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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  January 01 2018





MOST of us had to make a turn sometime at the hospital or clinic – whether for a diagnosed illness-  maybe maternity matters, ,accident- or checkups- whatever…not so? BUT in today’s world getting sick- or even venture into a hospital is a costly affair- even when you are covered by a medical aid fund that by itself- shags your pocket for even the barest of benefits.

If you are lucky enough and have a medical aid- then you are covered to a certain point against the financial onslaughts which these corporate vultures high in the  medical trees flung at you. I said “covered to a certain point”– for even your expensive medical aid plan cannot cope with this greedy pool of bloodsuckers waiting for you behind that private clinic’s closed doors. If you do NOT have a medical aid- well- then you are left at the mercy of the half-wit BEEE clowns in the state abattoirs. Thus- whenever you get sick especially in South Africa – you are left with only two choices- face the oath of the Rothschilds– or face the oath of the vindictive 3rd world BEEE mass incompetents.

Wrote one Facebook user Dirk JvR: “To cut a cancerous tumor out of my cheek and reconstruct my face- a cool R 1.5 MILLION! Also another Facebook user- Monica E wrote: “ To fix my child’s arm they charge me R 890 000.00! Another Facebook user wrote: ” When my daughter delivered her first child we were charged R 30 000.00 in total for 3 days- EXCLUDING the bloody R 20 000 per hour toll-fees we had to pay per hour at the booms to visit my daughter! For that price she could have booked into the bloody Paris Hilton Hotel- receive 5 star treatment, suite, top dishes and a bottle of champagne! “ Another user wrote that a certain private clinic in Durbanville have a sign at the front desk that states: ” Please take note that medical tariffs are 200 PERCENT above normal medical aid tariffs!” Then another user states that she went for a laparoscopy of 10 minutes into her mouth- and was charged R 800.00 up and above the consultation fee of R 600.00 at another clinic in Durbanville in the Western Cape. Lastly another socialite wrote that her child’s tonsillectomy (removing of the tonsils)– shagged her out of R 21 000.00 for a 45 minute operation- of which the doctor giving the anesthesia charged R 220.00 PER MINUTE!

NOW we all already have been thoughtfully brain-washed the ” medical services are expensive”– but the question is just WHO is supposed to control this modern-day scavengers from outrageously picking or bones dry? If it is supposed to be the Health Professions Council of South Africa(HPCSA) we don’t know- but at the moment it appears this medical corporate bloodsuckers are making millions on other people’s suffering without discipline and control exercised on tariffs charged. From the medical group owners, the Big Pharma – down to the hospital administrators- and to the doctors all are chipping in- and they are digging REAL deep for that chips too. Simple things that are supposed to be free also are hung on the capitalist bell-. They ask you to “donate” blood or organs for free to save accident victims, terminal ill people and so on. However- when YOU are the accident victim or the terminal ill patient on the end of the line that recieve that free donated organ or blood – you do not get that donated blood or organ for free. Your Medical Aid fund AND bank account  get thoroughly ripped apart for it. It’s BIG business.

Louisa Moraope, collections manager of the South African National Blood Service Egoli North branch, explained the process of a ‘direct donation’. According to Moraope, the donor and the patient need a prescription from their doctor to be able to donate or to receive blood.If the blood is donated by family members, the blood will have to go through irradiation to destroy any cells in the blood that could be detrimental to individuals with the same genetic makeup. “This is a specialized service and can only be undertaken at our donor centers. An appointment needs to be made beforehand so that the center can make provisions with staff, contact the processing laboratory and organise blood transport,” Moraope added. “This is also not an emergency service and individuals cannot expect to donate today and have the blood ready to be given to a patient tomorrow. A minimum of 72 hours needs to be given for the process. This time cannot be completed over a weekend.”It is also not a free service, with a minimum cost of R3 000 per unit donated. So you as a donator does not get a single dime for that pint of blood- but the receiver get whacked R 3000.00 per pint- depending how much e/she will need during the operation. And the blood that are wasted in the theater does not get subtracted from the cost- by the way.

