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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Cape Town  February 27 2017


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LAST NIGHT saw the dawn of an era which will ostensibly  sound the last tap-toe  for  the white farmer in South Africa and ownership of private property. For more than 20 years dirty black politicians paid by the British destroyers have been toiling to exterminate South Africa’s white food producers – and hand all land slap into the hands of their Illuminati masters. And at the helm of this destructive omen was none other than Julius Malema– bank-rolled  renegade political terrorist and black apprentice of Robin Renwick proxi of the British Illuminati.


Malema tabled a motion on the expropriation of land without compensation. In a surprise turn of events the misdirected parliament of South Africa has agreed to the motion on the expropriation of land without compensation tabled by EFF commander in chief Julius Malema, with 241 parliamentarians voting yes and 83 voting no. This again shows that South Africa is governed by a majority ill-educated morons concerning economic matters.

During the debate on the motion yesterday , newly appointed Minister of  Water and Sanitation Gugile Nkwinti  said in the National Assembly that the ANC supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation motion tabled by the EFF and only differs on “modality”.

Nkwinti, who was shifted from the Ministry of Rural Development and Land Reform during Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet reshuffle Monday night to his current portfolio, further said his organisation is committed to implementing the policy, which is a resolution that was taken at the party’s 54th conference last year.

Nkwinti added that the ruling party as the government would pursue the expropriation of land without compensation with the aim of increasing agricultural production and ensuring food security is not compromised and that land is redistributed to those who were dispossessed of land during colonial times.

He said in 2017 the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform conducted a land audit which revealed the following ownership patterns of farms and agricultural holdings across races:

  • 72% of land is owned by white South Africans; ( Factually this figures is for Nkwinti’s own propaganda purposes only as more than 17 MILLION hectares of land belongs to the state- which is deliberately ignored. The “whites” Nkwinti referred to here also are not Afrikaners- but factually land sold out by the NP and ANC to foreign corporate Jews and Chinese.) 
  • 15% is owned by colored people;
  • 5% is owned by Indians; and
  • 4% is owned by Africans.(which is another lie as black squatter camps , predominantly black areas in cities and black areas like Soshanguve, Kwa Zulu Natal, Venda,-  and the Eastern Cape consists of much more land in bllack posession.)

Nkwinti added that the audit further divulged that there are institutions, trusts and companies that own land in the country but this is kept under wraps, and so it was recommended in the outcomes of the audit that a land administration commission should be established. He said land owners would be legally obliged to declare the lands they own to the commission. Nkwinti said past government efforts of land reform had failed to address the issue.

EFF leader Julius Malema delved into his own distorted history to emphasize his point that the indigenous people of South Africa were dispossessed of their land through brutal and violent means. “The time of reconciliation is over, now is the time for justice,” Malema said. However, Malema said the implementation of the policy should not be seen as a way of making those the land would be expropriated from suffer.

He said land should be redistributed first before a food security programme could be initiated. The commander in chief said the 6% his organisation has in parliament coupled with the ANC’s majority would ensure that Section 25 of the Constitution, which deals with property rights, can be amended to ensure that land is expropriated without compensation…iow “legal” land theft like Zimbabwe.

Malema said the implementation of the policy will not scare investors who would rather look for ways of making money from expropriated and redistributed land.“Let today be a day of black unity in honour of Robert Sobukwe,” Malema said to political parties he said represented the black citizens of the country. He said the DA’s stance on the policy would negatively affect the coalition that exists between the two parties in certain metros. Malema added that the EFF was not opposed to people being consulted on the matter and that the organisation was happy with the amendments that the ANC wants to make as this is not a matter of party politics. EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi shared the amendments by the ANC in a tweet:

View image on Twitter

In conclusion, Malema threatened a motion of no confidence on the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth), Athol Trollip, will be tabled by the EFF as “a warning shot to the DA”. “No one is going to lose his or her house. No one is going to lose his or her flat. No one is going to lose his or her factory or industry.”
These were the words of EFF leader Julius Malema on the steps of the National Assembly , shortly after the House adopted his motion , which opens the way for the Constitution to be amended to allow land expropriation without compensation. This means that Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee , which comprises members from both Houses of Parliament , will have to report back to the National Assembly by August 30 and its process will include public hearings.

