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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial  January 21  2017







IT HAS been long documented how the British Secret Services such as M5 and M16 and American CIA – among many others such as the MOSSAD , KGB and many more- operated in South Africa to bring about the fall of the white government.


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It’s no secret that secret services such as the traitor Neil Van Heerden’s South African Intelligence Bureau, British Intelligence, the CIA and the ANC’s Umkhonto We Sizwe Intelligence Services worked closely together many a time in bringing the white rule to a fall in 1994.But it was mainly the British that played the major part in the orchestrated intelligence attacks against the white rule.  Operators from M5 registered as “NGO’s” infiltrated the country and start – through the British Churches such as the Anglican and Methodist– to assist and funnel millions of pounds to  the terrorists financially and physically operating against the government of the day. Helen Suzman , Dennis Hurley , Nadine Mortimer Zach De Beer, Harry Schwartz  and Helen Zille was prominent in assisting ANC terrorists this way to name but a very few- all Jews. The M16’s again main purpose was to “plant” instigators in black townships and instigate riots and chaos through their PAC conscripts.


The British media co-operated closely by reporting each and every event in the most negative light as possible. On the same trend the media had to demonize the white Afrikaner as much as possible in the eyes of the world. Trash media such as the Daily Mail made sure either riots- or “Apartheid atrocities” against blacks hit their malicious headlines day after day- shifting the world’s post war sympathy for South African whites into one of utter rejection.

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The main function of both the British secret services and media is to “protect” first and foremost British “interests” in South Africa . Secondly it ensures that stolen plundered minerals finds their way to British vaults. Thirdly covert and clandestine operations are incited to bring about regime changes to fit the British/American agenda. This we saw with the National Party capitulation, the Mbeki usurpery by Zuma– and now again against Zuma himself.

Meddling into South African Affairs is an age old tactic of the British spy bosses. For example a secret plan by Britain’s Ministry of Defense to keep the ANC in power in the 2019 general elections is proof of that. A media group reported that Freedom of Information Requests it put through to the ministry revealed that a group of military officers from Britain’s Royal College of Defence Studies visited South Africa in 2015.(Link)

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The media again played a major role in demonizing Zuma’s name enough and bring charges of “State Capture ” against him by smear campaigns linking him to the Guptas. Now we all know that this is the truth- the man is a scrupulous slum lord and he DID in fact have hundreds of ties with sleaze operators such as Shabir Shaik and the Guptas. Zuma’s close connections with the Indian slime lords are legio- even his spokes person Mac Maharaj is an out-and-out scrupulous operator. But “state capture” definitely was not one of them- THAT dubious honor belongs to the British Jewry. They have “captured” the “state” (and all the mineral rights) already with Verwoerd’s assassination! Their kitchen boy John Voster GAVE it to them on a platter. 



With the implementation of the Federal Reserve they fully captured the state and start to control South Africa’s economy through a private racketeering institution as the Federal Reserve is NOT a South African state asset- but factually an American New York registered company( please go Google) – and much worse- it already was foreclosed on December 25 2013. (Link) Thus a non-existent private company operated by the Kike Caballah  are still determining our interest rates up to today- and all the major banks belong to 10 Kike syndicates! How quaint and no-one ever asked as to WHY? Now THAT is “state capture” if you ever saw one!! Now I suppose Pick & Pay also can tender to run our provincial finances- and Checkers to do our municipal audits? Zuma guilty of “state capture?” No way!!

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However – the British secret services made every opportunity possible to expose all the sleaze deals between Zuma and his co-conspirators- steadily shifting all the mishaps and troubles on Zuma. He became the Jew’s “fall man.”  That way they ensure that Zuma was constantly in – if we use another man’s calf- Ramaphosa’s slow “boiling pan “ with all the white “frogs.” Zuma turned against his British handlers and turned towards the Chinese in their BRICKS venture- and that immediately put the British and American whip crackers on high alert. Zuma was becoming a liability- and not only a liability- but a dangerous one at that. He simply just had to go.

