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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Cape Town December 17    2017






TODAY– Monday December 18 2017- South Africa again will be subjected to yet another ANC communist dispensation – one cladded in a  new jacket – but with it’s pockets still filled with old anti-white tricks. It appears there will only be two hard-line anti-white black miscreants to choose from- Cyril Ramaphosa– and yea– the Zuma clan’s sickening contribution to human society itself – the corrupt kitchen girl Nkosazana Zuma!


The ANC has released its list of contenders last week for the top party positions at the party’s 54th national conference being held at Nasrec in Soweto. The nominees for president are Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma by 1,094 branches across 6 provinces and Cyril Ramaphosa by 1,469 branches across 6 provinces. The official nominations, announced by an election official, come after months of campaigning that’s set the stage for the start of voting by 4,776 ANC delegates in the tight race between the two candidates. The position of deputy president is being contested by David Mabuza (1,128) and Lindiwe Sisulu (619) who have accepted the nominations, while Zweli Mkhize (193) and Naledi Pandor declined.

The options for national chairperson are Gwede Mantashe (1,499) and Nathi Mthethwa (804). The fight for secretary-general is between Senzo Mchunu (1,479) and Ace Magashule (930). The choice for deputy secretary general is between Jessie Duarte (845) and Zingiswa Losi (361).Candidates for treasurer general are Paul Mashatile (1,581) and Maite Nkoana-Mashabane (275). Nomvula Mokonyane (289) declined the nomination.

SO– as we can see with the departure of the “democratic” banana republic’s  beloved corrupt rapist ex-president Jacob– the smorgasbord of villains are presented from Pandora’s box  for the picking. With the can of worms gathered at NASREC- it rather looks like a police line-up than a list of “executive” members preparing to put some real intelligent non-corrupt leaders in place. BUT again we read the names of all the old corrupt criminals on the proposed list – no new faces here I’m afraid! Each one of the so-called “nominees” have a history of corruption and anti-white sentiment.

However we did not suspect the corrupt ANC to come up with anything better. Remember whoever takes that driving seat still have to be the obedient slave of the Executive Committee in Lethuli House– or he/she will be recalled. Thus South Africa will be still be ruled from within that vipers’ nest. Especially about the two “nominees” for the top seat we have a lot to be concerned about- especially if you are a white person- as both clearly indicated that they also have not much sentimental love for white people- and both support the grand land theft bill. Rhamaposa booked his place in notoriety when he approved the Marikana massacre as shareholder of the Lonmin mine.

It also was him that put some donkey ears on that pink National Party traitor Roelf Meyer at the CODESA hand-over farce- promising Meyer gold and glory to become a shareholder in the Unifer loan sharking scheme. That did not last very long and Unifer (ABSA funded) and Saambou both went for a duck a few months later.Poor Roelf- he was the traitor that added the last signature on the paper that would spell the beginning of the communist decay in South Africa and the initiation of the white genocide that still is running full speed 20 years later. Rhamaphosa mind f*cked the poor canary so bad- even Mr. “Prime Evil “ FW DE Klerk was caught by surprise at this dimwit’s naive actions – and shouted to the snowflake minister “ My God Roelf….what have you DONE??” Yea Roelf…what have you done eh?

Ramaphosa is a stern communist and ANC manifesto follower. He also will dance to the tune of his new black electorate to try sore some cheap political points for the next general elections in 2019.  Ramaphosa already announced that one of his goals is the land issue.”  Land must be returned to its rightful owners,“- Ramaphosa said during his campaign trail in Grahamstown on Sunday.  Ramaphosa made several promises at the cadres’ forum in the Sarah Baartman Region. He spoke of radical economic transformation as well as land reform that needed to form part of the party’s policy discussions in June. “There is still poverty: I could see it driving to this hall… In the phase we are in, Oliver Tambo memory calls upon us to do something. In doing something it means that we must ensure that our people are totally free and that is economic freedom. “We must embark on a process of radical socio-economic freedom. The wealth of this country must be shared. That will happen whether some people like it or not.”  JIP– we can see where Ramaposa will be leading the white folks to if he becomes president….right? NO relief from BEEE discriminatory laws here I’m afraid! 