“There is no motion there saying expropriation of rural land. We’re saying expropriation of land without compensation. So the question of urban or rural doesn’t arise , ” said Malema.  Every land in South Africa should be expropriated without compensation and it will be under the state. The state should be the custodian of the land , ” he explained. “No one is going to lose his or her house , no one is going to lose his or her flat , no one is going to lose his or her factory or industry. All [that] we are saying is they will not have the ownership of the land , According to Malema, black people will also not own land. “We must all be allocated land. You can’t sell it. You can’t come tomorrow and say, I have sold my piece of land.” he said. “They will have a lease , depending on what the arrangement is , particularly as it relates to the outcome of the Constitutional review process. “You’ll see , once we find land is owned by the state , we’re going to find a lot of idle land which is not being used for any purpose. And that land should then immediately be made available to be used , particularly by the previously disadvantaged people.” 

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Deputy of the EFF Floyd Shivambu said amendments include the replacement of the ad-hoc committee as suggested by his party with the constitutional review committee which will include members of the National Assembly, and the National Council of Provinces, which will engage in extensive public processes and then in August report back to parliament on which sections of the Constitution should be amended and which laws should be passed so the policy is implemented.

Parties that supported the motion include Agang SA, the National Freedom Party, the United Democratic Movement, the African People’s Convention, and the Inkatha Freedom Party, which stated it will only support the motion on condition that land held in trust by traditional leaders not be considered for redistribution. ( See how slick the IFP moves…white land can be taken away- just not their own land) The IFP later supported the motion once the amendments by the ANC were made.

The African Christian Democratic Party, Congress of the People, Freedom Front Plus and the DA fiercely opposed the motion, with the latter party saying the state should redistribute parts of its 17 million hectares of land, which would not hurt the economy of the country. DA member of parliament for rural development Ken Robertson said the failure of the government’s land reform program was the reason why the Constitution should not be amended to ensure the policy is implemented, adding that the successes of the land reform program in the DA-run Western Cape province serve as an example of how the program should be implemented.

The chief whip of the opposition, John Steenhuisen, said Section 25 (5) and (8) of the Constitution already provides for equitable distribution of land and that there is no need to amend the constitution because the  government has simply failed to properly implement land reform.

What basically happened last night is that Julius Malema- on instruction from his British controllers- table a motion that eventually will see ALL private property being transferred to “ the state.” This is an all-out socialist/communist system whereby no-one owns property- but factually everything belongs to the “state.” Again only a small clique “on top”– the “Polatriat” members- will be the ones benefiting the most out of this destructive system. It happened in Russia under Lenin– it happened in China under Mao- and it will happen in South Africa under Malema or whoever heathen plays the tune on top. The reason why it will fail even more than it did ‘n Russia and China- is that black South African politicians are not very smart, racist driven- and dirty kleptocrats. The Bottom – Line is only ANC /EFF card wavers will “qualify” to procure upmarket flats , houses and land- while opposition party members and especially whites will be ” punished” and will have to content with either low cost housing – or no property at all.

Malema- the British Jew “padawan” to start the transition of South Africa to the Illuminati controllers

One must carefully read what Malema said- and I want to repeat his words: ” No one is going to lose his or her house. No one is going to lose his or her flat. No one is going to lose his or her factory or industry. All  we are saying is they will not have the ownership of the land . Every land in South Africa should be expropriated without compensation and it will be under the state. The state should be the custodian of the land ” Copy that???? Do you like it? Do you fully understand what Malema is driving at?

The country's constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land following a motion brought by opposition leader Julius Malema

Julius Malema- British front man to disown white farmers from their property

"We are going for your white man in PE… We are going to cut the throat" – Leader of the EFF, Julius Malema (1st March 2018)Every time I think, this cancer can't out do himself, and then he does. So not only does he want to remove a mayor that hasn't done anything wrong, but he wants to remove him because the mayor is white… and he wants to "cut the throat". Tell me again how this cancer has a platform in this country?