BUT a quick “solution” a-la Hani, Modise  or Mokaba-style  was out of the question. An assassination or “accident” would immediately raise some serious (Chinese) questions. A more “ diplomatic” way was the answer. Again the British bankster warlords concocted their age-old tactics by demonizing Zuma’s name and status to turn the public opinion against him. ( Like they did with Verwoerd and Terreblanche.) The British operators worked in more ways than one against Zuma. At first they again- like pre-1994- instigated riots and union chaos– as much as 1000 riots in 3 months. This they hope could bring about the same results as with the National Party collaborators in handing the presidency to their “chosen” ruler/s.



But they quickly realize that Zuma was a greedy , shrewd and by that one clever pig and would not relinquish power that easily. He left the rioters to burn and die at their own peril without saying so much as a single word.  He was on the contrary very clever – and by recognizing the Jew’s devious attempt – start moving more and more towards the Chinese sanctuary for protection. Zuma was for years the Intelligence chief of Umkhonto We Sizwe– and the Russians and Cubans- allies of the Chinese- taught him all the tricks of counter intelligence.  What was  developing was a battle between wits- Intelligence against counter intelligence.  Zuma against the British/American  Intelligence. At stake was South Africa’s rich mineral deposits. The stakes is high and defeat means the total destruction of power in South Africa. Zuma always had to make sure he keeps one step ahead of the British wolf pack.

A change of plans in London  was on the cards- and it had to be fast. If there is ONE thing these scrupulous British kleptocracy fear more than loosing money- it is the Chinese mafia. They know once the Chinese move into South Africa all British stolen assets  will be lost as the Chinese cares less about insignificant little “ issues ” such as title deeds, “democracy”, elections  and the likes- and also the Chinese could match British financial power one -on- one. China has long being a threatening adversary for British domination in Africa. The Chinese also will not bend to British rule or intimidation – but rather the opposite will become the order of the day. A full out war with the Chinese also was totally out of the question- as the British/American war lords will definitely meet their match against the Chinese- and most probably end up as Chinese slaves themselves somewhere in a Manchurian rock quarry after Britain was obliterated , invaded and colonized by millions of Chinese.


SO– the British/American Jewry had a prickly pear on their hands. Getting rid of Zuma was not so easy as well as getting rid of JFK, Verwoerd, Terreblanche, Ghadaffi, Saddam et al. Zuma enjoys the protection of some too powerful enemies that the Corporate Jewry rather would prefer to avoid than encounter. Zuma saw their plan and made some very tactical moves to ensure his stay in power. The Jewry did not want Zuma to be the flint to a third world war they know they cannot win. What unsettled them even more is suggestions and sounds  of ” nationalizing mines” and ” Nationalizing the Federal Reserve.” So another plan had to be initialized. They opted for “Plan B”– let Zuma’s own populace turn against him- and that could be brought about by another age old agenda- treason from within and an all-out revolution against the Zuma regime.

One thing the Chinese do not believe in is “fair elections” and “democracy”– and that was one possible answer to get rid of Zuma quickly. Seeing that this two Jew-controlled systems already was in place in South Africa and the corporate Jewry already have a choking influence on the country through their controlled unions- they could activate these unions to mobilize the millions of black sheep into a formidable power against Zuma and his ANC co-conspirators. They could choke the South African economy if necessary. If they could get one ahead of the Chinese and topple Zuma- replacing him with their own “front man” – then they still will be able to tighten the stranglehold on the ruling sheep dogs to control the economy.



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While more “diplomatic” solutions were put into action such as the instigation of riots against “poor service delivery”- more direct actions also was initiated.  Here is where their old reliable “negotiator”- The Jews’ “Public Relations Officer”Robin Renwick – came into play. One of his functions was to create and fund a revolutionary force within the South African political context- one with parliamentary legislative powers  which would make it “legitimate.” He was to work close with the British M5 and M16 Secret Service.  Political control was essential- as well as militant operations. This is where the idea of a revolutionary force – the  EFF – then was born- in the offices  of the SIS British Intelligence  headquarters at 85 Vauxhall Cross London in 2013.

