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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom December 27    2017

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EDINBURGH – The white farmer is an easy target for observers who align themselves with President Jacob Zuma’s government, which has encouraged and exacerbated racial tensions. Look at the cold hard facts of farm killings and there are few sympathizers for the pale-faced individuals who put food on South African tables. Instead, there is a deep ethnic hatred seeping through commentaries in The Star, controlled by Zuma sycophant Iqbal Survé, and elsewhere, notes veteran journalist Ed Herbst in this in-depth analysis of the plight of the white farmer. Zuma and his friends have a lot to answer for, even paying London-based public relations firm Bell Pottinger to drum up anti-white sentiment, as do Julius Malema and his band of red-capped followers who beat the anti-white drum at every opportunity possible. Meanwhile, a group of people important for rebuilding South African economy are slowly but surely seeking lives elsewhere. ‘ – Jackie Cameron (Link)

FARM MURDERS in South Africa is a topic much debated about lately. Since the “Black Monday” mass action on October 31 2017- the world suddenly focused on an issue already well known to white South Africans for the past 20 years– there is a definite race war on against white people of South Africa. The mass action that was coordinated and took place across 80 cities country-wide as well as overseas caught the attention of the international world- and least to say- caught the clandestine orchestrators of the ” 3rd force “farm killers- The ANC and EFF political despots- totally unawares. Never in their wildest dreams could they imagine that whites still could mobilize on such a grand scale.


The murder of a small-scale KwaZulu-Natal vegetable farmer – hacked to death with a machete – has brought home the deadly reality for many living on South Africa’s farms. Bokkie Potgieter, 70, was killed when he found his black attacker trying to steal his pick-up on his Vryheid farm. The killer was himself murdered by neighboring farmworkers after he crashed Potgieter’s pick-up – with his body inside – while trying to escape.

AS shown in the above video- brutal murders by South African blacks are not excluded for whites only- but even their African brethren have to pay a terrible price for the violent black South African racism.

(Be advised: Graphic content)

BUT the international world does not care if another white farmer gets killed again today . They blissfully ignored the pleas from the white farmers in South Africa with all kinds of excuses due to the Zionist media’s bad influence- and the ANC mass murderers does not show any attempt in assisting white food producers curbing  the attacks on them either. The South African police minster-Fikile Mbalula- also is as useful as a roll of Bob wire in a condom factory- as he is acting and speaking more like a clown than a police minster.

UNFORTUNATELY the world at large still lives in a total confusion due to the demonetization of the British press that all white South Africans are “racist”– and especially the liberal leftist media abroad are trying their utmost to uphold this utterly despicable status quo as this New Zealand tabloid clearly shows  (Link). What is really disturbing was comments made by  some of the South Africans and the misinformed leftist Kiwis.  Suddenly many of these white South African liberals  turned  “far left “– using slang like“bru “ and “mate “ with the Kiwis cracking jokes at their expense. Poor sods!  The misdirected New Zealanders on the comments column told the South Africans that commemorated the farm murders  they are “ 2nd class migrants” and must “  fuck off back to SA if they want to commemorate the day.” So much the sympathy from abroad. We await the next earthquake above 8.5 to hit New Zealand again – and when they plead for international help again to rebuild their island – we also will tell them to “f*ck off” and go clean up their island themselves! 

Jason Salazar– an activist against  South African white farm murders in the USA- wrote a letter to the American Congress on the issue. This was their eventual reply to him:

” “Dear Jason,
Thank you for contacting me about the murder of rural farmers in South Africa. I really appreciate your continued advocacy on this issue, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts.

For years, there have been concerns raised that rural South African farmers are being targeted and murdered due to racial or political motivations. The State Department has acknowledged these murders in its annual reports on human rights practices in South Africa. It is important to note, however, that it is not clear that these attacks are racially motivated. Like many emerging economies, South Africa has an unfortunate history of widespread crime and income inequality, and studies have found that perpetrators were generally common criminals motivated by financial gain, rather than racial hatred or political reasons.