Posted by Renaldo Gouws on Thursday, March 1, 2018


Let us explain the “state” Malema is referring to:


Simple logic should tell you that this little black heathen is advocating pure brutal  SOCIALISM which will disown YOU– and hand your property to the “state” without you getting a single dime for it! Now let us see just WHO is the “state” Malema talks about that should be the ” custodian” of all property? The “state” is suppose to be you government of the day...right?Not so! In all ‘democratic” countries the “state” is a term with a very broad and extremely vague description.

The “state” in terms of a ‘democracy” factually means the politicians in control. That is your first level of governance. But that is not where the description of the term “state” stops. The “state” in a “democracy”  stretches much further. The “state” again- is controlled by a more deeper and sinister level- a second referred to as the “deep state– iow a level that cannot be seen but wields all power over the politicians that govern the visible “state” first level. This “deep state” consists out of all the most powerful corporate globalist dictators imaginable. They are the “big boys” that determine the policies, procedures, ruling governments, elections , coups, rebellions, riots, – and financial status of every country. They are the ones your “government” is responsible to. They are the ones dictating the direction your government moves into. They are the ones that controls your country’s resources and socio- economic development. They are the true “state” Malema is referring to.

In the South African context we talk about George Soros, Guptas, Oppenheimers, Ruperts, Christo Wiese and many more secret society vultures that determine the direction of the first level government politicians. To them the ultimate objective is all about control- control of all the mineral and natural resources, control of all land and property, control over all financial systems, control over all security forces, control over all judiciary and law enforcement, – and ultimately total control over YOU!

Now THAT‘s the ‘state” Julius Malema is talking about! The bullshit he is selling to the poor naive and ill-informed black masses is that his little party really “cares” about them and want to “distribute” the white wealth among “all” South Africans is just part of a mega conspiracy. This only is his sales pitch. In reality neither Malema, Ramaphosa or who-ever black politician cares a monkey sh*t about the “poor” black people. Black people- because of their inherent racist hatred towards whites and naive nature- quickly falls for this deception.And Malema knows that all too well. Politicians under the spell of the “deep state” only exploit blacks as their “bullets”– which they use to overrun and pressurize governments. After that they have no more use for them- and push them into filthy squatter camps again. The majority blacks are unaware of this hidden agenda- and have this illusion that Malema and the EFF will take land away from the “white capitol” and give it to them. Now why would Malema take land away from the same “white capitol” that pays his salary then? That is political suicide! Much of the land in South Africa as well as the mines belong to the British Jewry and foreign investors. Why would they allow Malema to take that land away and give it to the ” people?”

The truth behind Malema’s mystical land ownership statistics

 Only 33% of land in South Africa is owned directly by private individuals. Companies , trusts , the state , traditional authorities , churches and community organisations own the rest. The state’s land audit did not establish the racial ownership composition of 67% of land in the country.

This is according to the highly anticipated Land Audit report , which has taken years for the Department of Rural Developmentand Land Reform to compile. The report , dated November 2017 , was commissioned by the department. Minister Gugile Nkwinti presented it at the ANC’s Cabinet lekgotla recently. Only 33% of land in South Africa is owned directly by private individuals. Companies , trusts , the state , traditional authorities , churches and community organisations own the rest. The state’s land audit did not establish the racial ownership composition of 67% of land in the country.

The report contains potentially dramatic proposals for financing a new land reform fund , including a “land value tax” on top of municipal property rates , which were instituted in 2004. The Davis Tax Committee (that will be the devil’s advocate Rob Davis) is already meant to produce a report on potential new wealth taxes this year , including the feasibility of a “national tax on the value of property (over and above municipal rates)”. Nkwinti’s report , however , seems to rely on a 2014 blog post by UK economist Joe Sarling to justify the proposal.

