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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom February 08 2017





IT truly is a sad, sad day when white people start to turn against their own kind. It teaches us that even  the moral values of the so-called “Christian” people has degenerated to the level of the detestable Babylonian cultures. BUT it even is worse when white people- the people that prided themselves as builders and architects of the modern society- stoop to such a low despicable level as to abuse- and not only abuse- but allow strangers to abuse their little children in the worst reprehensible manner imaginable. But that is precisely what  is now happening in South Africa with the once white Christian worshiping people after the ignominious ANC terrorists got hold of the country and plunged it into a serpentine abyss.

Earlier this month a husband and wife were arrested on Friday on charges of child abuse relating to their own son (8) and daughter, (11) –  with a case of possible rape and possession of illegal substances still to be investigated, police in the Free State reported on Monday. “The mother (33) and the father (43) were both arrested for child abuse and other charges can still be added,” said Free State police spokesperson Constable Peter Kareli.

The trial of the Free State white couple accused of brutal sexual assaults on their daughter was postponed until August 28 in the Bloemfontein Regional Court on Friday. The pair will face charges of rape, sexual exploitation of children and child abuse after testimony during their bail application revealed that the mother allegedly held down her 11-year-old daughter so that men could rape her. The parents are also alleged to have forced the girl and her 9-year-old brother to use drugs.

The investigating officer in the case, Lesenyengo Matekane, told the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court that the mother held down her daughter so her friends could rape her. When the child tried to get out of the rapes, the mother, 34, allegedly punched her and tried to break her daughter’s fingers, said Matekane.

‘House was a mess’

Officer Matekane also testified that the girl said her mother had done “all the bad things” to them. According to him, the police began investigating after a social worker complained about the conditions at the house. “The house was such a mess. The toilets didn’t work, pipes leaked and the house was extremely dirty. “The children were locked in the house without any contact with the outside world. Our investigations show the couple used the daughter for sex,” said Matekane. The mother also allegedly forced the daughter and her 9-year-old son to take drugs. The parents allegedly kept the children out of school and lied to social workers numerous times when they queried the school absence. When police arrived at the family’s house, the father hid the children in a room under blankets and dirty clothes.

‘Nothing linking dad to the crimes’

Mzimase Ntombela, the couple’s legal representative, said money is the only reason why the children did not go to school. Their father made between R500-R1 000 every month painting houses. Ntombela said there was nothing linking the father to the allegations and he should therefore be granted bail. He also argued that the man had skin and lung cancer and was in need of medical care. He further argued that the couple needed bail so they could see to their home which has apparently been vandalized. Matekane responded that the couple should report the alleged vandalism to the police. He also said the couple tried to intimidate witnesses and have tried seeing the children.

Bail hearing postponed

Yvonne Phori, the prosecutor, said the parents worked together to abuse their children and that the crimes could not have happened without the father’s knowledge. If money was the only reason the children did not go to school, they could have asked the government for help. Grootvlei prison had a hospital wing and if he let the authorities know about his condition, he would immediately receive treatment for it, said the prosecutor. The father is being held at Grootvlei Prison, while the mother must be transported to and from Kimberley, where she is being held.

The couple sat tightly against each other in the dock and when they stood to be addressed by Magistrate Leavit Mkansi, the mother rested her head on the father’s shoulder for a moment. She was dressed in a black hoodie and denim jeans while her hair was bound in a ponytail on top of her head. Signs of crying was evident on her face. The father wore a grey sweater and his beard was much longer than in previous appearances.

The couple is represented by Jackie de Vries, who said the reason for the postponement is that both the prosecution and defense is still waiting for the full dossier. The couple, who cannot be identified to protect their children’s identities, face charges of rape, sexual exploitation of children, failure to comply with the commission against sexual offences against children and child abuse. The State is opposing bail. The couple may not be named to protect the identities of the children.

#satanistparents in Bloem on trail feedback

Posted by Annari Du Plessis on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

IN another sickening tale of a white child being abducted that ended in a more positive note   – the Krugersdorp Police rescued a 13-year-old white girl from a drug house in Burgershoop recently and were infuriated when she was released into the custody of her sister who is also believed to be a drug addict. “You wouldn’t believe how bruised her arms and legs were. Her poor little body was terribly battered,” said one of the witnesses on scene, who asked that her identity be kept secret out of fear of victimization.

We rescued her out of the hands of men who were planning to do goodness knows what to her.” The police were tipped off by local community members who had seen the girl in a burnt house in the street hanging out with men much older than she is.  They planned the raid, found illegal substances in the house and took the girl out of those horrifying circumstances. They then took her to the police station for debriefing.

In the meantime, community members destroyed the house and passers-by stripped the house of all its metal and wood, to sell. The girl was then moved to the custody of her sister, whom many believe is also a drug addict. “It was terrible news to hear that she was moved, and sadly we know that some addicts will sell anything and anyone to get their hands on their next fix.” Taking the protests against drugs and prostitution on Monday, 22 January into account, the fight against drugs and prostitution is ongoing and community members have vowed to protest again if drastic changes in police, corruption, and crime aren’t made.