To find a suitable monkey for their business- they had to choose an individual that was not very intelligent- but a good orator that could influence the masses – and also a close confidante of Zuma and the ANC. The found their perfect specimen in Julius Malema– who not only was a half-wit- but he was the leader of the ANC’s Youth League and a very good unruly orator. Being the leader of the ANCYL he was as close to Zuma’s ANC as you can get. Trusted by Zuma and his clique– Malema would have inside information about the ANC’s secrets- and also not be suspected as a paid traitor to his own party. The “plan”  was set in motion.


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Renwick made contact with Malema and a meeting was set-up. It was not long after that when Malema and his newly EFF rag-tag les miserable misfits   received the first of a long line of “donations” from the British Secret Service Slush Fund and ” sympathizers” to get the party going for the next elections in 2014.

But creating a “new” political party out of thin air would cause it’s own set of misdemeanors, challenges  and problems. Zuma is not such a monkey we take him for. He was quite aware of the new developments- and Malema per se is an emotional unstable  treasure hunter that believed his gold-digging nature and the backing of his “new masters ” will give him an opportunity to have a shot at the “ top job.” He resigned his commission as ANCYL leader to resume his new glorified portfolio as “leader” of a political party. Unfortunately for him he is not a wise cracker in politics- and his big mouth put him in direct confrontation with the old dogs- especially with Zuma.

This – as expected- led to an unavoidable spat between him and the old gangster in a meeting in Lethuli-House where Zuma blasted him and told him he is not in charge of the country. He was cut to size a bit and his cocky feathers ruffled by the Robbin Island Old Boys Club – and after a few “corrective ” slaps  against his overblown ego , bullying mob tactics – and some good “advice ” from his mentor- Renwick- Malema simmered down a bit and realized if you want to bark with the big dogs you must not whine like a puppy.

So the training of Malema began in all earnest with “compulsory ” visits to London, ( paid by the British Intelligence Service obviously) – Zimbabwe to go and see Ol’ Bob for some advice and so on – and take some learning lessons from specialized ” facilitators” in world domination tactics.On special   instructions from the corporate “controllers“- the South African media now  start to push Malema and his newly found terrorist organization into the spotlight- illuminating every little bit of monkey-tricks and idiotic babbling he uttered. He became a notorious household name for rebellion, anarchy and racist oratories. He cleverly realized he must rather “diplomatically” abstain from making ” nationalize mines” sounds. That could be quite unhealthy at his young age.

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ONE other problem that faced the British masters of perdition was Malema’s own temperament and mental ability to judge the political environment and recognize the right opportunity to move when the window opens. Malema is a below-average conventicle that may bloody well jeopardize the agenda itself by making irresponsible statements and impractical promises. This may lead that in his zest for power as a “rising star” he might directly confront the Zuma regime which again may lead to direct confrontation and a civil war- which again may jeopardize British operations and who knows- the interference of the Chinese to stabilize ( or invade) the country again.

The Chinese already are amassing in neighboring African countries with hundreds of “ ghost towns” built and a huge underground air strip in the making in Zimbabwe barely a few kilometers from the South African border. This could quickly turn into a logistical support base for airlifting troops and material into South Africa. With lots of Chinese trawlers and ships secretly transporting weapons and war material into Zimbabwe through the Namibian ports – one stupid move from Malema could turn into a nasty piece of human conflict . The Jews know Zuma would not hesitate to call upon the Chinese for assistance.


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SO– there had to be another way to subversively close in on Zuma’s dynasty without sending warning signals or stepping on some poisonous Chinese rattlers. It was again found in deception tactics. A “common” enemy had to be found to divert the attention away from  the real agenda. This was found in the white Afrikaner a lazy no-care race that care less just who controls the country- and any case too scared, treacherous and unwilling to unite – and also too damn cowardly to stand up and fight for their own rights.

