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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritsburg February 17 2017






FRIDAY,-FEBRUARY 16 2018– and the era of the long expected ” Squirrel dynasty “ eventually dawned on South Africa as the country witnessed in proselytized stupefaction  how the king of Squirrel fourberie – Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa,- proud son of the Venda tribe-  entered the podium to give his first State Of the Nation Address.

For months the leftist scoundrel media was hard at work to brainwash and promote this son of the Venda tribe to the misdirected  South African ignoramus populace-  this was the moment they prepared a very gullible and sheepish populace  for- this was the moment they were paid for by their Zionist corporate masters in Britain and America to accomplish- and this was their moment of glory to witness yet another media appointed political charlatan like Mandela successfully rising to become the most powerful and influential  delinquent in South Africa without anybody voting him into power. For months the Zionists have been preparing Cyril for this moment- to take over where Zuma left. Another “front man” to protect their stolen interests in South Africa.  The media played a crucial part in promoting Cyril to the public and brain wash them to accept this new glory boy. Forgotten are the sleaze deals he was involved with, forgotten the Marikana disaster….a new age has dawn. They again have served their masters well.

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Conquering the crown for his Zionist masters.

After a very impressive salute to the guard of honor outside his new found dynasty- and with the pride and composure fit for a  true king – Cyril “The squirrel” Ramaphosa climbed onto that podium in parliament. His narrowed eyes scanned the galleries full of expecting liberal faces and drooling media correspondents. Even old prime evil FW DE Klerk and all the destroyers of South Africa the likes of Thabo Mbeki, Max Sisulu et al was there. It was a memorable moment of fanfare for Cyril and the devious media conspirators.

With the stature of a true leader he opened his speech with some powerful encouraging words: “ A New dawn is upon us- and a wonderful dawn has arrived!” – he fired away. And with that first salvo   finished- it  was about the last time Cyril the squirrel showed some true “statesmanship” –  or uttered any  positive narrative that could possibly motivate any white, Indian or colored citizen to convert into becoming an ANC animal kingdom supporter. But the next time Cyril opened his trap again- he immediately dampened any hope of uniting the “nation” , nation building – or  even remotely dreaming of becoming a “rainbow nation ” at all. It all then revolved around the black voter confidence.  “We will improve our capacity to support BLACK professionals and deal DECISIVELY with companies that resist RADICAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION...” he blasted straight away.

His next blow was aimed at the white farming community : “We are determent that this process of restoring land to our (black) people should be implemented.  We will accelerate our land redistribution program not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation.

We will pursue a comprehensive approach that makes effective use of all the mechanisms at our disposal. Guided by the resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the governing party, this approach will include the expropriation of land without compensation. We are determined that expropriation without compensation should be implemented in a way that increases agricultural production, improves food security and ensure that the land is returned to those from whom it was taken under colonialism and apartheid.And that about sealed the credibility of Ramaphosa’s vision and hidden agenda- sincerely dashing any hopes  for any South Africans not being fortunate  or blessed enough to be fitted out  with a  black skin! Yea- Cyril made sure he cut no corners in  the preparations to start lighting the fires to boil that white frogs  this next year-or-so- that’s for sure.


As for the rest of he’s so-called SONA– bar licking old terrorist bones the likes of Mandela, Pixley ka Seme, Charlotte Maxeke , Albert Luthuli et al–  the rest of this very boring and racist- based speech  was notably about  seriously sucking up to the black arse in preparations for the coming 2019 elections. I am not going to repeat all that garbage he socked to all those black voters  that wanted to hear how they again will get “free bees”  such as education, services, jobs and white farms if they vote for him. You can listen to the garble by clicking on THIS link yourself.

What came through very clearly- is that Cyril made sure he appeases only the black electorate- throwing out some wild promises and emphasizing some achievements made in the black upliftment programs. He made sure he told his future black supporting voters just this what they want to hear. Secondly what also came through quite  crystal clear- is that those poor disillusioned white chickens in the rainbow coop that thought Cyril to be their new ” Obama” re-incarnation who might express some pity for them – sadly  will find themselves side-lined once again from  the feeding frenzy at the table of the hogs. In his whole facade he did not  even once mention the term “white.” His speech easily could be confused with a speech given at the Orlando stadium in Soweto- rather than a SONA in the parliament in Cape Town.

