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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Johannesburg December 18    2017






THE ANC mob has spoken! And their new mobster boss to drag the country into further uncertainty  after (and if they win) the 2019 elections- is no other than Cyril Ramaphosa. Here is their election results:

ANC President
Cyril Ramaphosa – 2440
Deputy president
David Mabuza – 2358
 National chairperson
Gwede Mantashe – 2418
Ace Magashule – 2360
 Deputy secretary-general
Jessie Duarte – 2474
Paul Mashatile – 2517
Ramaphosa beats Dlamini-Zuma
Ramaphosa is now the president of the ANC and is set to become the next president of the country should the ANC win the general elections in 2019. Ramaphosa beat Dlamini-Zuma by about 200 votes and secured the presidency by an overwhelming majority. Ramaphosa was supported by ANC chairperson Baleka Mbete who expressed her backing for him late on Saturday night. Mbete’s show of support was surprising given she had been an avid backer of  Jacob Zuma.
As been said in an earlier article here on White Nation– there are no new faces in the chain gang that now again are re-deployed in new positions. Brother looked after brother who looked after sister who looked after brother- get the picture? This is quite uncanny- as South Africa has many young and upcoming white, black, colored and Indian leaders that never get a chance into the very secretive corrupt  world of the mobster clique. The ANC on a continues basis pommel whites that “race transformation” must be accelerated- BEEE is in place- and Ramaphosa already starts with serious “Economic Transformation”  talks- yet in the ANC ITSELF there are no race “transformation” just the old gangsters again! Hippocricy in it’s worst form maybe? 
The ANC is making their same mistake over and over again- they keep on playing musical chairs with the same bunch of corrupt criminals- just moving them from one chair to the other. This reminds us of Zimbabwe as well. Although there are new blood on the block- they re-instated all of Mugabe’s old terrorists back into Mnangagwa’s cabinet again. And the poor naive Zimbabweans believe they now have “changed” the future? Here the poor misdirected ANC commis are doing exactly  the same- just re-locating old mobsters into new portfolios.
When will someone have the guts to tell the ANC their decrepit old fossils  are outdated, unwanted and incompetent- totally out of touch with modern reality? When will someone tell the ANC that they are corrupt and by no means capable of running the country with the old fools they keep in key positions? How many years have they tolerate Zuma and all his bloody corruption before coming to the point of firing the bugger? Was Zimbabwe and the ousting of Mugabe the flint that sparked this bunch of corrupt thieves that the time has arrived to get rid of a notorious gangster at last? Under this same bunch of political criminals’ watch more than R 740 MILLION rands was wasted and “unaccounted ” for this past 10 years. (See earlier article) The corruption proceed up to today. And still they redeploy these same mobsters again.Under their watch South Africa became the crime capitol of the world. The country became the AIDS capitol of the world- under their watch South Africa descended into junk status- and under their watch discrimination and genocide against whites became rife. They cannot blame Zuma alone- as they were PART of his administration. So what is about to change in future then? 

What the ANC now is trying- is to safe face and try to restore confidence in their voters that the ANC has “changed”– and Ramaphosa now is the new “savior” of “bantukind.”  What a joke! They are making the same mistake Zimbabwe did- just swapping one old criminal for the next. Ramaphosa is as a devious a crook as Zuma was- no shit! Twenty-five years ago, it was Ramaphosa who led the biggest wage strike in South Africa’s history when thousands of workers in the gold- and coalmines downed tools for three weeks. The strike, involving over 300,000 mine workers, brought South Africa’s mining sector to its knees. He already showed the world what betrayal he is capable of during the Marikana massacre. He also will not stray from the staunch ANC communist dogma of 1950 – and also will not be lenient to the “minority “ groups- as they call other non-black groups.

Rhamaphosa is a pawn of the Anglo-American money powers- and soon they will also press him for “payback” time as they helped him becoming VERY wealthy within a VERY short time. So we could expect an IMF loan very soon- just to make sure South Africa finds itself even deeper in financial waters than with Zuma. Per se is Ramaphosa a much more danger to South Africa than Zuma ever was- as Ramaphosa now will try his utmost to retract South Africa’s agreements with the BRICS countries and re-divert it back to the Anglo-American Jews again…which will ultimately spell disaster for the country as with what happened to Greece.

