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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Melbourne  AUS March 14  2017





THE Communist land grab  Department of International Relations and cooperation (Dirco) in South Africa has slammed statements made by an Australian politician, who says his country is examining the fast-tracking of visas for white South African farmers because of the dangers they apparently face in South Africa.

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Australian minister of immigration Peter Dutton:” We are fast tracking visas for white South African farmers.”

Australia’s minister for immigration and border protection, Peter Dutton, reportedly said that his department is considering fast-tracking the visas of white South African farmers looking to emigrate to Australia, because the group deserves “special attention” owing to the “horrific circumstances” they face in South Africa. It is not clear whether Dutton was referring to farm-murder statistics, or the South African government’s recent undertaking to explore land expropriation without compensation. Dirco spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya said Cyril Ramaphosa and other ministers have made it clear that the process of land redistribution will be “orderly, within South African laws, and taking into consideration both social and economic impact”. (Iow they plan to steal your property in a “diplomatic” manner.” )

'We are not going anywhere, Olievenhoutbosch is our home' – illegal land occupiers

Land invaders in Olievenhoutbosch in Midrand were adamant on Monday afternoon that they would not be forcibly removed by the government or the police. Catch the full feature here

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“We call on organisations like AfriForum who are spreading wrong information to cause panic and fear to refrain from doing so. The South African government has been very clear; the matter is now before Parliament and all stakeholders [will] be consulted – and they can also engage with Parliament,” Mabaya said. “There is no reason for any government in the world to suspect that a section of South Africans is [in] danger from their own democratically elected government. That threat does not exist.” (Firstly mon incognito- did white people not “elect” you- you were handed the country on a platter by the bastard children of the National Party. Whites do to elect terrorists.



Seeing this on Facebook, it’s funny how, 24 years after apartheid ended, black South Africans now want separation (Apartheid). The only difference is, they want the other party killed, not just separated from them…

Secondly why does the world suspect you lot of killers are murdering white farmers? Maybe  because the evidence is all over the INTERNET and now coming from world renown reporters too half-wit.  Even if 4000 white farmers and their families already were brutally murdered, more than 70 000 whites were attacked- and more than 400 000 whites were forced into poverty into squatter camps by Rob Davis and his ilk does the threat of a genocide not exist?) 

Die wêreld neem kennis

Posted by BKA Boere Krisis Aksie on Wednesday, March 7, 2018


The Guardian quoted Dutton, saying: “If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it’s a horrific circumstance they (white farmers) … from what I have seen they do need help from a civilized country like ours”. African Farmers Association chief executive Neo Masithela said Dutton’s statements are “ridiculous”. “[Dutton] should have at least checked with his counterpart in South Africa (Malusi Gigaba), the president, the embassy, or various agricultural unions like Afasa or AgriSA. It is unfortunate that he made such statements on the whim of his views,” Masithela said. “We have taken a decision that all agricultural unions in South Africa meet to help farmers in the country, black and white. We are coming together to help everybody understand this parliamentary process.” ( Checking with gangster Malusi Gigaba for the truth????)

Masithela said it is concerning that politicians and various groups want to address land expropriation without compensation from a racial position. “It must be addressed from a socioeconomic position. I doubt white South African farmers will make the move to Australia.” Alana Bailey, deputy chief executive of AfriForum responsible for international liaison, said Dutton clearly takes in a serious light issues such as the high occurrence of farm attacks, crime statistics and the government’s steps to make expropriation without compensation possible, while the South African government “simply ignores or shrugs these off as unfounded fears”. It must serve as a warning that South Africa runs the risk to lose even more productive, loyal citizens, should their concerns about issues such as property rights not be listened to in earnest and actions not be launched to address problems such as crime in the country,” she said.


However, Bailey told a newspaper that AfriForum does not encourage the emigration of farmers. “We would not want our food producers to emigrate, but it is a huge decision. It may look like an easy alternative, but it might have harsh consequences in the future.”