More contentiously , the report appears to call for the nationalization of land. It recommends that new “national land rights legislation” be introduced that “vests land as the common property of the people of South Africa as a whole”. 
It calls for the department “to corporatise its property management portfolio” and learn from the apartheid era Development Trust and Land Act – the law that created the white state’s ownership of land “on behalf” of black people.

No automatic alt text available.


The land audit report does not deal specifically with agricultural land , but rather analyses the country’s entire surface area. This makes it incomparable to the almost simultaneous report that farmers’ lobby Agri SA released in November last year , to argue that black ownership of farming land has increased significantly since 1994. Whereas the Agri SA report deals with the 93.5 million hectares of South African land used for farming , Nkwinti’s report deals with all 111 million hectares of rural and semirural land registered as “farms” , as well as the 3 million hectares in towns organised as “erven”.

According to a footnote in Nkwinti’s report , however , the government’s owncomprehensive agricultural land audit is being prepared for publication”. The report shows that state ownership of land is not as extensive as sometimes claimed. The state owns 20 million ha , compared with 93 million hectares in private hands and , of this , portions are being converted for commercial , residential and industrial use. An additional 7.7 million hecatres is unregistered trust land in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo , which is also not privately owned. The report confirms that women own very little land compared with men. Of the land directly owned by individuals , women own 13% and couples 11%.

The findings in the land audit bolstered the ANC’s plans to steam ahead with a resolution taken at its national elective conference in December , and to amend the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation like they decided last night. This is an emotive issue that has sparked concerns from many private landowners. The policy position was adopted after a furious debate at the conference. It became so heated that delegates nearly came to blows and almost collapsed the gathering.

Until the commissioning of the audit , there had been no reliable figures on land ownership in South Africa. The main conclusion of the report is that a new land administration commission must be created to generate data on land ownership. The report used sources such as the deeds office , municipalities and Stats SA , in what it describes as a very arduous data-gathering exercise. Its numbers are current up to 2015. “We have just taken the first step upon a long journey towards the goal of a sustainable relationship among South African citizens , through the effective management of land as a resource and nation-building , ” the report states.

Curiously , the report classifies as state land the land owned by the Ingonyama Trust , of which King Goodwill Zwelithini is the sole trustee. This comes on the back of another decision the ANC took at its December conference: to dismantle the Ingonyama Trust Board and transfer the at least 3 million hectares it controls to government , as part of its program of radical economic transformation.

A high-level panel led by former president Kgalema Motlanthe was the first to propose that the 1994 act that transferred the tribal land to appease the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and convince the Zulu monarch to participate in elections – be amended. This has pitted the ANC against traditional leaders , who have for years supported the party after the IFP lost power in KwaZulu-Natal. The Zulu king recently warned that “all hell will break loose” if the proposal goes ahead. IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi also raised concerns. Meanwhile , processes are under way to survey trusts and state land in the Eastern Cape , with the intention of giving it away to communities using existing legislation. Only 2% of the land in the country is directly in the hands of foreigners.


The land audit reveals the significant extent to which the land situation differs between provinces – and between rural and urban areas. When it comes to urban erven , Africans directly own more land than whites in all provinces , except the Northern and Western Cape. Even then , the proportions are in no way near demographically representative. In the Northern Cape , whites own an astonishing 69% of erven , by size. In the Western Cape , this figure stands at 49%. 
In Eastern Cape , blacks own 21% of urban land – the highest provincial proportion. With rural land , the completely disproportionate land ownership of white South Africans is far starker , with blacks owning a negligible amount of rural land in all provinces.

So why is Malema then so hell-bent in transferring land to the state?

The conspiracy here is that Malema is playing little mind-games with the black populace. He takes them for a ride and they don’t even know it. He instigate lies that he is taking “action” against the :”white monopoly“- and through political pressure will force Section 25 of the constitution that protects private ownership to be amended. When that happens- the “state” now moves in as “custodian”– iow ALL property will be in the hands of the “state.”  (Link) The poor blacks will think they now will posses land. In reality Malema will again TAKE the land away from those same blacks and  hand it BACK to the “white monopoly” he works for. Only this time it will not be only state property- but the WHOLE of South Africa . The constitution as  it is currently  is protecting private ownership. Thus the “deep state” only controls part of the South African economy.