Whilst Ramaphosa has evaded prosecution for any illegal business dealings, he has been implicated in controversial dealings such as his chairmanship at MTN during the MTN Irancell scandal, and his damning involvement in Lonmin during the Marikana Massacre. Just this week Cyril Ramaphosa tweeted, “The Johannesburg Metro belongs to the African National Congress. We must bring Johannesburg back home.” This tweet is telling of Ramaphosa, of the ANC, and their mind set, because they absolutely believe that South African cities, officials, people, land, and assets belong to the ANC. Metros like Johannesburg are essential to an ANC that loots and plunders the metros’ assets to the detriment of ordinary South Africans. Executive  mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba wrote that In a little over a year, they uncovered R16.2 billion in corruption within the City Council. This level of corruption doesn’t magically appear he said. It is purposefully cultivated in the dark corners of institutions by those in positions of power – in this case by members of the former ANC administration.(Link) 

““Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa has lost any credibility as a genuine leader of the people and a revolutionary committed to the cause of the working class. With his email to police minister Comrade Nathi Mthethwa, Comrade Ramaphosa delivered the more than 40 people to their death at Marikana. Comrade Cyril’s preoccupation with the preservation of his monetary interests in Lonmin led him to call for ‘concomitant action’ to deal with the ‘criminal acts’”, –  ANC Youth League statement.  
Ramaphosa is a political chameleon who will jump for the most lucrative tree.  In the past three years, as deputy president, Ramaphosa has consistently referred to ‘my president’ when referring to Jacob Zuma, who has all but stripped South Africa of its assets that aren’t bolted down and immovable.  Ramaphosa publicly supported ‘his’ president until it became apparent that “his” president had backed his former wife in the leadership race, instead of him. He has since conveniently abandoned his sycophantic demeanor towards the president, and switched to dishing up the dirt on him instead. In 2006,President Zuma managed to sidestep a charge of rape made by Fezekile Kuzwayo. The ANC mobilized in support of him. Yet, in recent weeks, aware that he doesn’t have “his”  president’s support in his ambitions in the presidential race, Ramaphosa acceded that he believed Zuma had indeed raped  Kuzwayo. (Link)
How the financial markets will react to this appointment is yet to be seen. Ramaphosa might live in this delusional dream that he could “pull the country together“-  and reinstate the confidence of investors- but sadly he is building castles in the air and will soon realize no-one will be there to paint it for him. ( All artisans currently are in China- courtesy by Zuma.) South Africa is a complex country- and although the ANC love to propagate blacks are the “majority”– they tend to generalize and hide the fact that among blacks there are 11 different ethnic clans or tribes- of which none want to mingle with the other across ethnic and ancestral lines. So- if we take the facts in hand- then the “blacks” are not the “majority”– but by  dissecting the different tribes from the overall bigger picture they in fact become the minority.
Difficult times: Cyril Ramaphosa, with the late Harry Oppenheimer in this 1986 photograph at the first anniversary celebration of The Weekly Mail newspaper, where they met. Picture: ROBERT BOTHA
AS always- blacks and Jews cannot operate without each other. Here Ramaphosa cuddle up with Jew Harry Oppenheimer. While white boys died protecting Oppenheimer’s diamond mines in Swartkopmund SWA against SWAPO- Oppenheimer was selling chunks of his business back home to the same black terrorists those white boys were fighting against. It is also noteworthy to know that this same Ramaphosa screwed his own buddy- Sam Malope– out of millions way back in 1995.(Link) This shrewd con-artist- who was a union king pin  and a  former general secretary of the NUM – also took that snowflake minister Roelf Meyer for a monkey during the CODESA farce. 
