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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom January 16 2017

ALSO READ: British woman coming to South Africa to spotlight farm murders 

UK TV personality Katie Hopkins – once known as “Britain’s most controversial columnist” – is heading to South Africa to report on farm murders‚ which she claims are a result of anti-white ethnic cleansing.





SOUTH AFRICA today is being ruled by racial hatred- an none other than black media instigated racial hatred and a country dithering on the brink of a black instigated civil war with “democratically” elected terrorists running rampant . Racial hatred is being exploited for political gain and the continuation of racial division in order to gain political power and personal empowerment for especially blacks.

The biggest racial crimes are being implemented by none other than the black political parties and radical black media extremists that appear to now fully control the discriminatory policies implemented and endorsed especially against whites in general – and anybody that remotely appears to “offend” a black person- irrespective whether it was an act of deliberate intention- or  unintentional.


Although the  South African illegal ANC regime already started their anti-white racial campaign in 1994 with the first hated racial slogan “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” by the then black racist Peter Mokaba– and later on by the racist bigot Julius Malema– black driven racial hatred and brutal anti-white racism started in all earnest by the Penny Sparrow racist driven campaign orchestrated in 2016 by the communist ANC and promoted by the South African irresponsible and deceptive leftist Mainstream Media.

For 20 years the illegal ANC racist regime has been exploiting the race – card against whites in order to keep the 9 black ethnic tribes “unified ” to prevent internal political tribal wars and possibly the fall of the communist regime itself. Whites are being exploited  as a  common “enemy” in every election campaign this past 20 years to keep black voters unified behind the illegal ANC  regime in order to win the majority votes. By continuous false demonization and persecution of the white people- the ANC regime and their controlled media ensure racial division through the smear campaigns, witch hunts for “hidden weapons” , dehumanization,impoverishment, discrimination ,  attacks in the media and assassination  of it’s leaders-  trumped up operations and entrapment exercises such as the “ Boermag trial” against whites in general.

This racial division again guarantees that white and black never will unite as a unified nation. Should this happen- it immediately will ring the death bell for the corrupt ANC illegal dictatorial rule- as well as also create a threat to  the other two main radical black political parties- the Democratic Alliance– and the EFF- which all are bank-rolled amnnd recieve their instructions from the British and American corporate oligarchs. Should white and black unite- the possibility exists that a new political party might rise from the ashes of the current incompetent political environment- and thus pose a danger to the current communist corporate controlled and British bank-rolled 3-party alliance– especially with the 2019 election around the corner.

Together with the naked racism portrayed by all three major political parties in South Africa against other minority groups- the radical implementation  of “black protection first” policies also are implemented to create the illusion that black people in South Africa are “protected game.” This misleading standard operating procedures by mainly the South African media created an environment that blacks in South Africa enjoy a special important position in the social and economic structure of the country.Thus the idea is created is that only black lives matter.

Blacks in general are being hailed as the “super race” and in many cases deemed above the law. Any attempt to expose black atrocities or unlawful conduct by blacks immediately are met with a barrage of counter pro-black propaganda attacks from the South African pro-communist Broederbond Media 24 and Gupta/Soros -controlled networks. Mean-while the same political tyrants ensure that more than a quarter of blacks in South Africa are kept in impoverished squatter camps– and never be able to lift themselves up above the “state grant” level. That is their deceptive illusion they create- instigating racial hatred between black and white in order to be able to “control” both factions while the fat cats rule in power- a typical “Divide and Conquer” communist tactic.

For 10 marks can someone explain what is going on in this clip? 😂

Posted by Teboho Sibeko on Sunday, January 14, 2018

The black tribal war is closing in- Jacob Zuma gesturing a “slashed-throat” to Cyril Ramaphosa. So volatile is the political situation in South Africa among the ruling mob.