As for that fat kitchen girl Nkosazana Zuma there is just no words that can describe her intelligence and commitment in leading a country- bar into deeper financial despair and disaster that is. She almost sings the same tune as Ramaphosa about the land issue and radical economic transformation. Kitchen girl  Dlamini-Zuma has lashed out at white people for criticizing radical economic transformation and saying it is meant for looting the state. Dlamini-Zuma, at a prayer meeting on December 10 2017 , said white people had looted and stolen the land from black people. “We are not talking radical economic transformation because want to steal. “We want people to get their land back. There is no dignity if people do not have land,” she said.

Dlamini-Zuma said if she were elected she would take white people on a bus to show them how black people live in informal settlements. “I will show them that those people live worse than their dogs,” she said. COOL- No reprieve for the poor whiteys here as well- it appears. If she becomes the new “president” one can expect her to make some SERIOUS midnight calls to her ex-hubby for “advice ” – as she does not  have the mental capability to even direct the opening of  a cave to a bunch  of blind bats! Thus South Africa will be ruled from NKANDLA again! What a positive thought for the future to look forward to? Both the “nominees” for the top spot are anti-white haters and I believe the dire situation whites finds themselves in presently will not change very much with any of these two racist commi dregs in the driving seat I’m afraid. So we can prepare ourselves for a continuation of BEEE racist laws and more white genocide to follow.

Well- Mantashe assured everyone that the ANC will have a new president by Sunday. The original program put this down to happen at 20:30 in the evening, but that time sounds a bit ambitious now after there was a delayed start to proceedings. We have heard nothing from that evil nest of conspirators as yet- but whatever slithers out of that doors when the beers are empty, Nando’s account stacked again for the taxpayers tab-  and the election is finished – will surely not be good or benefit the white society any more than it benefited them under the Zuma dynasty. As for Zuma- it will be quite interesting to see what will happen to the old commi crook afterwards- whether Ramaphosa- who is a Ndebele– will “exterminate” the services of all Zuma’s old Zulu pals in top positions- replacing them again with Ndebele confidantes into shifting  the power  to yet another Nguni tribe – and if Ramaphosa will endorse charges against Zuma for all the years of corruption.

Speaking of Zuma- one wonders whether he now will try to muster all his corrupt dark powers- like his pal Mugabe next door- and try to evade all the 18 charges of corruption facing him- or will he quietly “disappear” for a while to Dubai to that cozy apartment the brothers Gupta Inc. prepared for him to sit and “negotiate” his “indemnity” from prosecution while the dust settles.? I have this eerie feeling that this mobster also will get away scot-free as did all the other ANC hoodlums in the past. That is ANC Standing Operation Policy- NEVER leave a “brother” in the lurk. Have you ever heard of an ANC rat being caged for corruption as yet? Then Zuma still has all the human rights atrocities in their “hey-day” terrorist times in ANC gulags like camp Quatro where he oversaw multiple tortures and murders of his own cadres while been head of the intelligence of Umkhonto we Sizwe. I suppose he will not serve one single day in jail like the whites Eugene De Kock did for so-called “human rights atrocities “ committed during that time.

Zuma is a mobster with a lot of power and influence- and my guess s the rat will never even see the inside of a courtroom- but will receive a “pardon” from his pals in the Executive Committee to quietly “disappear “ into obscurity and go and spend all that millions he stole from the treasury. After all- Mbeki and Pneul Maduna got away with corruption charges in the first oil saga- Jackie Selebi and Shabir Shaik got out of jail super fast and Joemat Petersen got away for her share in the second oil saga- and so will Zuma also get away. It is just “commoners” like me and you that are jailed for stealing chocolates worth R 10.00 from a retail shop. That is politics for you- there are two sets of rules.

My advice to all those white “hopefuls” that Ramaphosa will be your next “Moses” to lead you out of the oppressing South African Egypt is quite a pipe-dream and misplaced  desperation.  The leftist media after the announcement of the new mobster boss ostensibly will do some serious commiarse kissing again- that is to be expected. But whether the new commi rat will restore business confidence and bring South Africa out of the financial quagmire where ol’ “Teflon Don” dumped it into- is yet to be seen. But that is a story for another day.

As for now- more than 54 million people’s lives hang in the balance on the vote of 4776 hard-lined anti-white ex-Zuma  terrorists. How much hope can one have for  a positive change with this lot? South Africa must not hold their hopes too high I’m afraid- but rather brace themselves for another bumpy ride as the new broom will have to be tested whether  it will be able to do the “democratic” job still with the old handle. As for myself I have some serious doubts and will not expect too much optimism from whatever slithers out  from that rattler’s cave in Johannesburg this week.

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