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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank January 26 2017





BELOW is the gruesome recollection of a white farmer that lost his father in yet another farm attack. This is the story the Main Stream liberal Media will not tell. This is the story- like so many others- that white liberal rejects and black vindictive socialites  will not keep in mind when they continuously  attack white conservative people on their very disgusting social sites for alleged “racism.” This is the truth the majority of black political despots and racists at the Highschool Overvaal will not be protesting about today. This is the sad reality of South Africa today which politicians and newspaper editors alike will not tell the world about- but “democratically” will hide from the international world- for it is ” politically incorrect” and this is the true reflection of their false concocted “democracy” that turned out to be one horrible failure.



“I think it was the adrenaline that lifted him up.” “I think he heard the gunshot, heard his grand kids screaming, and everything that was left of him rallied for one last push. He went to the kitchen, he must have tried to grab a blanket or a towel to stop the blood, then he came to the garage to untie me and my wife.
“I felt his blood dripping on my palms as I lay face-down on the garage floor, my hands and feet tied with wire. I could feel his blood running into my palms like a tap and it felt cold, refrigerator-cold, and I knew it wasn’t good.” Bernard’s dad untied his son, his daughter-in-law and his own wife – all bound hand and foot in the garage. Then he went to sit on the stoop outside the house. It was the last thing he ever did.

I told him to hold on. I told him we had new projects on the farm. I told him to hold on because we still had a lot to do.”
Ten minutes later Bernard’s father was dead. Bernard and his father had come home from church earlier that Sunday to start the braai (fire pit) for a family meal together later that day. His wife, mother and three children were following along behind in a separate car.
They arrived home as normal, past the wires fencing off their farm, through the electric gates protecting their home, past the cameras that watch his house at night. He dropped his dad at the door to prepare and light the fire for the braai, and went to fix the sprinklers in the field running beside the little house he still calls home. It was his grandfather’s house, then his father’s house. Bernard was born there, as were his three children. They had farmed alongside the same generations of black farm workers for over 75 years.

When he made the short walk back from the field, he couldn’t find his father. He knew something was wrong. His father was a commando, a military man of efficiency and precision. And a tough one still, at 75. If he said he was lighting the fire, the fire would be lit. Three days earlier, his father had had surgery to place stents for his heart. He’d only come out of the hospital on Wednesday. Perhaps, Bernard thought, he wasn’t feeling so well. He headed for the garage door – partly open just as it always was to give the dogs shelter from the sun – to look for his dad. He reached down to pull open the door.
That was the last thing Bernard did before life, as he knew it, would end. Before a gang of black thugs desecrated everything he loved the most. Eight black thugs were waiting for him inside the garage. They threw him to the floor face-down into his father’s blood and a scattering of empty cartridges. Bernard thought his father must be dead. They bound his wrists with thick steel wire, tied his feet together and up behind him. They closed the garage door back to the usual level so no one outside would ever suspect what was going on inside the garage. Then the thugs proceed with their ghastly work.
They battered Bernard with a metal pole. They beat him with their guns, leaving holes across his torso, until his brain was unable to even understand what was happening to him – he assumed he was being stabbed with a knife. He prayed to God to take him. “I cried like a baby on that floor. I cried for God to take me, for them to shoot me, for me not to have to watch what was coming next.” Bernard had read all the gruesome details. He had seen the pattern over and over: 82 murders in 2017, 423 gruesome attacks.

He knew the torture the black scum  would inflict; knew about the wife whose kneecaps were drilled with a Black & Decker; the daughter raped by three black thugs, the husband made to watch. The baby dropped into a boiling bath to drown. He knew his own wife, his mother and his three babies were headed straight into this place of pain, and that the eight thugs waiting for them were capable of unspeakable things and would not flinch from executing his sons and making him watch. “I knew I could not survive something like that,” Bernard says.
In the distance, he heard his wife’s car crunch the gravel on his driveway. He begged the thugs to shoot him, so that his wife might hear the shot ring out and turn away. But still she came, onto the drive, straight into the madness that was unfolding in her home. She stopped the car and the boys, eleven and eight, ran to the house as they always did, playing their game of who could get to the door first. The tiny baby was still in her car seat.
As the eleven-year-old reached the door, a shot rang out. (The bullet is still lodged in the wall today). The thugs had not expected this second car and were panicked into firing at the small running boy. The child fell down, unhurt. They dragged him across the yard, through the garage, and put him inside the door of the house along with his screaming baby sister.
The younger boy, aged eight, sat in the doorway and was forced to watch everything that happened in the garage.
He saw it all. Saw every time they kicked his father. Saw them string up his mother and tighten the ropes around his grandma – normal women who had been in church only an hour before. Bernard takes me through the metal gate – the attackers cut their way through the bars, but they have been welded back in place – and into his house. He walks me through the room with the safe, the door still missing where they ripped it away, and into the bathroom.
It’s a room from a time gone by, decorated in orange and brown. Bernard points to the floor that had been covered in his father’s blood.
That day, his father had managed to untie himself and in a final fight for his family, had come to free them from their own ties. Then his father had sat down on the stoop. His wife tried to stop his bleeding. She brought an umbrella to protect him from the sun. He laid down and within ten minutes he was dead. “They weren’t here for anything,” says Bernard.
They didn’t touch anything or take anything. Just a TV, which they threw away. They wanted weapons, a vehicle, and me and my dad dead.”
I ask him what happens in the bit just after. When your father is dead, your bathroom is covered in blood, your child has been shot at, and your wife and mother have been assaulted on the floor. “For that first three weeks I can’t tell you where I was. I was here at home, but I know I wasn’t really here. The farm suffered because I didn’t even water the crops like I should have. I shut down.” We sit on the step where his father died, and I struggle to ask him about the future.

