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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria February 12 2017





THIS past Sunday night February 10 2018 another young life was destroyed again. Sunday  night yet another white life was senselessly wasted in the dark streets of one of the most violent countries in the world. Sunday  night another child was brutally executed by black terrorists in a land where a life is worth less than a packet of cigarettes. Sunday night another father and mother mourned  the death of their beloved daughter because of a racist incompetent regime that cherish no compassion for the lives of it’s citizens. But hell- who cares?


Abigail Meyer– mowed down like an animal in front of her own house

This coming week  another  family will again say farewell at the grave of  yet another young kid that still had so much to live for- but was unceremoniously butchered like an animal by black savages that were trained in the art of murder and destruction- brutal black savages that were instigated by political heathens and the South African media ghouls that have no guilt nor bear any conscious for the callous deeds and the anti-white propaganda atrocities they commit. Their foul minds and blackened hearts reek of the stench from the anti-white bigotry and all the brutal hippocricy they spat at whites on a daily basis. Yet this disgusting animals have the audacity to continuously blame whites of “racism.”

Sunday  night  we said good-buy to yet another beautiful unknown white child that did no-one any harm- but who had to pay the ultimate price because of  a despicable so-called terrorist  “government” that promote white murders and cultivates heinous crimes against humanity in  the name of “democracy.”  She also- like so many before her- paid a terrible price for  a white nation in South Africa that now became  too disorientated and in some ways too cowardice to stand up and protect their elderly, their women- and their children.

On Sunday night , Abigail Meyer (21) was brutally shot like a dog by black thugs when she stumbled onto a situation where black cockroaches was in the process of hi-jacking her friends car in Heidelberg Transvaal. I call them “cockroaches” because they are not human beings- irrespective their race. Her friend went to Abigail’s house to pick up some garments- and was subsequently attacked by the cockroaches for his Ford Fiesta . Abigail- who was a volunteer medical worker came out of her house to greet her friend.  She was not aware about the drama that was busy playing itself off in the street in front of her house . As soon as she stepped out of the house- she was spotted by the cockroaches- and subsequently without remorse they fired four bullets in her direction. She was hit in the stomach. The thugs hi-jacked the car and fled. Abigail was rushed to the hospital by emergency flight helicopter- but sadly succumbed to her injuries.  Her friend’s stolen car  was found much later in the black squatter camp at KwaThema.

Abigail is only one victim of many such incidents- victims of a useless greedy regime that only is interested in power and the plundering of the state coffers-  and a careless white populace that neither have the guts or the fiber to stand up and begin to protect their people. Abigail is the latest victim of an ongoing war being waged in the streets of a country that since 1994-  resembles butchery compared to that of London, New York or Chicago during the reign of terror under mafia  mobsters the likes of  Al Capone, Jack Diamond, Arnold Rothstein, The Krays and Meyer Lansky. For any member of the public to walk the streets of South Africa during any time -day or night- is to venture into a dangerous gangster territory controlled by black mobsters, hi-jackers, thieves, cash heist robbers, gangsters, drug lords, child nappers,  human traffickers and burglars.

On a daily basis the hatred ANC communists, the loathsome EFF and the uncontrolled evil leftist South African media keep on demonizing whites, blaming them for all the woes in the country, threatening them with “anti-racist” legislation, blame them for land theft and threaten them to take their land away, push all whites out of the labor market- even out of the sport arena,   instigate black extremists to ” kill the boer” and “kill the farmer”- all in order to appease the never ending “demands ” of their ” unhappy” black populace- and to accelerate the white genocide in the country.

The ANC and the majority  black political parties simply just cannot leave the whites alone- they are continuously busy demonizing, witch hunting and slandering whites. Not a day goes by or you see the one or other news article about a white that did a black some ‘harm’ – irrespective whether true or false-  or a black politician threatening whites with one or the other “law” again. But every single day these “democratic” villains have a swipe at the white population. The irony is the white population did them no harm- but are singled out to be the skunks of the country.

This all is a ploy to sow malicious false propaganda against whites, evoke hatred and anti-white sentiment against whites- and to portray whites as “racists.” South Africa is the only country in the world where so much hatred are promoted against whites by the so-called “government” of the day and it’s lapdog media. The idea is not as such to keep on blaming the whites – but the hidden agenda is to keep whites in the lime-light as the ‘demons” in order to unify the blacks to vote for the ANC communists.

The whites are explored as a “common enemy” to unify the black tribes. Should this not be achieved- there would be another black revolution and the bastard communists would immediately loose their power in a genocidal  black Nguni tribal warfare across the country that would make Sjaka Zulu’sMfecane” genocide look like a mother and child reunion play scene from a kindergarten.  So- as long as the whites can be blamed for everything  on a daily basis- the black tribes are happy to scream death and destruction against the whites- saving the communists in charge the humiliation of being exposed as the true devils in the Garden of the South African Eden. I.o.w the whites – by taking the constant rap- are there to be exploited to keep the useful black idiots from flying into each other- and naturally- keep the ANC scum lords in control.  The Afrikaner people call this to be someone’s “hol borsel. (bum brush) ” I.o.w one that takes all the sh*t!  Thus the communists and wretched media are using whites to be the black communists’ bum brushes. Divide and Conquer Julius Cesar called it.

