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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Tennessee USA March 02 2017


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MORE than 10,500 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament to strip white farmers of their land without compensation.

The petition calls on the U.S. leader to “take the steps necessary to initiate an emergency immigration plan allowing white Boers to come to the United States.” Boer is the term used to describe South Africans of Dutch, German or Huguenot descent, who are also commonly referred to as Afrikaners. The petition suggests that Trump should stop admitting refugees from Somalia and the Middle East, claiming they “cannot be properly vetted,” and allow white South Africans into the country instead. They “can be easily vetted and also possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and civilization,” the petition says.


A similar petition, calling on European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May to allow white South Africans into EU countries, has gained nearly 17,000 signatures. South Africa’s parliament voted to remove white South African farmers from their land without paying them compensation in a landmark vote on Tuesday, reported.

The motion was supported, but amended by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), with the party promising reforms that will address racial disparities in land ownership. Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the move, with the motion passing 241-83. It was a key part of recently elected  Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform. Ramaphosa, who has long supported Nelson Mandela’s vision for South Africa, took office last month, replacing former Jacob Zuma.

More than two decades after white-minority rule came to an end in South Africa, propaganda would have it that most of the country’s profitable farming land is owned by white residents. A recent land audit conducted by Agri SA, a South African agricultural industry association, found that white farmers still control 73 percent of the country’s profitable farming land. Agri SA expressed concerns over the parliament vote, saying that while it “fully understands the need for land reform and the frustration with the apparent slow process and is committed to orderly and sustainable land reform…politics and emotion dominated the debate.”


Dan Kriek, Agri SA’s president, warned that the rights of all property owners in South Africa were at stake. He said that amending the country’s constitution property clause would be a step backward into a past where the protection of property rights was not applied across the board. Ramaphosa urged people in South Africa not to panic over the results of the vote. South Africa’s Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department echoed that sentiment in a series of tweets. “This is a serious matter. It’ll be handled through dialogue and in a stable manner. No need for beating war drums and creating unnecessary panic! South Africa belongs to all who live in it!” the CGTA wrote. “As we address the land issue, we’ll ensure that equitable land is distributed to our poor people in a way that will ensure continued stability,” the CGTA added.

Earlier, the department had tweeted, “Land is our heritage, our identity and essentially our dignity. We owe it to our children to dispel the myth that Africans are not interested in commercial farming.” “We’ll continue to help improve the lives of South Africans through making tough decisions. This is a moment where we all need to rise and tackle this issue and emerge victorious,” the CGTA added, including the hashtag “#LandExpropriation.”

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters opposition party, introduced the motion. He said the time for reconciliation in South Africa “is over,Now is the time for justice,” he said, adding, “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.” Malema has been a strong supporter of confiscating land from white farmers, saying in 2016 he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people–at least for now.”

The creators of the petition demanding that Trump admit white South Africans into the U.S. as refugees claim that the “increasing murder rate, along with the campaign to dispossess whites of their history, culture, farms, property and jobs, will inevitably lead to a complete genocide of South Africa’s white population” if the U.S. does not “intercede.”


In October last year, thousands of predominantly white protesters took to the streets throughout South Africa to protest a string of deadly attacks in rural areas of the country. Protesters claimed that farmers were more likely to be murdered than the average South African, with some claiming that the attacks were racially motivated.  It is unclear where people who are signing the petitions on are based. Signatories cite fears of a white genocide  as their reason for signing.  A spokesperson for told Newsweek it would look into whether the petitions violate any company policies and whether the website plans to take any action. Was it ANTIFA or liberals petitioning for non-whites- would not raise such an issue.

In Britain a member of the European Parliament has written to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson‚ saying he needs to mediate with South African officials following the National Assembly’s passing of a motion to investigate land expropriation without compensation.


Janice Atkinson‚ who represents the right-wing and pro-Brexit Europe of Nations and Freedom Group – the smallest party represented in the European Parliament – wrote the letter on February 27‚ the same day that the EFF-sponsored motion to consider a constitutional change regarding land expropriation was overwhelmingly passed. She said she was a regular visitor to South Africa‚ and had followed the country’s “troubled history for years”. She also took aim at Julius Malema‚ who sponsored the motion.