That said, I agree that it is important to closely monitor the situation in South Africa. Everyone deserves to be able to live in safety. The United States has a long history of being an advocate for human rights across the world, and we must continue in that tradition in the months and years to come. Please know that I will work closely with the State Department and my colleagues on the House Foreign Affairs Committee as I continue to monitor the current situation in South Africa. I will keep your comments in mind should Congress consider any related legislation on the House floor.
Again, thank you for contacting me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again in the future regarding this or any other issue.
Denny Heck
Member of Congress.”

SO– as we can see- the international world choose to “diplomatically correct” turn a blind eye against the farm murders in South Africa- in stark contrast how they went ballistic about the “poor black oppressed “ during their drunken “Free Mandela” campaigns. This comes to show that only money do the talking. They have nothing financially to gain from taking action against the ANC regime for exterminating their white food producers. They would rather side with the regime in order to gain access to the mineral deposits of the country-  than care about a few white “racist” farmers being murdered.

Kobus Gerber of the Port Elizabeth ratepayers association mentioned that this farm murders is a deliberate attempt by the government to drive white farmers off their farms.  This forms part of their land expropriation” plan. (Link) This past two months after the Black Monday mass actions- the following whites were either attacked and/or murdered on their farms and in their homes again:



As we struggle for breath in the ANC’s toxic maelstrom of venality, incompetence, indolence and a total aversion to preventative maintenance, there will always be those who those who seek to distract us from these ills by scapegoating  and demonizing the declining minority of white South Africans and by constantly threatening them. And the favourite target of such scapegoating is the white farmer.Ed Herbst



