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Article posted  by: White Nation political correspondent Pietermaritzburg   March 11  2017






” I’m the Messiah of our time. I will give free land to my people. Unlike Jesus or Nelson Mandela and his friends, I don’t need to go to a stupid prison to save my people.Unlike Nelson Mandela and his friends, I don’t need to go to a stupid prison to save my people. I believe I’m the Messiah of our time. I’m gonna save this nation like Jesus saved Christians. Except, I’ll be able to save you without some silly cross or going to jail.”  “- Julius Malema


THIS past month South Africa experienced an abhorrent series of incursions against mainly it’s white populace- and a direct assault against it’s citizens’ constitutional rights to own private property. Never in it’s history as a free Republic was there such a direct offensive lofted against it’s sovereignty as a “democratic” country.


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The dark clouds of a brutal civil war between the tribes that now appear to  be imminent – are looming on the horizon as 20 years of deceptive communist ANC reign begin to expose  it’s true  treacherous  hidden agendas of Marxist socialism. As the pedagogues of extirpation in the castles of Britain’s aristocratic banking Illuminati prepares South Africa and it’s population for it’s final stage into total subservience under the crushing heel of slavery to their financial corporate Crown- ONE schizoid’s name stands above all others…JULIUS MALEMA.


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Malema– verbal scourge and one-man destruction tool of the British empire.

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Posted by Mandisi Tshingana on Monday, March 12, 2018

THIS is Malema’s  idea for the country- and the way of his reign.

The British corporate  mafia decided to unleash their most repugnant ghoul upon the hapless and unsuspected South African populace with a renewed vengeance. Malema- also known as the Red Goblin of Gehenna – immediately and relentlessly launched his  unambiguous assault against the very holy grail of the South African spurious “democracy“- it’s constitution. Cognizant of the powers controlling  his political compass – Malema tabled a motion in parliament that he knew would  be a direct challenge and provocation against the South African directionless society and it’s  proficient-less communist rulers – a motion to expropriate all property without compensation.   


Looks like Lekota turned up the heat when asking about Land expropriation without compensation. Just whose land exactly are you going to take ?

Posted by Swaran Singh on Monday, February 19, 2018

Julle moet mooi verstaan en mooi luister!!!

Posted by Marco Schubert on Thursday, March 1, 2018

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The British corporate mob decided to throw down the ultimate gauntlet- a challenge to total superiority and control of South Africa. With it’s rich untapped mineral resources, it’s vital route around the Southern tip of Africa to control the passage between the East and the West- and guarded by only a small clique of obedient black political slaves with feet of clay- the opportunity to conquer the ultimate paradise of El Dorado now is wide open.


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De Klerk– together with Jan Smuts forming two  of the most disgusting traitors in white Boer history.


Since the capitulation of the treacherous National Party at the CODESA conspiracy- the British mobsters carefully planned and executed their every move to steer South Africa steadily towards submission and total suppression under the iron rule of the London and New York  globalist Godfathers. They branded their star pupils for the show….MandelaDe KlerkOppenheimer, Kissinger and Crockerall were on in the show. Puppets such as Pik Botha, Leon Wessels, Tienie Groenewald and Roelf Meyer were used as back-up. General Constant Viljoen – a distinguished and respected war veteran and hero of the Afrikaner– was exploited and paid by the Jewish-controlled Afrikaner Broederbond to create a division  and keep the Afrikaner rebellious resentment at bay. The pot at the end of the rainbow was winking and within their grasp.

The National Party for a long time have been cavorting with the ANC communists – even before the CODESA hoax. Meyer and Ramaphosa has been bedfellows in the Unifer loan sharking business. It was Ramaphosa that bulldozed the weakling Meyer into putting the last signature needed on paper to finally hand over the country into communist hands.

. The media was activated to promote one of the biggest conspiracies since South Africa’s independence in 1960. The Federal Reserve was firmly in control of the Jew Caballah. The banks were in control of the Jewish Caballah.  The media was firmly under control of the Afrikaner Broederbond. The country was set ablaze as British intelligence operatives instigated  a series of violent riots in black townships through their PAC front men. Liberal theologians such as Tutu, Boesak, Dennis Hurley and Beyers Naude infiltrated the church – sowing liberal theology- and through British denominations such as the Anglican and Baptist churches funneled millions of pounds to their revolutionary forces. Behind the scenes the three “sister” churches in South Africa also throw their weight behind the liberal theology and started to promote liberal theology.


