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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town January 22 2017





SEVEN years ago the Freedom Front Plus sent a dire warning to the liberal DA pink slippers of Patricia De Lille in Cape Town to start preparing for an unequaled  approaching drought. They warned the DA to start working towards building a Reverse Osmosis facility to turn seawater into fresh water. The City Council of Overstrand heeded the warning and started their project.


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However– the mangy clever pink interracial City bosses of Cape Town thought it best to rather be clever and scrap the project – and concentrate their efforts into advertising their Gomorrahn “Pink” City instead, having a few brawls during their meetings,  act like monk….er…oops…sorry(I heard “monkeys” also nowadays is a “racist” word) – let’s rather say they acted like “Simiiformes ” during council meetings by jumping on the tables, throw documents on the floor and danced like drunken Zombies on it -booze , wrap the trees pink, bragged about all the same-sex marriages, order Nandos – and generally  be gay and merry.


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All-in-all they had such a good time and fat salary cheques rolling in below the shade of Old Table Mountain on the resident’s expense. Live was good for the interracial gang while one after the other LGBT wedding took place for the world to see. It was the DA’s Sodom and Gomorrah all over again this past few years. Reality was so far, far away. That is liberals for you- permanently on a fantasy plug in Cuckoo-land while others have to suffer their incompetent behavior just as long as they enjoy themselves.When the ANC sent them a letter- pointing out quite a few nonconformities in their own agenda- they ignored them. When one of our editors pointed the same bugger-ups out on their website- they simply deleted his comment. That’s how this bunch of clowns operate in Cape Town- they do NOT want to hear the truth! They want to remain in their pink surreal Flakka world of air castles and pink bunnies!

Today that irresponsible and down-right stupid decision came back to haunt them- and all the residents of Cape Town. The dams are running out of water! But I suppose they don’t let little things like that bother them. After all during their useless meetings they only drink BOTTLED water and Coke with their Nando platters served in pink side-plates. Dam water is for the “Goyum“- the “animals” and “infidels” outside.

The long continuous drought in the Western Cape is starting to take it’s toll. Now- as expected- does these oafs in the Council jump out of their pink little Pandora’s boxes with threats, taxes and God knows what else to intimidate the populace to save water. They even came up with this bizarre scheme to place a city map on the web- inviting people to look on the map of green dots- and if you see your neighbor using a bit much water- you must phone the little lords and “pimp” on your neighbor! Can you now imagine that? You can view their strange invention HERE. They want to create over 1 million PIMPS! Is this a new type of “job creation?  Of all the stupid things! What do they think they do- run a kindergarten?

Just a week ago the Germans and French donated R 2 Billion towards the water project. (Please do not even try to guess where all that money eventually will end up. Don’t be surprised if you visit Cape Town one day and find Table Mountain all wrapped-up in pink confetti!) The Threewaterskloofdam (near empty) still are running with ALL it’s sluices on full open. The council’s pets- the illegal squatter camps- still blissfully waste water as-if they posses an unlimited fountain of water supplies somewhere- washing taxis and houses so bad that water even run down the streets. De Lille is eerily silent about it- yet the council does not threaten them as they are the ones that will ensure this wanky Councillors their pay-checks after the 2019 election again as they have the “majority” vote. Only white and colored areas are threatened with taxes and jail sentences.




After last week’s notable decline, the City of Cape Town has this week recorded yet another decrease to the dam levels across the Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWSS). Dams monitored by the City now hold just 28.7% of their designed capacity, down from 29.7% the previous week. Talking actual numbers, that’s a loss of 9.3-billion litres of water in a week, enough to sustain Cape Town’s thirsty population for just over two weeks. Overall, dam levels have dropped by 2.3% since the beginning of the year.

While the Voëlvleidam— the second largest dam in the WCWSS — fell below the 20% mark. It’s now just 19.6% full after losing 1% during the previous week. The only dam that saw an increase was — once again — the Wemmershoek Dam, gaining just 0.1% of its capacity over the previous week. This is made more notable by the lack of rainfall in the area during the week. Additionally, it, along with the Berg River and the Steenbras Upper, are the only dams that are currently holding more water at present than at the same point in 2017.

Posted by Frederick Joseph Few on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Water consumption increases, rain remains absent

Notably, water consumption saw a massive spike over the previous week. From 578-million litres per day, the City of Cape Town recorded an increase of some 20-million litres per day in its latest report. Overall usage from its collection of reservoirs equates to 618-million litres per day — 118-million per day more than its target. Cape Town is still using less than half of what it consumed in winter 2014, but it’s still not enough. The weather hasn’t been much help either. There was no precipitation recorded by the City between 8 January and 14 January 2018, bar a sprinkle of just 1.5mm around the Steenbras catchment area. The report was published prior to the rainfall across the city on Monday.