It is standard procedure for black radical vagrants such as the EFF , Black Panthers and “Black Land First” to operate in a total false and illogical hippocritical environment. These no-good illiterates make it their business to pose as the “great protectors” of black moral values and the “guardians” of black interests . Where-ever they notice a possible ” discrimination” against a black person they immediately ensure that the case enjoys maximum media coverage. This on itself is done to promote their own  inferior and dwindling image in the political arena. They deliberately mislead the black populace into their trap of confusion and anarchy. South Africa already sports the notorious honor of being one of the most violent countries in the world- and these dregs of society make it their business to act accordingly. Their main  purpose is based on anarchy and racial conflict.

Such was the recent incident when the Swedish manufacturer H&M placed an advertisement of a black teenager wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan: ” Coolest monkey in the jungle.” Now between me and you we would not even give that a second glance as that merely is another advert with no malicious intend. But as ever again- South Africa these days are fused on “racism”– and the poor liberal Swedes(who always seem to suck up black arses)– did it this time the wrong way. They again want to promote their usual anti-white adverts- but terribly misjudged the volatile environment they approached with regard to the South African scenario.


Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

THE EFF thugs exploited this innocent ad again to enhance their own destructive agenda of white hatred.

It was with the speed of white pheasant shit and the racist black “socialites” picked up yet another opportunity to have a swipe at those “white racists.”(Irrespective if the same Swedes supported the terrorist ANC regime for the past 50 years already. ) This immediately went “viral” again- and yea- needless to say the bastard media picked it up- and all black hell broke loose again. The social sites appear to run and approve the South African moral values these days. The poor bastard ” I am sorry I wear a white skin” Swedes stumbled  into their own created shit this time! 

Posted by Andre Snyman on Saturday, January 13, 2018

We will protest every day until these H&M stores close – EFF Chair in Tshwane

H&M stores were trashed at Sandton City and Menlyn Park this morning as EFF members protested a recent 'racist advert'.Click here for more updates:

Posted by on Saturday, January 13, 2018


MALEMA’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members have staged protests outside various H&M stores around Gauteng against a monkey sweater advert.  The retailer had used a black child to model a sweatshirt with the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle”.  A photo on the company’s online website of a black boy wearing a green hoodie with the inscription “coolest monkey in the jungle” had triggered outrage on the black racist social media and among observers worldwide.H&M later removed the advert and apologized for any offense caused. Videos circulating around on  social media show EFF members singing and dancing outside stores in Sandton, Menlyn and Mall of the South.

THIS is the result of the EFF’s destructive nature- and they “represent” South Africa in parliament! And all while these hooligans went rampant the police stood idly by and did NOTHING

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Still wonders why South Africa- under the terrorist ANC dispensation- is rated as the second deepest sh*thole in the world?

Image may contain: text


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and text

-AND the deceptive South African media still remains silent about “racism”...

H&M is not the only major company to be hit by an advertisement scandal in recent years. Spanish clothing brand Zara in 2014 removed striped pyjamas with a yellow star after facing outrage over its resemblance to clothes worn by Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. And in October last year, personal care brand Dove apologised after it was accused of racism for airing a commercial showing a black woman turning into a white woman after removing her top. Another example how blacks in South Africa are hailed as little “gods” by political despots for cheap political points. When a white is demonized not a word will be spoken.

Image result for FUCK WHITES

Image result for FUCK WHITES

Related image

EERILY ENOUGH CAN BLACKS SLANDER WHITES- BUT NEVER WOULD MALEMA AND HIS COHORTS – OR ANY POLITICAL PARTY SQUEAK A SOUND ABOUT IT. On the contrary did a Western Cape Judge-Magistrate Daniel Thulare–  shock the country  by ruling that posters bearing the words “Fuck White People” are not hate speech or racist- but a shirt worn by a black child reading “ I am the coolest monkey in the jungle” is. How the hell do you explain the logic behind this?


Recently we observed how especially white farmers were targeted by the villainous black political parties and untrustworthy media pro-communist networks in the Middelburg, Reitz and Coligny cases. Then we also more recently watched as the media again tried to step up their racist campaign against whites in the tractor case where deliberate and irresponsible reports stirring racial hatred were placed by the Media 24 network with the headlines “Ugly picture of racialised violence.” The network  again tried to single out a white farmer as the perpetrator in the case.(Link)– but when the truth eventually emerged and they realized they again were caught with their feet in their mouths-  the network quickly took down their article.

