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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent London –  February 05 2018








KATIE HOPKINS– a British reporter than came to South Africa to report on the terrible onslaught against the white farmers- has summarily being arrested and detained on February 05 2018 at the Oliver Thambo airport for hastily fabricated and  trumped-up  charges of “ spreading racial hatred.” It is only now that the true agenda of the communist ANC is revealed as they start to detain reporters that want to expose their hidden secrets. 



Katie Hopkins: Government Angry She Has Reported On Their Ignoring Farm Murders

Breaking: Katie Hopkins has been arrested at South African Passport Control for "spreading racial hatred" for daring to report on white farm murders.See her Twitter feed for updates:

Posted by Traditional Britain Group on Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Hopkins- in all her interviews she did with farmers and stake holders- never once ventured in any spreading of racial hatred. But as we know- since the illegal take-over of the communist regime- their whole world- their whole existence- their whole power base revolves around “racism,” Racism became the mainstay of the black populace in South Africa. The Jew has taught their pets the one word they will never forget- one word that they can use to get everything for free- one word with which they can maybe destroy the white race- one word to generate sympathy with…“racism.” . Racism became the one world they cherish to slander whites with.South Africa became the worst black racist country in the world through that one single word. And it- as expected- was on this pathetic grounds that they also “charged” Hopkins with….”racism.”

We watched all her interviews- and in all of them she only asked questions- never instigating anything. This is a blatant lie and bogus charge in an attempt to intimidate and scare Hopkins- as well as any future correspondent that may dare to expose the horrible truth about the farm murders in South Africa. The communist dictatorship does not want any international reporter to interview the victims of the communist instigated white genocide by black murderers. No- only the poor black “victims” of racism and “apartheid” must be interviewed.

This is totally out of the norm- international reporters now suddenly taking sides of the white “racists.” You see- blacks must at all times be portrayed as the “victims”– and whites the ” aggressors.”  What is happening here is totally out of context. That is the mega deception they have been spreading across the world in their false media campaigns to invoke sympathy – and naturally- millions of dollars worth of donations for the “previously disadvantaged.” (who never see a single dime of it by the way.) Now the shoe appear to be on the other foot- and the truth factually favors the other side- thus now the messenger/s must be intimidated.


In an earlier visit from another international reporter- the Canadian reporter Lauren Southern also visited South Africa last week to report on the gruesome farm murders as well. She also came to the same horrible conclusion as what Hopkins did- that the ANC and their devious leftist media dogs has been lying to the world about the farm murders all along- and that the opposite is the stark reality: White farmers are being butchered at a genocidal scale in South Africa. Southern luckily escaped the South African communist Stassi interrogators – and made it safely home to Canada.

This is Lauren Southern’s video she made while in South Africa.


To the terrorist regime currently in control- exposing their participation in the silent white genocide-  and the horrible ways farmers and their families were tortured and murdered by blacks– will be a slap in the face of the malicious lies they advocate to the world about whites as being the “racists.” The revelation that would came from Hopkins , Lauren Southern and others like them  about the real truth hidden from the international world – that blacks are the factual racial perpetrators- would be a devastating blow to the illegal ANC criminal rulers lies and silent genocide against the white population.

For 20 years now the ANC illegal usurpers deny the fact that white farmers are being murdered at a genocidal scale. They keep on advocating it to be a “normal crime“- even go as far as cooking stats to show a much lower murder rate against white farmers.For years now the criminals in charge have been forcing the media only to report about so-called atrocities by whites against blacks- but never to report any atrocity by a black against whites. The South African liberal media totally ignores the facts around the farm murders. Yesterday the ANC beat up and kicked an elderly  black woman for opposing their corruption- today they detain reporters for telling the truth.

Related imageImage may contain: 3 people, shoes and outdoor

Thabang Setona – the  mindless ANC idiot ( who is a Councillor) who kicked an elderly woman twice!


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THIS is how the ANC communists rule the country- by FEAR and INTIMIDATION- another slum-lord dictatorship which the Jews created!


It is precisely intimidating tactics like these against Hopkins that recently shed the truth that the ANC tsotsis is  acting in precise the same way- and in many instances in  a worse manner than the National Party regime did when it comes to the abuse of human rights in South Africa. But the international world now awakened from their delusion and the malicious propaganda coming from the communist rulers in South Africa. News such as these which is a direct onslaught against the media and free speech should go viral around the world. 


THAT is the British press for you- true to their anti-white nature.