THE TRUTH THAT EXPOSED ANC DENIALS: Whites attacked by black thugs recently this past month in South Africa:

  1. A 68-year old white cyclist was stabbed to death  in Fishoek  in the Western Cape by colored thugs and his bicycle and belongings robbed.
  2. A 41 year old white patient was murdered in a hospital in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape (Link)
  3. An elderly  white farmer and his wife were brutally attacked on heir farm in Neulfontein.
  4. A white 28-year old white woman was repeatedly, violently and  sexually assaulted in front of her small boy by five black thugs on their farm in Knoppieslaagte– Gauteng.(Link)
  5. Three black thugs- of which one was identified as  a SANDF member- brutally attacked two white elderly men (One retired professor Kobus Naude) of Randpark Ridge in Johannesburg- murdering one and left the other injured.
  6.  A 23-year-old white Hi-Tech Security officer did not stand a chance and was killed when he came across 20 black thugs armed with AK-47s attempting to rob a Standard Bank ATM early on the morning of March 07 2018.( Link)
  7. Athol Harvey (81) succumbed to his injuries after he and his elderly wife Colleen was brutally attacked by three black thugs on their farm Weltevrede in the Kimberley region in February. (Link) 
  8. Hantie Van De Vyfer ( 72) was brutally murdered in her bed on her farm in Welgelegen on 26 February 2018. ( Link)
  9. 4 March 2018 is another farm murder was committed in the Vredefort crater in broad daylight  on a Sunday morning. Dirk Steenkamp (71) were shot  and killed without provocation by black thugs. (Link)
  10. Kent Venish was attacked and stabbed multiple times by a black thug on Sunday morning about 6:00 , 4 March 2018 near the Gonubie High School , East London , Eastern Cape.(Link)
  11. Three black thugs attacked an elderly farmer and his family in Nigel on March 05 2018 ( Link)
  12. A white  ex parachute batallion farmer was attacked by four black thugs on his farm in the Sabie region on March  07 2018. He broke one assailants neck and shot one dead. The other two fled. (Link) 
  13. A 36-year-old white woman was raped and robbed by two black thugs  in an alleged roadside scam. The woman was driving home when a half-naked black  female emerged from the bushes and attempted to stop her under false pretext that she needed help.  After driving a few meters, she (the victim) decided to drive back and assist. Immediately after stopping her vehicle, the half-naked lady disappeared and an unknown black thug  popped out of the bushes wearing a balaclava and pointed at her with a firearm.  The thug got inside the woman’s car and instructed her to drive towards the Injaka Dam, in the direction leading into the bushes. He then invited another man to go over to them. The victim tried to escape but the thug  fired a shot, forced her to undress and they both took turns raping her. They further robbed the victim of an undisclosed amount of money, a cellphone and other belongings, then fled the scene in a green Volkswagen Citi Golf. ( Link)
  14. An elderly white woman was murdered on her farm in the Chrissiesmeer area on February 28 2018.  It appeared she was strangled to death(Link)
  15. A 65 year old woman was murdered on her farm in the Groblerhoop area.
  16. A Young white Scottish woman –  Sandra Malcolm– was brutally murdered by a colored female- Sheree Prince– in the Citrusdal area . According to sources the colored female  thug first stabbed Malcolm to death, then decapitated her, cut off her limbs, then disemboweled her and threw her intestines in the garden. ( Link)  Yet the South African media and political thugs in Cape Town does not say a word about it. 
  17. A 67 year old white farmers also was brutally murdered on his farm in the Coligny area. ( Link)
  18. Hannes Christie- a white farmer from the Lichtenburg area- also was brutally murdered on his farm on February 28 2018 by black thugs. (Link) 
  19. A white farmer from the Roodekrans area was shot and killed by black thugs on the 26th of February 2018. ( Link) 
  20. On February 26 2018 a farmer and his wife- Dirk and  Lettie Pretorius from the Marico area was attacked by black thugs after they returned from worshiping in Church that Sunday. Dirk was admitted to the Zeerust hospital with multiple cut wounds. ( Link)
  21. On February 25 2018 two black thugs broke into a white woman’s flat in Springs and tried to rape her. Heidi Barnard  jumped from the second story to escape the thugs and was badly injured. She is in hospital currently. (Link)
  22. On February 25 three black thugs attempted to attack a farm in the Bethal area. The white farmer shot at the villains- after which they subsequently fled the scene. ( Link)
  23. On February 26 2018 three black thugs attacked a farm in the Warnbaths area. Another Terrorist attacK on a white farmer in Warmbad South Africa ,The attack took place  close to Platriver , Roodekuil. Approx 17H30 . The farmer was not harmed and the thugs fled.
  24. Koos Ludicke of the Hoopstad area was attacked by four black thugs with Machetes and knives in front og his grand children. Farmers in the area caught the four thugs afterwards. ( Link) 

This only is a few of the farm attacks spotted /reported this past month.