  1. Jacques Roux – a business owner- was attacked by black thugs on his premises in Middelburg on December 12 2017. One of the black thugs pressed a gun against his head and pulled the trigger. At the precise moment Roux jerked his head away and the bullet scraped his skull.(Link)
  2. Johan Gerber of the Haakdoorn district in Pretoria was attacked by black thugs on December 10 2017 . They could not get entrance to the farm house- so they set his pick-up alight.
  3. An elderly 87-year old white woman died after she was attacked and robbed in Belville Western Cape on December 11 2017 (Link) 
  4. At approximately 01h30 on Thursday 07 December 2017, Netcare 911 responded to reports of a shooting at a smallholding near the R114 in the Nooitgedacht area between Honeydew and Muldersdrift.
    Reports from the scene allege that several black thugs  tied up the white  family and shot the father. The victim, in his thirties, had been shot several times and was in a critical condition. He was attended to by a Netcare 911 Advanced Life Support paramedic and was ventilated at the scene before being transported rapidly to a hospital for the urgent medical intervention that he required.(Link)
  5. Four white people – Jeffrey Julyan (34), Ethan Julyan (9), Kayla McKenna (16) and Peter McKenna (73).- were  murdered in Mtwalume in Kwa-Zulu Natal- and then left in a blazing house on Tuesday October 19 2017.( Link)
  6. A man was robbed by black assailants in Roodepoort Johannesburg on December 19 2017. ( Link) 
  7. During the early hours of this morning on Tuesday, 19 December 2017) a white Farmer and his son was attacked by black thugs on their farm in the Helderstroom area. Both the victims were stabbed by two black suspects. It’s believed that the son was stabbed in the back and his dad was stabbed in his hand. The son was taken to hospital.(Link)
  8. A white farmer was killed when he attempted to assist his neighbor during an attack by black thugs on his smallholding in the Doornranjies area in Gauteng. (Link) 
  9. Douw Steyn was attacked on his farm on December 08 2017 in the Nelspruit area.
  10. Luis Marcos– owner of the Rio Foodzone in Louis Trichard– was shot in cold blood in front of his 10 year old son Ruan by black thugs.(Link)
  11. A white couple- Gerrit and   Annetjie Labuschagne– was attacked by black thugs on her farm in the Bothaville region . The came back from church when they were ambushed. They fought back and one of the thugs were shot.
  12. A white 38-old white farmer in the Tongaat area in Kwa-Zulu Natal was attacked on his farm by four black thugs whom two wore police uniforms. He subsequently died of his injuries. ( Link) 
  13. A white farmer- Collins Baker– was shot and killed in another farm attack in the Pietersburg region. (Link)
  14. It was reported on October 19 2017 that a white family was attacked by black thugs  on their farm in the   Caledon district. ( Link) 
  15. A white cyclist was attacked and robbed  in Durbanville in the Western Cape while riding for the day.
  16. A white farmer was murdered by four black thugs in the Piet Retief region on October 22 2017-
  17. The bodies of two unidentified white people were found in the Pretoria Moot area on October 22 2017-
  18. A white couple was attacked by three black thugs on their Muldersdrift smallholding on October 21 2017 (Link) 
  19. Danny Scheepers– a white farmer- was attackef on his farm in Aexandra during November 2017 . He subsequently died on December 19 2017 after a month-long battle to stay alive. (Link) 
  20. Peter and Uni Brown was attacked on December 04 2017 on their farm in the Odendaalsrus area in the Free State. 
  21. Another white male – Richard Olivier– caretaker of a school Die Fakkel  in Turffontein Johannesburg- was attacked and killed in his pick up on December 11 2017. He died on the spot.
  22. A white Father and daughter was attacked on their small holding in Bultfontei
  23. n outside Pretoria on December 07 2017 ( Link) 
  24. Another Farm attacktook place  at Shishigwe lodge on Ohrigstad road. Six to eight black thugs  on Mr. Leonard Visagie , Mrs.Herly and her son Grand.Visagie was asleep in the lounge watching TV when a big stone was thrown through the window and hit him on the head. Suspects got entry through the window and cuffed them all. The cuffswas  brought in by black thugs . They took his vehicle white Toyota Hilux double cab reg. DC75 LM GP. Leonard Visagie was taken to hospital and is recovering well. ( Link) 
  25. A White farmer-  EJK Goetsh (83)- was tied up- beaten and robbed at gunpoint by black thugs on his farm in  Twee Riviere in the Swartruggens  area . ( Link) 
  26. A white farmer- Mr. Van Dyk– was brutally murdered on his farm by black thugs. They were subsequently arrested and appeared in court. ( Link) 
  27. Simon Bush was murdered by black thugs at his Douglasdale home in the Western Cape on November 18 2017. ( Link) 
  28. A white family of Nooitgedact in Johannesburg was attacked in their home by black thugs on the night of December 06 2017. ( Link) 
  29. Dianne Rose Ayres went mussing from her home in Kilnerpark Pretoria- and her family had to go and identify her bad mutilated body in the morgue.( Link)
  30. Colin Bosch from Witbank was hi-jacked by black thugs on November 28 2017. He miraculously survived the ordeal.  ( Link)

The farm attacks for  2017 measured at 15 Desember 2017 is as follows:
Gauteng – 15 Murders – 90 Attacks
North-West – 13 Murders – 63 Attacks
KwaZulu -Natal – 13 Murders – 39 Attacks
Limpopo – 12 Murders- 71 Attacks
Mpumalanga – 10 Murders – 63 Attacks
Western-Cape 6 Murders – 23 Attacks
Free State 5 Murders- 45 Attacks.

AND this all was black-on-white attacks. No white-on-black  attack ( Bar the bogus Reitz and Coligny media instigated cases) were reported in 2017.

Image may contain: 1 person

Reporting incidents like this appears to white liberals as “ white supremacist” and “racist.”



NOW– If there is ONE wretched specie we despise even more than Satan himself- then it will be these white liberals in South Africa and abroad. Liberalism long ago has been identified as a genetically transferable incurable mental condition closely bordering schizophrenia. Liberals are the personification of Satan on earth- strewth! These especially white gremlins totally live in a world of their own. Being mentally constrained and oblivious to the reality of life- they simply live in a fantasy Gomorrahn world where the African criminals are the gnomes– and the white liberals are the fairies. Together they could fornicate and create a “wonderful “ fantasy land full of little ”  rainbow “hybrid children. They appear to be oblivious that there factually is a race war going on in South Africa because race to them means nothing as we all “ are the same.”

