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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Melbourne AUS February 27 2017



THE UNITED NATIONS  Secretary General António Guterres has announced new plans for global mass migration in which (white) countries will need to “welcome” foreign migrants.

The Jew-controlled UN’s new policy is designed to teach people how “migration can benefit the world,” by allowing immigrants to “take jobs” local workers “cannot fill.” Guterres unveiled the plans during an article he penned for the Guardian newspaper.He declared the need to “reinforce the benefits of migration,” and that the new legislation should be seen as an “opportunity” to loosen current border restrictions.

Breitbart reports: His article, titled “Migration can benefit the world. This is how we at the UN plan to help,” makes the bold claim that mass migration “powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies,” in order to promote the Global Compact for Migration.“This will be the first overarching international agreement of its kind,” he boasted — but claimed it would not “place any binding obligations on states”, but rather serve as “an unprecedented opportunity for leaders to counter the pernicious myths surrounding migrants”.These assurances have failed to convince the Donald Trump administration in the United States, with the White House rejected it as “simply not compatible with US sovereignty”, and President Trump summarizing it as “no borders, everyone can come in!” British Jew puppet Prime Minister Theresa May’s government in the United Kingdom has not pulled out, however — apparently unconcerned by its implications.

Guterres said it was crucial to “recognize and reinforce the benefits of migration … Migrants make huge contributions to both their host countries and countries of origin.”He made the contentious claim that migrants “take jobs” that local workers “cannot” fill, and asserted that this is a positive thing.He also attempted to spin the fact that migrants send huge sums of money straight out of their host countries and back to their countries of origin as a kind of supplement to foreign aid.The new secretary general is not the first senior UN figure to extoll the supposed benefits of mass migration.

The intergovernmental institution has promoted it as “inevitable, necessary, and desirable” through its #ForMigration campaign for some time.Former UN Special Representative for Migration Peter Sutherland, a heavyweight leftist globalist who was a key player on a host of other global bodies and multinational corporations as well, was one its most prominent mass migration advocates before he (thankfully) passed away earlier this month.In 2012, he infamously remarked that the European Union — which he had previously served as a European Commissioner — should be doing its best to “undermine national homogeneity” and promote “multicultural states” through mass migration.

However– you will notice that António Guterres does not include any Arab country, Africa – nor Israel in his so-called “ reduction of  inequalities ” and ” connection of  diverse societies .” The reason is simply because this cretin again acts on behalf of his Zionist masters to destroy mainly white enclaves in Europe and America. Please take note that neither the United Nations- nor the European Union is pro-white -for both these organizations were set-up by globalist Jews in order to control the world according to their whims and for their own selfish benefit. The white Christian is their biggest enemy and thus must be exterminated on all levels of society. They use their financial power to enforce inhuman burdens on especially white countries through taxation and dehumanizing laws. Added to this they pay alien invaders and dirty politicians alike to ensure all white countries are invaded by swarms of third world locusts in order to overrun their countries and start this so-called “diversity” conspiracy to pollute white nations- thus bring an end to the purity of the white race. 

Let us give you some examples of hard facts  about what is the reality that Mr. Guterres does NOT tell you:

Take a LOOK what Mr. Guterres’ “diversity”  plans does to predominantly white countries:


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THIS is only 10 predominantly white countries whose dirty politicians such as FW De Klerk, Angela Merkel, Theresa Mey, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Leo Varadkar, Nicola Sturgeon,Stefan Löfven,  Emmanuel Macron and many others handed their countries on a platter to  the likes of Mr. Guterres and his globalist Jew masters. It simply is horrifying how they throw our countries into turmoil and destroy our societies.  Like a cancer they slowly spread their evil tentacles through their demonic created “democracies” into each and every white country. The ultimate “plan” they have in store for white countries can best be explained by the planners themselves below:


As expected the two videos below were quickly removed from the Jew-controlled Facebook as the devils themselves admitted they hate white Christians:

  1. https://www.facebook.com/ChristianSoldiersOfTruth/videos/545879082454318/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ChristianSoldiersOfTruth/videos/543857875989772/

Needless to say the Jew controllers also closed their Facebook page. Again– you are not allowed to say anything negative against the Jews. Any other race can be exposed- just not the Jews. Have you ever wondered why the Jews always are “protected” by law and deemed  so “special”- but no other race enjoys the same treatment?  Simply because they do not want to be exposed for what they are- and therefore use their money to bribe dirty politicians , control the media- and  manipulate our societies. Across the world there is a huge drive to forbid anyone speaking out against the Jews.

They continuously act the “victims”and through this false deceptive image- enforce their domination upon white Christian countries by bank-rolling dirty politicians to impose “laws” to persecute anyone that dare speak out against their evil agendas. Politics is one such a controlling system. Unions and organizations is another. Both the United Nations and European Union are part of their world domination plan to control our countries and societies.

Politicians all are being manipulated to serve the Jew masters. Your local political parties and organizations all are being manipulated to serve the Jew masters. Your media all are being manipulated to serve the Jew masters. Your banking system already is in firm grip of the Jew masters. History already is littered with the corpses of innocent white people that believed and died in wars through the malicious propaganda and corrupt politicians funded and bank-rolled by these aliens. Get rid of your politicians and your banks- and you will be free again…that simple!

The bottom – Line is never to vote for any politician again. They all are dirty minions in the corporate pockets. If they weren’t- they would have been assassinated already. Thus a live politician always is a corporate paid politician. The dead ones like Verwoerd, JFK, Nasser, Bhutto, Ghandi, Terreblanche, Hussain and Ghadaffi were the ones that dared to turn against this dark evil corporate powers. The live ones are the ones that follow their masters’ voices. So next time you see a live politician you should know he/she is a paid puppet with hidden agendas- irrespective what they “promise.”

The rule in their game only consists of only two choices: Either allow to be controlled by means of manipulation- or face the possibility of  extermination!  No wonder then the majority of politicians rather prefer the latter. “Free thinking” politicians sooner or later get “ educated” in a very “persuasive” manner by the corporate assassins what is the difference between a Mercedes Benz  and a hearse- between a Gucci suit and a wooden suit. At this point these politicians  normally alter their ” free thinking” lullaby quickly – and start to sing to the tune of their new Jew masters too. Politicians have this uncanny nagging sixth sense that warns them when to  better catch on pretty fast. Clever people they are these politicians – that’s why they are such good “leaders ” – and that is why  we vote for them. They can sum up  a situation quickly and take such rapid pro-active decisions that may on the end of the day  save lives…literally! 

It doesn’t matter whether you vote or not- the final decision of who wins or loose lies with the Jew master who push the button on the computer to show the results. Don’t let them fool you. Elections only is an eye-blinder to render “credibility” to your false beliefs that your vote “counted.” It doesn’t!