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Farm attacks – an evil within

Already 119 White Farm Attacks in just January and February 2018 . These are just the reported ones. The attacks are all pinned on the map and detailed in the link below:

Claims of kingpins in charge of well-planned crime operations with connections in government , highly trained hit squads using children to secure intelligence in farm attacks , occasional acts of intimidation to force land owners off their property and inhuman physical trauma inflicted on victims of such heinous crimes speak of the evil that characterizes incidents committed against inhabitants of some of the remotest locations in South Africa.
Limpopo is no exception and when embarking on research into farm attacks University of Limpopo (UL) research assistant Cristopher Gumbi couldn’t possibly have been prepared for unearthing the sorrow bottled up in recollections of physical trauma shared by victims of such crimes. Shedding tears with survivors as they revisited the horrors of the past , he got a glimpse of a form of crime that threatens food security and , in turn , the economy of the country.
His findings were consolidated in a 117-page thesis for a Master of Arts degree from the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at UL , which he obtained in September this year. Gumbi’s investigation of the motivational factors for farm attacks and its consequential injurious phenomena looks into such crimes committed in parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga between 2005 and 2015 , bringing him into contact with 23 individuals and groupings who have all been survivors.
Before getting started with the interview Gumbi pointed at his predominantly monotone outfit in solidarity with scores of South Africans commemorating Black Monday , the countrywide action commemorating lives lost in farm attacks and survivors thereof. From the study the reader gets varying perspectives of the situation as Gumbi delves into a decade of attacks through conversations with survivors from both genders , who varied in age from 38 to 88 years.
Harrowing accounts made him question , among others , the need for inflicting physical trauma upon victims during the orchestration of attacks , he remarked during the interview. “The violent nature of attacks is amply demonstrated by such actions as beatings , tying victims down with cable ties , threats of burning victims with hot water or poisoning them and shooting at first sight , ” he notes in his study.
Without exception all respondents stated that attacks which occurred on their farms were well-planned , mentions Gumbi. “There is a clear indication that attackers conduct thorough surveillance of their target and surroundings before they pounce. This shows the high amount of intelligence and patience they put in , in making sure their plan succeeds.” He quotes a victim who stated that the assailants were picked-up by a vehicle after the attack. “This confirms the idea of a hit squad and a getaway car as a form of organised attack , ” he states.
He further writes that all of the surviving victims mentioned that the attacks against them were linked to a crime syndicate , with the chief aim of robbing farmers of their money , valuables and weapons in order to fund their operations. In one instance he quotes a victim saying :  “One of the attackers informed my son that he is part of a crime syndicate and that they cannot remain in custody. These cell groups have kingpins in every town who use kids for stealing because the kids cannot be prosecuted. This is a well-planned operation involving Police , public prosecutors , judges , magistrates to high ranking officials of the government.”
Attackers with military training