Liberal matelots such as Zach De Beer, Helen Suzman, Van Zyl Slabbert, Helen Zille and Tony Leon commanded the leftist representation while white ghouls such as Nadine Mortimer, Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp and many other liberal human malware  controlled the propaganda campaigns. Wits University was preparing the next generation black “leaders.” And the ANC was trained and thoroughly inducted to take over the control of South Africa for their Anglo British masters.  Mandela was thoroughly trained and inducted for months by De Klerk, Pik Botha and Neil Van Heerden from the SA Intelligence Service in Pollsmoore prison for his role as  future president  . Harry Oppenheimer would facilitate the CODESA hoax, Pik Botha kept control on the National Party members  and reported directly to his American handler Chester Crocker– who in turn would report to his handler- the Jew Henry Kissinger.  De Klerk was to exterminate all army general staff that might revert to a coup to prevent the country falling into communist hands-  and keep the Afrikaner in the dark with false promises.  Henry Kissinger was monitoring the situation and gave the instructions he received from the Anglo/British corporate mob to De Klerks CODESA conspirators. Between the NP and ANC they already were busy transferring R 4 TRILLION rands worth of gold out of the Federal Reserve to the New York corporate mob through City Bank. The stage was set for the conspiracy to be put into action. The wheels of deception already was in motion. Pay day for the traitors were close- R 3 MILLION a piece- a small sacrifice for the Jew mobsters for such a lucrative “business” venture. !  For 50 years the Jews worked tireless to fulfill their ultimate dream- to hand the mineral vault of South Africa to the Anglo British Corporate moguls. The stage was set- the curtain was about to be raised on a play of unimaginable deceptionous proportions.  In 1994 that dream- that objective- that Zionist ideal became a reality.


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As Mandela ascended onto that stage on 10 May 1994 to take his questionable vow- the dark powers of purgatory already were amassing their forces for the total inhalation and destruction of a country that withstood their demonic onslaught for almost 50 years. Agenda 21 was to be unleashed on South Africa with full force. The media campaign accelerated to hush the white opposition to sleep. Advertisements blare “ Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle” on a daily basis – inviting the white Boers to participate in their Babylonian culture of sport and booze – and turning their attention away from the first spark that eventually would burn Rome to ashes.

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Peter Mokaba– Started the “ Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer” chant in 1994

Unseen to the naked eye the omen of a genocide started to lift it’s ugly head. The first spit of venomous propaganda to exterminate the white Boer was launched by Peter Mokaba in 1994 already when he hollered “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” from his lair in Polokwane . This was the first test run for the Anglo British mass murderers to see what the reaction was among the white conservative population. Anxiously they sat back and watch. The media deafened Mokaba’s chant with ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.” The white Boers did not hear Mokaba turning the key to unlock the gates of hell which eventually would lead to their demise. The global killers sigh a sigh of relief– the plan worked. The white Boer was too occupied worshiping his sport gods to notice the subliminal coded message of death being sent to the black unruly brainwashed masses. The path for Operation ” Red Goblin “ was paved.


Mandela’s reign was to be a short 5 years- 5 years in which the new found “democracy” was supposed to be a time of “peace, prosperity and happiness” for all. Yet very early in Mandela’s reign the first sign of what was to come already were noticeable. On 28 March 1994 Zulu marchers from the Inkhata Freedom Party went to the ANC stronghold –Shell House-  (Now renamed Lethuli-House) – the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg in a peaceful protest. When they neared the building – Mandela gave the order  not to allow them near the building- but even to shoot them if necessary. This developed in the first massacre under ANC rule- and ANC terrorists shot at Zulu marchers- killing 19 Inkanta members in cold blood.This vile act would be repeated some years later in 2012 at the Marikana massacre again. 

Where the automatic rifles came from could only be guessed- and why there were so many military weapons in a civilian  building was never answered. Mandela ordered the then Chief of the army- Joe Modise– to get rid of the illegal weapons immediately. The operation was handed down to Genl. Sepiwe Nyanda  and Genl. Aboobaker Ismael . A private soft skinned vehicle- driven by a WHITE operative from the National Intelligence went through in the dark hours of the night to pick up all the illegal weapons at Shell House– and take it to an Army Depot in Centurion where it lay hidden until it secretly was transported across the Mozambique border and sold to rebel forces.

