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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom  December 17   2017




MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS  III-aka “Eminem’ – had another liberal “knack attack” about his skin color again. Now we are all aware that this hybrid punk based his career in the slums of Harlem- and him and his Detroit gangster pals already made a controversial career due to their vulgar and downright distasteful “rapping” trash. To us from the white race- goons like Eminem is a disgrace to that white skins they don any case.

The disillusioned punk also was denied access in a few countries like Australia. MP’s in the Aussie parliament clearly were not very happy to see this slum lord and his merry gang of swearing hoodlums setting foot on Australian soil. They are decidedly unimpressed by the violent fantasies and paeans to drugs that they’ve heard Eminem utter. “This guy is mentally sick,” said Queensland Liberal MP Peter Slipper recently. “Anyone who writes lyrics speculating about raping his mother, anyone who writes lyrics talking about having his pregnant girlfriend killed, has to be on the wrong side of mental balance. “What we should do or what someone should do is lock him up in a mental institution and throw away the key.”

Australia’s prime minister, John Howard, a child of the 50s, has added his voice to the debate, arguing that Eminem’s lyrics are “sickening” and encourage violence. “They demean women,” he said. “You cannot have these constantly gratuitous exhortations to violence and not expect some impact, some consequence, some spin-off.” (Link) 

Now this is one of the very few times I tend to agree with a liberal. We have some common ground- we all hate this punk and his type. I always have  told my children to stop listening to this poor excuse of a white reject skin’s garbled bleating- as his idea of “music ” is so vulgar, contorted and really an agony to listen to. Whoever told this little mentally disturbed punk that he can “sing” also must be very close to being mentally handicapped.

BUT then again poisonous trash like him, Madonna,  Stefani  Germanotta ( Lady stinker), Miley Cirus, Pussy Riot, Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, Marilyn Manson,  Prodigy,  Grateful Dead, Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Ozborne – even South Africa’s own two gutter popsicles Die Antwoord”–  and many other Illuminati-controlled rejects of society have this uncanny ability to get their demonic hollering distributed across the airwaves  to the receptive minds of millions of unwary youngsters and especially teenagers.

Image result for south african swearing singers

Image result for south african die antwoord singers

Image result for south african swearing singers

Charlotte PlantiveYo-Landi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones (aka Ninja) of “Die Antwoord”– a South African duo that also are seeking fame to be recognized through their vulgar appearances and language to enter the demonic limelight- expressing their connection to satanism openly. Another duo that are poisoning the minds of our innocent children- and we allow them to listen to this trash in our own homes! 



Look- let me be brutally honest- when we were young we also had the hippy culture in the sixties which was born out of rebellion against the Vietnam war. This was mostly useless pot-smoking non-productive gypsy-like bums with long hair,  dirty garments, battered acoustic guitars and pink flowered Volkswagen Beetles that resided in mountains and in nature- too lazy to work and too damn useless to contribute any significant asset to society. They called themselves the “flower power” generation. One important member of that type of society was the notorious murderer Charles Manson– who also had his own troop of useless “followers.” That saga tragically ended in the murderer spree when actress Sharon Tate and five of her guests was brutally murdered.

Now- that is beside the point- we are talking music here- and  I also might add that some very good music was born out of that “flower power” era-  music like Scott McKenzie’sSan Francisco- Flowers in your hair” that expressed the real culture of that era- but at least it was music you still could listened to. Then we also had the “king“- Elvis Presley– that also came to the stage at this point in time. With him others like Chubby Checker, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Ricky Valensz , The Doors, Nazareth, Credence Clearwater Revival, Van Halen and many more good artists  followed.

Many so-called “artists” and rock & roll bands also had their own subliminal messages hidden in-between the lyrics- but mostly these messages was about a justified rebellion against the government who at that time- was waging an unnecessary war against innocent Vietnamese women and children. This war was a war that started with Kennedy- and ended with Nixon. While the American CIA and their respective presidents was fighting with  and supporting  the South Vietnamese- the CIA again was supplying American weapons and funding to the North Vietnamese.

American oligarchs and corporate moguls were the ones keeping that war running as it made MILLIONS of dollars to their pockets in supplying all the war material. The only victims- or “ expendables” in that war was the young American troops and the poor Vietnamese. It was due to this unnecessary slaughter that the populace start to rise against their own government to stop the war- and it was here that the hippy culture came to it’s full right as many unknown hippy “activists” found themselves in the spotlight during marches and riots. It was then not long before their music followed as many hippies saw this up-rise against the government as a golden  opportunity to market , promote and sell their own culture – and a total new music era was born out of the ashes of the old “ swagging” fifties music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr and other old forgotten era horses. A new era of music revolution was born! 