 AND the Broederbond NASPERS/Gupta and Soros  media thugs are being utilized to the fullest extend to achieve this malicious propaganda campaigns against the whites – because that is all most blacks appear to be  interested inpre-selected  anti-white news and politics. Schoolbooks , history and investigating true in-depth  facts on Google apparently also is a “white man’s thing.” ( Not that we could trust the Jew-Google factory as such as they also now turned anti-white. Try type ” white family” into Google…and experience the racism against whites.) : WATCH WHAT GOOGLE FLING AT YOU WHEN YOU TYPE THE FOLLOWING: 


IS GOOGLE RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE?Try this at home and see for yourself!

Posted by Ronny Cameron on Sunday, February 4, 2018

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, text

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, wedding

Now try typing “Black Couple” or “Asian” couple….and sit back to be amazed! Jew Google deliberately  is promoting interracial mixing and “diversity” marriages to mind-f*ck the populace and promote interracial sex to pollute the genes and execute  the white Christian genocide.

It became a culture among the terrorist regime, villainous media maggots- and extremist blacks on social sites to attack whites on a daily basis. So much hatred has been fueled by the communists on top- that the whole black race have this deep rooted hatred and jealousy against everything that is white. The whole anti-white conspiracy- driven by the Jews and communist blacks- forms part and parcel of the genocide agenda. That’s what keep blacks united to avert a black civil war- and that is what keeps the pigs intact and in  control…that  “white glue.” The factual biggest racists in South Africa is the ANC, EFF, BLF- and South African Mainstream Media who ironically keeps on blaming whites for being “racist.”  So- who then were responsible for the murder of Abigail Meyer? Look no further than this three main instigators of hatred and destruction . In  a country like South Africa where the supposed to be “government” has totally lost control of the lawless criminals itself cultivated- Abigail became a victim of failed system called ‘democracy.” Even the police force are in on the genocide. Stats are cooked and dossiers of farm attackers simply “disappear”.(link)


But u will never see this on media

Posted by Ntokozo Phili on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Another piece of evidence  that the bogus “democracy” only was a ploy to get the white man out, the black man in- and for the Jew -controlled Anglo/British corporate hooligans  to take control of South Africa’s natural reserves. The “Rainbow Nation” lie and the deception of political parties in South Africa now are exposed as their true intolerance and division among racial lines begins to surface more and more.


Even to be at home also pose a grave danger as your private home also may be a target for black insurgents and thieves that break in to  either murder or steal. And they always are armed. To stay on a small holding or farm is even worse as black butchers that are co-ordinated and / or instigated by both the government and  political parties – and assisted by the police-  attack rural white communities on a daily basis- torturing and murdering mainly innocent white men, women and children to drive them off their land. South Africa with all it’s security fences and doors reminds  you of a high security prison like Alcatraz.

While so-called “academics”, newspapers and politicians alike try to “ politically correct” downplay the white onslaught as just  “normal crime”- the bitter and brutal war against innocent whites in South Africa continues unchallenged. “Politically correct” lies appear to count heavier than the truth these days. Was it a black genocide going on in South Africa – then I presume we would have experienced a total political and media hysteria across the world. But now it’s whites…and they are deemed the “expendables” in the bigger globalist plundering agenda. Blacks are more important as their votes keep the kleptocracy in power – and also they are very convenient cannon fodder for the Zionist to do his dirty jobs for him. Should you dare to expose their devious conspiracies and name the real culprits- they immediately start to throw  their “racist” toys out of the cot. That is all the slimy retards appear to be capable of doing good – slandering whites as “racists.” 

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Liberals the likes of Pieter Howes (actually surname is Botha) (above) soon will wake up from their delirious “rainbow” slumber- then it will be too late.Obviously the poor soul do not venture much further than the boundaries of his city I guess….

Have you ever experience true arrogant  hippocracy? Watch this:

The EFF condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the racist attack on South African athlete Thabang Mosiako and his friend in Potchefstroom. Mosiako tells a story of how they were targeted and attacked by a group of white men for intervening on behalf of a shopkeeper they were shouting at. These white men beat them up so much that the South African athlete can now no longer go to Algeria for the African Champs in March due to head injuries.

We call on the South African police to do a thorough investigation and bring these men into justice. It is very clear that the phenomenon of racist attacks by white Afrikaner men is common in small towns like Potchefstroom. It is well known that they go around beating black people and do so at times in the presence of police, with impunity. None of these racists are ever brought to the book. 

We further call on black communities to form people’s policing forums to ensure that they hunt and bring these racists to the book. All black people, particular students of the surrounding colleges and universities in  Potchefstroom must unite against white racism by constituting policing forums to police anti-black racism. No white man must lay a hand on black people anywhere and not meet the consequences of their brutal action. “- Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi  (Link) 


Image result for Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi eff

Ndlozi– yet another arrogant EFF fame seeking terrorist.