Mandela’s excuse was “ Before the march on that day, the ANC had received information that some of the marchers were to be directed to attack Shell House, destroy information and kill members of the leadership.” he told parliament that it was in that context that he instructed ANC guards to protect Shell House “even if they had to kill people”. He added: “This is nothing more nor less than a statement of the common law right to self-defense.” Ostensibly this was not what really happened- but no-one dared contradicting or even challenging the credibility of the  human made god at that stage –  without facing the wrath of the liberal media and misdirected international .”sheeple. ” The first danger lights should already have been noticed by the naive South African white Boers– but still the media lulled their senses with ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.” 

Image result for thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki– His undying love for white British women and Whisky cost him his presidency. 

On June 16 1999 Mandela gave power to the next communist – Thabo Mbeki- to proceed with the extermination  agenda against the white Boers – and pave the way for “Operation Red Goblin. ” In February 2003 Mbeki ordered all rural commando units to be disbanded- thus ensuring white farmers have no more protection against assailants and attacks on the farms . This again should have warned the white Boers of an impending omen making it’s way towards their right to defend themselves. In July 2004 the  Gun  Control Act 60 of 2000 against weapons forced all (white) citizens to hand in their weapons- thus effectively disarming all whites. This again should have sent red lights flashing and alarm bells clanging for the white Boers that something sinister was brewing- but as before did they only hear the sound of ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.” The killing of white farmers now started in all earnest as the horrendous murders and the death toll start to rise sharply on rural farms. The media was instructed to put a lid on all information regarding farm murders. The white genocide in South Africa has begun.

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White Boers were incarcerated on bogus charges and treated like outlaws by the new ANC regime

On January 2012 Mbeki – a real “jet setter” that loved white British woman and good ol’ Scottish Whisky more rather than concentrating on his duties as “president” – was ousted in a soft coup by an outsider villain- Jacob Zuma. While the “king” was frolicking around the world on the tax payer’s cost- the court jester hi-jacked  the throne. The era of corruption, white genocide and the implosion of a once stable and self independent nation had begun. There were feeble voices now coming up against the ongoing white genocide on social sites – but mostly the “Boers” disappeared  from the public eye due to a barrage of “anti-white’ laws hitting the books, bogus charges and witch hunts against white farmers – and trumped up charges against any white remotely reeking of “white racism.” Some white Boers adhered to a call to resist the new communist dispensation and discriminatory laws this new “democracy” brought upon them. But on 19 May 2003 twenty Boer members under leadership of Boer activist Lets Pretorius were lured and entrapped in a set up by mainly white SAP intelligence operatives in a failed attempt to overthrow the communist regime. This lead to lengthy jail sentences up to 30 years imprisonment for some members. The lackey handing down the sentences was a political influenced liberal judge- Eben Jordaan.

Image result for boeremag members

In 1998 the dreadful Employment Equality Act, 55 in 1998- ( Affirmative Action) was tabled which eventually would see all whites banned from the job market. This eventually would see more than 400 000 whites dumped into poverty and make-shift squatter camps. A whole generation of whites were financially destroyed. The cretin behind this was none other than the white British communist Rob Davis– Minister of Trade and Industry. This already was on the books of the communist rulers’ manifesto. ( Link) For a time there was confusion among the Boers– and by now they already should have figured out there was an immense onslaught brewing against their people- but still ironically ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.”  dominated their senses. Many whites recognized what was happening in the country- and thousands choose  to “migrate” to safer havens in Britain, new Zealand and Australia. AS for the remainder  too poor “Afrikaners” there was only two options left: Either blend in with the Babylonian South African culture- or resist and become a cast out and alien nomads in a country they once called “home. ” Many white cowards turned traitor against their own people and joined the Babylonian dispensation.


Image result for eugene terreblanche

Eugene Terreblanche– fiery fighter for his people- a threat to the Afrikaner Broederbond ghouls. Eventually assassinated to leave the Afrikaner leaderless and to send a warning to Afrikaners to rather “step in line.” 

