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Article posted  by: White Nation editorial  January 12  2017







IT is with much amusement that I read that the new “ Cappa Di Tutti” of the ANC mob barely got his back-side polished and a feather -or-two darted into his wig  in Johannesburg to become the next “Gangsta” boss- or he already start pumping up his biceps and triceps with some very anti-white oratorical barfing a-la-Mugabe-style  to please his naive black sheepish electorate from the slums to elect  him as the next king of the  South African criminal “ hood” in 2019.

African National Congress “pick-of-the-week “  Cyril Ramaphosa says the party (that now is the mob) will take back the land and return it to the “people”  just as the organisation’s “forefathers “ would have wanted. Ramaphosa was speaking on Monday January 08 2017 at Ohlange High School in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal, where the mob’s first cappa, John Langalibalele Dube‘s, grave is located. (That was before the Jews hi-jacked the mob)

Then the mobster rambled on: “ Many years later we are saying that land will indeed be returned. We are going to take that land and put it in the hands of our people, whether they like it or not. It is going to happen.”  Ramaphosa recently stated this process should ” not harm the economy, the agricultural sector or affect food security. This gives us the options, the possibilities and opportunities to be able to move forward with addressing the land question and at the same time make sure that the economy of our country grows.”



Poor Cyril the Squirrel! Have we not already got accustomed to this evil little rhetoric before- especially when election time start to appear on the political horizon? Cyril- like the “ forefathers ” he blabbered about ( That now would be Mbeki and Zuma)- already tried to pull THAT stunt – and today- 20 years down the line- he we go again with the same old lie and false promises.


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You see Cyril are making all the now right familiar sounds his  illiterate and unruly uninformed black radical populace want to hear….“FUCK WHITEY!”Cyril knows the mob has created enough race division and black hatred against the whites to keep on playing the age-old little mind-games with the “people.” Cyril is a con artist pour excellence– and in my view- a much better one than Zuma ever was. Cyril knows for a fact that he will NOT be able to just like “walk in” and take land(especially from whites) without his commi back-side being flamed.

Did you notice how carefully selective Cyril our Squirrel chose his words? He said “land”– but did not specify WHAT land- and he did very selectively not mention the millions of empty acres belonging to the state– or the “Reserve Bank” or themines“- as Cyril bloody well knows that if he mentions the latter he immediately will have a red dot marked with an “x”  on his forehead by his Jewish masters in London. So now the Squirrel is playing little political mind games with the poor uninformed black electorate- and at the same time tries to scare the mother sh*ts out of the white farmers. White farmers are such convenient scape goats for the black “brothers” to carry the sin of all South Africa.

Cyril was a “padawan” of Harry Oppenheimer– who was not exactly a “white” – for  Jews are not white- they are Azkenazi infiltrators posing as “whites“- but to the poor black racist populace that does not matter whether Harry was a Jew or not. Blacks are a bit color blind and does not know the difference between a Jew and a white. Oppenheimer schooled and financially supported Ramaphosa in his early days to become a union thug- and then pumped lots of money into NUM to bring the mining industry to a standstill. He also was a major instigator and player in getting Ramaphosa into the Rustenburg Lonmin cartel.

So- now you understand why the squirrel very selectively refrained from  threatening to”  take back the mines for the people” as well. He would have antagonized the whip crackers  in London and New York- and most probably join those“forefathers” he referred to as well very soon. Besides he knows like himself- the Mandelas and Zumas also have DEEP fingers into the mining industry. So now the squirrel rather prefer to sing that antique song of taking the land from the usual scape goats of all the mob’s wrong-doings and mismanagement again- the white farmers! Way to go Cyril!!

BUT Harry the Jew trained Cyril the Squirrel very well. Harry was that shrewd war matchmaker that paid both the ANC terrorists and National Party “Bokryers” quite well to tackle each other for 25 years in South West Africa- keeping each other busy – all while he himself were raping the diamonds of the country at Swartkopmund and Alexanderbay. But he made sure the ANC and NP rats were out of harms way and only the “expendable” pawns- the young white boys  of the SANDF – and young Umkhonto We Sizwe fighters- the poor black pawns- were the ones getting killed and maimed in this corporate-orchestrated war while the “king pins” were the ones were hard at work raking in the riches on their blood.

