations for a state of emergency. The army decided after a workshop to support the project and develop an operational plan. Army spokesperson Simphiwe Dlamini said the army was just a role player and was not in charge of the sudden review, Rapport reported. “The Presidency rejects the media reports alleging that the Presidency has started composing draft regulations for a state of emergency and that President Jacob Zuma has appointed a team to draw up such regulations,” reads a statement from Zuma’s spokesperson Bongani Ngqulunga. The Presidency is not working on regulations for a state of emergency.” The Constitution and the State of Emergency Act prescribe the power to proclaim a state of emergency, with the accompanying regulations, to the president.

According to an internal memorandum from the military,  Jacob Zuma appointed a team to compose the regulations, but it is dragging its feet. Over the past few weeks, the security sector has been urged to urgently provide contributions to complete the project. National director of Lawyers for Human Rights advocate Jacob van Garderen has read the draft regulations and is concerned about how vague they are. “It reminds one of the 1980s when the National Party  government used the declaration of a state of emergency to suppress political dissent.” He said the regulations are vague about how much power various role players such as the military and the police would have and how much force they would be allowed to use. “It is almost a matter of one size fits all,” he said.

Broad wording

The army decided after a workshop to support the project and develop an operational plan. Army spokesperson Simphiwe Dlamini said the army was just a role player and was not in charge of the sudden review. The Presidency didn’t respond to Rapport’s questions. According to the draft regulations, no person may write, publish or broadcast something that could be threatening to somebody else or his family. Members of the security forces are allowed to use as much force to restore law and order as deemed necessary under the circumstances, as long as it is proportional. Van Garderen said the wording is very broad.

‘I can see it end up in court’

“Any meeting, even if it is not public, could be prohibited. “The context of the regulations concerns me. Civic organisations opposed the amount of force used by police during the xenophobic violence a few years ago and at Marikana. “If these draft regulations go through, I can see it end up in court.” According to commissioner of the Human Rights Commission advocate André Gaum, any legislation, and therefore the accompanying regulations, is subject to the human rights provisions of the Constitution.According to the Constitution, a state of emergency may not last longer than three months, while the president’s proclamation can be overturned and some constitutional rights – such as the right to dignity and life – can never be overturned, even in a state of emergency.

Now  one must ask oneself what Mr. “Prime Evil” is cooking up again with this sudden zest for a “state of emergency” stunt he is planning? Well- If one can shoot from the hip in guessing- it would be his “plan B” should Cyril Rhamaphosa kicks poor nanny Nkosazana’s furry arse in the contest for the top seat. You must remember- Zuma is a Zulu – and the power at present were stolen from Mbeki’s  Xhosas by Zuma and his Zulu impi. Now it appears that another tribe- the Ndebeles (Cyril Rhamaphosa is a Ndebele) – are about to “muscle in” on Zuma’s mob territory. This mean a tribe war for power between the Ngunis.


Zuma now faces another barrage of charges after a full Bench of the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday delivered two damning judgments against Zuma.

First, the court ordered that he personally pay for legal costs in an application he had lodged to stop the release of former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report on state capture allegations. Later, it ruled that Madonsela’s recommended remedial actions after her investigation into state capture were wise, necessary, rational and appropriate. The full Bench, led by Judge President Dunstan Mlambo, dismissed Zuma’s application to have aspects of Madonsela’s report taken on review.

Some of the damning findings against the president include:

  • the Constitutional Court’s findings in relation to Nkandla;
  • the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ruling that Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa should appoint a new National Director of Public Prosecutions as the president’s firing of Mxolisi Nxasana was found to be reckless and unlawful; and
  • the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld a 2016 High Court ruling that the 2009 decision to drop corruption charges against Zuma was irrational, paving the way for it to be reinstated.

Zuma in a vice btween Madonsela and Rhamaphosa

Thus- if the so-called bogus “democracy” must be “honored” – and Zuma and his impis loose the election- then the power will shift to the Cyril Rhamaphosa’s Ndebele kingdom. And that meqans Cyril might decide to haul ol’ Zuma in to start paying for all his corruption. It also means if Cyril becomes head of the ANC snake- he might do precisely what the Ngunis in South Africa do in their tribal struggle for supremacy- and also what Zuma did- by replacing  all the Zulu impis in the ANC National Executive Committee  that might oppose him with Ndebeles- shifting total mob control to the Ndebeles. Then there now is the looming charges of corruption after the court ruling snarling at Zuma as well. Either way the fiend finds his furry arse  in the hot seat.

Zuma will try to slither his way through the loopholes of “democracy” again – and as we have learned this slick bugger- he again will exploit the “system” to work for him. After all- he’s been abusing the “system” for nearly 15 years to keep his corrupt back-side out of jail.  By simply calling out a state of emergency days before the BIG “election” for a new “president” to replace the old kleptomaniac- he calls out a state of “emergency”– and  the whole old “election” falls flat- parliament are rendered useless- and after 21 days of “emergency “ Zuma calls it off- JUST in time to “miss” the elections. The power stays within the impi mob until the next “election.” You must understand- as with most of these races on earth the black Nguni race cares a hoot about other races- even other tribes- it all revolves around power for their “own kind.” Thus they also have a system of rife “apartheid” running rampant in their own societies- but it will never be mentioned- at least not while the whites are still there to be blamed. 