Image may contain: text

Did you read that? ” Mosaiko tells a story”..No hard evidence…just a story.” No white man must lay a hand on black people anywhere and not meet the consequences of their brutal action.” Brutal action? Yet NOTHING was said about all the brutal murders of white people by this same blacks? Ndlozi was eerily quiet about the brutal murder of Abigail Meyer.”Racist attacks by Afrikaner men?” This friggen black Hitler really got his lines crossed. But again it’s another attempt to instigate hatred among blacks towards whites. It is time whites lash back and start to take this EFF rats to the sword.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupImage may contain: one or more people

THIS is what black terrorists did to an elderly Jan McDonald of Zeerust in yet another farm attack. But to racist black terrorists like Ndlozi this means nothing.


South Africa is in the midst of a full scale war- a war totally unique in it’s kind. This is the only country in the world where there is  a war waged on many different levels against different communities. In the city streets  the war is waged by gangsters and mobsters against the general public and corporate businesses. In the suburban areas the war rages between thugs and law abiding citizens. In the rural areas the war is waged between the government  funded terrorists and the white farmers. In  the media the electronic war the battle rages between the liberal media in South Africa ‘s malicious propaganda and the Afrikaner people. On the internet the  war again rages between the Afrikaner Broederbond/ Gupta and Soros owned mainstream media – and the conservative alternative media. South Africa thus is a country torn into many pieces by a communist dictatorship who receive their funding and instructions from their controllers in the Zionist bastions of Europe and America.

Related image

The picture says it all…400 years ago this dastardly crypto British Jews gave the black man a shining mirror in exchange for his cattle riches. Today this same British Jews still give the black man that shining mirror ( only now attached to a BMW or SUV) for his mineral riches. A 100 years ago this Jews murdered and maimed the Boer people and put their women and children in concentration camps. Today they still are behind the murders and tortures of white farmers and the thousands of whites now residing in squatter (concentration) camps.  Nothing has changed.

Abigail was brutally murdered on Sunday  night- but Abigail’s murder will not be remembered by anyone- nor will her death be high-lighted by the leftist mainstream media. She was not a politician, a sport star- or even a “previous disadvantaged” black murdered by a “white racist.” So her death will go by unnoticed- no riots, no black political outcry, no media fanfare- no visitation from a black politician to her family- and her family will receive no free houses from the illegal government in control either. The murderers most probably will not even be apprehended as incompetence in South Africa goes these days. . Her murder- like the other 50 murdered victims every month- will simply go down in the annals of the crime history as just another “normal crime.” Why? The simple reason is she was a white. That would automatically disqualify her family from any of the above mentioned royalties. Her death will go down quietly in the annals of the white genocide history…one more name added to the already growing list of white victims murdered by black terrorists in South Africa since 1994.

But Abigail  was only one of many victims that forms part of the diabolical political onslaught against the South African populace. The onslaught is not against them per se– but the onslaught forms part of a much bigger agenda- the control and plundering of South Africa’s natural resources and control of the route around the Cape. The stakes for this sought after land are high – and the global competition rife. Should peace and prosperity being brought about in South Africa- it would spell the end of the international Anglo-British corporate dictatorship that currently dictates and destroys the South African political and social  environment – and it’s economy. For this reason and this reason alone instability, crime, chaos, riots , race division and corruption must at all times be upheld in order to destabilize the country;’s economy  and impoverish it’s people.

Farm murders- Let’s cut the “democratic” bullshit…

"All white men must die" chant black south africans…

"All white men must die," chant black south africans…

Posted by The Red Elephants on Wednesday, January 24, 2018



With Abigail there were other whites  this past month that also had to pay a price by the hands of black heathens at the altar of the Zionist gods- people like the young couple in Magaliesburg that was attacked on their farm by black cockroaches ( link)–  the farmer and his wife that was attacked in Melkrivier yesterday-  the couple that was attacked in Muldersdrift near Pretoria on February 3 2017, – the farmer and his wife that were attacked in the Northern Cape on their farm,(link)-the innocent man that was shot in cold blood on February 02 2018  in front of his wife for cellphones in Witbank (link)–  the white constable that was brutally stabbed to death in Klerksdorp and dumped next to the road (link)-  the white farmer – Bertus Henrico-  that was attacked on his farm in Vaalwater (link)the aged white mother that was attacked in Plettenbergbay (link) – the grandmother of 71 and her granddaughter that were kidnapped and shot in Sterkstroom (link)–  and Kotjie Conradie of Aliwal North and his wife – both 80 years- that was attacked by black thugs on their farm. And this only is a small fraction of many, many more victims  of all races that were brutally assaulted so far only this past month.