Well- Cyril applied that same strategy at Marikana– where he played “match maker” and organized the police to tackle the black mine workers and let them do some serious killing while he- Cyril- were sitting one side and raking in the profits. Now Cyril again want to play “match maker ” again by instigating yet another civil war by flaming up the hatred between white and black- sending black troops into white farms and let them kill each other- all while the squirrel himself again sits far, far away- raking in the millions through sleaze deals as “president.” Always someone else has to do the dirty job and the dying- while these despicable mobsters are living of the cream that others had to suffer and die for. You NEVER saw Harry Oppenheimer leading either the Umkhonto fighters nor the SANDF troops into battle- and you will never see Cyril leading the police or army troops into an organized white farm assault. They are natural born cowards that skulk behind their money and their ” ring of steel“- their security forces.


AND SO all the black racists keep marching on the same agenda in their bogus “democracy” with one slogan only…..” FUCK WHITEY”– because without “whitey” to blame – their own incompetence and falsehoods would be exposed.

The poor “has-been” South African anti-white media gremlins and white “has been” liberals like ol’ Max and Piet Croucamp naturally are in a mood of jubilation about the squirrel’s barfing- and howl like a pack of rejected wolves the odes and praises of Cyril. Not that we expected anything else from a bunch of retarded BEEE conscripts in any case. They now are trying their utmost to blow some serious smoke puffs up into Cyril’s back-side- and try to swing the black populace again to “hail the king” in 2019- JUST as they did with Mbeki and Zuma.

One cannot phantom this media scavengers anymore- each time a new villain enters the political stage- they dump the previous criminal and start to sing the praises of the next criminal. Typical political chameleons they are- no moral values and no decency in them- just a bunch of cast-away renegades on a selfish capitalist quest to keep their lousy little fake jobs.

Have you noticed how the poor misguided “correspondents” start their articles lately- especially when they want to go ” white bashing” again? It always starts with ” The social media went “viral” about bla -bla-bla…(always the black social media as these half-wit media correspondents cannot read Afrikaans.) “ Strange how the South African black politicians always seem to run to their “forefathers “ for guidance to lead the country- and their lapdog media always seem to run to the “social media” that “went viral”  for their guidance. We truly have been invaded by the planet of the apes- the incompetent leading the illiterate.

But what tickled my grinning senses- was that the squirrel said that by taking away white farmland will turn South Africa into an “Eden!” An “Eden” of what- hungry black nomads and Weed??” The squirrel also  did not forget to mention that by taking especially white PRODUCTIVE farmland- the mob will try not to ” harm the economy, the agricultural sector or affect food security.” Ok- who is playing stupid here? The food production in Zimbabwe already dropped to below zero due to “uncle Bob’s” same funny games- to such an extend that the new criminal on the block- Emmerson Mnangagwa– now start another round of musical chairs and invite all the previously “banished” white farmers to come back and feed the ever demanding black “ previously disadvantaged” again. Tomorrow he will kick them out again. THAT is the African hippocracy for you!

You see – this is typical the African mind-set- never willing to co-operate with the white farmer to make a success of the country’s resources and cultivate enough food to feed the nation. No- they would rather kiss the scrupulous Jew’s arse and let him rape their country of all it’s mineral resources while they blame the poor innocent white farmer for all the trials and tribulations of their country.

It appears that today it is a case of impossibility to appoint leadership that actually is fair and does not have any preference of any race  or promote race hatred for personal gain- but actually live up to their bullsh*t ‘democracy” they advocate-  and treats everybody the same. So far this whole bunch of ANC cleptocrats are falling far short to even be classified as “fair.”

They blame the whites for everything, disown them, murder them, impoverish them under the false cloak of ” equality“- then go  bullsh*t the black population that they actually “care” for them by impoverishing them and let them rot in squatter camps by the million- then again  go running back to their white bosses in Britain to get paid handsomely to sell the country’s resources to international corporations again- again robbing their own black populace from their rightful inheritance of gold and diamonds of their land.

Now Cyril knows precisely what is the name of the game. He KNOWS that due to Mbeki and Zuma’s irresponsible hatred against the whites and the escalation of murders of white farmers- the food production in South Africa already has declined from a 67% productive country to a mere 9%– which means more and more 3rd degree food have to be imported to feed the ever exploding black populace. By venturing on a further dammed quest to take MORE land from food producing farmers- will leave South Africa within the next 10 years in the same predicament as Zimbabwe. But Lo- Cyril is a political conman- he knows he can become even more stinking rich in the next 5 years if he plays his cards right- careless of what the hell his “people” are going to eat after 10 years- grasshoppers or scorpions. He cares less. His own mouth will be strawberry-jammed and back-side fused in the buttercup.