This is one very important fact that Ramaphosa will soon face IF the ANC by hook or by crooked corruption win the 2019 election again- among many of the other complex intricacies this mega circus down South has to offer.  Black tribes always are at war with each other and are very ethically  jealous and vindictive towards other black ethnic groups. That the early  white  British missionaries and Voortekkers found years ago- black tribes simply hate each other. This fact also was  substantiated in wars between the Zulu and the Xhosa during the Natal Midlands clashes and Soweto Diepkloof Hostel wars. This also were high-lighted when Zuma ( a Zulu)- ousted Mbeki (a Xhosa) for the ultimate power in the country. Now we can understand where the Xenophobia (Black Racism) comes from against the alien migrants in South Africa. It all revolves around tribal power. This will be one of Ramaphosa’s ultimate challenges among others – not the whites- but factually in keeping the different black tribes apart from flying into each other. OR will Ramaphosa use the age-old ANC trick and blame the whites again as a “common enemy” – in order to keep the tribes “united ” and thus prevent a civil war among black ethnic lines to save the ANC’s infinite rule  again? 
Speaking of whites- whites in South Africa also must not make the terrible mistake to reason  Ramaphosa will change their current status quo because he won’t! The BEEE racist discrimination against whites in the job market will proceed. The attacks on whites in the media will proceed. The land expropriation ( land theft) program/bill  will proceed- AND the murders of farmers also will proceed. Do you still remember Ramaposa’s famous words: ” In his brutal honesty, Ramaphosa told me of the ANC’s 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature very slowly..”
Image may contain: 3 people, text
Sounds quite something to look forward to  for the future of whites in SA- now does it?  Our country will still be sold piece-by-piece to the Chinese.  The Afrikaner Broederbond still will dictate politics in South Africa- Julius Malema and Andile Mnxitama will still incite land grabs – and the illegal alien infestation from Africa across broken borders will still continue unchallenged to drag the social , welfare and job infrastructures  to it’s knees.  Recently Ramaphosa said that  the acceleration of radical economic transformation in South Africa needs a bold new deal to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality,”Poverty, unemployment and inequality continue as defining features of our society. In the face of poverty, unemployment and inequality continues to be black. The struggle to ensure that all South Africans share in the country’s wealth must therefore stand at the centre of our national agenda,”– he said. ”  It is a fact that the democratic state inherited a broken, deformed, unequal and unjust economy. The economy we inherited was in crisis and near collapse. It was an economy that was designed under colonialism and apartheid to serve the needs of the white minority, and to deliberately exclude over 80 percent of the population,“- he sang on to the age-old ANC tune. ( Link)
So far we have only heard Ramaphosa singing about the “black previously disadvantaged” and the “poor blacks“- yet not a WORD about the “poor” whites “- or ANY other poor race group for that matter. So- what’s new now? Nothing will change. Whites , Indians and Coloreds still will be discriminated against in the “new” dispensation and everything being blamed on “Apartheid” again. It’s the votes that count- and Ramaphosa- like Mbeki and Zuma– now are exploiting the minority groups to “unite” the black tribes in exchange for their votes to keep him in that chair. What is the difference then between Zuma and Ramaphosa? – The answer is NOTHING– they came out of the same stable !
If the ANC was by any means wise- they would have changed the whole top leadership structure and introduce new young faces with new ideas that are in touch with the changing economical environment and political development in the world. That would have restore voters and investors confidence and maybe save the day for the terrorist organization – but then again we have learned the ANC is by no means wise- they keep on chugging forward with the old Robin Island Old Boys Club and their yesteryear’s vindictive relic race based policies. All they care about is the power and the lucrative tenders, salaries and SUV’s that comes with it. It’s not about the country or it’s people- it’s all about power. 
How and when  Ramaphosa plans to curb all these ” deep state “problems and financial disasters Zuma left behind before the 2019 elections to try saving the sinking ANC Titanic is still a mystery!  OR will he also maybe start manipulating the media like Zuma to lie on his behalf and report only the rosy pictures of the ANC in the hope to bullsh*t the naive black electorate into voting for them again? Only deception will save the ANC from been kicked out of the country’s politics. AND Ramaphosa is no monkey in deception as well. Then also  Ramaphosa have to deal with Zuma and all his corruption charges as well in such a way that he appeases his black electorate and the investors at the same time. Dealing with Zuma might just not be so easy as he expect- and our guess is he will “cut a deal” with Zuma that would make it look “democratically correct ” for academical and media value only. Zuma will walk away as free as a bird without a cage.