The Western Cape’s dams

While the City of Cape Town has implemented Level 6 water restrictions, Stellenbosch and Saldanha are the only other two municipalities currently facing Level 5 restrictions. Beyond this, dam storage across the province paints a dire picture. Eight dams in the Karoo and Garden Route remain below the 10% full mark. Larger dams outside major centres, like the Brandvlei, Kwaggaskloof and Clanwilliam, are all below the 30% mark. Strangely enough one sees airplanes spraying Chemtrails that prevent clouds from forming Cumulus Nimbus rain clouds between Cape Town and Mosselbay over the Ceres/Threewaterskloofdam area on a daily basis. Et Tu DA? What are you trying to push here- chasing the rain away in order to bullshit & tax the public into submission?

Water augmentation schemes: the latest

Although Cape Town major Patricia de Lille was this week charged by the DA for misconduct, she nonetheless released a statement on 11 January detailing the progress of the City’s augmentation schemes. Drilling to access the Cape Flats Aquifer has begun in Mitchell’s Plain. The aquifer will add an additional 80-million litres of water to the City’s system. “The City will drill in Strandfontein, Philippi, Wesbank, Bishop Lavis and Kayelitsha[sic] to look for the best abstraction points to tap water from the Cape Flats aquifer,” she added. The Table Mountain Group Aquifer and Atlantis Aquifer will offer an additional 70-million litres per day, de Lille noted. There was no update on the proposed desalination plants earmarked for installation across the city.

More bad news

The City, as of Friday, has begun installing “pressure management technology” to areas across the metropole. “Not only does pressure management generally lower consumption by reducing the rate at which water flows to properties, it also reduces leaks and pipe bursts by better ensuring that pressure remains within levels that the pipework can tolerate, and reduces the rate of loss from leaks and bursts,” it added in a statement. “We have identified 25 areas across the city that could benefit from this technology over the next three months, and contractors have been brought in to speed up the programme.” Day Zero is now set for 21 April 2018.

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Cape Town’s dams (Update)

The largest reservoir in the Western Cape, the Theewaterskloof Dam, is now just 15.9% full. Less than 6% of its storage — some 48 days of water at our current consumption rate — remains usable. The Berg River Dam was another notable loser, dropping 1.5% of its stores over the previous week. It remains at 56.5% full — one of only three dams above the 50% mark. Steenbras Upper Dam remains above the 90% mark, but its Lower companion dropped 1.8% of its capacity to 47.7%.  With just over 90 days to ” Day Zero,” Cape Town residents have tons of questions. What is Day Zero? What can we do about it? How did we get here? Day Zero is expected to be on the 21 April 2018 and here are some answers to your pressing questions to people  prepare:

1. What is Day Zero?

Day Zero does not mean that there is no water in the Western Cape  dams. It does mean, however, that the dams are at a crucial low. This crucial low means that dam storage will be at 13.5%. This is when the City will turn off most taps, leaving only vital services with access to water. The city council reserved themselves the right to leave taps in the “densely populated areas” on- (read black illegal squatter camps) “Some key areas will be prioritized to stay connected, but these areas will be extremely limited. The areas which will stay connected will be the majority of densely populated informal settlements,” the City of Cape Town said in a statement.Most schools will have to close if they don’t have their own safe supply from boreholes or rainwater tanks. Many businesses will not be able to operate unless they can provide temporary (off-mains) toilets and drinking water,” said WWF.

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2. What happens on Day Zero?

On Day Zero, Cape Town residents will have to collect water at 200 collection sites or points of distribution in Cape Town. The City estimates that about 20 000 people will be able to collect water per site per day. The collection points have not yet been announced. “The quantity will be based on the minimum requirements for people to maintain health and hygiene. At the moment, the plan is that we will distribute 25 liters per person per day which is in line with the World Health Organisation recommendation,” said the City.

3. But if on Day Zero, we collect 25 litres for the day, there’ll be less – or even no – grey water to flush?

Because we are required to use very little water in our households, there might not be enough to flush. “It’s very likely you’ll have to think about alternate ‘dry’ sanitation systems at home. Some people might start trying to build temporary pit latrines and people in apartments are going to need smaller, mobile, dry systems,” said WWF.

4. How long is Day Zero expected to last?

Despite it being called ‘Day’ Zero, the full-scale Emergency Stage 3 is set to go on for months.We should be prepared to live with very little water for at least three months and possibly up to six months after Day Zero, but it all depends on when rain falls in the water source areas that feed the dams,” said WWF in a statement. However, the City of Cape Town now only is working on alternative water sources.

5. Okay, so what are the City’s efforts? And what are the alternative water sources?

Alternative water sources are groundwater, desalination and groundwater. According to the City of Cape Town’s dashboard, most of the sources are 50% complete but some are running behind schedule.

6. What if someone wants to take my water at the collection points? 

In a bid to ensure the safety of all residents at the points of distribution, law enforcement, police and intergovernmental resources will be deployed at the sites.

7. What does Level 6B water restrictions mean?

Because approximately 60% of Capetonians have used more than 87 litres per day, Level 6B water restrictions will be introduced on 1 February. The new daily collective consumption target is now 450 million litres per day – which amounts to 50 litres per person. Level 6B restrictions will limit irrigation using boreholes and well points.