“Malema is a dangerous individual who encourages farm terror and murder‚” she wrote. She also questioned how land expropriation without compensation could be done without harming food security‚ economic growth and radical economic transformation.  “I fail to see how this can be implemented to safeguard the above and also to avoid more farm raids‚ torture and murders‚ which is already happening. “Boris‚ South Africa is on the brink of becoming another Zimbabwe. Indeed‚ South African parliamentarian Dr Corne Mulder – an architect of the current South African Constitution – fears that leading up to and after the May 2019 general election‚ that South African (sic) could slip into a Rwandan situation‚ bypassing the Zimbabwe analogy altogether‚” she wrote.

Atkinson said that the British government has a duty  to South Africa. “Our cultural links‚ trading partnership and as a Commonwealth member‚ it is our duty to step in and mediate. For far too long‚ the hard left of the ANC has been taking control‚ their policies shaped by the EFF because they are losing votes to the EFF’s rhetoric of hate‚ divisive racism and a promise to under-educated South Africans that all will be well if they just take the white people’s farms and businesses‚” she concluded.


But asking the international world for help is fruitless. Especally the white liberal tards in high places.  Correct me if I am wrong…but I do not believe there is ONE single Australian, British, American or even Dutch politician (the Boers having Dutch blood) who has spoken out against or even mentioned the stealing — the “confiscation without compensation” — of White land in South Africa! Utterly shameful! This comes 24 years after “apartheid “ officially ended, when the Whites obtained an explicit, CONSTITUTIONAL guarantee from the De KLerk and his ANC communist cronies  that their land would never be stolen.

The ANC cannot be trusted; their word means nothing, on this or any other agreement since 1994. DIVERSITY leads to genocide. We continue marching toward fulfillment of the Van Rensburg prophecy, and woe to the whites, but woe even more to the blacks when the Fourth Reich appears. Every white tear and drop of white blood will be avenged.

The world at large – especially the white race- must wake up from their slumber. Across Europe sleeping and complacent whites had a terrifying wake-up call when liberal communists such as Merkel ,Stefan Löfven, Erna Solberg,Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May  and Sarcozy start to allow millions of non-white terrorists to flood heir countries under the devious hospice of the Jewish-controlled European Union. Whites in America also found themselves with their knickers on their knees when Obama and the Clintons start to invade their “ Land of Oppertunity” with thousands of Mexicans.

The white world is under attack from these Jew-orchestrated and manipulated white communist reptiles  posing as “politicians.” In South Africa again Rob Davies is one of the most destructive white communist abominations imaginable. He solely is responsible for the impoverishment of thousands upon thousands of whites- now languishing in squatter camps across the country. He is responsible for the land-grab proposals to disown whites. Yet this creature are left alone to continue his evil and destructive agenda among the white nation of South Africa? Why must whites flee South Africa?

Why is it so that alien dregs from Robben Island and Tanzania dictate to homogeneous whites whether they can retain their own property? The communist ANC never was and never will be a legal government! What is wrong with this picture?  Why does whites allow themselves to be bullied out of their God-given right to own property in a country that belongs to them- because a terrorist heathen like Malema say so? What the hell is WRONG with whites in South Africa?

Where is your back bone to be shaken shamelessly like rag dolls by an illegal terrorist movement with no teeth and an individual half-wit with a big mouth? Good G*d…what the hell have become of you? It’s YOUR own FEARS and CARELESS ATTITUDES  that gives them the power to oppress and exterminate you. STAND UP and FIGHT those hooligans in Cape Town like your black counterparts do. Look what the Germans are doing now- they are turning the Merkel regime into a disarray.

Look what whites in South Africa do- they either fled the country, joined the ANC mafia….- or sit and bitch on Facebook. They do NOTHING to either protect their property – or the future of their children. Their feeble squeaks for international help  are deafening!! You whites in South Africa are becoming a real embarrassment not only to your predecessors who fought many wars for your freedom – but to your own children as well. Where are the men? This past year or so we only notice only woman doing the fighting- woman on Facebook, woman like Sunette Bridges, women like Lauren Southern and Katie Hopkins and now women like Janice Atkinson come and do the fighting again. Have the South African white men – that hard-lined AWB Boers we use to see- become so worthless that they skulk behind the dress of a woman now? Did the Nguni criminals really scare the living daylights out of them? I dunno! I am sorry to put it in this harsh terms to you- but it’s time whites in South Africa face the reality– they have become like the rest of the whites in Europe- obedient slaves of their own complacent worthlessness to their new 3rd world masters.