Resistance started to brew among conservative Afrikaners– and the ANC’s old arch enemy- the Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging under leadership of their charismatic leader Eugene Terreblanche– was forming a resistance against the evil dispensation of Zuma. Terreblanche regrouped his people and start to build up Afrikaner Nationalism again. This was in direct confrontation and a threat to the Afrikaner Broederbond agenda- and the white monopolists immediately ordered their black puppets in control to stop Terreblanche hampering  their secret agendas.

In a typical globalist execution manner the media immediately responded by demonizing Terreblanche at first- and on   23 April 1997, Terreblanche was sentenced to jail on trumped-up charges for alleged “ attempted murder and assault .”   He was sent for three years imprisonment at the Rooigrond prison. Then on April 3 2010 he was finally assassinated by National Intelligence operatives on his farm in Brits in a typical “Black Ops ” operation – and the blame- like the JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald and Hendrik Verwoerd/Tsavendas  cases-  was shifted onto a “Lone Nut” Zimbabwean operative to take the fall –  Chris Mahlangu. The Broederbond and their ANC cohorts at last rid themselves of the last Afrikaner resistance. The road to the “Red Goblin” was taking shape.Still the white Boers remain passive and listened to ” ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.”

Related image

Malema– the British created “Red Goblin “– busy destroying South Africa



In 2013 the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president- Julius Malema– entered the political stage when he was summonsed to London by his new Zionist corporate masters. He was instructed to set up a political party- one that was formed and funded by British Intelligence slush funds. On his return he started the EFF- Economic Freedom Fighters Party. The main aim of the British globalists was to get him representation in Parliament- and naturally political power to influence legislation. Malema immediately pick-up the line Mokaba (who also was quietly assassinated in the meantime to silence him spilling the beans  of a scrupulous weapons scandal  by Zuma and ANC elites) – left behind.


Posted by Susan Puren on Saturday, March 10, 2018



The dreadful “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” chant was resurrected and became Malema’s main theme on rallies- instigating a full white genocide against the white farming community. The Red Goblin now was fully instated and in position to begin his road to the annals of political notoriety. It was the same year the Red Goblin announced his plans to invade white farmlands and land must be taken away from whites without compensation. The alarm bells now were ringing deafening for the white Boer. BUT still the remaining white Boers remain carelessly ignorant and passive – and in-between their new-found safe resistance behind the keyboards of  Facebook and Twitter – listened to the sounds of  ” Rugby, Braaivleis and Castle.”

Image result for robin renwick

Malema and his British handler- Lord Robin Renwick

For 15 years Malema was being inducted, trained and funded by his British masters- personally instructed by his handler- Lord Robin Renwick– and pushed into stardom by the South African malicious media under leadership of NASPERS. In close co-operation with the ANC National Intelligence, the SAP and trained black military assassins- he instigated and promoted  farm murders on whites. The organized murders  against whites now were in full swing- escalating to  genocidal proportions with sometimes up to 12 insurgents attacking and brutally murdering  old feeble farmers. Already 4000 white farmers and their families were exterminated up and until 2017. In 2017 there again were feeble resistance from Afrikaner activists such as Steve Hoffmeyer, Sunette Bridges and Dan Roodt against the white genocide. But as before again the Afrikaner Broederbonders activated their media hounds of hell- and the three were maliciously attacked and demonized by the South African media.

Image result for sunette bridges

Activist Sunette Bridges– demonized by the media and dragged to court and threatened with death. She eventually fled to the USA for her own safety.

The same trend as with Terreblanche followed- and Bridges was charged with “racist” allegations on her Facebook page by liberal minion Carina Papenfus– which led to Bridges dragged in front of the bogus Human Rights Court. Roodt also was involved in a similar case after he whacked another disturbed liberal and his puppet- Conrad Koch. Hoffmeyer was attacked in the media for singing the old national anthem- and the corporate community started to shy him from sponsorship. The signs that these three activists were lined-up for extermination began to surface. First demonization- then incarceration- then finally assassination. Typical globalist trends to remove “unwanted” opposition in play. Bridges then start to receive death threats for her part in unifying Afrikaners again with the “Red October” march and similar projects such as chaining herself to the statue of Paul Kruger to high-light the plight of oppressed Afrikaners. White liberal trash also started to attack her openly. She subsequently fled for America for the safety of her and her family. Roodt and Hoffmeyer quietly disappeared from the political spotlight.