Cyril made some astonishing statements earlier that should send dangerously red lights flickering for whites.  He stated  that “radical economic transformation” required policies with an “over-riding focus on the creation of jobs”. Policies that “do not create jobs – or that threaten jobs – must be reviewed and revised.” This thinking is incompatible with expropriation of all white “wealth , land , and economic power”.

Cyril recently told the South African Communist Party (SACP) that “far higher levels of fixed investment ” were necessary to achieve growth and create employment on a massive scale. Such investment would not be forthcoming in the context of the mass expropriation of white property of which he spoke to Dr Oriani-Ambrosini. Investors are already extremely wary.  Ramaphosa knows this. Even so , he has recently endorsed the ANC ‘s policy of bringing about a national democratic revolution – although these remarks are routinely and deliberately ignored by newspapers and nearly all on-line commentators. Either they do not take them seriously , or they do not wish to alert the frogs.  Ramaphosa of course benefits from this voluntary censorship. His remarks all those many years ago help to explain something the mining industry does not understand: why , despite its achievements in handing over equity to black economic empowerment partners , the mining minister keeps on demanding more.

Although his language was lurid , what  Ramaphosa told Dr Oriani-Ambrosini is in line with the “strategy and tactics” documents the ANC and its SACP allies publish from time to time on the national democratic revolution. Implementation does not involve a “big-bang” approach , because this would frighten the horses , or alert the frogs. An incremental approach is likely to be more successful. Move forward where you can , stage a tactical retreat if you provoke too much opposition , and then press forward when the time is more auspicious.

To what extent  Ramaphosa is still committed to what he said in his speech about white people and frogs soon will become horribly  clear after this little SONA facade: Blacks will again get the lion share – and whites will loose most of their their property while  footing the bill as the proposed land expropriation theft bill does not specify farm land only .

While Ramaphosa plans to make another few million black millionaires on the one side of the coin- he plans to make another few million property-less nomads on the other side of the coin. His intention to  reduce black squatter camps and expand white squatter camps cannot be denied. He did however add a bit of humor to the dark picture he painted for all the other minority groups by saying that ” As we did our minds of all negativity, we should reaffirm our belief that South Africa belongs to all who live in it.For though we are a diverse people, we are one nation.” He did however not mention which part of his “one nation ” will be blessed- and which part will be cursed.

Like the true con-artist he is he also did not spare the honey brush – but promised that “we are one people, committed to work together to find jobs for our youth; to build factories and roads, houses and clinics; to prepare our children for a world of change and progress; to build cities and towns where families may be safe, productive and content.” Clearly Cyril either is quite out of touch of what’s going on in the streets of South Africa and the dark alleys of London”s banking abominations- or he deliberately tried to sell another false promise to his gullible supporters in order to save the ANC’s arse this coming elections. At the center of his  national agenda in 2018 is the creation of jobs, especially for the black youth- not to other races. As far as the ” families may be safe” part- I rather would reserve my judgement- for that would mean Cyril have to send half the illegal black “migrant” population back to their countries of origin- and send the other half to jail for numerous crimes committed in the streets of our cities and farms.

So the discriminatory BEEE laws will stay on the books- and not only stay on the books- but will be “radically” pursued in his “national democratic revolution ” agenda too. Basically what we heard is the Squirrel making big false “political correct “ statements again while trying to sell himself to the majority black public. Every third word he uttered was “black” or  our people.” “Our” in the ANC’s context does not include any other race than blacks alone. They operate on the “them” and “us” principle. This the reason why Ramaphosa very carefully and selectively choose the term “our” people. Read between the lines folks.


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Ramaphosa is a Zionist puppet- deep in the pocket of his London masters.