If Section 25 is altered or amended- it immediately will open the door for the “state” to repossess all property owned by private citizens- (Link) – and when that happens it means no-one in South Africa are allowed to own private property. And that was the plan all along for the Illuminati to have total control of South Africa. How it will be enforced, or who will pay for the procurement of cars, houses, etc is still to be seen. It appears that they will shift the responsibility and legal liability onto the public- but still earn themselves the right to repossess that property at garage-sale prices or no purchase price at all. Who will be liable for the outstanding debt is still to be seen. Whether the “state” will write off all outstanding debt on “repossessed” property is still unclear. How they intend to apply this draconian system will pose yet another financial as well as social headache- as they cannot even maintain the millions of local parasites leeching onto state grants. What they intend to do to stem of accommodate the millions of alien invaders from across the world into this system is yet another question to be asked.


The South African parliament just voted through a motion by Julius Malema, a Marxist-Leninist extremist, to expropriate white farms without compensation – and the silence from the media is deafening.

Posted by Raheem Kassam on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

THIS is the pigs that now want to take all property away from mainly whites. Is it time to cleanse South Africa from this resident evil?

Malema is getting paid to promote this  socialist plan in South Africa. Being a power hungry tramp himself he does not care what the end result- or the damage for that matter- will be of his blundering actions.  On the end of the day when all of the property is transferred to the “state”– the British corporate “deep state” will own South Africa- cart and transport– and you will be left a nomad without property in your own land. This Malema spelled out when he said: ” Every land in South Africa should be expropriated without compensation and it will be under the state.They will have a lease , depending on what the arrangement is , particularly as it relates to the outcome of the Constitutional (Read Communist) review process.)

Malema’s EFF was created and funded by the “deep state” specifically to get political representation in parliament and drive the land grab agenda. Roamers would have it Nathan Kirsh was behind Malema’s lucrative payment. However no substantiated evidence in this regard could be traced.

Did Billionaire Nathan Kirsh– fund Malema to start the EFF? Allegations would have it that he’s also been linked to the FW de Klerk Foundation and that  the EFF is a giant project by De Klerk and Kirsh to undermine the ANC.

So NOBODY will have private property rights anymore- but whatever you posses will belong to the “state”- and you only will be “LEASING” it- until the “state” decides” your term has expired. Then you will be left with NOTHING!‘Property” not only describes land ownership- but also includes ALL property- movable and unmovable. This includes your car and furniture.  This also includes your PENSION FUND- another cleverly disguised “property” they have their eyes institutions. Even your bread toaster and the bar of soap in your bathroom. Because the term “property” is not clearly defined in Rob Davis‘ devious “law”- it could include ANYTHING. It was specifically written by him that way. Davis- as we already pointed out- is one of the most destructive communists behind the demise  of South Africa.  THAT is how deep this evil “expropriation” conspiracy reaches into your private rights! You MUST give it to the Jews- it’s only them that could think up such a devious plan!

However-Section 9 of the Constitution contains the following crucial provisions regarding discrimination in Article 9: (3) The state may not discriminate against anyone directly or indirectly on one or more grounds, including race, gender, gender, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, color, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth. (4) No person may unfairly discriminate against any person directly or indirectly on one or more grounds in terms of subsection (3). National legislation must be ordered to prevent or prevent unfair discrimination. (5) Discrimination on one or more of the grounds mentioned in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that discrimination is fair.

It is clear that our rights and freedoms as a whole are summarized in these subsections. If these principles are ignored, for example, we as whites have no rights whatsoever in South Africa. Now it is also the case that the discrimination that applies to all areas of our lives is precisely done under these provisions and specifically on the grounds of the qualification in subsection (5):“Discrimination on one or more of the grounds mentioned in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair. “Indeed, it is unclear why the ANC considers it necessary to amend the constitution in order to allow the expropriation of land without compensation as they do so on the grounds of the qualification in subsection (5) can already do. Perhaps it is trying to pretend that it has been done in a “democratic” manner.