A black farm worker Aaron Mutavhatsindi(43) was shot dead after he stole a tractor . Although the news correctly reported that it was a security officer who shot the man on the tractor, the main leftist media houses immediately and irresponsibly sowed false information that it was a white  farmer who pulled the trigger.  The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed that it was a security officernot a farmer – who shot and killed a man on a tractor on Saturday, 6 January near the Matshelapad informal settlement. The incident was blown out of proportion on the radical black social media when a post stated that a white farmer had shot a black farm worker.The mainstream media- without investigating the matter- immediately started yet another anti-white rhetoric and blame the white farmer for the killing of the black “innocent” worker. They even try to downplay the worker’s theft as ” taking a lunch break. ( With a tractor????)

Tarlton Police officers were on scene, and Constable Lucky Matome, their spokesperson subsequently released a statement making it clear that the worker was suspected of having stolen the tractor and that the security officer tried to stop him numerous times. “The 43-year-old worker was allegedly travelling on the tractor from his place of employment to his place of residence at Matshelapad when he was followed by the security officer,” said Matome.  The shooting took place at an open field near Matshelapad. The police were summoned to the scene and on their arrival they found the situation to be tense as the members of the black community were attacking the security officer.

The vehicle belonging to the security officer was badly damaged, but he escaped unharmed. Some radical blacks who commented on the social media post misleadingly said the man was only going to “buy lunch “ when he was shot at about 10.15am,-  although many questioned why the man left work so early to go on his lunch break. Another question is why he drove the tractor on the N14 to go to “lunch?”  The photo on the social media post ‘linking’ the white farmer to the murder clearly shows a man wearing a security company shirt. Many other mainstream news agencies had conflicting reports. Even Provincial Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela stated that it was the owner of the tractor (who was also a farmer) who shot the man. It turned out Makhubela also was confused and released a false incriminating report. (Link) 

This is but one incident of many where the false South African media tried yet  again to create racial hatred against a white farmer- just as with the Middleburg, Reitz and Coligny cases. Needless to say neither the black supremacists on the social media nor the evil gremlins in the Main Stream media apologized for wrongfully incriminating the white farmer again. Such is the “racist” hypnotism in South Africa. If I was the farmer I would seek legal advise and sue the whole bloody lot in the Main Stream Media that placed this incriminating false accusations.

This is the black racist hatred going on blissfully on the social sites. Yet nor the Facebook editorial trash neither the white liberal town criers bat an eyelid about ” hate speech.” . It was not Penny Sparrow that placed this comment- it was a black protected game.

In the Middleburg  case the black cable thief was caught and “ruffled up” and put in a coffin by the farmers who experience multiple stock and material theft by thieving black hooligans from nearby squatter camps. In the Coligny and Reitz cases  thieves were caught stealing maze. In all three cases the media drove anti-white smear campaigns against the farmers to such an extend that the political influenced judges in the cases handed down inhuman jail sentences to the white farmers all while the black perpetrators were hailed as heroes by both black political parties and anti-white media networks.Even the illegal ANC regime stepped up and build free houses for the black perpetrators. In the tractor case the illegal ANC regime again stepped up and express it’s “condolences” with the family of the tractor thief. But still no apology to the wrongly accused white farmer or the security guard that did his job! (Link) But then again most of the media correspondents are non-whites-hence their zest to demonize whites as much as they can. Many of them express their own anti-white racist political views through the media trash they write- using the news media to convey their distorted views to the masses. Such an example is that of Sydney Majoko from the Citizen– who again try to fuel the racist wagon with his own personal attacks on whites ( Link) 


Targeting , despotizing and exploiting whites to carry the brunt of black political hippocrates are nothing new in South Africa. The two main culprits – Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema already are synonymous to this human hatred and tragedy. The newly elect communist ruler-  Cyril Ramaphosa also now jumped onto the race wagon and has repeatedly announced  his agenda to expropriating land without compensation. This sentiment is based on an age-old misconception that whites “stole” the land from blacks- a propaganda stunt long ago nurtured by many black political despots such as Mugabe– and in the South African context initiated by Julius Malema in order to gain personal political prominence from his illiterate electorate.