Then we also had the Beatles– which I presume many of the old generation simply adored- but also had their own hidden subliminal messages hidden in their lyrics- especially in their Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band LP.

Paul McCartney said, We probably seem to be anti-religious. . . none of us believes in God. (Hit Parader, Jan 1970, p.15). John Lennon, in his book, A Spaniard in the Works, portrays Jesus Christ as, Jesus El Pifico, a garlic-eating, stinking little yellow, greasy fascist bastard catholic Spaniard. (A Spaniard in the Works, p.14).

Then there was rock bands in the sixties and seventies that followed like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Boston, the Moodey Blues and many other bands that simply made the biggest break-through music revelation in the history since Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss, Chopin and all the old classical masters did in bygone days. But like I said- THAT was music you could listen to. The seventies was the creation of the pop culture- or the “hip hop” generation- which again saw good bands like ABBA, Simon & Garfunkel, the Bee Gees, Eurithmics and many more new artists come to the table.


It was only during the mid-nineties that music made a turn for the worst when little gremlins and Satan’s own “divas” the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gagga, Miley Cirus and other despicable reptiles from Hollywood   that shocked audiences entered the stage – and immediately the rest of the dark legion followed that did not even tried to hide their evil messages anymore- but openly promoted satanism, moral decay – and their direct link to the Illuminati. But that only was the beginning of a very dangerous media roller-coaster that eventually would assist in our white countries being destroyed and our moral values of our children being demoralized.  Gone were the days of good clean music. The age of the Aquarius– the age of the roaring lion – a lion that devoured the minds of our societies has begun. It was during this time that con-artists like Eminem also appeared on the scene- and by targeting the mainly black niece market- he literally made millions by embracing Harlem-style music and revert to become a rapper. His target was the black market and destitute and desperate street children- many who rebelled against the injustice of society.

The so-called  “ new” generation “singers”- direct advocates  of Satan’s Gomorrahn culture and participants of blasphemous and sick rituals on stage   – that adhere to the will of their “master” and instructions of the Zionist Illuminati controllers in Hollywood to spread the satanic message to our upcoming youth. 

Image result for hollywood actors display satanic signs

He hit the market on the right nerve and as announced the best-selling hip-hop artist of all-time and the best-selling artist of the 2000s with US album sales at over 32.2 million during the decade. As of November 2010, Eminem had four songs that have sold over three million downloads in the United States. Eminem has sold more than 42 million track downloads in the United States alone. His worldwide albums and singles sales stand at more than 172 million. He has earned 42 platinum certifications, five number one singles and six number one albums from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).In this discography, music videos and collaborations are included as well. He literally became  an overnight money-making machine for his Hollywood-controllers. This ostensibly force us to ask what happened to the youth of the world that literally hanged onto the lips of derogatory freaks like this?

Image result for eminem display satanic signs

Now let us return to Eminem- and see what the poor lost soul has to say about his white skin:


In his new rap album “Revival,” the liberal freak Eminem says it has been “embarrassing” to be white and he thinks about “checking out on life” and killing himself because he “can’t escape this circumstance.”  The 45-year-old delusional rapper says in his song “Untouchable” that “there have been times where it’s been embarrassing to be a white boy.” “Seems like the average lifespan of a white man is more than twice than a black life span,” Eminem says. “I wonder sometimes if it has a price scanner.”  “I feel like checking out on life, can’t escape this circumstance,” he says.
Eminem‘s new album is being widely panned by critics, despite its anti-white lyrics and attacks on Donald Trump.Music review Chase McMullen said Eminem’s “crusade on Trump and white privilege is fiery and perhaps admirable,” but added: “It’s truly unfortunate the music behind the ideas makes Revival the most abrasive and unlistenable he’s ever sounded.”While Eminem’s music was perhaps edgy at one time in the 90’s, his song “Untouchable,” which appears to be the most popular song on his new album, pushes the same black victimization narrative you could hear repeated without controversy in any Fortune 500 boardroom. Musically, it’s the worst song I’ve ever heard. The song opens with high-pitched, out of tune whining. “Black boy, black boy, we ain’t gonna lie to you, black boy, black boy, we don’t like the sight of you. Pull up on the side of you, window rolled down, ‘profile’, then we wonder why we see this side of YEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW,” Eminem screeches.Here’s the full lyrics, which are all easily debunked:

Hands up, officer don’t shoot
Then pull your pants up, promise you won’t loot
We may never understand each other, it’s no use
We ain’t ever gonna grasp what each other goes through

“Hands up don’t shoot” was built on a lie.