But then he also know the remarkable deep rooted hatred and jealousy the black man nurture against the white man (because of the Jewish mineral rape of the continent and conveniently blamed on the white man)- and cleverly exploit that fact as a catalisator to fuel more hatred against the white farmer. What better flint to catapult the squirrel into political stardom than blaming the white farmer again? This is now the same Cyril that ordered the killing of 34 of his own race mine workers at Marikana and injured 78 – then simply  turned around and just said “ Oops- I’m sorry!” And the black man again are mustering behind the squirrel again! Blacks really must be first class idiots- or deep rooted racists- no sh*t!  They never learn- now do they?

BUT Cyril is a squirrel with lots of surprises. He also promised his vindictive black racist “people” that he will also “step up” BEEE- iow white discrimination in the job market too! What a man- what an African- what a true communist hero! Now- bar trying to disown the white farmer from his land- he also will try and impoverish the white further by adding a few more stripes to the discriminatory BEEE bar-code. Now if the old white government tried any of this type of “acceptable democratic” stunts- the international maggots would have gone ballistic- trust me. Propaganda is a powerful tool indeed- especially false propaganda from the British house of media flies. BUT even Cyril the squirrel will learn in time that a feather -or-two does not make the bird!

The BEEE structure plans to place at least 25% of all white productive farms into black hands. Now who precisely thought this disastrous sh*t out- is still unclear- but what these shrewd criminals plan- is that incompetent blacks now get 25% of all white farms for free. Yes- you read correctly- FREE! Iow- these buggers cleverly want to dump a few blacks on each farm- and at the white farmer’s cost- with his implements- and against his lost of income- he now must “train” this “new” black farmers. When the profits show- they take 25% without paying ONE cent tax- no overheads- and no liabilities. That the white farmer have to carry.

The evil squirrel and his regime thus do not have to pay a single dime to train their “people”– buy anything- or spent anything on this evil little venture. They exploit the white farmer and suck him dry to feed the “ previous disadvantaged” again. Shrewd hey?Then you have anti-white companies such as Woolworths and Pick & Pay that now forces white farmers to apply 25% BEEE ownership on their farms or they refuse to accept products from that farms. Maybe whites now must start to boycott Woolworths and Pick & Pay the way they boycotted SPUR as well! If white farmers fall for this obvious scam- they deserve it- because then they are bloody stupid! 

I wonder if this black “people” will be grateful to what the squirrel now tries to pull off? I mean- blacks really is a funny and unexplained kind of race. For 20 years they vote for this criminals in control who actually impoverish and oppress them- yet they are “happy ” with them ! Today they would go and vote for the criminal ANC just to keep the ” white racist” out of power. Tomorrow they will again go  and sit in their hundreds at shopping centers and wait for that “white racist’ to pick them up again – and give them a job for the day. The day after tomorrow they will use the money they got from the “white racist “ they voted out of power the day before – to pay for a train ticket or   taxi to go and riot again against “poor service delivery” from the same ANC criminals they voted into power the day before yesterday to keep the “white racist” out!

Image result for south african violent riotsImage result for south african violent riots

JUST look how “happy” are blacks in South Africa- even rioting for pleasure against “poor service delivery” from their own chosen government on a daily basis.

They hate the white so much- but have no qualm using all the Western technology, hospitals, medication, education, cars, suits, cellphones, electricity, transport, architecture, money and even the language the same ‘white racists” brought here. They want to kill all the whites but at the same time get paid handsomely by their white puppeteers in Britain and receive food hand-outs from their white masters in America. They even flock into white “racist” countries by the thousand in order to flee their own countries that have NO whites where  they use to be so “happy” in . 

Image result for black immigrants boats

Blacks fleeing from their “happy” black countries in Africa to “racist” white countries in Europe for a “ better life.” Do you make any sense out of this?

Why are they fleeing into “white racist ” countries if they were so happy in their own black countries then? They continuously erect all their squatter camps around predominantly white cities too. They come in their droves to apply for jobs at mainly white companies– but they hate whites and want to chase whites out of the country. You make any sense out of  this very complicated African mind at all? I don’t! It sounds much  like a bunch of ungrateful hippocrates to me! You will NEVER be able to appease the African mind. Their naive and poor illiterate culture will force them to be slaves forever- even at the hands of  their own kind bank-rolled by the British Illuminati  such as Mbeki, Zuma- and Cyril the Squirrel!