And this is the common genocide occurrence against whites each and every month this past 20 years. Abigail only was the latest- and surely- not the last. Currently stats show there was a staggering 43 attacks on white farms in only 36 days so far- i.o.w one attack per day. (link) It is important to note that not all who are murdered on farms are white people. On the other hand, it is equally important to note that black farmers and farm workers are not subjected to the same levels of torture as their white counterparts. This indicate the fact that murders on white farmers definitely are hate crimes – instigated by black politicians and the South African media’s malicious propaganda  which is specifically aimed against whites.  It’s three times more dangerous to be a farmer in South Africa today  than it was to be a policeman in Chicago’s  East Side during the reign of Al Capone.


AND the black savages now are becoming more organized and arrogant. Maroela Media reports:

“A  64 year old woman was attacked on a farm in Kalkfontein in Groblersdal on Tuesday night 6 February 2018, after the attackers apparently received information about the farm from the attackers who attacked the same woman in 2012.

Kobus Liebenberg, Wilma Liebenberg’s husband, told Maroela Media that his wife was alone in the farmhouse at the time of the incident as he worked in the town during the week. According to him, she went to bed at about 23:30 and was asleep when the fox terrier dogs who were sleeping in her room began to bark hysterically. “They jumped on top of her and made a scene.

“She got up and saw the passage light on the top floor was on. She took the revolver and shot two shots out the bedroom window. Then she noticed the light went off and heard someone walking down the stairs. They then started shaking at the room door and she then fired a shots through the door, “Liebenberg said.


THIS is how easily they slip through your security fence…


Posted by Kobus Cremer on Sunday, February 11, 2018


According to him, there is a three meter high wall around the house, the attackers then dragged their injured accomplice out of the house and helped him over the wall. “They dragged him for about 15 meters and left him there.” It is suspected that there were four attackers. He says that there is no signal on the farm and that you have to walk about 100m to get signal and assistance. Wilma waited until the next morning when the workers arrived at the farm before she could raise the alarm.

Security footage uploaded to Facebook by Intelligence Bureau SA.

Kobus explained when the police’s dog unit arrived at the scene on Wednesday afternoon, they found the attacker alive in the field. He was injured in the chest just below the shoulder. “I asked him what he was doing on the farm and he told both me and the police that he got information about the house and the safe from the previous attackers” The attacker died later on the farm.

According to Kobus, the man and his brother who attacked his wife in 2012 were never arrested. They apparently often phoned the couple for about six months after the attack and told them they would come back and kill them. “Every time we called the police, on their insistence and informed them about this, nothing was done. That attack gave my wife diabetes, and she is still receiving cancer treatment, she is sick. During the first attack they wanted to cut off her legs with a chain saw and burn her with the iron, however the wall plug did not work at that time. She is very traumatized and I’m bitter. ” The deceased is not yet known to the police at this stage. (link) 

WE still remember the British woman Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn who were woken at 2am by three black thugs  breaking into a window of their remote farm in Dullstroom, a small town in the northeast of South Africa, about 240km from the nearest capital city.

Sue Howarth- brutally tortured by black thugs- she later on succumbed to her injuries.

Image result for sue howarth

The couple, who had lived in the area for 20 years, were tied up, stabbed, and tortured with a blowtorch for several hours. The masked thugs stuffed a plastic bag down Mrs Howarth’s throat, and attempted to strangle her husband with a bag around his neck. The couple were bundled into their own truck, still in their pyjamas, and driven to a roadside where they were shot. Mrs Howarth, 64, a former pharmaceutical company executive, was shot twice in the head. Mr Lynn, 66, was shot in the neck.

Robert Lynn managed to survive the attack.

Robert Lynn- Tortured with a blow torch.

Mr Lynn shows how he was tortured with a blowtorch. Picture: ITV News

Miraculously he survived, and managed to flag down a passer-by early on Sunday morning. Mrs Howarth, who police said was “unrecognisable” from her injuries, had multiple skull fractures, gunshot wounds and “horrific” burns to her breasts. “Sue was discovered amongst some trees, lying in a ditch,” wrote Jana Boshoff, reporter for the local Middelburg Observer newspaper. “Her rescuers managed to find her by following her groans of pain and then noticing drag marks from the road into the field.


“Her head was covered with a towel. Her eyes were swollen shut. She was partially clothed with just scraps of her shirt remaining. Her breasts and upper body was bloody. The plastic bag, shoved down her throat, took some effort to remove because her jaw was clamped down tightly.

“How she managed to breathe with the bag in her throat remains a mystery. One of her rescuers later recalled how Sue was unresponsive except for the constant groaning. Whilst the man ran back to the road to see if an ambulance has not arrived yet, she managed to curl one of her arms around her breasts in a last attempt to protect herself.” She was rushed to hospital and placed on life support, but died two days later. Due to her British nationality, her murder attracted an unusual amount of overseas media attention.

On Politicsweb Marie-Louise Antoni  wrote the following:


“In a country riven by crime and all shades of corruption, it is hard to believe some communities’ efforts to stand up for themselves would be discounted. What is certain is that no non-violent campaign has been subjected to the level of scrutiny, or even outright contempt, as that against farm murders.