This is no more evident when he blabbered typical political non-sense when he mentioned that “The state we are in as a nation is that while poverty declined significantly following the democratic breakthrough of 1994, we have seen reverses in recent years.” If Cyril was taking note of what the true situation was in South Africa- he would have noticed that poverty escalated by 28 % and joblessness rose to a staggering 45 % since 1994. This is mostly due to the incompetent policies the ANC applied, corruption, union destruction of the labor market which forced many investors to withdraw and companies to close doors- and the idiotic policy of Mbeki’s African Renaissance” that allows millions of illegal black aliens to flood the country. What he mentioned which is true- is that the ANC  have taken hell bent measures to reduce the cost of living in mainly black areas, especially for the poor blacks- but not for the whites, coloreds or Indians. The  free basic services program currently supports more than 3.5-million indigent mainly black households.

Ramaphosa -typically like all his predecessors- promised blacks a false land of milk and honey in order to save the elections for the ANC in 2019

More than 17-million social grants are paid each month, benefiting nearly a third of the black population. With Ramaphosa promising lucrative spending on the increase of  government salaries one must remember that government salaries alone compromise 45% of the state budged.Promising black free education programs will cause collateral damage to the state coffers of roughly between R 80 and R 100 billion . Remember that the black population increases wit a staggering 80% every 5 years- excluding all the illegal aliens that still are “renaissancing” across our borders at a rate of 2000 per week! So where does the squirrel king think he will generate all the funds to support the next generation of freeloaders with?  Then he promised that his regime  will honor its undertaking to set aside at least 30 percent of public procurement to SMMEs, black cooperatives and black township and rural enterprises. Again no mentioning other races here I’m afraid. It all revolves around the majority voting power.


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Cyril receive the Zionist blessing from his masters

As a footnote: Ramaphosa also forgot to tell his naive followers that Exxaro mine- the main supplier of coal to ESKOM- announced this week in a meeting  that there will be a total black-out country-wide because of ESKOM’s maladministration. ESKOM currently are running their turbines on 163 million liters of diesel from generators every day. This generators are not supposed to be used on a permanent basis- and it will not before long before this generators will also follow the rest of the ANC incompetent roads down Davy Jones’ locker and SA will face weeks without power at a time. (Oh….I suppose we were not allowed to share this little secret right now? Oops!! Sorry….my mistake! But there it is now…the cat is out of the bag. But we’re safe- black people do not read ” extreme white racist” news sites like this at all- so they will literally still be in the dark.)  Prof Christo Viljoen, from the Stellenbosch University long ago warned that under the ANC we will have black-outs for as long as 10 years. BUT this should not bother or protrude the squirrel and his black electorate a single bit. At least it only will be “black-outs” – and not “white-outs.”

Sadly whites are too naive and complacent to recognize this pending omen as yet- judged by many postings on the social sites. Although warned many times this past 20 years not to trust a black communist- whites still prefer to nurture the strategy of ostrich politics. The only problems with ostrich politics is that sometime while you are  busy watching the moles below- a buckshot full of unpleasant surprises is going to hit you in the arse up above. This already became a reality in Europe with the Muslim invasions of predominantly white countries.


Whites there- like their sleeping South African counterparts here- woke up too late and now are forced by their Illuminati political leaders to convert in order to serve their future Islam masters.Instead of standing fast and repel the onslaught- whites simply ignored the warning signs and rather decided to listen to the media and sheepishly bow to malicious laws and media propaganda campaigns.Now they are paying a terrible price for their ignorance and failure to unite against their worst nightmare- alienation from their own countries. They have totally destroyed the future of their children in countries they once called “home.”  This sadly- too will become the epitaph of the South African whites.

As a trade unionist before he went into politics he had to adopt a pragmatic approach. Now that Cyril conquered the throne- would pragmatism supplant revolutionary ideology? The answers can only be guesswork. Ramaphosa’s main attraction at this stage is that his political rivals – especially a wounded Zuma- at the top job are uninspiring , if not worse. So- for those that thought Zuma was a dangerous villain and mobster- you better watch THIS cat- and watch him closely. Watch how the water in that pot slowly will start to boil!

SOURCE: White Nation



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