It starkly reminds one of the Stalinist and Mau Tse Tung era- not today in this democratic era. One way of suppressing the truth is by silencing the messenger. And apparently the South African communist regime opted for that option. They rather would allow human rights abusers like  Ahmad al-Bashir into the country  than to allow investigating correspondents to move around freely and obtain facts about something very disturbing. That by itself points to the fact that the communist dictatorship in South Africa does not want their evil deeds exposed to the world as it will tarnish their dubious “credibility” in the eyes of the world.

They do not want something exposed that they for so long are blamed and suspected for- but through their deceptive media hid for so long.  Christopher Wilson  also reported on a worsening situation in South Africa as  Zuma fights to hold on to power and the state broadcaster ignores an uptick in brutal murders of white farmers. And the ANC government’s extreme policies on land reform are directly from the Robert Mugabe’s play book as white farmers are brutally murdered just because they own land and are white. Furher-more does  the EFF leader Julius Malema  fueling this hatred with his inflammatory racist comments and policies.


Admins here in Britain we spoke to said they are very concerned about Katie Hopkins safety and security.  In London Admins have been up since early hours making necessary phone calls to ask after her safety in that she bears the risk of been imprisoned in a police corrupt country where justice fails its white citizens. . Hopkins wrote: “I was detained at Joburg airport & had my passport confiscated on the orders of the ANC , The slaughter of whites is a truth they don’t want told” If the South African regime advocate their country to be such a “democratic” country- then why all these human rights abuses and attempts to prevent the truth from being told?

Kill the white people – South African President

The South African President singing they must kill white people – Share, let the world see what is happening.

Posted by Help South Africa please on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The truth now revealed at last- Zuma singing that blacks must kill white people

Today’s extreme , anti-white racism and sadistic violence against these farmers is just as evil as the liberal media reported about “Apartheid.”  The mainstream media won’t tell you about it , it doesn’t fit their narrative , so Katie Hopkins  went to South Africa to report on what is happening. She interviewed  the victims – and the perpetrators – to find the facts – and report them back to you – through columns , video reports , and a documentary on the subject.

Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch International has a long time now warned against the white genocide in South Africa- yet by sending out deceptive lies and false propaganda in their media- the ANC mass murderers so far succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of the world. 
But South Africa is dangerous – nearly 20 , 000 murders were committed last year , and nearly as many attempted murders too. And the farms are even more dangerous – the attacks on white farmers have a military-style to them – it’s like a civil war. Security on the ground is extremely important. In addition to a cameraman , the London news team  sent  a former police officer with extensive experience in hostile environments as head of security. Plus the team will have an additional local South African security expert two vehicles , and one of the drivers is a paramedic.


EU Acknowledges Failed "Rainbow Nation"

The European Parliament acknowledges the failures of Mandela's "Rainbow Nation", referencing my #Farmlands South Africa series. Thank you to everyone who's supported this project – you've helped bring this issue to the global stage. Find out more:

Posted by Lauren Southern on Sunday, February 4, 2018

The European Parliament acknowledges the failures of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation”

Wrote Lauren Southern from Canada: “Today I don’t mourn Mandela’s passing. Instead , today I think of the people he murdered. I think of them lying in their graves while for years he drank champagne and was fettered on the international stage as some kind of living god. I think of all the people who have died since he became president of South Africa. All the farmers , all the elderly , all the men , women and especially all the children , who died as a result of him being unleashed onto South Africa.
And while the brainwashed celebrate his life and his so-called achievements , I remember that he pleaded guilty to 156 counts of public violence , including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns , which planted bombs in public places. Many innocent people including women and children died because of Mandela and his MK terrorists. For that he wasn’t hung by the neck until dead – instead he was given a life sentence in jail , the biggest mistake ever made by the South African judiciary. For it gave the ANC time to white-wash his history and remake Mandela into a freedom fighter. And with the help of Communists around the Western world , the reincarnation of Mandela the freedom fighter and Black activist was achieved.

I’ll remember too that he released thousands of criminals , murderers and rapists from jail every year to celebrate his birthday while president , unleashing even more violence , chaos and death on the people of South Africa. I’ll remember Mandela supporting some of the worst dictatorships and human rights abusers in the world: Fidel Castro , Ghaddafi in Libya , China , Suddam Hussein in Iraq , Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe….the list goes on. No one too evil to visit or welcome in South Africa by Mandela , yet he was celebrated as a human rights champion by the world.

I’ll remember that over 100 000 people were murdered under Mandela’s presidency – an average of 25 000 people each year. Up from 170 each year under Apartheid (1948-1989). I’ll remember that in the first four years of his presidency , the South African currency lost 80% of its value and 2.8 million working days were lost due to strikes. I’ll remember that the national debt doubled under Mandela.