Cases that can only be described as slaughter barely make the news. When they do, we stare numb and dumb at our screens and waggle fingers at the “right-wing”, which today includes any middle-of-the-road sort of people with whom we disagree. Incidents of white on black violence, or even verbal abuse and insult, are however immediately assumed to be racially motivated, with ensuing media coverage that runs on repeat.

At the end of last year, the Black Monday protests drew attention to this under-reported issue, but specious claims continue to be made about the reliability of farm murder statistics. Some insist the figures have been released by conservative types in bad faith and dishonestly. They are derided as the fabricated imaginings of genocide conspiracy theorists. And perhaps most appallingly – if we were to follow this thought to its logical conclusion – is that if the issue exists at all it is because farmers treat their workers poorly.

None of these arguments hold water, but sometimes stories are told so relentlessly we start to believe them. By slow-drip of repetition, these ideas begin to crystallize. It does not matter if these stories are right or just or true. What matters is they feel right, and so they begin to be told to the exclusion of all others.

South Africa president Jacob Zuma. Picture: Mujahid Safodien/AFP

Hate instigator Jacob Zuma– did not hide his intentions of hatred and agenda to exterminate whites in South Africa.Whites are blamed for everything by these black African despots. Jacob Zuma’s family even has blamed white people for his political woes and called on him to resist pressure to resign.

A call to all blacks must listen to this. When did our problem started. Zuma I will respect you and I understand why white people and clever blacks hate you. You can even look at DA and EFF during this speech.

Posted by Sboniso Mafuya-inkabi on Monday, December 11, 2017



Calculating accurate farm murder or attack rates is indeed complicated, but establishing trends is certainly not impossible. Part of the problem with doing any meaningful work on the issue is that statistics are extraordinarily hard to come by. It leaves one questioning the will of government to do anything about the problem at all.

It wasn’t always this way. Farm murders were declared a national security priority under President Nelson Mandela in 1997. At the time government not only acknowledged the problem, but also its severity. Joint task teams, a committee of inquiry, and rural protection plans – including the effective ‘commando’ system – were set up between the South African Police Service (SAPS), the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and agricultural organisations.

And so between 2001 and 2007 – an era when the SAPS still included farm attack and murder statistics in their annual reports – farm attacks fell by nearly 40%. But then in 2007, President Thabo Mbeki suddenly announced the disbandment of the commando system. He promised it would be replaced by a new system run by the SAPS, but more than a decade later this has still not happened.

The year of the announcement, farm attacks soared by around 25%. The minister of police’s response was to declare that these statistics would no longer be released. Only recently – and after considerable pressure – have the SAPS started disclosing these figures again. Experts however say that most of the data is used for operational purposes, and mostly still kept under wraps. 

Image result for julius malema

The Anglo/British paid agent provocateur Julius Malema– Malema sang Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer”, which Genocide Watch describes as “once a revolutionary song, but now an incitement to commit genocide”.”People of South Africa, where you see a beautiful land, take it, it belongs to you,

Here's What South African Politicians have to say

I interviewed this South African politician who openly admitted she wants to take white farmers land by "confrontation" Full clip:

Posted by Lauren Southern on Saturday, February 10, 2018

The brutal arrogance of this misdirected she-fool to even contemplate that they simply will “walk in” and take land from white farmers because “everything” belongs to them come to show the idiocracy that the communist regime and their puppets portray. There will be one hell of a confrontation- and idiots like this will eventually realize what a big mistake they have made by pushing the white farmer too far. 



Malema was quoted in The Telegraph as telling parliament. Through the open hatred from these black despots more than 4000 white farmers and their families already were brutally murdered at a genocidal rate of more than 60 attacks and an average of 20 farmers and their families brutally murdered each month since 2009.

Mense kyk as hierdie video was nooit op nuus gewys nie SHARE waar jy kan. Dankie Mnr Lekota

Posted by Rina Jonker on Friday, November 10, 2017


On Genocide conspiracy theorists and farmworker abusers

Painting those concerned about farm murders as “white genocide” conspiracy theorists is an old trick. But the only people still peddling this story – at least with any real power to sway the debate – are politicians and media commentators who like to chip away at the credibility of an otherwise serious issue.

In 2003, the aforementioned committee of inquiry looked at more than three and a half thousand case dockets to determine whether there was a political motive behind these attacks. It found that in by far the majority of cases – nearly 90% – the main discernible motive was robbery. It is of course evident that after so many years, and with the current political climate, it would be time for new studies in this regard.

What is interesting to note however is that labour-related disputes accounted for only 1.6%, while political or racial motivations accounted for slightly more at 2%. The difference is so negligible it’s almost not worth mentioning – except of course that it is. It puts paid to the notion that farmers are being murdered because they treat their workers poorly, despite what government or opposition parties would have you believe.