What future does he see, after everything he has lost and suffered? “The world can say what it wants, but this is a racial thing. The blacks hate the whites. They don’t want us here. “Our farm workers are black, and I support them and they work well with me and we work close together, really close together, and they are angry as well. And THEY say it’s a race thing. “Some of the workers on my farm have been here for twenty years. We are battling to pay their wage. But they have stayed. Their grandfathers worked with my grandfather, and their sons work with me now. That’s how it worked.”
He looks away across his fields and seems resigned to a new way of things: “They are taking all of us. All the Afrikaners are going to be gone. Everything is going.” His mother has already gone. She couldn’t bear to be in the house anymore. This October would have marked her 42nd year on her farm but she couldn’t stand to go back inside the place, couldn’t use the bathroom where her husband bled out.
I ask Bernard about his children. His eleven-year-old has talked of committing suicide so he can be back with his grandfather. He feels guilty because he thinks he was supposed to die. He says the shot, now lodged in the wall of the home, was meant for him. He is struggling with life. But it is Bernard’s middle child who is not well. He cannot sleep. He can’t function. He is on antidepressants – strong antidepressants – and he is aggressive towards anyone trying to control him. “He is really aggressive towards his teachers. He doesn’t have any friends at school anymore. He doesn’t want to fit in anymore. My son doesn’t want to go outside. You could say we lost my son that day, too.”
We are talking about his eight-year-old.
I ask who cares for Bernard while he tries to hold his family together, while they fall apart. Who is there for him to hold on to? He looks out over the land his grandfather made fertile a time long before, clearing the bush with just hard work, an ox, a little plough and a mattress to his name. “I have the dogs, the cattle and the land. They never let you down.”
“When I am struggling, my wife knows I will be with the fields. They can kill me – they will have to if they want me off this farm – but even when I am gone, the land will remain. My land will endure.” And suddenly the rain comes, and all at once the whole of this terrible, majestic country is crying.

A video that has gone viral shows members of a black South African student organisation calling for genocide against all white men in South Africa. The incident happened during a protest by COSAS (Congress of South African Students) against the language policy of a high school in Vereeniging, a city south of Johannesburg.



FARM murders in South Africa are escalating to genocidal proportions. The attacks are definitely not about mere robberies or “normal crime” – it’s politically and racially motivated to form part of a much bigger capitalist planthe total control over South Africa’s mineral resources. This only forms part of a plan to totally exterminate the white Christian race- and is implemented together with all the other anti-white discriminatory legislation imposed on whites such as BEEE.

Since 1994 there is a total onslaught against the white population in South Africa as a whole- and none so more than against the white farming community itself. Every week at least 1 farmer and his family is attacked. Every month at least 11-18 farmers are murdered.Every month there is between 60 and 80 brutal attacks on farmers. And this estimates excludes the horrible attacks on whites in urban areas. The attacks are co-ordinated with gangs up to 12 military-style trained black terrorists . Many a time state-issued weapons are used in this attacks. There already has been found that the communist ANC and EFF politicians are behind these attacks to impose fear among the white farming community and drive them off their land to excel the land expropriation plan.



But these attacks just do not happen sporadically- no- it’s carefully planned and executed. Behind these orchestrated attacks we have the coordinators- which happen to be the ANC- regime’s National Intelligence Agency . We have the instigators which is Julius Malema and Andile Mnxitama. We have the government support which was Zuma– and now Ramaphosa. We have the financial backing which are George Soros and the British banking Jewry represented by Robin Renwick. We have the media represented by Media 24, New Nation, Africa Check and the British Daily Mail. We have the “overseers” which is the Afrikaner Broederbond. We have the logistical support and supplies from the South African Police. Then we have the support  and contributions from misdirected  liberals the likes of Piet Croucamp, Max Du Preez, Carina Papenfus, Gillian Schutte, Sloet De Villiers and many more. Then last- but not least- we have the careless and ignorant white Afrikaners themselves.

The main stream media will never tell you this- but instead of reporting all the farm murders and condemning them- the liberal media rather want to concentrate on chasing “ white racists“, anti-white incidents such as the court cases against the white farmers – and now the black racist sentiment at the Overvaal High School in Vereeniging to again give prominence to the black racist socialist agenda of this country. The South African society is totally entrapped in their vindictive “racist” culture. Nothing in the world counts to them anymore.


