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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent London  December 20   2017



ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced an unspecified international deal to expel some 40,000 African asylum seekers from the country. The Israeli Cabinet also voted to shut down a migration center.

The  Israeli prime minister said Sunday he had reached an “international agreement” that allowed his country to deport around 40,000 African refugees. The asylum seekers, mainly from Sudan and Eritrea, entered Israel through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in the early and mid-2000s.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet also approved plans to shut down the Holot migrant detention center in southern Israel and gave asylum seekers a three-month deadline to leave the country or face deportation. Activists say that refugees from Sudan and Eritrea cannot return to their “dangerous” homelands. The Israeli government says the African migrants are “infiltrators” and not genuine refugees. “The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country,” Israel’s Public Security Ministry said in a statement.

African refugees in Holot protest against their detention (Getty Images)

This removal is enabled thanks to an international agreement I achieved that enables us to remove the 40,000  remaining infiltrators without their consent. This is very important,” Netanyahu said at the start of his Cabinet meeting.”This will enable us to close down Holot and allocate some of the large funds going there to inspectors and removing more people,” the prime minister added. It is unclear whether the African asylum seekers would be sent back to their homelands or a third country.

African asylum seekers in Israel (picture-alliance/dpa)

In a Twitter statement, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s public security minister, said the Holot closure was conditioned on “us seeing that the policy of removing infiltrators to a third country was indeed taking place.”Neither Erdan nor Netanyahu provided details about the third country. Activists say that refugees from Sudan and Eritrea cannot return to their “dangerous” homelands. “Instead of turning away refugees within its territory, Israel can and should protect asylum seekers like other countries of the world, instead of imprisoning them or deporting them to continue the journey as refugees,” a coalition of human rights organizations in Israel said.


MEANWHILE the Jewish-controlled European Union are forcing white European countries to take in more and more non-white “refugees.”  One month after the EU’s executive Commission launched legal cases against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for “defaulting on their legal obligations” by refusing to comply with the EU’s refugee quotas (i.e., accept migrants), on Wednesday the three Central European nations suffered another blow after Brussels mounted a legal fightback to force them to comply with EU “refugee quotas”. The top European Union court’s adviser dismissed a challenge brought by Slovakia and Hungary against the obligatory relocation of refugees across the bloc, as it prepared to sign-off legal suits against the holdout countries.

The two states, backed by Poland, wanted the court to annul a 2015 EU scheme to have each member state host a number of refugees to help ease pressure on Greece and Italy, struggling with mass arrivals across the Mediterranean. Supported by Germany, Italy and Brussels, the EU’s “relocation” law has become one of the bloc’s most divisive recent policy initiatives, forced through over the objections of states from Eastern and central Europe. With tensions running high over Europe’s controversial refugee-acceptance policy, mostly among central European nations, the resulting split has shaped domestic politics in recent years.

The European Commission proposed a new system for enforcing the relocation of migrants around the EU, giving countries that refuse to accept refugees an expensive “pay-to-not-play” option. The measure, which would set a price of €250,000 per migrant for countries that want to avoid EU-imposed quotas for the resettlement of “asylum-seekers, “ is part of a raft of new proposals aimed at rebooting the EU’s beleaguered strategy for dealing with the migration crisis.


BRITAIN  will forced by the European Union to take more refugees in the latest battle with Brussels over asylum arrangements.  The European Union is expected to propose getting rid of the rule which stipulates refugees have to claim asylum in the first country they arrive in. Abandoning what was dubbed the ‘Dublin regulation’ will leave the UK and other northern European countries open to be forced  taking in more refugees. The vast majority of illegal migrants have been arriving in southern Europe then trekking north, often targeting Britain, France and Germany – the countries deemed wealthier and with more lucrative benefits systems.


White Genocide

White genocide is real, folks. Just look at all these clips. And trust me, many people are celebrating our downfall.