Being witch hunted , persecuted, impoverished and threatened with jail sentences if they dare stand up- already made them hopelessly directionless and banished between the wastelands of Nomadia and  Purgatory.  Being targeted as weaklings, skunks of the world and a past history of “Apartheid” – Afrikaners was thus targeted and exploited as the perfect vehicle to carry the brunt of the “ soft revolution” assault under which the real agenda of a regime change could be hidden. They already have been “categorized” by the international community as an “expendable” minority which could be sacrificed for the “bigger” plan. It is then no wonder liberal psychopaths such as Max Du Preez  remarked that the future of white Afrikaners in South Africa surely “looks dark.”

Mostly it’s their own doing due to their complacent and careless cowardly attitude towards securing their own future and that of their children in a land they once called “home.” They have literally become the harlots of the international corporate whores. Every nation comes around- f*ck the Afrikaner for a certain purpose- then throw him aside like a rag doll when he served that purpose. Tomorrow another international whore would come around- pick up the Afrikaner again f*ck him good- and throw him away again. And the local whores also are not far behind. They also each take a turn in f*cking the Afrikaner.

Yet the poor Afrikaner– f*cked into total obedience and submission- is too weak and without any pride to fight these abominations that are ravaging their already broken bodies. Even the black neanderthal like Malema are having a go or two at them- laughing at them, taunting them, challenging them, mocking them- and realized the Afrikaner today is nothing but a useless play-thing and forgotten dog with no teeth. So why must he still posses land then? The problem is sometime in the future all harlots also reach the end of their line- too old and too weak to defend themselves anymore- and end up  in some forgotten dark side alley to slowly fade into obscurity and past memories. All that is left of the mighty Afrikaner today is a few feeble remnant voices on Facebook. And even there they get intimidated and f*cked into fear  by trash from the liberal sites for ‘hate speech.” Thus their voices now also slowly are silenced .as well How many times the word goes out to stand up and fight- but only the women are the ones that  react and further-on only the silence prevail?

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Julius Malema then was instructed to pick up the old African rhetoric against white colonialism- land issues (falsely claiming whites “stole” black land) – and drive the agenda. Malema immediately responded and not before long he was following other bank-rolled African despots such as Kenyatta, Mugabe and Mokaba in hollering “ Kill the Farmer- Kill the Boer.” It became his national anthem. The British Secret Service M16 now work in another 3 -pronged attack against Zuma- one prong concentrated on union-controlled riots and destabilization of the country under the cloak of   bogus “service delivery” protests- the other to create a militant environment disguised under “land expropriation” actions without compensation- and the third sowing media disinformation and malicious “corruption” propaganda campaigns against Zuma.


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Again the South African media receive their instructions to promote the EFF and union activities – and all scams and corruption against Zuma on a daily basis- taking the focus off the real agenda to oust Zuma. Major players in the game that was decided upon was  Malema, Vaavi– and Ramaphosa. One controlling the country if Zuma is ousted, one controlling the unions to regulate the populace- and one directing the militant operations in support of the new ” purified” regime. This way the British intelligence turned the populace and the unions against Zuma- as well as having a political militant contingent ready in case of an all out black civil war. This is the so-called nameless “Third Force” Gwede Mantashe kept on warning us about- the British and American Intelligence agencies. Tied up with devious money powers such as the Broederbonders, George Soros, Oppenheimer, Ruperd  and the Rothschilds – South Africa surely is facing some very turbulent months ahead.

The next election is around the corner…2019. The forces of destruction already now are busy with their preliminary phases to ensure a favorable end result. Julius and his merry misfits now exploit each and every opportunity to set in motion as much chaos and media fanfare as possible to instigate a very troublesome 2018 ahead- with the intend to sway the temperament of the masses into one of total disorder and chaos. The main objective is to render the country ungovernable in order to force either the ANC or the white Afrikaner  farmer to react spontaneously into retaliation. This would lead either to a state of emergency- or an all-out civil war.