The fact that  most of the attacks committed against whites are being done by the hands of  blacks and not visa versa– or by Indians- or coloreds or any other race for that matter does not count any significant points to them at all- because”  we are all South Africans.” The liberal  rhetoric always is the same: ” Crime affects us all.” Yea RIGHT– why then is one race group more active in killing another race group so much? You ever heard of whites killing black families on their farms- or Indians breaking into the homes of colored people- brutally assaulting the family and stealing their goods- or Coloreds torching the homes of Arabs- torturing the family with drills , hot irons or boiling water? Dis you ever hear a white holler to ” kill the black”  or “One settler one taxi” from podiums?  No you haven’t! Now why is it so that all these hate crimes mainly are committed by blacks against mainly whites? It is political and race related- PERIOD!

In the liberal eye there only is grey areas. They selectively choose to be oblivious to reality- but at the same time side with the force that appears to be the dominant one in politics for their own selfish gain. Point is that especially white liberals just cannot see the reality- for in their delusional world distortion and mental chaos appears to be the normal modus operandi. Then you get this poor misdirected white liberal fools that try to gain some lime-light by pointing out that websites exposing these horrendous facts about farm murders are “ white supremacist” websites!” Can you believe such ignorant bullsh*t? Is it the only terms these snowflake bitches can think about- “white supremacists” and “racists” when they talk about conservative whites?

Uncanny do they propagate we all are one- UNTIL they meet with a conservative white- then suddenly their poor miserable point of view crumbles and they quickly jump for the dominant factor. Then we are not the “same” anymore. Then it becomes “we” and “them.” Such hippocrats they are. Any liberal’s false “tolerance “ is thoroughly tested when confronted by a conservative voice of reality from across the table. But that only comes from these useless buttercup snowflakes that has no idea what reality means. Most traitors and turncoats also comes from this treacherous group- as  liberals most of the time are downright cowards.

I once read a column article one of these white idiots wrote- and let me tell you- that misdirected little snowflake really was hitting the crazy button all the time. We have the poor snowflakes name, photo et al– among all these other white scum that continuously attack white conservatives- labeling them as ” white supremacists”– for one day we also will expose them too for what they are…..on this same “white supremacist” website.

A liberal is a delusional humanoid that has no real contact with reality- and farm murders does not attract their attention as they have not the mental capacity to reason on a logical level. Strangely does most of these white mouthy  “ anti-white supremacist” liberals not reside in common places such as Danville, Rosettenvile, Soweto. Diepkloof, Nyanga, Kraaifontein or any middle-class white/black suburb- but most of them you will find behind high security walls, cameras and posh homes in upmarket (mainly supremacist white ) areas such as Houghton, Waterkloof,  Bishops Court, Constantia, Groenkloof and Sandton. YEA– they will NEVER  even consider selling  their rich homes in exchange to  go and stay in-between their so-called “beloved” rainbow nation they “adore” so much.

In other words these white liberals mostly are WHITE SUPREMACISTS themselves–  and also bloody class racist hippocrates by that as well!! To them we are all “the same”  (except where we stay.) They quickly can apply class racism when it appeals to them. Their Rainbow euphoria they created for themselves just overrules their little ostracized mental capabilities to analyze the true picture and see that there are much more black-on-white crimes than white-on-black crimes. Their high security walls prevent them from observing what reality has to offer outside their burglar gates. They want us all to be one happy “colour-blind” family. ( that is now the “commoners.”) Meanwhile our food producers are murdered at a staggering rate. But to the liberal that is no concern at all. When one day all the white farmers are exterminated- somehow Woolies or Pick & Pay still will have some veggies and fruit on the shelves- irrespective of the price- for if you stay in an upmarket (mainly white) area– you surely can afford to pay R  100.00 for a white bread(not brown) at Woolies- I suppose? Meanwhile the farm murders continue unchallenged until the farmers themselves take a hand into the proceedings.