On the end of the day this down-right stupid and devilish plan promise to result in a total disaster. South Africa will become desolate and the black populace will dither on the brink of starvation– as the rest of Africa. Investors, farmers and most whites will flee from the country. Blacks will be left without food, medicine and technology. Like the rest of Africa they will become destitute and start tribal wars among themselves in a zest to expand their territorial powers again like times before the white man came.If blacks really believe the bullsh*t Malema tries to sell them that they will now posses land- they are in for a big surprise. Under socialism the state owns all– and they will be left without any possessions. Even their cows and goats will belong to the state.

Image may contain: text

What this factually means is that all South Africans are going to loose their private homes to the “state.” You will- if this get’s approved- not be able to sell your private home anymore- as it then will belong to the “state.” About just WHO will be responsible for the rest of your bond payment we suspect these monkeys in parliament will tell you that you still are liable for the loan and have to pay the bank the full outstanding bond while your house belongs to the “state. “ Now some of you already have paid your home in full- or are nearly at the end of your bond term….now Julius and his gang will sweetly come and take your house away which you have paid for. Ain’t that sweet? What will happen is that the Real Estate sector will collapse immediately. Developers will cease to venture into private residential contracts.Investors will withdraw investments.  But sadly blacks have this bad culture and their deep rooted racism towards whites blinds their common sense.

Maybe we all should write the following  e-mail to the banks holding our bonds now: “  Dear ********** Bank, as I’m sure you’re aware, there is a bit of a revolution on the rise, actually has been for quite sometime.  It now seems that this revolution is becoming a reality – Land Reformation.

Now, I took out a bond with you for what I was under the he impression would eventually be my property. Enter Julius Malema , who is now informing all & sundry that the land that was stolen must now be returned. This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma: Why am I paying******** Bank for property / land that is stolen?

So, here I am, wondering if I should cease all of my bond repayments until the air is cleared, so that I know I don’t have to hand over a property that I have been paying for that was never truly yours and was never truly going to be mine. So for now, I think I’ll hold back & keep the cash I would normally pay for my bond, to save up for flights in case my family & I need to make a quick exit out of here. And please don’t send legal letters advising that you will remove me from my property as I’m sure that in a case like this, squatters rights will apply.

Let’s also consider the legal implications involved in selling stolen goods / property to another? Could be quite hellish for you. The other way to assist with resolving this issue would be for the banks to stand together & oppose this foolish land reclamation process. You stand to lose billions if it does goes through…..”

Your sincere home owner



Blacks cannot farm productively- that is a fact. Many examples of the inability to farm lies across South Africa.- and even dregs like Nkwinti had to admit their land distribution ended up in a miserable failure. Africa is a perfect example with a total of  1 BILLION blacks living in it- yet most of the African countries experience starvation. Why? Where are the so-called “successful” back farmers then?Or are they still looking for excuses to shift the blame on whites again? What is the truth though- is that South Africa’s food production is declining rapidly. From a 67% food producing country pre-1994- South Africa now only produces a meager 9%…and the rest of the demand have to be imported at unrealistic prices. White farmers are seeking better opportunities elsewhere where they are more appreciated and have the peace of mind their land will not be plundered.

There are more factors involved for this decline like the escalating farm murders, drought, land grabs and the inhumanly low prices suppliers want to pay farmers for their products. Escalating prices of  fertilizers, food for animals and other farming equipment also contribute to more and more farmers pulling out of the game. What Malema and his British controllers now attempt will surely bring about the end of the private white farmer in South Africa. With a black populace explosion and a declining food supply in South Africa- starvation becomes a reality.

A poll conducted nationally by the Institute for Race Relations shows that the majority of black South Africans have virtually no interest in so-called land reform. According to the Institute’s survey conducted in 2016, only 1% of black respondents believe that land reform will help improve lives. The year before, it still has 2%! Dr. Anthea Jeffery says that a similar survey in 2017 showed that only 1% of black respondents believe that the acceleration of land reform should be the government’s priority. By contrast, 73% of black respondents believe that attention should be paid to job creation and education should be addressed to improve people’s lives. Even among those who lost their land through the old NP government’s “consolidation ” policy, there is little need to recover the land. They rather prefer monetary compensation. Since the land claims process has begun, only 8% of plaintiffs chose to get the land while 92% preferred cash compensation

No automatic alt text available.