Malema concentrate on two main objectives: 1) To antagonize the white farmer by illegally invading his property- thus forcing the farmer to eventually snap and retaliate by starting to  protect his property with brutal force. This inevitably will lead to the regime to step in by deploying  security forces to restore law and order. This is a good ploy as it immediately will draw  the state itself into conflict. The media will ostensibly put the blame on the white farmer- who by now had just about enough of the persistent attacks from both government instigated farm murderers as well as political discrimination. This will lead to more farmers joining the fray- and soon a land war will erupt. With the leftist media, the communist regime , black racists and white traitors on one side – with the white farmers, conservative sympathizers and farming communities on the other. Malema will have reached his objective in creating a civil war.

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2) Malema secondly concentrate on the urban terror attacks- singling out any opportunity like the H&M stores and Overvaal debacles to create racial tension and promote anarchy. By this action he slowly is drawing the attention of both the international world, local black extremists  and the media onto his own unruly mob- thus generating more and more “ credibility” for his terrorist movement’s right to use violent ways in fulfilling it’s objectives.


The other objective is to draw in more black support and create division between white and black- as well as between the populace and the ruling regime. This again will empower Malema to become – like the Argentine “Che” Guevara – a Marxist “revolutionary” – and a “hero” among his “people.” By doing this or becoming a “hero” inevitably will again put him on a collision course with the Zuma regime. This could lead to some nasty retaliation methods from Zuma’s side- and even extermination “procedures” for Malema. Again a civil war is on the cards- with Malema together with Vavi in charge of the unruly black populace and the unions- and Zuma in control of the security forces and state treasury. Malema will again have reached his objective in creating a civil war.

#boerelegioen#hoërskoolovervaalKyk hoe word ń witman geskop.

Posted by Boerelegioen on Tuesday, January 16, 2018


We already are aware of the fact that Zuma- a powerful slum lord with powerful connections- have no more love left for Ramaphosa- who he now sees as a traitor and  an usurper for his throne. If Zuma decide to retaliate against the rogue Malema- a full-scale war between black and black is on the cards. But as for now Malema’s preliminary objective is to create as much chaos and rebellion against the regime as possible and mobilize the black populace into anarchy to render the country ungovernable. Incidents like the H&M and Overvaal again were “aimed” at white “racists”– but the true objective is to start a revolution against the Zuma regime.

For 10 marks can someone explain what is going on in this clip?

Posted by Teboho Sibeko on Sunday, January 14, 2018


Incidents like this will become the order of the day as the “rebellion”– or the “revolution”  escalates. We now see the signs of a typical Deja Vu of the Robespierre French revolution and the Russian Bolshevik  revolution taking shape. Soon we will observe strikes across the corporate sector as Vavi’s unions kicks in. Combined with “Service Delivery” protests and “Land Exproparation” tensions rising- the table is set for the mother of all conflicts down South with powerful oligarchs from both  East and West funneling millions of dollars to their respective pawns into “protecting” their stolen”  assets.”

The whites again are just temporary scape goats to hide a much deadlier agenda- a regime change. The ANC still must stay in power after 2019- but with new front men such as  Ramaphosa to appease the cause of the Jewry. And behind Malema we have the Anglo British/American co-operation of their secret services and war mongers such as Soros, Rockefeller  and De Rothschild. Behind Zuma we have moguls such as the Guptas and the Chinese. Once Malema fulfilled his obligation and the election in 2019 again was decided “ free and fair“- whether “democratically” or by state of emergency to the benefit of the Jewry- Malema will be “disposed “ of to either early “retirement”– or permanently- whichever suit the occasion. His purpose was served- just as Mandela served his.

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The only “outside”  horse – if I may use that term- is the Boer/Afrikaner– who still posses the financial ability to throw the apple cart in disarray and sink the ship. It is for this reason that the forces of evil must ensure that the white Boer/Afrikaner do not have the ability to pose any threat to the “plan.” That is why communist front men like Rob Davis, Ramaphosa, liberals such as Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp, the Afrikaner Broederbond, Afrikaner organizations  and the South African media must join forces in keeping the Boer/ Afrikaner impoverished, without land, poor , divided, no representation or voice- and leaderless in order to keep them subdued and “controllable.”