The numbers of farmers have declined drastically since the ANC did away with the commando farm protection system and, to make them more vulnerable to attack, and, as a matter of de facto policy, deliberately reneged on an undertaking to replace it with a system of equivalent efficacy. This unspeakably evil strategy was summed up in a 2013 Afriforum press release: In 2003 former President Thabo Mbeki announced against all expectations that the commando system would be abolished and replaced by a structure which would be controlled by the police (this promise has to this day not been fulfilled). This decision was motivated by ethnic hatred and, as always in the ANC’s glorious National Democratic Revolution, it is the poor that suffer. The ANC elite’s food bill is, in substantial measure, funded by the taxpayer as are the bodyguards who protect them from the people’s wrath.

In the olden days American cattle barons made use of gunslingers on horseback to patrol their boundaries and farms against cattle rustlers at night. AND they had a bloody good reason for that as well. The advantaged of the usage of horses is :
1) Horses detect sound at a greater distance than humans and will warn the rider with it’s ear movements of nearing danger if the rider knows his horse.
2) Horses are very agile and can venture into terrain where vehicles- even ATV’s – cannot go.
3) Horses move silently and are fast in rugged terrain- especially at night.
4) The terrorists will never know for sure where the patrol moves as the horses make no sound.
5) Horses have excellent night vision.

6) Horses are far less expensive to maintain than motorized vehicles.


The SANDF of the olden days applied this method with their mounted cavalry with great success against terrorists in bushy areas. I already suggested this a couple of times. By the utilization and training of jobless white men above the age of 18 and below 35 to function in this role will not only curb /dampen the farm attacks- but also create jobs among jobless whites. Thus white farmers can start their own commando cavalry units.

The idea for patrolling farms  is to create a mounted force (rangers) that specifically specialize in farm protection. Three farmers in an area can pool their resources together to house . pay and supply these protection force with material and equipment to execute their task. There is a financial price to maintain such an unit- but weighing the odds of getting murdered or your very expensive cattle been rustled against the safety of your family and livestock might just tip in favor of such an idea- especially in hot spots such as De Wildt near Pretoria- which is notorious for it’s white murders.

What is the price of a good Simonthaller/Brahmahn/Herefordshire bull or cow? R 500 000.00 to R 1 million maybe? Just to be hacked to death in one night for a few chunks of meat? Even game farms- what is the price of Rhinoceros, Kudu. etc compared to their salaries? Compare that to the salaries of this men and you could maintain them one whole year on the price of one prime bull or cow. Farmers in SA must REALLY stop being “ democratic” pussies- and  start to wake up to the call of reality – and adapt to the type of threat facing them. The game has changed- and so farmers must adapt to extreme measures to counter extreme problems.There is a  covert operation running against white farmers.


” Vast swathes of once productive farm land now lie fallow as a result of the ANC’s failed land reform policies.  Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti candidly acknowledges that the billions of rands spent in the past two decades have reduced food security because 90% of the redistributed farms lie fallow, with former employees now living in shack settlements around nearby towns as valuable farming equipment rusts on abandoned fields, as buildings are carried away brick by brick and once-arable lands and productive pastures become veld again. The once-profitable Magwa and Majola tea estates in the Eastern Cape are a useful case study having siphoned up millions of rands in bailout after bailout – ANC agriculture’s answer to SAA being a useful analogy.” .– Ed Herbst.



The criminal regime will not assist you-they damn well rather would FIGHT you.They are using so-called “3rd force “activity to cleanse South Africa from it’s white farmers- the same Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.  Their so-called “police” also  is in cahoots with the farm murderers- even joining the terrorists at night or supplying weapons to them  in  killing farmers. So now farmers are left to depend on their own initiative to survive. History repeats itself- even in Africa.The brutal slaughtering of people and their live-stock runs back since even before the arrival of the fist white missionary in Africa- and what we see happening here today in South Africa happened in Tanganyika, Kenya, Mozambique and the old Rhodesia as well.