Dr Johan Burger, formerly from the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) and oft-cited crime expert on this subject, told Politicsweb he remains convinced that by far the majority of farm attacks are motivated by criminal intent. He calls the debate about white genocide “only a distraction”, but believes political rhetoric and threats may “increasingly either lead to farm attacks, or be used to justify farm attacks”.

This sentiment is echoed by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). In November 2017, CEO Frans Cronje on News24 dismissed the idea of white genocide and said the organisation knows of “no formal strategy to terrorize farmers”. He however added that “a climate has indirectly been shaped in which terror-style attacks should be expected to occur”.

“Political rhetoric describing farmers as thieves, murderers, and rapists who should be removed from their farms, in an already violent and angry society, contributed to a situation where farmers are more, rather than less, likely to be attacked and killed,” he said.


The vulnerability of farmers to attack

One of the three most feared crimes in South Africa – sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘home invasion’ – is house robbery. Along with hijacking and business robbery, it forms part of what the SAPS call “trio” crimes. Farm attacks are, for the most part, robberies which take place at residential premises (house robberies). When these attacks occur, the main motivation is usually robbery, but during their commission, other violent crimes – such as murder, assault or rape – often take place.

In October 2012, Politicsweb editor James Myburgh wrote an insightful piece on the subject. He explored the “rates of attack” on farms compared to other households and was able to demonstrate how vulnerable to attack South Africa’s farmers are.   His research was extensive and the article should be read on its own for an in-depth perspective. He however found that, depending on the various reporting periods, farms were sometimes up to ten or fifteen times more likely to be attacked than other households.”- ( Read full article HERE.)



EVEN Blacks are now seeing the reality of the “New” South Africa:

The following was posted on Facebook by a black South African man, Sam Moriti

Dear God, Help Black South African’s See The Truth

I shouldn’t be on Facebook right now. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, and I’m sorry that I’m about to hurt a lot of people. I’ll go ahead and say it. I suspect this is what a lot of folks are thinking. So, I don’t know how things work in other countries, but I’ll explain to you how things work in my country. Where there are less blacks, there is less crime. If you’re a South African, you know deep down this is true. Our country is beautiful, but it is polluted by these smelly, illiterate, disgusting street thugs. I can’t believe I just said that. This post ought to be removed. Wait, there is more!

There is an exclusive beach town in the Western Cape where only residents are allowed. 80% of the residents just happen to be white. The South African government call it discrimination, well I beg to differ. Whites are minorities in South Africa. They just wanna be safe. I’ve had racial run-ins with white people in some areas but never once have they laid a hand on me or tried to take my belongings. They would rather become suspicious of me and say some stuff because of my skin color and that’s far as it will go. I’ve never had my money or phone taken by a white. Isn’t it time we stop being so politically correct and admit that skin color in 3rd world countries counts? It counts a lot!!! BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN RSA!

Enough is enough. Everyone is tired of being terrorized by criminals. You go to South African jails and you mostly see blacks. Why is that? Their population size cannot be a factor. There must be a logical reason behind this. I passed a church earlier tonight, guess what? The doors were locked shut. A place of holiness is scared of robbers. As soon as I can afford to , I’m getting the heck out of this country. I know some will tell me that the United States is worse. But I know of counties in the US that are peaceful. Oh man, ive had enough of these people. God help me! FIX IT, JESUS”

Crossmore Secondary School in Chatsworth, Durban. Disgusting, mob behaviour by these pupils should not be tolerated. Parents should take responsibility for their kid's behaviour and teachers should be present to stop this before it results in serious injuries.

Posted by Police pics and clips on Saturday, February 10, 2018

THIS is how the “New” democratic South Africa is cultivating it’s youth nowadays- to follow the footsteps of their brutal fathers in control. 

Silencing the messengers

Ironically does the ANC rat pack not want to let the world know what really is going on in South Africa. The British correspondent Kate Hopkins claimed on Twitter she was now out of the country following her detention at Johburg International – but joked that they must have ‘missed her on the way in’. has revealed she was in fact banned from entering South Africa before being prevented from leaving .

In a tweet she wrote: “Thank you for all the kind emails & concern. I am out of South Africa – together with my documentary footage the #ANC don’t want you to see. Also in the post was a link to an article she had written for Canadian outlet Rebel Media as well as a picture of an email from the Department of Home Affairs. The email stated that the “Deputy Minister requested that the above person (Hopkins) be prevented from entering South Africa due to her strong racist views. “Please proceed with V-list placement.”


 Hopkins posted a picture of an email which appeared to show she had been placed on list of people banned from entering South Africa

THE ANC rat pack does not want the world to see the evil they commit against whites in South Africa- so- now they start banning the messengers. If I eversaw a  dilapidated excuse to ban Hopkins from entering the country – it is this one..“spreading racism.” OMW! This is yet another proof they have too many skeletons in their closet they do not want to be exposed. And this is now supposed to be in a ‘democratic” country of “free speech?” Maybe next time Katie must follow the way millions of Africans  enter the country on a daily basis – bribe the custom officials and jump the fence at the Muzina border post! THAT should not be too complicated! 