SO– why are Ramaphosa and Malema so hell-bent in “reforming” the land then? Statistics show the majority blacks are not interested in farming as it takes a helluva lot of work, administration and financial implications. Handing land to them will be a waste and the food production will collapse. Only a small minority screaming , bellowing and hollering despots in red are driving the issue without considering the implications outside their small little chaotic world in Cape Town. BUT for rich politicians like Ramaphosa, Malema, Nkwinti et al this does not appear to bother them at all that their black populace are busy with an economic suicide. By accepting and changing private property rights of Section 25 of the constitution will damage the country irreversibly. The ill-informed South African black politicians have not as yet learned from the history of black Africa- even from Zimbabwe- to protect their food producers. Africa has a dark history of tribal wars and starvation. To the South African black political kleptoctacy money, power and self enrichment still rates among their highest priorities. They are oblivious to the decaying future of the country or it’s inhabitants. To them the sound of the pound echoes harder than the cries of their starving children.



To them the demonic cultivated greed and lust for power that politics brings about – are far more remunerating  than the prosperity and happiness of their people. To these politicians obeying the commands of their British handlers are far more important than listening to the death cries of their perishing country. While the ANC and EFF are pushing the country into a socialist state where none of the citizens will have the right to any property- corruption is rife among the politicians from both sides while they themselves are lining their own pockets with lucrative tender and government contracts. Financially bribed with millions from international billionaires – these kleptocracy expect the population to simply “accept” their demonic idea that the ‘state” will now have sole power over all private property.

In which modern Western country will you see this banana-like mentality to try to rob tax-paying citizens from their rightful property ownership- and then try to slap them a mickey by expecting you are not gong to pay for it? Iow they want to create over 50 million homeless beggars! ? Only in Africa and communist China this could happen. If they do not want you to own any property- then you don’t have to pay tax anymore. Cyril, Julius and the rest of those idiots in Cape Town supporting this disastrous idea can go chomp gunpowder and fart thunderbolts! They will not TOUCH private property- Section 25 amendment or not! All hell is about to break loose.

Unfortunately for them many people will not accept this blatant thievery that easily- even if it means a resistance which may lead into a full-scale civil war in order to protect private property and private rights- even if it means to blast some sense into this already sick leftist society and their psychopathic “leaders” now polluting the parliamentary building in Cape Town. South Africa is a country for the people- NOT for mentally retarded politicians with all kinds of “revolutionary” schemes that recon they are the “untouchables” and their word is “law.” A law is a law as long as it protects the interests of the people- however when a law like this will damage the country and hurt the people- it no longer is a law- but a threat– and politicians tabling and supporting such a law must be dealt with as such- as a threat to the sovereignty of the people  and enemies  of the  state! 

One day far in the distant future historians may look back at South Africa’s history- and the names of mass destroyers such as FW De KLerk and Julius Malema may be added to the roll of notoriety among names such as Caligula, Nero, Atilla the Hun, Idi Amin  , Stalin, Robert Mugabe  and George Bush who through political greed- directly or indirectly  became  mass murderers of their own people. As for normal South Africans facing a very uncertain future: Either stop this political criminals that made it their mission to destroy your beautiful country and deprive you of all your basic human rights permanently – or migrate out of that hell hole as soon as you can. For too long the South African populace has been complacent and left these vultures to destroy your country. Now it nearly is too late to avoid a total economic and personal apocalypse. The unlawful thievery of your possessions will now become lawful thievery. People of South Africa spent too much time watching silly games in the rugby, soccer and cricket Coliseums while Rome’s destruction  was taking shape behind their backs in Cape Town.


Parliament votes ‘yes’ on expropriation of land without compensation