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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  February 14 2017





IN an expected- yet surprised turn of events- Jacob Zuma was forced to resign last night.  Zuma has addressed the media on Wednesday night at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. “I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president with immediate effect. Even though I disagree with the decision of the leadership of my organization. I have always been a disciplined member of the ANC.”

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He says that his decision follows his recalling by the African National Congress’ national executive committee on Tuesday and weeks of speculation about his future as president. Zuma says he will continue to be involved in the party and work for the promotion of projects he believes in, such as radical economic transformation. He says being president has been a great learning experience and a mammoth task. “I have and will continue to serve the ANC. I understand fully that while I serve at the pleasure of the party, the door through which I came is the National Assembly without which no political party can impose its people to the electorate.”

Zuma says political office benefits should not determine how one acts at the time of their departure. “I did not agree to serve in order to exit with the perks and benefits of being president. No leader should stay beyond the time determined by the people they serve, no leader should seek an easy way out.”

He says he does not fear exiting political office, he only asked his party to articulate transgressions and the reasons for its instruction that he vacate office.“There was an agreement that if the need arises that I vacate office, there must be a transition period. I must accept that the party can exercise the right to remove me in the manner prescribed by the Constitution.” He says he fears no motion of no confidence or impeachment because they are the prescripts of the constitution. “The ANC is indeed the party of whose nomination I became a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.”

He says he is forever indebted to the party and that he respects its fight for equality. “I respect each and every member of the ANC and its work as a liberation movement.” Zuma says he takes seriously and is grateful to the ANC that in the face of its revolutionary mission, it ensured a better life for all and curated a non-sexist and non-racial South Africa.

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THIS was the mentality that ruled South Africa for almost 15 years! So much for the South African intelligence !!




Rife struggle of the inner circle for power

However– After years of bitter struggles within the ANC it appears it says a lot about Ramaphosa and his inner circle who managed to pull it off. Ramaphosa- as Zuma- is not a savory character at all. Being chosen by Zuma himself to be deputy president shows that Zuma had some close confidence and close ties (and dealings) with Ramaphosa. BUT as Zuma stuck Mbeki in the back for the presidential seat- so did Ramaphosa pull the same stunt on Zuma again. Ramaphosa is a greedy kleptocrat with a taste for power – the same as Zuma. Although the South African clueless media hail Ramaphosa to be their “next president “ – nothing will change.  Greed and power madness in the ANC rat pack just have no moral boundaries. Politicians have no moral values. Ramaphosa also fits this description. The Marikana massacre should emphasize this.



This sentiment  was also echoed on Wednesday morning when Leon Wessels– old treacherous NP corrupt politician- said on RSG radio that a politician focus mainly on three things: 1. To capture power in the government. 2. To ensure a top position in the government.3.  To ensure maximum salary, royal perks etc. There is NO mentioning about “ looking after the interests of the country.” And that is precisely what is happening in not only the ANC- but all political parties. They give a monkey’s arse about the country or the populace. Why do the populace then vote these corrupt political reptiles in power? The answer is clear: Because the populace themselves are monkeys. PERIOD!!

Opening Pandora’s Box and boiling the frogs

BUT Ramaphosa has made a very dangerous enemy in Zuma. After all Zuma already warned that when he goes down- so will the rest of the rat pack. He’s threatening to reveal who sold South Africa out  at CODESA, secrets about the Arms  Deal  files – and who in the ANC conspired to kill Chris Hani, etc.  In an earlier threat Zuma mentioned   the following interesting piece of information: “  When the ANC  came home from exile , none of us had a source of income – yet nearly all leaders “bought”houses in expensive suburbs. Where did that money come from? Saint Mandela lived in a mansion bought by Openheimer , so did Sisulu and Govan.Raymond , Oliver and Mlangeni were “sponsored”by the Rothschild’s. Angel Thabo , Kgalema , Sexwale , were taken care of by the Ruperts. Many of leaders still acquire shares in white own companies.While Gwala and myself where deployed to deal of tribal wars between the IFP and ourselves , leaders where getting directorships in major mining and blue chip companies.Now , my dear top 6 , I ask you again.Ngezeni engenziwanga habanye?”Do you still wanna talk about state capture?. I think we’re being plunged into a crisis my leaders will regret. Kungani singagqali egqaleni?”

Zuma was sending out a clear message to those that committed treason against him. He will open up the dreadful corrupt Pandora’s Box and let all the slimy corporate and political worms slither out. And this also was backed up by his wife when she said that “things are about to get messy.” It appears that many corporate, ANC and NP frogs are going to get boiled very soon.




The “Deep State” at work

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South Africa still will suffer under this new media god Ramaphosa. The corporate “deep state”  abroad still runs South Africa. Zuma already pointed out that Ramaphosa and his ilk are firmly in the hands of the Oppenheimer/Rupert clans when he referred to them of trying to protect the interests of “white monopoly capital.” Julius Malema and Mmusi Miamane also are firmly under control of the British capitol thugs.

Puppets of the same Zionist masters are they?

Thus South Africa’s mineral resources  still will be plundered by lawless international corporate criminals who will steal all the gold and resell it back at triple the purchase price. Diamonds still will not be turned into rings in South Africa- but carried away to overseas vultures to re-sell it back to it’s owners. The rand still will be held at ransom by international money mongers. The majority of South Africans still will live in impoverishment and still boast a high percentage of jobless beggars. Whites still will be murdered at a genocidal rate and whites as well as blacks will still be exploited to suffer and die in poverty and without hope in their squatter camps now littering the countryside. The elimination of the middle-class will continue in order to create a vacuum between only the super rich and the “controllable”   wretched poor.