There are many ex-mounted brigade soldiers left from the old SWA war that could assist in training these patrolmen. Once introduced- it’s effectiveness will spread quickly and once the word reached warlords that there are stealth patrols in certain areas- they quickly will assess the risk and rather concentrate their attacks in other areas. Once the success ratio reach farmers- the method will be introduced in more and more farms.

Remember- the communist regime already wage a war since 1994 against the white farmers- and the only way to counter this clandestine “3rd force” killings of our farmers- is to meet them on the same level- with clandestine “ 3rd force” operations against their infiltrators- faceless riders with faceless motives doing a faceless job. The government in 20 years cared sh*t about it’s food producers- is it not time the food producers start to care for themselves? Most security companies in SA in any case are in the hands of black oligarchs and alien corporate thieves. So turning to them is expensive and most of the times- useless. Today there are a huge amount of whites that could assist in the logistics, etc of such an operation.

When attackers are encountered- dart guns could be used to immobilize them.The weapons taken from these criminals can safely be stored in secret places without saying a word to anyone. It’s unregistered and untraceable- so nobody will miss them. A what to do with the terrorists they catch- well- we leave that up o the ‘rangers” to decide- as long as they do not hand them to the police- for you know what happen to white farmers that hand culprits to the police- the farmers ends up in jail and the thieves walk away free. 

Meet evil with evil. Fight fire with fire.  The farming community can set up their own counter intelligence system network as well…paying informants about possible next attacks and infrastructures- get information as just WHO from National Intelligence are running the operations. You will be surprised!  This is a war- and it must be met with the same standards. The bush war against the same terrorists of SWA  now proceeded on our local farmlands this past 20 years. They disarmed you. They send clusters of heavily armed terrorists at night to come and murder you and your family. Can’t you see what is happening here? Can’t you see there is an offensive against white farmers? It’s all a neatly planned covert operation. BUT farmers became too scared and too complacent. They reason they can still “negotiate” with the terrorist regime for farm protection. That never will happen! The regime is pussy-footing with you!

This idea was forwarded many a time to our farmers- but sadly up to today not ONE feedback was received. All farmers still blunder on their own way, create farm patrols with noisy 4×4 bakkies that can be heard 5 kilometers away during the night- and then run to AGRI-SA to complain bitterly. AGRI-SA cares a sh*t about your live too man! And as we can remember- AGRISA politically correct “distanced” itself from the BlackMonday mass action- so “supportive ” are they towards their farmers that supported  them for how long now? Most farmers – especially the white liberal English-speaking farmers in the Western Cape and Natal- still refuse to pool their resources together and launch a unit that can effectively combat these black terrorists on the farms to their own peril.

They read about the horrendous farm murders on a daily basis- but somehow are they still having limbo fits and recon it only will happen to the “chap next door. ” The irony is that the “chap next door” also are thinking along the same lines! It is time to wake up white farmers.…time to change your mind-set and apply drastic solutions to drastic problems- or sooner or later you too will face a gun barrel or machete in your living room. The South African extremist black hooligan like Malema and Mnxitama want you from your land. They want you DEAD mate!! Why else would they chant ” Kill the farmer-Kill the Boer? Their devious black regime want to take your land. They are instigating a war against you and it will not stop- and still you are to bloody naive to recognize the threat against you.  The attacks  did not slow down in 20 years- and unless YOU do something about it- they will exterminate all of you within the next 20 years.  Stop being complacent. Stop being greedy and selfish. Stop being liberal-minded. Take matters into your own hands- irrespective what the bloody useless terrorist regime tells you. There is no more law and order in this country- blacks are doing whatever they want in any case.Look at them violent rioting and destroying the country- and NOTHING gets done about it! Rhamaphosa will be worse than Zuma- he will take direct action against you and your property- STOP him!   Start acting- for  tomorrow just may be too late.


SOURCE: White Nation