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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  February 08 2017





WHITE NATION came across this very disturbing piece of information. Now if this is true- each and every South African should be very, very concerned as to what the creepy communists are planning for this country to throw it into a full communist police state.  This appears to be MUCH bigger than only Zuma’s capture of the state. The WHOLE ANC are then working together to capture the country. Now we still are investigating deeper into this alleged Koo De Etat of the Police Force by Fikile Mbalula and the rest of the ANC communist killers. If true- the ANC are preparing for their own version of Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives.” Why is Ramaphosa and the leftist media suddenly eerily quiet about it- or do they maybe form part of  this devious conspiracy to capture South Africa once and for all? 



Daniel Sutherland had this interesting- yet disturbing  piece of information:


Project NSF : The secret ANC capture program for SAPS
By : Daniel Sutherland
Wednesday 7th February 2018 @ 01:52 AM

I can reveal that there is a massive project in the SAPS , driven by top ANC management and under orders from Fikile Mbalula , for the complete capture of the South African Police top management by the ANC . This silent putch or coup to grab political control of SAPS top management will be implemented by stealth and in secrecy. I can confirm that SAPS is withholding information of this capture program from the public , Parliament and the Solidarity trade union that has asked for details after they caught wind of “Project NSF ” as the massive capture program is called.

Project NSF has tremendous implications and many facets. The program is so big and with so many facets that I can not possibly discuss it in one single article. What concerns me most is the implications it has for South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

NSF stands for Non Statutory Force. It is another name for ex members of the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe [ MK ]. Some of the facets of Project NSF is a massive promotion program for serving ex MK members in the Police , the recruitment of ex MK members outside the Police , pensions and other aspects. The pension aspect has to do with the backdating of service years so that the pensions of NSF members in the Police will be higher.

The outcome of Project NSF will be that we have a Police force with a top management almost completely staffed by ANC members. Their pensions years would have been backdated so you will have a SAPS management completely loyal to the ANCThis will of course ensure that the Police will keep on looking the other way when the ANC continue with their looting ways.

The Police force is supposed to be an independent organ of a Constitutional state. Not a political party’s own private army or patsy force. But after Project NSF is completed , it will be the ANC’s private army and that is why I am exposing Project NSF in the public interest. The ANC is nothing but an organized crime group and how convenient will it be when an organized crime group controls the Police force that is charged with upholding law and order ? I have pieced together this grand conspiracy by joining some dots and after receiving tip offs from insiders in the Police.

Dot 1 is the letter that Solidarity wrote to the Police in November last year. I have received a copy of this letter by whistleblowers. The letter asked the Police management for details about the meeting scheduled for November 24 last year between Fikile Mbalula , the Gupta captured minister of Police , and some 628 serving NSF members of the Police. Solidarity wanted to know if these 628 members would be promoted with immediate effect. The Police never answered and gave Solidarity the run around.

Dot 2 concerns the recruitment of ex MK members who are now civilians. I have spoken to serving Police members who have been involved with taking fingerprints of these ex MK members now applying to join the Police. The process entails that Police members from Police HQ travel from province to province to conduct the recruitment and procedures. My info is that the procedures like the taking of fingerprints is just a cosmetic process and that the recruits have already been promised high ranks in the Police.

Now for something that will really shock you. Many of the new NSF recruits do indeed have serious criminal records like armed robbery. My info is that the previous criminal records of these recruited NSF members are illegally removed from the system to clear their records. I cant tell you how far this process has progressed. But I can tell you that provincial co-ordinators for project NSF have been appointed in all provinces.

This secret process of politicization of the Police is patently illegal and against all rules of a Constitutional democracy and I hope that opposition political parties will take this matter up in Parliament. I also hope that news media in South Africa will take up this matter and run with it. This is a citizen reporter platform and I , as a private citizen , have reported this very serious issue to you , the public , now.

My information is 100 % correct and true. I will not run the risk of reporting on something that is just old wife’s tails. This is real. Project NSF is a process that my information says will cost you the taxpayer billions. Project NSF also has to be seen against the background of the Police plan to cut 3000 functional Police member posts by year 2019. The job cuts were also questioned in the official brochure of the PSA trade union”

  • Daniel Sutherland



( If this is to be true it could have dire consequences on the South African security system as a whole. We know that the ANC already operates and fund private armies within the security aspect- but this is a total capture of the internal security contingent. These police cadres already are not to be trusted. With a move like this the ANC will wield absolute power over the internal security services. This would mean they will have full power to wage a full scale war against the public. Dockets will disappear at will, cases corrupted, people assassinated,  members of the public  of all races intimidated, incarcerated at will, tortured and murdered at will. This means South Africa will become a full police state with the ANC wielding absolute power to execute any action against any political party, member of opposition groups, members of the public- and wage a direct assault on white farmers and white people as a whole. This will throw South Africa back into the dark ages of totalitarian Lenninist communist control as most of the SAPS will be controlled by ex terrorists. This must be stopped IMMEDIATELY and the ANC voted out of power in 2019!-Ed)