[Verse 1]
Black boy, black boy, we ain’t gonna lie to you
Black boy, black boy, we don’t like the sight of you
Pull up on the side of you
Window rolled down, ‘profile’
Then we wonder why we see this side of you
Probably comin’ from the dope house
We could let you slide but your tail light is blew, out
We know you’re hidin’ that Heidi Klum
On you another drug charge, homie, it’s back inside for you
And just in case a chase might ensue, we got that tried and true
Pistol drew right at you, we’d be delighted to unload it
In your back, then walk up and lay that taser on the side of you
Fucked up, but what the fuck am I to do?
I keep tellin’ myself, keep doin’ like you’re doin’
No matter how many lives you ruin
It’s for the red, white and blue
Time to go find a new one and split his head right in two.” 

Police are not “delighted” to kill people in high-crime ghettos. Since this narrative has been pushed for years now, police have pulled back in predominately African-American cities and it’s led to a “nearly unprecedented” rise in homicides.



NOW again this is the type of trash propaganda and malicious  cultures this poor modern liberal hippies like Eminem are helping the Zionist Illuminati masters in Holly(Demon) wood to distribute among healthy societies- poisoning the minds of our youth and destroying our conservative cultures from within.This is not “music” at all- this is nothing more than a provocative hellish ramble coming from a poor insidious misdirected tramp.

Image result for hollywood actors display satanic signs


But then again- this is being planned how healthy – especially white conservative  societies are to be  destroyed- by lowering the moral values from within  to the level of ghetto standard – all while their liberal politicians enforce sick cultures onto our societies through ” democratic laws”  such as ” multiculturalism, LGBT, transgenderism, interracial sex and marriages and ” equality” from without. This is a careful deliberate pre-planned operation to attack mainly conservative white societies and bring their ethnic and moral values in decay- destroy their historical ancestral teachings- and pollute their bloodlines.

Image result for rock groups display satanic signs

OzzFest 2002 – notice the Satanic Pentagram on Dimmu’s arm.


There is a total onslaught orchestrated against all the white societies on a global scale. This way the global white race in general will be exterminated within a few short years.  This destructive onslaught now can clearly be seen in Europe where especially white countries are attacked by Zionist orchestrators from the European Union and their puppet liberal political thugs. Trash prophets like Eminem forms an integral part of this onslaught- being controlled by the Zionist handlers in Hollywood’s record companies-  they mainly are instructed to concentrate on poisoning the minds of the upcoming youth- who on the end of the day will be the generation to form the nucleus of our future leaders. It’s no new knowledge that the devil himself was the angel of music- and through music you have the ability to alter someone’s mood swings, political outlook – and emotions. This is why many demonic record companies use subliminal messages hidden in the lyrics of especially rappers and heavy metal groups.  In 1966, the Beach Boys came out with their album, Pet Sounds, featuring them feeding goats on their album cover. This is no coincidence, the goat represents Satan…

“The horn

Image result for rock groups display satanic signs

And behind all this destructive agendas you will find the liberal democrat most of the times. To hide their devious agendas they keep on labeling their very deranged liberal psychosis with new “smart terms” such as “LGBT, Anitiva and God knows what else- but underneath it is the same dangerous liberal demons possessing their useless bodies  as they did their predecessors like Bon Scott of ACDC, Darby Crash of Germs,  Gary Holton of Heavy Metal Kids,Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Jonathan Melvoin of Smashing Pumpkins, Gidget Gein from the Marilin Manson gang,  all demon drug addicted prophets now long gone to their father they advocated and now worship in hell.

Image result for rock groups display satanic signs



The Heavy metal band, VENOM‘s 1981 album cover, “WELCOME TO HELL” (clearly displaying the Ram’s head inside an inverted pentagram, which signifies open Satan worship; as compared to having the point facing upward, which Wiccan witches use, symbolizing their attempt to conceal their true demonic nature)...

The album cover for the Heavy Metal band SACRAMENTUM. This album is their tribute to the band BATHORY, featuring such songs as “13 CANDLES.” The album is pure Satan worship, clearly represented by the Goat Of Mendes (the ram’s head on the album cover).



On Ozzy’s cover, the fans are all TOUCHING (caressing) the beast, just as McCartney is fondling the RAM on his album cover. Of course, the goat and ram represent Satan. Such affection is symbolic of one’s fondness and allegiance to Satan. It is to no surprise that the Rolling Stones produ ced a blasphemous song titled “Sympathy for the Devil.” Satan has successfully slithered his way into the hearts of America’s youth through evil music.