The “V-list ” is a list of people prohibited from entering the country. In her article for Rebel Media however, Hopkins claims: “They detained me under section 29(1)(d) of South Africa’s Immigration Act — which bans: ‘A member of or adherent to an association or organisation advocating the practice of racial hatred or social violence.'” She added: “But I am a member of no such organisation and I deplore both racism and violence. “In fact, that’s what I was doing in South Africa: exposing the racial hatred and social violence being directed against white farmers.” When she left South Africa-  Hopkins had her passport confiscated and was stopped from leaving the country after being accused of “spreading racial hatred”. She posted a video to social media claiming that authorities had detained her and prevented her from catching her flight home.

 Last year Katie Hopkins was rushed to hospital after dislocating her shoulder during an epileptic seizure


In a short video filmed at the airport, Katie told her followers: “At passport control, I’ve been through security and I’ve been detained, my passport has been marked for spreading racial hatred here in South Africa. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen, they’ve taken my passport away from me but it doesn’t look like a this present time I’ll be allowed to board my flight and leave the country.” She added: “Amazing security co-ordination from a country where police do not respond to white farm murders because they are ‘on lunch break’.”Katie is in the country to expose what she claims are “military style attacks” being made on the white South African farmers.(link)


How whites in South Africa became their own worst enemy.

BUT the biggest irony is the worst apathy, ignorance , complacency and  careless behavior comes not from the orchestrators, the communist  regime , the media- or the murderers – but from the white population themselves! While so many innocent white people fall victim to black attacks and murders- the white people themselves are largely to blame for the predicament they find themselves in. While farmers, helpless old fathers, mothers, women and children are murdered -on a genocidal scale  in their beds at night by gangs of cowardly black disciples of Satan – the majority of whites in South Africa (and abroad) blissfully and deliberately ignores the onslaught against their own race.

The majority whites in South Africa sadly does not reflect a mere spec of what their ancestors once was. The majority of whites in South Africa became arrogantly complacent in their own secluded world of false security.They  have become a generation of arrogant cowards that cares less whether even their parents or families get thrown to the wolves. Whites became too apathetic about the genocide against them. As long as their teams do well on Saturdays on the rugby fields- they are content to concentrate on their own misleading existence.

Reading through the social sites one quickly pick up a very strange phenomena in that especially the majority of white men seem to have become the biggest deserters of their own race. Most men that try to organize some kind resistance are forgotten old horses from the bygone era of the South West Border war. There are but a few white men that still are brave enough and  willing to stand fast and fight for their race.- but they are far in the minority.  Most of the deserters are white men that already fled the country and the best they can do is to sit and spat malicious comments against their own people from abroad- very ecstatic about the fact that they have left the country that once was good enough to them to reap the benefits of being white- but now suddenly became a scourge to them when it needed them to start paying back a bit of patriotism. Many whites flee overseas- and once settled in other countries- quickly forget their roots. They would entertain the idea of being safe- but never would organize resistance or pressure groups to assist their own brethren in distress.

When confronted with the truth- they rather would arrogantly start to hiss and spit- even threatening and spat all kinds of derogative obscenities against  someone that confronts them with  the facts. These creatures would immediately start to swear, challenge you for a duel-  and urinate all over the social sites to establish their testosterone level- but in real life it appears that the ones that really are the leaders in organizing resistance and leaders of people – are the WOMEN! You still have a few men that are fighting a very unequal battle to assist their brethren in need- but it’s mostly women that are leading campaigns to enlighten  the world about the distressful situation white South Africans finds themselves in.

You immediately recall to mind  Sunette Bridges that had a bitter fight against the wretched South African media when she started the Kleinfontein project to teach poor whites to stand up and regain their self respect again, the Red October march and many other campaigns to try saving the white race.  But alas- the  leftist media was not the worst  enemy that continuously and vehemently  attacked her- but believe it or not- her biggest adversary was to come in the form of   faceless white men that falsely accused her on the social sites of allegedly stealing funds, being a lair and pose as a so-called con artist.

Image result for SUNETTE BRIDGES

Sunette Bridges– chaining herself in protest against the farm murders in South Africa. Yet the  worst attacks against her came from liberal whites themselves.

Image result for SUNETTE BRIDGES

South African activist Sunette Bridges– dragged in front of the Human Rights Court by another liberal  white- Carina Papenfus– for so-called “racism” by members on her Facebook 

When she left South Africa she also very clearly indicated that she was done with the white “volk.” This all because of treacherous white men that simply were too cowardice to help her in her struggle- but rather sit behind their poisonous keyboards and spat venom against her. Generally you also will notice that it is mostly women that organize websites of resistance against the current communist regime. White men appear to become too lazy and careless to even attempt standing up for their people.