The City Council has declared Day Zero to be 21 April 2018. On this day they will turn all our water off. The only exception will be the Centre of Cape Town CBD. So the parliamentarians, the Mayor, the Executive of the City, the Premier, the guests in the 5 star hotels in the City, will all have water. You and I will have nothing. The City claims they will have 200 water points. But this is not even enough for Mitchell’s Plain where close to a million people stay. What about the hundreds of thousands who are unemployed, who cannot even get to a water point? What about our pensioners- how will they even lift the 25 kg container of water, let alone carry it to their homes; where will people even get their own containers for the water? Who will be able to go to a water point every day? The politicians will be able to take a sh*t but you and I must dig a hole in the veld. Already the bosses are turning off the taps at work so we cannot even wash our hands after using the toilet. Disease is going to spread. The unemployed and low paid workers will die of thirst. All schools and workplaces outside of the CBD will have to close. All because of what?
A delegation recently went to the dams. Most are almost full, except for the biggest ones, Voelvlei and Theewaterskloof. They discovered that the canals and some rivers that feed the Voelvlei dam ARE STILL BLOCKED. THEY HAVE BEEN BLOCKED SINCE 2016. THEY ARE BLOCKED WITH RUBBLE THAT SOMEONE DUMPED THERE. In 2016 about 7,5 Billion litres were blocked from entering the Voelvlei dam. This is 3 weeks water for the City. It means that the same loss happened in 2017. IT ALSO MEANS THAT EVEN IF IT RAINS NOW, THE VOELVLEI DAM WILL NOT FILL UP. The City, the Province and National government have known about this and have done nothing except blame one another! They only want votes.
The sluice gates at Theewaterskloof dam have been open since 1 Nov last year. The gates are still open. In 2016 the agricultural sector was over-allocated 28 Billion litres or 10 weeks supply for the City. They didn’t use it and the water flowed wasted into the sea.

There has been a lot of talk about the 100 000 liters of fresh spring water running into the ocean everyday. How true is this? I was at Sunset Beach in Sea Point and recorded this.

Posted by Quentin Horn on Sunday, January 22, 2017

There has been a lot of talk about the 100 000 liters of fresh spring water running into the ocean everyday. How true is this? Private Investigators  was at Sunset Beach in Sea Point and recorded this.

Instead of fixing the leaks the City is forcing water management devices. Contractors threaten pensioners in TableView with arrest if they don’t allow the WMD to be installed. An 86 year old in Tafelsig was surrounded by the contractor and the police and forced to accept a WMD. In Langa a pensioner was hit with a bill of a million Rand. She was promised that if she allowed the WMD to be installed they would scrap her debt. The next month her account was one million and three hundred Rand. There are many cases of lies by the City. They have already installed 300 000 WMD’s and plan into force another 200 000 onto us. Their plan is to force this device onto the entire City. They spent R1 billion on these defective devices but could not fix the leaks.

Due to high property prices/rent, there are over 200 000 households with 2 or more families living there. Most cannot afford to fix leaks but the City does not care. Many of the WMD’s are defective and are installed without first checking for and repairing leaks; there is no SABS approval for the devices used; Many devices are not repaired until several days afterwards; the WMD’s are promoting disease; these devices are being imposed at gunpoint; these illegal devices are even being charged to the resident. Workers have to get up at 4’o clock in the morning to get the little bit of water that is there, to wash. When the allocation runs out, through leaks, it switches off and families have to wait until 4am the next day when it re-opens. Meantime, people cannot use the toilet nor wash clothes nor even drink water.

These WMD’s are about social control of the state over all of us. It is to privatize water as they can switch your water on or off at will; The working class and fellow poor will be forced to pay R145,98 per kl for the first 6 kl and R145,98 for each kl above this. So if your household uses 10 kl, you will pay an extra R583,92 plus R145,98 = R729,90. For each kl above 10,5 kl you will pay R390! Rising debt will be used to force WMD’s on everyone.

The Big bosses are having a feeding frenzy, profiteering from the suffering of the masses The water crisis has suddenly become a big profit opportunity. New business in extracting water from air, jojo tanks, water restrictor devices, bottled water, water filters, are selling like hot cakes to those who can afford them. The big bosses are making billions out of the water crisis. Desalination is 10 times more expensive than fixing the leaks but the City is prepared to dump millions into death and disease as long as the big companies can profit. Billions are planned for new ‘projects’ such as desalination. They are even drilling from the underground water reserves (aquifers), without any plan to recharge them. They don’t care that this extraction can lead to sinkholes. The natural spring water, which has been free to generations here, even before 1652, is being handed over for profit to the big bosses. The big farmers are even opening up bottling companies. The supermarkets are full of bottled water from the springs but the masses will be dying of thirst. SAB uses the spring water for free, to make beer while limiting access. The City shut the water projects for 10 days in December, even though they knew of the crisis.   In December the City said most were saving water; now they say 60% are wasting water. Liars! The crisis is deliberately made worse by the state. Their main aim is to privatize water. They don’t care about us.  If day zero comes it means the state has failed. 

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