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Everything is all about black lives that matter- and white “racism.” The demonic media is the main instigator of this utterly despicable culture South Africans now are caught up into. It is sickening to see and hear all they can think, talk and write about is “racism.” But “racism” is the one vehicle that the “controllers” and black racists alike exploit for self enrichment. “Racism” is the one vehicle the stinking media exploit to keep their reader numbers flowing. “Racism” and white hatred is the two main components black politicians exploit to stay in power. “Racism” is a more important feature than a farm murder.


Kristen Leigh McDowell wrote on her Facebook on January 26 2018: ” Tonight, I was assaulted by not ONE but SIX black men at a gas station. You know why? Because my DOOR WASN’T CLOSED. That’s why. They had plenty of room to do what they needed to do and yet they thought that the “white girl” (expletive removed) was being ” rude”. So tell me again why I’m in the hospital and if racism isn’t still alive and well in South Africa- then  tell me WHO is perpetuating it?!”

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Kristen Leigh McDowell– Brutally assaulted by SIX black racists on January 26 2017. Was this a black woman assaulted by six white men- then the media and political thugs would have gone ape. This is the deliberate assault on whites in South Africa hidden from the world. And you call this dump a “democracy?” 


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Because the majority South Africans are deep rooted racist mass murderers- it will be obvious that they do not care about one more farm murder. Food security is a very low priority on their agenda. If there is no more food left on the shelves- they again will riot and burn tyres – murder alien immigrants and destroy shops to steal their next meal. That is the South African mass sick mentality. The fat cat paid black  politicians like Ramamphosa, Malema et al will hide behind their security walls in predominantly white upmarket areas while looking after their own interests by stuffing their fat faces with Nandos and Kentucky– all  while their unruly mutinous hungry populace in their millions are busy rioting, plundering and creating destruction  in the streets of Cities and towns across the country.

Like in Cape Town where the dams  now runs dry due to careless planning and ignorance from this same politicians in control- the useless fat political pigs again ensure their water stays on in the CBD to eat, drink and shower at will while the rest of the populace gets threatened with fines and jail sentences and their water supplies being cut to only 25 liters per day. Whether the rest of the populace dies from thirst or not- whether plagues will start or not- these useless incompetent loud mouth politicians don’t care. Whether me and you have to stand for hours in a que like animals to receive that meager 25 liters per day does not bother them. They already have been warned TWICE about “Day Zero” this past 7 years- yet they choose to blissfully ignore the warnings. Now they want to hold the public accountable for their own f*ck-ups! 


"God straf Kaapstad oor gays," sê past. Bougardt oor droogte

KYK: Die omstrede past. Oscar Bougardt van die Calvary Hope Ministries sê in 'n onderhoud met Son Kaapstad is vol gays en "daarom straf God die Moederstad met droogte".Lees berig more in Son.

Posted by Son Koerant on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I am glad there is still some sane people in Cape Town that see the truth.


Never will you see any of this bastard politicians also standing in a que for hours like you to receive his/her 25 liters of water a day. They get their bottles water delivered on their doorstep by their suppliers. You will never see this overstuffed politicians in the streets- rioting with their followers and taking police rubber bullets. No- They sit behind their little cell phones in secure areas and instigate death and destruction from miles away for their own selfish agendas. They are selfish rotten pigs.  That is your politicians for you. They are nothing but deceptive malicious con artists in smart suits.

BUT then again  it all forms part of that conspiracy from across the ocean. To these conspirators we in any case are nothing but animals- Goyim– lab rats- guinea pigs for their own selfish agendas of global control. After the storm has passed they will slither out of their hiding places and put their evil smiling posters on the lamp posts again to try to deceive you into voting them back into power and lucrative pay checks again. So how much priority  does just another white farm murder comes to  in the bigger picture anyhow?


This global conspiracy also carries the blessings of the useless United Nations– who recently rejected a motion to discuss South African farm murders after the “Black Monday” marches against farm murders. All these demonic forces work together in the”  final solution “against the white people in South Africa. The main objective is to destroy the white middle-class in order to cultivate only two classes- the rich Jewry on top- and the poor black slave below. This way the South African mineral riches would be firmly in the grasp of the British Jewry  banking establishment. Part of this plan is to make the country ungovernable through riots, strikes and chaos with the white taking the blame- like we currently experience in the country. The EFF is used to spearhead this chaos. That was what they have been created and bank-rolled for- their militant “obligation.”  But that is another story for another day.


Tranche de vie RER…quelle bande de lâches !aucune pitié pour la nana qui vient aider le jeune homme

Posted by La France on Friday, February 17, 2017


THEY always attacks in pacts- for they are natural born cowards. Who is the real racists? 




WHITE NATION- We will never stop telling the world about the inhuman holocaust against the whites in South Africa.