BUT their evil legacy in their music still have a devastating effect in the generation of youngsters that grew up with their “dark passage ” hollerings and twisted propaganda messages. You as a sound mind readers should already hit all your alert buttons in the “on” position when something advocated as “democratic” passes your way.

The deranged cultures liberal democrats enforce on or societies- interracial mingling to pollute the pure white bloodlines. 


FOR EXAMPLE– Let us see what the liberal agenda have in store for the next generation children:

You are well aware how a MAN is supposed to look-like, behave and act. Mostly the man in your vision is someone strong-(not necessarily muscular) , a leader of his house and of society. Someone that can take the lead as Alpha male in times of trouble and someone who can be depended upon for help when needed. This must be someone that have independence, skill and bravery that can protect his family, respect his wife, doing all the chores in and around the house, please his wife in bed, – and upheld discipline and moral values in his family and society. He is a warrior that will stand up and fight to protect his family and his country. THAT is the MAN you would like to see as your leader should tough times comes pass your door- iow someone that can show some REAL balls when his number comes up- right?


However– since the dawn of the “New Age ” (Aquarius)  that only is a dream. REAL men appear to be  very, very scarce these days- as the Zionist wars basically wiped out all the strong and agile real Alpha men across all of our predominantly white countries. This also was part of their hidden agendas.  Further-more did liberal scumbags in the political arena saw to it that all remaining white men are heavily handicapped by barrages of “democratic” laws by liberal maggots in legislatory positions to such an extend that they cannot fulfill their functions as guardians of our societies and our moral values anymore.

On the “grass-roots” level our societies began to fall apart- moral decay crept in- and the real men slowly and systematically was replaced by corporate mass murderers with  a “ new” generation of useless mind-f*cked lab rats  that cannot even stand up straight when they take a piss! What is left today only is a bunch/generation of Lilly-livered Beta male cowards that do not even remotely resemble the mark of a man. Below is examples of the “new” generation of liberal geo-engineered androids with bad DNA deficiencies – who will serve the purpose of their Zionist masters and see to it that the white race will be exterminated completely within a few short years.


Ladies- would you like a lab-rat like this   to please  you in bed, protect you against onslaughts from outside, do the house chores, go to war and defend your family and country- or be someone you can be proud of? You decide- but this is what the liberal corporate mass murderers have in stock for your next generation “leaders.” This is the perfect example of brain-washed puppets thugs like Eminem are instructed to target for their mind-f*cking propaganda. Stalin once said that if you give him the youth of today he will be able to give you the leaders of tomorrow. And that is precisely what the Illuminati orchestrators are working on with the white race.

No automatic alt text available.

Another pre-planned extermination of white countries by Zionist liberals- flooding of white Europe to destroy white strongholds and replace them with alien infestations.


But we as conservative people of the world must not complain- for our own careless behavior and consistent negligence to act upon the liberals within our societies and our governments gave them power to proceed beyond reasonable expectations in implementing certain destructive legislation and moral destructive values that now are busy destroying our societies. Our obstinate silence gave them power to oppress and exterminate us. We are the sole cause of our own conservative demise. We are the reason why our race now globally are under threat. Maybe it is now the time for a global movement to reverse this demonic onslaught against our countries and our societies- maybe we better start taking control of our kids again- start listening what our kids classify as “music” and listen to. Maybe we as the guardians of our own morality  better take a stance and ban this devious hidden demonic advocates from poisoning the minds of our next generation. Maybe we better take up the sword- and start to fight for our survival and this of our children’s future.

AS for Eminem– well- he happens to be just another product of our own careless white society. We lost control over our own kids. We have lost the will and spirit to fight against the liberal onslaught against our societies. We allow liberal politicians to rule our lives. We idly sat by and watched how these advocates of Satan took control of our lives- and those of our kids. Helplessly we just allowed things to go by and watched as our kids start to idolize and attend concerts of these demonic advocates.

We are a desperate race of fast disappearing creators and builders of this world. The world now is subjected to the malicious destruction of liberal demons in human forms- the reptilian descendants of Cain. We allowed Satan in our homes. We allowed him to take control of our most inner sanctums.  We stood by as his subordinates destroyed our homes from within through this media propaganda – while his controllers destroyed our societies from without through government legislation. Shortly we also will be banned out of our own white paradises like the whites in South Africa- aliens to the countries we once called home. Europe is fast on track. Soon it will be America. We are the ones to blame for our own destruction – no one else!