Organ donations are another very horrific section of the money scam running in hospitals. And THIS is like BIG time racketeering going on. Again the donor must “donate” his/her organ/s for free when he/she expire- (sometimes against his/her own free will)- it also appear.

In a recent article in Medical Daily– a huge scam to harvest organs from donors that could still recover- were exposed.  New York hospitals are routinely “harvesting” body parts from patients before they’re even dead, a lawsuit is claiming. The suit accuses the transplant non-profit, The New York Organ Donor Network, of bullying hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead when they are still alive in order to take their organs. Plaintiff Patrick McMahon, 50, an Air Force combat veteran, is a former transplant coordinator who claims he was fired just four months into the job for protesting about the practice and estimates that one in five patients is still showing signs of brain activity when surgeons declare them dead and start ripping out their body parts.

“They’re playing God,” McMahon told New York Post. The lawsuits, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court , cited four examples of improper organ harvesting. One of the examples cited details of a 19-year-old man injured in a car crash who was still struggling to breath and showed signs of brain activity when doctors at Nassau University Medical Center declared him brain dead under pressure from the donor-network officials, including Director Michael Goldstein, who allegedly said during a conference call: “This kid is dead, you got that?” the suit claims.McMahon said that the teenager could have easily recovered.

AND this only is the proverbial ears of the hippopotamus- and hundreds of illegal organs also are “harvested” among street people, people getting on a high in nightclubs, mortuaries, penitentiaries,- and even innocent people in cities that are abducted and their organs removed for the black market. AND “they “ are all into the money racketeering organ harvesting game- from the corporate moguls that own the medical facilities- to the doctors treating the patients- right down to the villain that specializes in drugging the victim to steal his/her organ/s. It’s a billion dollar business- and it’s YOUR life these cryptomaniacs  are gambling with.

They even advertise on the streets for organs- like one advertisement that reads: ” Need organs? We can source organs within 168 hours; healthy, reliable and fully tested. Transplants take place in our world-class medical facility. Whatever you need, we can find: kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, corneas and skin. Contact us today for a free consultation.” They even sell organs on-line- believe it or not! 



Within minutes of typing “kidneys for sale” into your search engine, you can be talking to a “doctor” who will reassure you that if you didn’t drink or smoke, you could sell your kidney for R1.2m. And it would seem from the testimonies on some of these websites that desperate South Africans are joining the throngs of people internationally to participate in this illegal practice. The shortage of willing donors for a large number of people seeking organs, such as kidneys, has fueled the worldwide illicit online organ trade. The government and National Kidney Foundation of South Africa (NKFSA) confirmed that South Africans were offering to sell their kidneys online. NKFSA spokesperson Fanie du Toit said less than 350 transplants are performed in South Africa yearly. He said the selling of organs was often seen as a way out of difficult money situations. “It becomes clear that it’s reaching critical levels and seems to be getting worse every year. “The figures for kidney transplants in the private sector is much better than figures for the public sector but in total, less than 10% of patients in need of a transplant will actually be lucky enough to get it,” Du Toit said.

But how much do you pay for this “donated” organs?

Well- prices vary from hospital to hospital it appears- but a general price index in South Africa on average will look like this:

  1. Pint of blood: R 3-4000.00 per pint
  2. Heart: R 1.5 million
  3. Eyes: R 2000.00 each
  4. A second-hand spleen will cost R7 000
  5. kidney for just over R3.5 million
  6. A patch of skin  R140 per square centimeter.

This is only a few “items” on the Dr. Frankensten  grocery list that you will pay dearly for. But then the hospital costs also get added to the vampir-ish sorcery.