However – abhorrent tales like this does not just happen- it is a chain of events that lead up to such a disturbing event.  This specific horrifying situation had it’s initial roots way back in 1994 when this repugnant communist dregs took control of South Africa. Before 1994 tales like this was scarce and unheard of as there were strict laws and also strong reprisals such as the death penalty against anyone who even dared committing such a heinous crimes. Drugs was a highly punishable felony as well with life sentencing as a possibility. But since the devil’s own communist zombie clan took control of the country in 1994 – evils such as this  spread so fast it became the norm of the day as most disciplinary laws were also abolished to make way for the new generation of criminal voters. Child abduction, child sex , child abuse and child trafficking became a daily occurrence in South Africa- something that was totally unheard of before 1994.


Whites were forced out of the job market- and most became impoverished. Then drug lords such as the Nigerians were given a free passport to enter the country and turn a once disciplined landscape into a drug infested crime laboratory which experimented in the worst kind of criminal activities. Capitol punishment was abolished and replaced with demonic “human rights” legislation- giving all the rights to criminals-  and none to the victims. This poisonous mixture created a culture of lawlessness and crime. Taken in consideration that this two evil monsters came from a poor background due to no steady income- and the fact that they sold their own children as sex slaves for money tells us  that it precisely  fits the prognoses as described above. A combination of poverty and readily available drugs created a perfect environment for a domestic catastrophe like this to happen sooner or later. And this white household is not the only white household that bears the scars of an oppressed nation in dire trouble under a relentless and  unforgiving communist dispensation.


A video posted on the Police pics and clips Facebook page on July 27 2016 has been removed by YouTube due to the horrific content. By far one of the worst cases of child abuse we have come across said the South African Police. Some of the people who viewed the video said it was heartless, and evil. Apparently people were laughing in the background while filming the act of child abuse. The sound of a baby crying and being so helpless unable to defend themselves is tormenting to watch. Towards the end of the video the little baby stops crying and presumed to have died. Some people could not watch the entire video due to the cruelty and some said it took them days to overcome the evilness of people who are not human.

Similar cases like this now are becoming more and more regular among whites in South Africa as well since the christian morals and values are suppressed in favor of all the strange heathen religions, rising crime, liberal Babylonian propaganda campaigns – and also the fact that Christianity does not play a significant part of the daily lives of South Africans anymore as it once did. Liberalism destroyed the total foundation South African morals and values which the South African moral fiber were based on. Now add poverty and the free drugs that is readily available on every street corner nowadays to that – and we end up with a case like this- where the innocent children always end up as the victims. What we have seen here only is the proverbial ears of the hippopotamus.

Pedophilia and horrendous crimes against children are on the rise each day as the incompetent communist regime in South Africa loose more and more control of it’s moral obligation towards the populace – and police officers get more and more into becoming an organized crime syndicate themselves. Law and order degenerate  fast as the regime appear to more embroiled  in a  political turmoil for power and greed themselves . Crime  against children in South Africa now reaches catastrophic proportions-  and it threatens to affect a whole new generation of upcoming youngsters. Amidst the implosion of a once healthy system-  it’s the poor children that now have to suffer and carry the brunt of a shattered and broken country. This all is because the previous National Party regime also were more interested in their own selfish greed than protecting it’s citizens.

The National Party were the ones that literally sold out the future of these children- and thereby destroying a whole generation of future leaders. Thus- to conclude – the reason why South Africa now produces a Pandora’s box full of disgusting evils and abominations can be traced back to that day Roelf Meyer put the last signature on paper to hand over the country to the Devil and his demons- which immediately opened the gates of hell against a hapless nation- and the next generation of children . South Africa’s doom was sealed for R 1 million rands each.



The trap then was set- the liberal Babylonian lawless environment without any Biblical morals and values created and perfected this past 20 years to expose white Christians to all the disgusting “democratic” evils the corporate destroyers  could present- and the white Boer/Afrikaner who once was a God fearing nation- lost all hope through deliberate oppression and persecution of their nation from the new rulers. As discipline was taken out of schools and homes the white Boer/Afrikaner  became victims themselves of a system that failed them horribly-  and presented all the sins of Babylon to their door step to help send the white Boer/Afrikaner to the bottomless pit of poverty, alienation, desperation and hopelessness.

Parental control was destroyed through “human rights” legislation- and as more and more white parents loose their jobs through BEEE laws- poverty escalated among whites and children became victims of domestic and social abuse. This all was done by corporate wolves such as the Rothschilds , Oppenheimer and Soros globalist destroyers  through their black minions in control to destroy Christianity and discipline in South Africa. The agenda to  escalate the  silent white genocide with the purpose to exterminate a whole  next generation white Christian leaders went into full  motion. What we now  see happening in that court in Bloemfontein only is the result of a chain of events that led up to the total destruction of the white race in South Africa.Again it’s the innocent children that now pay the terrible price for the sinful treason of their fathers.