This is the result of the political hatred sowed by despots such as Zuma, Malema and Mnxitama in the minds of the illiterate population.


Related image


My seun Brendon en sy vriende was nou sondag in tzaneen om so bietjie te gaan kuier toe 2 swart mm… hulle van die padaf trek om hulle te skiet……..2 van hulle is darem toegesluit, gelukkig het hulle vinnig gereageer en die tzaneen polisie was dadelik op die spoor.

Posted by Leon van Veenhuyzen on Monday, January 15, 2018


The false claim was later also adopted by Jacob Zuma- and again later on by another “wannabe” Andile Mnxitama. Ramaposa observed that since Malema started the ruse- the anti-white media took to the populace and sowed discontented rumors that “whites ” actually have the “lion share ” of the land which they supposedly “stole” from the blacks. Now when the media start using the term “whites”– it is not aimed at  the corporate JEWS who owns most of the mining industry- but this term specifically targets white FARMERS. This blatant falsification of the true history was quickly adopted as the “truth” (even appears in misleading school history books printed by the communist regime) -and realizing  the illiterate naive minds of many deep rooted anti-white racist black South Africans- the radical political thugs and media scoundrels kept on driving the lie until black emotions were driven to a point where careless political delinquents such as Gugile Nkwinti pressed the issue to become a “law” to disown especially white farmers to save his own scrawny political back-side.

That the main share of the land does not belong to the white farmer- but factually to  international corporate thugs and aliens such as the Chinese sold out by the ANC itself– will not be told. That the biggest portion of land is in the hands of the state– will also not be mentioned. The white farmer again have to be sacrificed on the altar of the illegal rulers of the country. It now became a fact that the illegal communist regime will try it’s utmost to hide behind their own created false lie to gain black votes in the 2019 election- sacrificing the white farmer again for their own selfish political agendas and stay of power. Again the villainous media plays an important part in driving the campaign against the white farmers. Where these muddle-minded idiots behind their media laptops will get food after the white farmer has been driven off his land- is still unclear. No wonder even Donald Trump said Africa consists out of sh*thole countries!


NOW that you have seen all the hippocracy, bullsh*t and deception of the “new” South African bogus “democracy”, – it’s hatred against the whites in general irrespective of your political alliance(Sorry Max, Piet Croucamp, et al)– we will reveal what REAL black hatred , organized  clandestine covert operations against the white farmers-  and continuation stats look like which your Main Stream Media “conveniently” choose NOT to expose:

Let us see how many whites were brutally assaulted and murdered this past 30 days which the media, EFF rat pack- and ANC hooligans choose to “ignore”:

  1. A white teenager girl (19) was attacked on January 10 2018 by a black thug with an axe on a smallholding in Midvaal. ( Link)
  2. A white man and his wife were brutally attacked in a hi-jack by black thugs with machetes in Ermelo . The husband was struck several times and the woman was abducted and her toes cut off. Their car was stolen and is still missing.Image may contain: one or more people( Link) 
  3. Johann Ramage, owner of the  Retief Bookstore in Kestell was murdered on January 13 2018 . (Link)
  4. An elderly white couple in their 80’s were attacked on their farm by black thugs in Jam Tin Creek near Nelspruit. ( Link) 
  5. Nine walkers was attacked by colored thugs with knives on Table Mountain in Cape Town on January 07 2018. ( Link)
  6. Marius Horn was attacked by two black thugs in Ermelo on January 07 2018. They stabbed him 18 times and then covered his bloody body with a sheet. He was kept and tortured for 5 hours. He survived. ( Link) 
  7. A white woman was attacked by black thugs on January 10 2018 in Meyerton and her house set alight. ( Link)
  8. A white teenager- Siam Lee (20) went missing in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Her burned body was discovered  in a secluded cane field near New Hanover. ( Link)  A black suspect (below)  is sought by the police. 
  9. Black thugs attacked a farm in Warrenton. The white victim fired some shots at them- forcing the thugs to flee. ( Link) 
  10. In Brakpan a white woman- Wendy Venter– begged a black car hi-jacker not to shoot her 14-month old toddler Kian when the thug pressed the gun against the baby’s head. Te hi-jacker took her keys and drove off with her car.( Link) 
  11. Three black thugs attacked an elderly Paula Hattingh (73)  on her farm Eureka  in the Koopmanshoop district. They stole cash and cellphones.( Link)
  12. Deon Fourie ( 58) was attacked  and robbed by six black thugs on a smallholding in Vastfontein Pretoria on December 29 2017. ( Link) 
  13. An elderly white man was attacked in his house by black thugs in a retirement village in Brentwood Park at about 2.30am on December 31.( Link)
  14. A white family of Grahamstown was attacked and robbed by one of their black farm workers and some accomplices on their farm on January 02 2018 ( Link)
  15. A white man was killed in his house in the north of Pretoria on Thursday 12 January 2017, in an apparent house robbery by black thugs.Two schoolgirls were tied up with cable ties, but managed to free themselves.( Link) 
  16. Johnny Lima ( 79) was brutally attacked by two black thugs on his farm in Carolina on 03 January 2018. He was repeatedly struck in the face and ended up with 3 broken ribs.(Link)
  17. Blakely Van Den Berg was raped and tortured by black thugs on her farm in January 2018.
  18. Attie Jooste was stabbed to death by black thugs in Jan Kempdorp on January 07 2018.
  19. Francois Potgieter stabbed by black thugs beyond recognition with a pick axe . He died on the scene. His wife is in Welkom hospital after she also was stabbed. (Link)
  20. Two elderly white people – the man (65 ) and the woman ( 59)-were attacked by three  black thugs in Port Edward on January 11 2018. The woman (60) also was raped. (Link)
  21. In another farm attack in Morgenzon on January 11 2018 – a white woman was hit over the head when she tried to run. The black savage   ran away when he heard motorbike coming back to the house. It was her husband who came back after  riding in the veld. ( Link)
  22. A white man and his daughter was attacked by black thugs on January 08 2017 in the Haakdoorn region close to Pretoria – The thugs tied them with strings of Christmas lights. They were subsequently robbed. (Link)
  23. A white magistrate was shot and killed in his car  by black thugs in his yard in Erasmus in Bronkhortspruit on January 10 2018. (Link)
  24. Four black thugs attacked a farming family of Bokfontein on January 09 2018 with machetes and knives . The thugs threatened to put their 3-year old child in the micro oven and rape the woman if they do not get some money. ( Link)
  25. Derick van der Merwe (66) of Mosselbay was attacked by two young colored thugs on a beach in Mosselbay while he was out fishing. The one thug stole his purse while the other one keep on telling his accomplice to stab Van Der Merwe. ( Link) 


SO– here we have 25 cases where especially black thugs attacked- and in many cases-murdered white innocent people during the same month the alleged “tractor case” happened. Yet when a white farmer or person was brutally attacked and even murdered- the ANC MEC for Gauteng Lebogang Maile,– becomes eerily silent- but when a black thief steals a tractor and get shot after numerous warnings – he immediately goes bananas and try to make a “racist” shebang out of it. Such is also the despicable South African media vultures and that ever present racist black “socialites.” But when the truth comes out that a white “racist” farmer was not involved- not one of these low life les miserables that quickly start to blame the white farmer will apologize. They are cowards that does not even qualify to be categorized as humans- but rather  scavenging Hyenas.

Image result for Lebogang Maile,

 Lebogang Maile– deep rooted hippocratic racist MEC of Gauteng- much to say about the tractor case and falsely accusing an innocent white farmer- but eerily silent when 25 whites were attacked by black thugs.