Afrikaner nationalism and white unification is the one deadly threat to the “plan”– and therefore leaders such as Eugene Terreblanche must at all costs be “eliminated.” Planted infiltrators that pose as “leaders” must co-ordinate to keep the Boer/Afrikaner divided among political and religious lines.

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Social sites are  a good and rich source to gather information, sow discord- promote division, create tension and stamp out any plans for Afrikaners to unite- and hundreds of white infiltrators are hard at work destabilizing white unity on these sites- as well as report any indication of an up-rise in white nationalism. In many occasions false accusations of “racism” are reported at the bogus South African Human Rights Commission – and would-be plans to unite quashed by getting members “banned” from this sites. It also is only the white Afrikaner sites being targeted for this obvious deliberate persecution of free speech. Whites are labelled as “Right Wing racists”  by this devious leftist liberal conspirators. Mostly they are one-man shows trying to draw attention to their obvious hatred against conservatives.No black sites are even monitored. For instance the white South African Facebook are monitored by white liberals from a well known Afrikaner organization. Whenever they decide that white posts are “offensive-“  the members get blocked summarily- but black racist posts are left untouched. This again comes to show that among white Afrikaners in general there  is despicable wretches that even will be rejected by blacks.

And the naked racism on black sites is ten times worse than on white sites. But then again the most deadly reptiles slithers in white skins. 


Both these posts were left and not removed by the white trash that deem themselves as ” guardians” of morality on the social sites. Again it is white despicable rejects that assist in the undoing of their own people.


Unification between the white and the black populace is totally unthinkable and  out of the question. That is why the “racism” agenda plays such an important part in the South African political context. Whites and blacks must at all time be kept in separate camps. As long as they hate each other- the chances of a unified rebellion against the Jewry-controlled regime is out of the question and the “plan” still safe. While the NASPERS/Gupta and Soros media keep focusing te attention on the “white racists”– nobody will notice the silent “revolution” which creeps ever so close to Zuma’s doorstep- although we suspect Zuma himself is quite aware of this conspiracy.His own intelligence agencies and that of his powerful friends must have warned him already.

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As you can deduct- Malema and his EFF disposable minions are mere ” dispensable” nappies and pawns in a much bigger game. Maybe the white Boer/Afrikaner must rather back-off- withdraw from this looming conflict- and rather concentrate in survival techniques such as pooling their resources in setting up food supply lines, safe havens and start to manufacture their own secret protection devices- whatever that may be. Forget about their petty squabbles around religion- stay away from politics .  In this coming civil unrest there is no place for the white Boer/Afrikaner– it will not be his conflict- but a conflict to determine the next power shift. The best option for the white Boer/Afrikaner is to start fortifying his own defenses- unite- prepare food and material and prepare to meet the black onslaught whenever they have finished their battle for “supremacy.” It will eventually come the white Boer/Afrikaner’s way. To now concentrate on small insignificant incidents like the H&M and Overvaal  shebangs is of no use. It only is the start of the run-up to the political climax in 2019 when the REAL guns will be commissioned  into  action.

Waiting for the UN or the international world is fruitless and only a pipe dream. The international world’s most powerful corporate thugs themselves are  deeply involved in the battle for supremacy of one of the mineral richest countries in the world. So how can you expect to get help from  the devil to fight against his own demons? Waiting for Trump also is fruitless- as Trump himself are running his own private Zionist agendas. The white Boer/Afrikaner will have to fight this one alone- as they have done so many times before. How many eventually will be able to move on into the “promised land” is a question still unanswerable- but to my reckoning not one of this generation- as they-like the Israelites of old- played deceptive games against Yahwe in worshiping the Babylonian golden cultural sport calf and turned their backs on the one true God. AND like the Israelites not ONE will survive this South African desert- but all will succumb here. Maybe the next generation under a more and younger ” Joshua” will be able to venture into the promised “Volkstaat.” As for Malema- well- his destiny and conquest for the South African paradise is on course- and he must continue his quest as being planned by his ” controllers.” How he will end up with his destiny – whether dead or alive– is still unclear. That will be determent by his own actions.


SOURCE: White Nation