Zuma is a powerful and dangerous adversary with many devious and dark connections within and without the state machinery- as well as knowing a few little “secrets” the rest of the ANC mob does NOT want exposed in the media. This is part of the secretive glue that keep the “La Cosa Nostra” between the “clique” intact and ensure all the members are “behaving” themselves within the parameters of mob rule. This facts  Ramaphosa are well aware of- and really do not want to take on challenging the gauntlet – or plan to  “expire” so early in his “presidential” career yet- whether politically – or permanently ! Ramaposa is not a very willing player when it comes to the  the “tit-for-tat” game. Zuma on the other hand now knows who is  his successor- and will definitely make sure Ramaphosa understands this few little facts of life. Thus we could expect Ramaphosa to treat the ol’ mobster carefully and with “politically correct” cat cloves! But as we now know Ramaphosa’s history- he is most likely to outsmart Zuma as well. Good advise: We better closely keep tabs on this one! Where Zuma committed corruption openly due to his arrogance and incompetence – this one is a total new ball game and is quite used to cover up his dirty linen very nifty and  strategically.
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 Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, textImage result for LORD RENWICK AND FW DE KLERK
Image result for MALEMA LORD RENWICK
Image result for MALEMA LORD RENWICK
There will be no change in the ANC’s political agenda forward- the “clique”- the “Brotherhood” already cast that agenda in stone- and Ramaphosa- been elected as Zuma’s aide de camp Deputy President by Zuma himself will not alter any of the substantiated rules from the NEC tramps in Lethuli House.   Only poor rejected liberals such as Max Du Preez , Carl Niehaus and Kopdoek Piet Croucamp will believe and rejoice with the “new” appointed “president”- but that is why they are liberals. The rest of us use our common sense. Mental deficiency among liberals is an age old fact. For now- Fasten those seat belts and get the popcorn- this disorganized  show is about to become interestingly bumpy and deserve some close scrutiny! 
 “Black nations produce few goods, mainly services — wrong move! They live off nature’s bounty — tourism, beach, jungle, wild animals; to sing, dance, run, preen on a stage is what we do. Blacks do not produce basics – sanitary napkin, car, gun, ship, toilet paper – yet use them with impunity. Blacks do not pull their weight globally, even in farming, and lag on all metrics – innovation, hard work, sacrifice, production, prosperity. They suffer for their performance deficits and use it to blackmail white people for aid.”- Dr.  Franklin Johnston

The ANC National Elective Conference has come with a hefty price tag as the party forked out close to R25-million on hotel rooms to accommodate more than 6,000 delegates and guests. According to the Sunday Times, the ANC booked rooms in 35 hotels all over Gauteng, which translated into 3,308 rooms with a total of 6,145 beds. Aside from the mountain hill of other costs, the ANC had to pay at least half of the total amount to secure the rooms, with the remainder, close to R12-million, due by the end of the conference on Wednesday. This revelation comes as just a tiny portion of the ruling party’s conference spend, including that of how much was spent to book out Nasrec expo centre and catering costs.

Some ANC leaders with a penchant for luxury living are rumored to have booked suites at exclusive five-star establishments across the province. The ANC hotel bill ranges from R500 a night for some delegates up to a premium of R1,550 a night for rooms booked for the party’s top leadership. The party negotiated for delegates to be served dinner at their hotels at an additional cost. Rooms in a four-star hotel in upmarket Sandton were booked for members of the national executive committee but more than half of its members preferred to sort out their own accommodation. Luxury buses and minibuses have been arranged to ferry delegates and ANC guests from the conference venue in Nasrec to their hotels across the province. (Link)

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 SOURCE: White Nation