MEANWHILE the Red Goblin was gaining political momentum– gaining political power in the 2014 elections with a victory of  6.35 % voters on his side. This propelled him into parliament and precisely where the British masters want him to be. From here he could promote their agenda of total control over South Africa’s resources- as well as influence the legislation processes.  The Goblin became  more and more verbal in parliament- challenging Zuma’s authority and caused as many confrontations and prominence possible in both the parliament and the media. His Land Expropriation without compensation punch line favored many jobless blacks- and forced the ruling communists to adopt this policy or loose votes to the Red Goblin. It was a tactical move for political survival.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Australian media reports on South Africa


But for these black political kleptocray it does not matter whether the NP sold most of the land to the Jew corporate vultures – or Zuma sold land and mines to the Chinese or Indians- it’s  so much more convenient to put the blame on the “whites.”  After all the Jew has taught his black lackey well that he must blame the whites for everything going wrong. Whether food production will go for a duck after all farms were taken, whether the Boers will say ” This is enough” and start one helluva shooting war… and millions of black eaters will suffer does not bother them at all. Who cares? They are politicians and politicians have no remorse or a conscience about what they do. All revolves around MONEY! Now all they are interested in is to keep the power in their grasp- Ramaphosa fighting a battle to keep the clan power with the Ndebele– and Malema chasing him to transfer the presidential power to the Shangaan EFF.


Image result for cyril ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa– a political weakling now jumping on Malema’s commands.

ON 15 February 2018 Cyril Ramaphosa assumed presidency of South Africa after Zuma was forced to abdicate under pressure from the corporate Lords in London. He was shrouded in controversy and corruption- but his biggest infringement against the ‘establishment” was his willful abandonment of the Jewish Caballah in exchange for the Indians and Chinese- and his willingness to break away with his newly found BRICS partners to set up an alternative banking system outside of the Illuminati-controlled monetary system. Again the same old tactic was applied and he immediately was attacked continuously by the malicious South African media– even threatened with lengthy jail sentences. Assassination already was looming on the political Tarot cards. Zuma  quickly read the signs correctly- and took a wise decision and rather opted to abdicate in time.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Lekota versus BLF

Empty vessels make the loudest noise.

Posted by Jerm on Saturday, March 10, 2018

AND this is how the “new”  democratic South Africans under Malema’s influence and malicious propaganda react against  Mosiuoa Lekota for saying that whites did not steal land from blacks. In Malema’s South Africa there only is ONE opinion…HIS opinion. 

Ramaphosa- a schooled padawan of the Jew Harry Oppenheimer– took control- but quickly learned that South African politics are not for weaklings. He learned that if you want to swim among sharks the possibility that you are going to bleed is a fact. Thus- a political weakling he is-  he opted to rather swim with his political life jacket- and early in his inauguration speech announced his plans to promote Land Expropriation without compensation. This fitted neatly into the Agenda 21 plan of his British masters. London gave instructions to the Red Goblin to throw down the gauntlet and table a motion to expropriate land without compensation.


On 15 February 2018 the Red Goblin announced this motion- and the Lords in London saw to it that he is supported by their bank-rolled front men in the IFP, UDM, NFP, Agang, AIC and APC. Now the next stage of controlling South Africa’s mineral reserves as well as all property are on the table. Again the Anglo/British corporate vultures- as with CODESA– silently sits and await the results. If being passed- they would celebrate a glamorous victory over the Chinese and Indians. If not- they will again wait a while – and come up with new propaganda methods, new strategies- and new onslaughts against the naive and hapless South African populace…’s only a matter of timing. As for the white Boers– well- they are totally leaderless, confused, chastised on the altar of political “correctness”, hunted like animals, disarmed, murdered on a genocidal scale, slandered, desperate seeking for a solution- and as a banished nation by the international world they as always  revert to this they know best to ease the pain of the terrible discrimination against their race….listening to the sweet sounds of  ” Rugby, Braaivleis , Castle….and Facebook”

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Police have arrived at NMU after chaos erupted at the match between Madibaz and Maties this evening. According to reports from the scene, SASCO students are allegedly protesting against the lack of transformation in sports. Chairs were thrown onto the field and the game has been cancelled. This is a developing story. Video: George Byron

Posted by HeraldLIVE – Port Elizabeth on Monday, March 12, 2018