What are normal tariffs in hospitals?:

For instance- for a simply pregnancy and delivery: 

Surgical cases: per day. R 3 344.60 002

Thoracic and neurosurgical cases (including laminectomies and spinal fusion): per day R 3 616.30

Psychiatric general ward fee: per day. R 3 014.70 004

Medical and neurological cases: per day. R 3 344.60

Paediatric cases (under 12 years of age) R 4 010.90 0 per day

Sub Acute Facility R 2 288.00 007

Day admission R 2 137.30 per day

Outpatients’ facility fee for ambulatory admission – chargeable for patients admitted for R 1 161.00

Day Clinic Tariff – for admission  R 1 392.00 per day

Rehab fee R 1 969.40

Haematology ward fee R 3 687.60 per day

Overnight fee R 938.00 per day

BUT you also are charged for theater fees- and boy- they calculate every little morsel of medical utility being used. Your typical medical bill after an operation will more-or-less include the following:


1 X Amnihook 0.25 X Suture W734

1 X Continue Flo 0.25 X Suture W758

1 X Cord Clamp 0.25 X Suture W727

3 X Gloves Surgical St 0.25 X Suture W734

8 X Gloves Sterile 0.25 X Suture W758

4 X I D Bands 0.25 X Suture W770

0.5 X Jaques Catheter 0.25 X Suture W759

1 X Jelco IV 0.25 X Suture W441

1 X KY Jelly Sachet

20 X Maternity Pad SYRINGES

5 X Preptic Swabs

1 X Syringe 1ml

1 X Spiral Electrode

1 X Syringe 20ml

1 X Spinocan

3 X Syringe 2ml

1 X Suction Catheter St

2 X Syringe 5ml

1 X Swabbing Tray

1 X Tegaderm 1626 DRESSINGS

1 X Vaginal Plug

2 X Cotton Wool Balls L/s

2 X Water for irrigation

1 X Stockinette

2 X Silicone Tubing

1 X Add a Line

Yea- even the bloody 2 cotton balls are not overlooked but meticulously added. Such are their greed. AND that only is for a normal pregnancy delivery! Now this is EXCLUDING your own local doctor’s fees that referred you to the hospital, monthly medical aid contributions,  ambulance fees if you had to be transported- as well as the pediatrician’s fees that will do the actual delivery- and also IF there are no complications! The prices may vary from medical group to medical group as well. Can you imagine what the cost would be for a transplant?

Well- here is a quick appetizer of what you can expect to pay in South Africa for such a venture:

  1. Destruction of a lesion on the retina: R2,234,000
  2. Kidney transplant: R2,822,000
  3. Pancreas transplant: R3,149,000
  4. Open heart surgery: R3,530,000
  5. Liver transplant: R6,289,000
  6. Bone marrow transplant: R7,375,000
  7. Lung transplant: R8,687,000
  8. Heart transplant: R10,867,000
  9. Intestine transplant: R13,143,000
  10. -Even a simple cut in your throat- a tracheotomy– will rock you out of R2,234,000 for a single cut and introduction of an artificial pipe to allow you to breath that will take about 5 minutes!

Now this is prices in South Africa- we will not even try venturing in that BIG American land of “opportunity” where everything is “bigger” and “better”– including the terrible cost to living.


SO– just who is making the BIG bucks then? Well- needless to say- the line is long- but at the top of the food-chain is the owners– the bosses- they make millions out of your medical funds and your private pockets. The medical business and Big Pharma are in cahoots and that includes your local government too! Why kill the goose that lay the golden tax eggs? The conspiracy around medical cost structuring, the corruption  and back-handers  runs ten thousand deep! There is no control what these vultures may ask.It’s a bottomless pit of swindling, racketeering and bribery- with your live as the stake And IF you feel this private clinics are too expensive- well- there is always the option of the state-run abattoirs. O- and If you rather prefer to die of a heart attack after seeing your medical bill- the cost of a single burial runs up to R 30 000.00 per person- just for your attention.

What the new year will hold for us in-between the rising costs, inhuman taxes – and our battle to survive in a country full of preying wolves is still anybody’s guess. That the corporate wolves will not back-off on their unnecessary inflations of medical costs is a fact. But another fact is certain- we as normal citizens are working ourselves to death just in order to live each day- pummeled between a corrupt government and greedy corporate racketeers. They say not all sharks lives in the sea- and looking at these scrupulous corporate sharks among us trying to suck every penny from us and bleed to death those already in peril in these  private clinics and hospitals – that saying is dead on! Next time they want you to “donate”  blood or even an organ after you expired- tell them to “F*ck off”- and pay your next of kin  at least half the fee they plan to  charge their next unlucky ATM patient who will receive that organ.