Posted by Charles Campbell on Wednesday, December 13, 2017



The Jewish involvement in not only initiating but continually and fanatically pushing tighter and tighter one sided race and immigration legislation from the ‘British Nationalities act’ of 1948 (which gave citizenship and the right to settle here in the UK to every single person of non-white descent in the entire commonwealth), the infamous Race relations acts of 1965 (pushed through by the Jewish Labour Home Secretary: F.Soskice, a ‘Russian’ Jew), 1968 and 1976 (created the Commission for Racial Equality) in addition to successive anti-Germanic immigration policies (using eastern European mass-immigration) and ultimately anti-European immigration policies as a whole (using non-white/non-European mass-immigration) are shown for what they are when the Jewish-supremacist context is shown in relation to race in their own words:

The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will obtain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and the establishment of a World Republic.”

Baruch Levy writing to Karl Marx.

Numerous other Jewish MPs and politically promoted peers of the House of Lords have fanatically promoted anti-European racist legislation for decades, always from within the Labour Party, demolishing the myth that the two main parties are the same, they are not, highlighting the necessity of annihilating the Labour party, as it is literally a Jewish entity

Jewish  European Union supporter George Soros has claimed Europe should take “at least a million” refugees every year and let them choose where they want to live.  The anti-white activist, who is a notable backer of the European Union, called on the EU to accept more refugees and cover the cost of housing health care and education for each refugee for the first two years.  The billionaire businessman was last week accused by Hungary’s prime minister of deliberately encouraging the migration crisis.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban claimed that anti-white activists like Mr Soros are partly to blame for the current crisis.  He said: “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other hand by those activists who supper everything that weakens the nation-state.” “This Western mindset and this activist network is perhaps best represented by George Soros.”

The Jews are deliberately destroying America and Europe. They have always wanted to destroy Whites. The Roman Empire has left us dark haired and brown eyed Italians, who bear little resemblance to the Romans. Rome had many, many Jews, and doubtless they deliberately miscegenated with Romans to remove the Roman from existence. The same has happened to the golden-haired Greeks. The Jews now want to flood Europe with Muslims. This is already, and predictably, happening in Italy with a planned flood of Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans. The planned Union of the Mediterranean will exponentially increase the Muslimization and browning out of Europe.

Whites in America are being encouraged to adopt and marry Asians, and to mix with Mexicans and Blacks. It will only be few generations more of this before Whites will disappear. But the Jews have no love of the mutts they are making. The Jews believe that by mixing different races, they remove both the guardian angels of the human organism and their gods, leaving them defenseless against Jewish genocidal aggression.
The Jews want to destroy all life with genetically corrupted and mixed organisms so as to also destroy all gods other than the Jewish god, and all guardian angels. The Jews also want to steal all the gold in the World and place it in the Temple of Hell they plan to build where the Dome of the Rock now stands.. The Jews are filling the heads of the Browns of the World with a burden to eliminate Whites. They are creating international and internal hatred of America and Europe and of Whites. Face this very real danger, or die out.



(OK– Let me get this straight: Is it not strange that Jews all over the world are so “concerned” about non-whites, fight for their “rights”, help them financially to become a threat to white governments, help them in business- always standing up for the “previously disadvantage”- even set up “human rights” organizations for non-whites- supply Jewish lawyers to defend them against ‘racism” and ” discrimination” from whites- and  instigating non-whites to populate mainly white countries under the EU banner- but in the same breath does this same Jews refuse non-whites into Israel, refuse them to become part or representative in the Knesset, refuse black conscious movements in Israel, refuse black political parties in Israel , refuse a black person  to become president of Israel,  refuse them equal rights in Israel as they force onto white governments in Europe-  all  because Israel is a “Zionist” state- and meantime shoot the SHITS out of the Palestinians without even thinking of setting up a “Human Rights” office in East Jerusalem for the Palestinians to complain about the maltreatment they receive from the invading Jews? What happened  to the “rights” of the Palestinians then? Why are Jews like Barbara Spectre not fighting for the rights of the Palestinians and help transform Israel as well? Why does the Jews not impose the same “gun laws” in Israel like their Jewish legislators  impose in white countries?  And they still blame whites in South Africa for “apartheid???” Talking about HIPPOCRACY!!

Benjamin Netanyahu unaware his being filmed.

The Israli snake unaware his being filmed.

Posted by End AIPAC on Tuesday, December 5, 2017


So the Jews refuse any non white the same “rights” these Jews  themselves fight for the non- whites in especially white countries to obtain. Can you clearly see what is the hidden agenda here? -Ed) 


The Jewish War on White Europe