Yes , I will remember the failure that the man Nelson Mandela was. Not the magical myth we’re supposed to believe in. The world may have repackaged and re-branded him , but underneath he’s still the same murdering terrorist and Communist he always was.” 


We ask all our readers across the world to spread this important news about the human rights abuse by the ANC- as well as the fact that they act in a inhuman manner in order to prevent the truth from reaching the international world. We implore all our readers to start campaigns and pressure groups against the South African ANC regime- request sanctions for human rights abuses such as the BBEEE racist laws against whites, the farm murders- and the discrimination against whites in South Africa. People like Katie Hopkins , Lauren Southern and Christopher Wilson are the spearhead of international reporters that now made it their task to expose the real terror with which the ANC communists are oppressing and murdering  white people in South Africa.


Don’t blame the black communist regime in SA- blame the Jews behind them:

BUT behind the black ANC communist we will find the Jew instigator. Jews misdirect not only white politics but black politics as well. They did it very effectively in the USA.  David Duke once  said that Jews use blacks as bullets. Duke  discussed the ways in which Jews have created, nurtured and exploited racial hatred against white people. Have Jews created a race relations nightmare for white people across the world? We  think so.

It does NOT matter where the white race are born, – especially Germans,- where they live, or where they dare to state their opinions, these Germans are hunted down like dogs across the world by the Jewish filth. Now the secret Jewish society B’nai Brith are a fascinating story themselves. The late President PW Botha once said that B’nai Brith rewarded the traitor president FW De Klerk by paying him R1 million for handing over South Africa to the black ANC communist garbage who now rule South Africa. The British historian, David Irving has stated that Jews from South Africa played a role in his own trials. These Jews gather globally and they gun for a single white person at a time. It is astounding how these pieces of Zionist trash  can focus all their energy on one or two private white individuals and destroy their lives.

As you most probably have  heard from the Germans and South African whites before, the Jewish filth totally run Germany and South Africa’s  legal system. No German or white South African anywhere can stand up to the Jews via the German or South African  legal system. A German or white South African is found guilty and that’s that. These white people  don’t stand a chance.  All of us whites lack actual power to help our fellow whites, most especially the South Africans and Germans.

The disgusting anti-White Canadian Govt of Trudeau, who himself is a piece of anti-white crap has said that Canada’s “old whites” must be “replaced”. In Canada they even tried to make a law making it ILLEGAL to criticize the filthy Jewish state of Israel! Canada, being the Jewish-controlled country that it is, has no problem extraditing their own Canadian-German citizens to Germany for trial and imprisonment. That is what they did to Ernest Zundel when he had actually WON a court case in Canada against the Jews!

Now you have to ask yourself why it is that the Jews use the slightest opportunity to charge a German in Canada with “incitement” in Germany? Our own view is that this shows you, deep down how frightened the Jewish filth are of Germans. The fact that the Jews will hunt a German and white South African down for the slightest bit of pro-Afrikaner/German, pro-truth speech shows you that deep down the Jewish filth still fear Germans more than anyone else on the planet.

And as always the Jews use whites to imprison and control other whites. So we have to watch Germans and white South Africans  being forced to find Germans and white South Africans guilty in Germany and South Africa and to imprison them in their respective countries. Ultimately we whites must NOT do the bidding of the Jewish scum. No white must work against any other white.

The Germans and white South Africans are still on “death row” as  nations I’m afraid. The Jews still want the Germans and white South Africans DEAD as  nations.  ALL our political leaderships are corrupt garbage.The  rich of South Africa are filth of the highest order and no white person must look to the rich. They are the biggest cuckolds of all. The biggest weaklings you can find.

What happened to Katie Hopkins might just be a real eye-opener to her and other reporters like herself that still lived in that delusional dream about their “democratic” created South Africa- and the flint to other reporters to now eventually stand up and let the world realize that their so-called “role model” rainbow nation was not that  Mandela “utopia” they thought it to be at all- but factually one of the worst failures of the international community of  modern times.




White Nation received news that Me. Hopkins eventually was granted permission to leave the country on her “own account.” We hope she have a frisky box of poison arrows to destroy this corrupt regime’s name from abroad!

Readers can follow the drama as it happens by visiting Katie Hopkins’ website


Reports from Kate Hopkins on the brutal farm murders can be seen here:

HopkinsWorld – Home Page


SOURCES: White Nation