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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria December 28    2017




THERE you have it right out of the black horse’s mouth folks! Ramaphosa – as with all his predecessors- aims to tramp on whites again in favor of black votes.  Whites again will be exploited and discriminated against in favor for election votes to stay in power. ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised black business that government will spend billions on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in the coming years.

“We are going to intensify BBBEE. We are going to sharpen our teeth and determination when it comes to unemployment.We expect that our black industrialists will have up to R24bn made available to them to redefine the way business is done in our country,” he said at an ANC summit for academics and professionals in Johannesburg on Wednesday night.

Ramaphosa encouraged black business to bring their ideas to the ANC. He then asked them to open their wallets to support the party’s local government elections campaign. Ramaphosa said the time of white business monopolies was over. Government was hell-bent on making sure blacks owned and managed the economy.

“For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end. “Those who don’t like this idea – tough for you. That is how we are proceeding,” he said. Ramaphosa said government was obsessed with empowering black South Africans. “In some cases we have become fanatical about it. It is in this area that we know we will be able to plant seeds of further economic growth in our country,” Ramaphosa said. The ANC’s relations with business and academics were essential to speeding up the party’s efforts to change the country. Academics and professionals had started the ANC and had been agents of change during the country’s history, he said.

NOW just WHO said that Ramaphosa was that “great savior”- the “Moses” to lead South Africa out of the wastelands again? Ramaphosa turns out to be a worse anti-white racist than Zuma was. Ramaphosa is a deep rooted racist that intend to discriminate on a worse scale against the whites in this country.He intends to take the discriminatory BEEE law to the next level.  It has been a long truth that the ANC exploit whites to gain power at the ballot box- and as Mbeki and Zuma- Ramaphosa again is creating race division and sow the seeds of dividing the country between white and black- the “them” and the “us.”

Ramaphosa already gave us an indication what he has in store for the country- and as far as economics and the so-called bogus “democracy” goes- it spells nothing good.

  1. He want to turn the Federal Reserve to the state-
  2. He want to take the property of whites away-
  3. He want to change the constitution-
  4. He want to implement even more discriminating measures with regard to BEEE against whites.

In other words Ramaphosa wants to start his own little dictatorship sacrificing whites again for the “bigger” ANC communist picture. Like his predecessors he cannot survive politically  without waving that anti-white race card. And you call this farce a “democracy?” The term “democracy” only is a synonym for white genocide- PERIOD!  Ramaphosa  is a selfish kleptocrat that will sacrifice anybody- even his own people like he did in Marikana– just to advance his own dark agendas. Together with that other hard-line commi wretch- Rob Davies – it appears that whites are going to have some hard times ahead coming of these oppressive ANC malware- unless they get rid of this racist tin-pot dictators fast! 


White South Africans are deliberately starved by ANC regime. An official order was signed in 2005 in which all food-aid & subsidies were denied to any charities which help poor whites. This regime is following a very deliberate policy of removing whites from the entire workforce.

StatsSA’s data also showed a continuing theme among the country’s white population, namely a steady decline over the past decade. The country ‘lost’ over 22,250 whites over the past year, to an estimated 4.49 million in 2017. There were 4.52 million white South Africans in 2016, as previously reported by Stats SA. The data showed a big decline in the number of young white adults, while the only demographic showing any growth was recorded in the ageing population – those people aged 70 and older. Emigration experts have reported increases in the number of white South Africans inquiring about immigrating to countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the US, and even Canada. The main reasons cited include financial and political concerns, high crime rates, concern about the standard of education, and BEEE requirements in doing business. So- The Communist ANC is steadily reaching their objective as been stipulated in their communist manifesto  in cleansing the country of  it’s white populace. And you still pay taxes to these criminals in control? Iow you are funding your own exterminating program- how quaint! 


The 7 Signs of a Tyrant

Throughout history tyrants have sought to undermine democracy using similar methods. Their tactics include attacking the press, treating all opposition as enemies, encouraging violence, and scapegoating minorities. Consider yourselves warned.

Posted by The Reich Report on Monday, August 28, 2017



Whites who had the vague pipe-dream that this critter will be anything different than his predecessors now have something coming their way. They will be totally excluded from the job market again. Maybe whites better start waking up to the reality that the ANC is a demonic organization that will discriminate against them as long as the whites submit themselves to their discriminatory “ laws. “

It does not matter from which angle you look at it. It does not matter what “smart” excuses you try to link to it- fact of the matter is that denying anyone the right to work and earn a living is wrong! It is an infringement of one’s human rights. Everyone has the right to work and earn a living. This is not the ANC criminals’ country. This is not their personal posession to do whatever they want. This is OUR country and we will not let those terrorists tell us what to do. This devious discrimination by the communist ANC to “legalize” their human rights abuse under a smart “BEEE” term is against the United Nations protocol.It’s utterly downright racist and vindictive. How the hell they could get away with it for 20 years and nobody says nothing is truly proof that the world at large is smut with hippocricy. 


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If we are denied the right to work- then we will venture on a tax rebellion not to pay taxes. If I am not allowed to earn money for my family- then the ANC rat pack is not allowed to get any money from me. This bullsh*t has been going on now for 20 years already– and it better stop NOW irrespective what the communist “constitution ” tells them. That Ramaphosa have the potential to become a good leader of South Africa cannot be denied. That Ramaphosa unfortunately is sitting on the wrong side of the fence and still clings to Jurrassic-like ANC policies- also cannot be denied. Instead of nation building the ANC and Ramaphosa rather choose to stay in power “’till Jesus come” by creating race division. By the constant blaming of whites, the permanent BEEE evil law on the books- and by constantly trying to disown and alienate whites only widens the gap between the “them” and the “us.” For 20 years the ANC made sure they blame whites for all South Africa’s woes- that kept them in power by creating a “common enemy.” The whites only have two functions in the ANC’s communist agenda: To pay taxes- and tho act as the scapegoat for all the ANC’s incompetence and blunders.

If the ANC want whites to “adapt” or “transform”  to their “new” South Africa- then the ANC themselves must start their own transformation process too- and that includes getting rid of their racist “Robben Island Old Boys Club “ policies and race-card mentality. If you want economic transformation- it must be done by the state without infringement of the rights of other people. And that sadly is one of the ANC’s rotten apples in their communist basket- they forever are threatening whites with security force action, witch hunts – and pump out anti-white discriminatory “laws” they use as tools to lambaste and force whites to “obey” their hard-line communist agendas. We are not goats- and whites in general will rebel against a system that oppress them. The ANC must stop their delusional dream that South Africa “belongs” to them- it doesn’t! 

What other country do you know of that has this utter despicable discriminatory law on their books against any of their citizens bar this monkey circus down South? Whites better get their fingers out of their arses fast-  and start their own micro economy within the hostile macro environment – or face extinction under this bunch of black plutocratic racists.

THIS IS WHITE LIBERALS AND THE BLACK DICTATORS’  “DEMOCRACY.” You can name them all where liberals play the tune…Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Johannesburg, New York, London, Stockholm, Canberra, Berlin, Oslo…..the list is long- especially in WHITE dominated  countries- all the so-called liberal “Democracies”– all ended up like this…

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Fruits of Socialism.Los Angeles, CA, Christmas Day, 2017.Credit: Instagram/@PlasticJesus

Posted by Doug Evans on Wednesday, December 27, 2017