Urinating testosterone, being loud mouth on the social sites – and swearing all kinds of vulgar derogatory  when confronted  appear to become their only contribution to a dying nation. Many white treacherous sites to rat on their own people also are administrated by heinous white men. It appears women have grown bigger balls than the current generation so-called “men” in South Africa and abroad. Coming to think of it South Africa was handed on a platter to the Jew and communist mass murder by none other but a bunch of greedy and treacherous white men as well…ironic isn’t it? Most of the traitors against their own people  in the well-known  “Boeremag” saga appear to be white policemen too. Most joiners of the terrorist EFF brigade  are white men as well.

Image may contain: 3 people

I rest my case!! The proof appear to be in the pudding all the time!

On Facebook  again it’s old decrepit white men and “aunties” that act as “admins”– who very selectively block, close and ban other whites from the social site according to their own warped interpretation of the term  ” standards” – typical Afrikaner “hensoppers” that think because they are “anonymous” they are safe. How low can one’s morals and values get to act against your own kind then? But then again these cretins don’t have any morals or values either. How much moral fiber does  old farts and members of the “Bloomer Brigade” really have? I mean they KNOW about the terrible onslaught against their people- yet still these white maggots prefer to torpedo their own people when the truth are told on social sites. How stupid can you be? It must be tragic to have parents or grand parents that are such treacherous misfits eh? They are just “things”– creatures from another realm- posing as white people- creatures that gleefully support the extermination of their own race.

Coming back to the dastardly murder of  Abigail Meyer on Sunday  night- one can safely conclude that if South Africa had better and more patriotic men to stand united by the side of their women and work together with other white patriots – maybe the white genocide would not have escalated the way it did so far. Maybe if white farmers start to wake up to the reality and start to be more safety conscious and stop appointing black farm workers on their farms – many of them even could have survived their ordeal. Maybe if white people were more like the Americans and stand together against a very hostile regime they already could have formed resistant groups that will rather fight to the last drop of blood than just become pushovers for the political terrorists in charge.

Maybe if whites had more spunk and start to organize country-wide riots and marches like the Germans do today – there would have been more respect and visible resistance noted in the world. Maybe if whites were more unified and cared more about their race Abigail and other victims woulds till be alive today and lesser whites would have been incarcerated inside impoverished squatter camps. But most whites today seem to be running astray in the wilderness- banished from their country by an alien regime of murderers paid by the Anglo/British wolves abroad. And it is to become even worst. Personally I don’t see any relief for whites in South Africa anymore. For a nation to survive such a terrible onslaught against their own race you need men of honor- great men that walk tall and  become leaders who have the will to organize resistance and are wiling to fight and die for their people- not the kind of spineless beta male performers-  outclassed on every level by their women and blacks alike  – that we see today in South Africa.

Who knows- just maybe we will see another De La Rey resurrected someday that could show this useless white male society of South Africa what real men look and act like. Maybe then we will see the white nation rise again. As for now- we have to content with the white women to fight the battle their male counterparts are too Lilly-livered to fight. Even petit white women from the UK and Canada have to come to South Africa and fight the fight of the masculine white  male down South. And best of all- not ONE white male assisted them.  They all must have been packing the rugby stadiums at the time – watching the “Big” games with a Castle in the hand- and missed the show. How utterly shameful!! 


In the mean-time innocent people and children like Abigail will be subjected to the continuing brutal murders that now form part of the white people’s daily lives in South Africa-  while the rest of us will continue to hide behind our high security fences and burglar proofed windows while we pray for a miracle from God- for it surely will not be coming from any white man in South Africa it appears. They seem to still enjoy their falsified slumber of peace and prosperity- just as long as it will be the neighbor that will be sacrificed on the altar next- not themselves. The irony about  this dream is that the neighbor also is  thinking along the same lines. But hey- do YOU care? Do I care? Does ANYBODY care? Nope!! South Africa’s current “democracy” was  created by the global corporate thugs for their own selfish pleasure and riches- and it is expected to have a full quota of murders each month. The UN will deny it, the EU will deny it, Europe will deny it- Australasia will deny it…the communist ANC will deny it- so- WTF- why must WE acknowledge it then? 



White men in South Africa better wake up- and fast as well. Their time are very, very limited. Very soon – like Piet Retief- they will have to face the horrible  reality – and their worst fears then will become their epitaph.  While the country is fighting against all the fake money syndicates that are busy draining the country from it’s resources in a typical “Jakarta solution”- the whites struggle to survive as they currently are dithering on the edge of a complete  financial implosion and certain impoverishment.To be complacent or being a traitor today is like putting a gun against the white race’s head- and wait for the “deep state” to finally pull the trigger.

Meanwhile innocent children like Abigail will be sacrificed on a daily basis while we await the South African white male to come to terms with his situation and decide when he is going to grow a back-bone to start taking a stance, unite- and protect his people. But to be able to come to that conclusion-they must at first search for that mysterious and elusive secret how to grow real balls. To do that-  they maybe can  go and ask their women for guidance. Women seem to be the only ones that paid  attention in class.   Love us-or hate us- but the truth must be told sometime whether you like it or not!


SOURCE: White Nation

The "White Privilege" Label Is Racist

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