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Whites will still be murdered at a genocidal scale  and impoverished in squatter camps  by discriminatory BEEE “laws.” 

Manipulation of South Africa’s political environment will continue to ensure the “right” front men occupy important positions while the populace are taken for monkeys to believe their “democratic” vote at bogus election times may bring some change and relief for their current suffering. The truth is however that it is not their vote that will determine who wields the hammer of power- but factually the controllers in the Anglo/British dynasty who control the elections and final results that determine that. I wonder how many of you noticed the quick news flash below while Zuma announced his “retirement” :


Morgan Tsvangerai – a staunch opponent and probable future presidential nominee to the Zionist-controlled ZANU-PF mob of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe- suddenly decided to “die.” This news flash was quickly flashed (unnoticed) across the screens. The deep state again is at work to ensure their own “front men” get the ring seats.


According to eNCA news he died of colon cancer in Johannesburg. The news said Tsvangerai (conveniently)  passed away on Wednesday after battling colon cancer for many years. MDC SA Treasurer Austin Moyo says Tsvangirai’s death came as a shock, adding that he was an icon who people looked up to because of the sacrifices he made.(link) ( We are “shocked ” as well- but not surprised at all.-Ed) 

Nothing will change as Ramaphosa’s sudden stardom for the presidency  is yet another slick move by the Jewish controlled Illuminati to ensure and safeguard their stolen property in South Africa. Zuma made all the  wrong moves and antagonized his Zionist masters in London and New York by joining BRICS – and start exploring  into the red dragon’s lair and Indian jungle for  protection and trade deals. This could have deeply affected- if not destroyed-  the stranglehold of the Zionist corporate “deep state’s” influence on the South African economy. To protect their stolen interests  Zuma simply had to go- and the first signs that the Zionist secret powers to remove Zuma was hard at  work already was noted  four years ago when the first onslaught against his credibility started in the media and the EFF was created overnight as a opposition force to destroy Zuma. Zille also bailed out of politics on the deep state’s orders- handing the DA over to Miamane under direct control of the London puppeteers. The force of resistance against Zuma was taking shape- and as you know- escalated into a total media hysteria this past months. The heat was turned on Zuma. He was quite aware of it. 

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As for now South Africans have to content that the “evil” Zuma at last decided to “honorably” step down. That is the illusion the Zionist skunk factory want them to believe and the manipulated media will tell them. The facts  however is far from this “truth.” The truth is that there only was a shift of monopoly power from one pawn to another. Ramaphosa is firmly under control of the Zionist masters – and he will obey their every command or else he as well will be found “wanted.” Ramaphosa is a Zionist appointment– there the reason why the media this past months went out of their way to promote and sell him to the public. He was the “chosen” one.


The truth is that the Zionist deep state just appointed another guardian to protect their South African treasure vault. Ironically there is one blatant truth. This is the second time that SA has a new president which got the job through a recall and not a single citizen has cast a vote. This is an insult to the democratic process and to us, the citizens. It’s not about crying in our beer as much as the manner in which it happens gets taken away from us in a default and elections get dangled like a proverbial carrot, so it still ends up in a tie with a stalemate.

South Africans must rather treat this new turn of events with much skepticism and rather not expect any sudden changes for the better- because it will not happen. The ANC itself is embroiled in a bitter struggle for power among itself- and also now went to the extreme to try and save their tarnished image by sacking Zuma. He is the ‘fall man” that have to be sacrificed in order to substantiate some credibility by the public into  the deceptive corridors of that evil Lethuli House. With the 2019 elections around the corner the tensions are running high and the ANC rats are pinning their hopes on Ramaphosa to pull  the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, save the day- and ensure their tickets on the gravy train for the next five years.


Boiling the frogs

But as I said- the rats in Johannesburg may have saved the day for now- but by taking this road- they created their next abomination that  may as well be the one that finally will destroy their little godly bastion. On one man’s back they illegally jetted into power- and by one man they will be jetted out again. One man was responsible for their creation- and one man will be responsible for their destruction. The frogs are about to be boiled. Zuma will not go down that “honorably” trust me on this one. He is a creature known with lots of vengeance. That is Karma for you. There surely are  a lot of ANC rats that have sleepless nights now- I can guarantee you. Most of them are entangled in one or the other illegal corruption scheme orchestrated by Zuma- and it will only be a matter of time when the cork will pop. Check the media this following months.


The next few months to come thus will be quite interesting. With the villainous ANC now falling apart rapidly- and neither the incompetent DA or EFF intelligent or capable enough to even run a squatter camp- a vacuum will be left wide open for the Zionist criminal to come to his own right again. Mean-while the directionless South Africans have to content with the political turmoil of incompetent and greedy “leaders” that also have no direction or clue on how to run a country. The country now again- as so many times before since the NP sold out the country to the communists- is drifting directionless on it’s own steam and compass in an ocean  of turbulent political waves and storms of Zionist gluttony. On a more sober note : At least the “white racists” will have a bit of a relief  from the dastardly leftist media attacks for a while. They have bigger malicious news to rant and rave  – and focus their evil poisonous bullsh*t about – at least for now. 





Posted by on Sunday, June 25, 2017