However when we have proof of 25 attacks by blacks on whites (and that only is half of the real tally) none of these sub human bastards and their rat infested media will say a word. I will not even mention the stinking British media. They are a class on their own. Neither will pathological racists like Maile either. THAT is the truth about South Africa: There is a physical and psychological war waged by the international corporate thugs , international press, local press, communist South African politicians, extremist black socialites – and black thugs alike against the white in South Africa- and especially against the white farmer.

The brutal murder of Mrs. Elizabeth Kotze. Elizabeth Kotze 73-year-old was stabbed to death with a knife in her house. She was stabbed several times. The black thugs violently mutilated her body and they gouged out her eyes.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and water


Image may contain: fire and outdoor

Chaos at Vereeniging School.

[WATCH] Police fire rubber bullets to disperse EFF and ANC protestors at Hoërskool Overvaal in Vereeniging and arrest a few others. Warning: Video contains graphic images and strong language.

Posted by Eyewitness News on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Alles onder beheer nou…sterk polisie teenwoordigheid…

Posted by Lenie Du Venage on Tuesday, January 16, 2018




Radical Economic Freedom Fighter terrorists  have gathered at Hoërskool Overvaal in Vereeniging where parents want to enroll their children despite this week’s High Court ruling. The Gauteng Education Department took the Afrikaans school to court in a bid to force it to admit 55 English speaking pupils.But Judge Bill Prinsloo ruled that the department’s instruction to the school was unlawful. This is precisely what is happening in South Africa: WE even now have “legalized” terrorist movements targeting white institutions in the name of “democracy.” 


Dear male afrikaaners…let's replay for you this one more time.

Posted by EFF Malema on Monday, October 30, 2017

This is HATE SPEECH 😡😡

Posted by Catherine Rodrigues on Wednesday, January 17, 2018


AND HERE IS THE DIMWIT COWARD INSTIGATOR OF IT ALL- LOUD MOUTH AS USUAL- UNTIL HE ONE DAY TO HIS SURPRISE WILL EVENTUALLY MEET AN “AFRIKANER” TOE-TO-TOE- THEN THE CANARY WILL SING ANOTHER TUNE.  Like most loud-mouthed terrorists fat Malema hides behind his unruly supporters . This criminal is instigating a race war between white and black- not knowing what the white man really is capable of when at last one day he really looses his patience with this little black Stalin and his red vagrants. EERILY is the media and the bastard white liberals very silent about the “hate speech” issue!

Welcome to High School this years Syllabus is how to get your Ass beat on Day 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Posted by Van Die Mooi Entertainment. cc on Wednesday, January 10, 2018


This is the gross hippocracy , anarchy, blatant terrorism, discrimination and deception the so-called “democracy” brought to our shores. It opened the gates of hell and released all the vile demons such as the Zumas, Malemas, Mnxitamas, Davises and many more on a hapless white South African public. No wonder Donald Trump referred to the African continent as full of “shit hole” countries- for South Africa and it’s shit-hole communist regime, anti-white media – and black destructive  population  now  definitely qualify among the notorious top ten!

January is not finished as yet- yet we can expect more cowardly farm attacks in the days to come- and more filthy  media hippocracy- more “social” black hatred – and government instigated racist discrimination  against whites. It will never end unless the whites themselves  take a stand and start to fight back this evil abomination they call “democracy.” 

Why,” I asked Hitler, “do you call yourself a National Socialist, since your party programme is the very antithesis of that commonly accredited to socialism?”

“Socialism,” he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, “is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.

“Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic.

“We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists. We are not internationalists. Our socialism is national. We demand the fulfilment of the just claims of the productive classes by the state on the basis of race solidarity. To us state and race are one.”

Interview of Adolf Hitler by George Sylvester Viereck took place in 1923. It was republished in Liberty magazine in July 1932

SOURCE: White Nation

Who will watch this? Who will comment? Who will share? Something needs to be done. But it starts with YOU, with all of us, to create awareness, to shout from the rooftops!! #WHITEGENOCIDESOUTHAFRICA

Posted by Ingrid Balkham on Monday, November 27, 2017