We can see no other way why this notorious  criminal now all of a sudden want to impose a “state of emergency“- except for maybe try to have a “go” at the white Afrikaners again and launch a witch-hunt on them on false charges and try to incarcerate as many white Afrikaners as possible, using the concentrated power a state of emergency gives him to dispossess them- and force them off their property. South Africa is at war with no-one and the black destructive riots have been going on for years on end now without Zuma batting an eyelid. So there’s no motivation to substantiate  a state of emergency – except for Zuma’s own devious hidden agendas. That this scrupulous act will have dire consequences for “someone” – is no lie either.

Should this devious plan proceed and be approved by the Zuma clique in parliament- some of the consequences will be:

  • Any person may be instructed to provide accurate documentary evidence of their identity without a subpoena-
  • The security services can enter your property or take over any building, or your vehicle and / or your electronic devices-
  • The description or rank of a “member of a security service” is not defined – so it seems to refer to the broadest possible definition. I0w-  If he’s a killer who only has an ADT or Fidelity security suit … you’ll have to jump for all his demands and nonsense with your property-
  • New Proposed Provisions Completing Regulations instructs a security officer to obtain a written statement within at least 24 hours after an arrest, seizure or search of your place. If the prisoner is moved, another written order must be issued. However, this order / instruction can be signed again by any deputy member of the “security service.
  • Any person who obstructs them (a “member of a security service”) in “performance of any duty” is guilty of a criminal offense (It is now a threat to anyone scared to protect himself / herself) impose fear into people – and thus intimidate more people to be led like sheep to slaughterhouses … or to a FEMA disaster camp) –
  • Any person convicted of an offense (by their definition) is fined + 3 years imprisonment … or both. All of the above can be motivated by a “security service member” who “reasonably believes that the presence or behavior” of any person at any place “endanger or endanger the safety of the public or the restoration or maintenance of peace and order “, according to the draft regulations.
  • You will be stripped of all your rights in one single stroke of a pen

Once a state of emergency has been announced, you as the normal  public are helpless to do something about it. You are their puppet. The President can act to ensure his “safety” as well as “peace and stability” in the country. According to the draft regulations, meetings and demonstrations will have to be “admitted” to a “security service member” decision whether  it is “disruptive”  and feels the need to ensure “public safety.” Then the collection and protests are also illegal.

The regulations also authorize that soldiers and police can be deployed, towns and cities patrolled, activists to be incarcerated-  and searches of private property be authorized for no reason at all . 

Private Security Forces- the secret “ring of steel” to help enforce a police state onto South Africa

The corporate bullies and their ANC lapdogs not only captured the state- but they also secretly captured ALL the major security companies and stakeholders  in South Africa without anyone ever taking any notice.

The private security industry in South Africa is among the largest in the world, with over 9,000 registered companies, 450,000 registered active private security guards and a further 1.5 million qualified but inactive guards. That constitutes many times the available personnel than the combined South African police and army. Many of these security companies also controlls the key points in South Africa.Who is in control of all these private security forces? The answer is the Jews and the communist cadres in the ANC.

Let us in short try to explain to you how this evil security octopus network is controlled:

The blue chip company ACE on the New York Stock Exchange controls most of the famous brand  security companies in South Africa . Who owns ACE? You guessed right- Illuminati Jews Finnigan & Greenberg ! ACE in turn controls CHUBB– who falls under the Bidvest Group. Bidvest in turn falls under Bidcorp. ( Bidvest have a staggering yearly turnover of $ 70 BILLION out of South Africa!) So now you understand why it is so essential for these global thugs to keep crime running rife in South Africa. Crime DOES pay for them!

Related image

OK– look at the composite of this Illuminati/Government owned private security forces and their strength as a private army for the oppressors :

Bidvest took over Protea Security and Coin Security– which now have a total of 25 000 active security personnel in their service. Then we have CHUBB security- who now advertises they have 800 000 new vacancies available. Then we have another section of the private security network- Fedility ADT. Fedility is 100% black owned with 27 000 active members. CHUBB will appoint a major part of the 800 000 new vacancies.

Image result for FIDELITY ADT

It is still unclear how many members are working in CHUBB as yet. Without CHUBB personnel you already look at roughly 67 000 private security personnel running wild around in South Africa- of which anyone  can arrest you under the so-called “state of emergency” simply because they “decided” you are a “threat” to the Zuma clique or state.This expands the “Security Forces” considerably to execute his lord Zuma and the Illuminati  Jew orders to wage a full scale police state-type war against citizens.

Image result for CHUBB

South Africa under siege by the Illuminati Security forces

So as you can see- all these private security personnel in South Africa  are tightly under control of either the Illuminati Jews- or their black puppets. Thus the country quietly went under siege by these alien Jews and their ANC communist cohorts. AND each one of them were issued with deadly weapons to come and “control” YOU while YOU were disarmed under the bourgeois “ gun laws!” You were forced to hand in YOUR weapons that protected you- rendering you helpless and in the mercy of renegade “security forces” that brands state of the art automatic weapons supplied “legally” by the corporate Jews and illegal ANC state machinery. So except for the “legal” defense force and police force- these criminals also have a HUGE private army across South Africa which can act in a moments notice and be mobilized to start terror campaigns against the hapless and defenseless public. Do you smell a police state coming into power soon? You better wake up dear reader- these state and corporate criminals are busy lining you up for a total onslaught. And the “state of emergency” will just be the right environment to give them that powers….the powers to oppress and persecute you.