Some of the victims maintained the belief that their attackers were a mix of South African and Zimbabwean with military training , according to the information contained in the study. In one incident a victim recalled that the attackers collected all spent cartridges on the scene. In another attack the assailants allegedly ran more than 4 km while carrying rifles to their getaway vehicle and changed clothes in order for them not to be recognized. Gumbi reaches the conclusion that an attack on a farmstead from four sides during one such incident , which resulted in the farmer being shot in the head , indicated a form of formal training on the part of the assailants.
In 47% of the cases money and jewellery were not targeted while 65% of the respondents stated that their attackers were not very interested in other items but their weapons. What the researcher had established though , was that attackers always knew the arrangement of the targeted farmsteads , where the safes were and the weapons kept. It led to the inference that the attacks should have been orchestrated with the help of insiders , who allegedly included teens living on farms.
Attacks believed to be form of intimidation
According to Gumbi’s research 78% of the respondents who reported farm attacks related a form of intimidation , aimed at driving farmers off their land. A female victim informed him that she had believed the attack on her farm was a form of intimidation , because the attackers never stole anything but just started firing through the windows of the house without prior warning. “More than 60 shots were fired. My husband shot back with a .38 revolver. He (name withheld) tossed (the) phone to me to call for help. They shot him (name withheld) in the head. They never came inside. The attackers shouted that they will kill all…”
A farmer who reported that he was attacked by twelve thugs informed the researcher that one drew a gun and started shooting. “When asked what their primary objective of attacking the farm was , they responded that it was not about cattle , money , guns or jewellery , but about taking control of the farm.” Thirty-nine per cent of the respondents stated that they knew the attackers. A respondent who was attacked twice , in 2007 and 2014 , said his wife knew one of the attackers because she recognized his voice during the initial attack.

“Whites must be glad we do not call for a genocide”- Julius Malema.
Gumbi quoted survivors who were asked whether farms with poor security were singled out for attacks as saying “Poor security is not a contributing factor; it is all about brutal revenge and financial purposes” and “I don’t think poor security is the point here. These attacks are orchestrated by some leader somewhere who wants to drive farmers off their land.” Gumbi further remarks that farmers do not feel that they are receiving the necessary service delivery from the South African Police Service. From the responses it is clear that the Police are not doing enough to assist the farmers during and after an attack , he writes. “Negligence and dereliction of duties are evident from the responses of respondents. Serious allegations concerning negligence with firearms raise concerns.” Farm attacks need to be addressed holistically hence , the researcher concedes , more role players such as all government departments and non-profit organisations need to play a more active role in improving security on farms to protect food security.
Gumbi points out that unless security on farms is made a national priority , farm attacks will continue to increase. He recommends that it gets prioritized and discussed as part of South Africa’s national agenda , particularly in Parliament. He also recommends that racial stereotypes in farming urgently get addressed. “The South African justice system needs to recognize farm attacks as a criminal charge of its own with a strict mandatory minimum sentence applied; this will serve as a form of deterrence to attackers.”Gumbi expresses great concern over farm attacks in South Africa not being given the necessary attention by the government , considering the effects such crimes have on the economy and the well-being of victims , families and communities. According to him South Africa has the responsibility to view farm attacks as a violation of human rights and a threat to the country’s economy and food security. “The rural farming community contributes substantially to the growth and development of the South African economy.”

NOW Let us go back to the lie and false statement  Ndivhuwo Mabaya  told the newspapers: ” There is no reason for any government in the world to suspect that a section of South Africans is [in] danger from their own democratically elected government. That threat does not exist.” This is the ANC’s blatant  lies and deception- and it’s willful malicious agenda this past 20 years to deliberately hide farm murders as an orchestrated offensive by the ANC/EFF  politicians to drive white farmers off their land in order to accelerate their communist-driven “Expropriation  without compensation” agenda.

They ostensibly will – as always- deny it with stupid rhetoric  such as “ Crime is a problem for all South Africans” – and “ Just as many black people are murdered in townships.” Too true too- but just WHO is doing all the murdering? BLACKS are murdering blacks in townships- not whites murdering blacks. On the contrary does BLACKS murder whites- not visa versa. They even murder their own kind in multiple Xenophobic attacks. And most of the crimes in South Africa are committed by BLACKS– this the correctional Service population is a factual proof of . But the skunk media and their deranged psychopaths behind their laptops are quick to jump on white “racism”– but does NOTHING to report and go viral about the heinous murders by blacks on whites such as this of Sandra Malcolm. Neither does the ANC rat pack come forward and compensate her family or build a new house like they did with their poor black “victims.” The stench of black hippocracy in South Africa simply is unbearable!! But Lo and Behold- you are not allowed to report the truth- that will be deemed “hate speech” and ” politically incorrect” to identify a race involved- punishable by their own sick and contorted “laws.” 

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THIS is what Julius Malema’s farm invaders now are doing to farms in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area.And you call this is “democracy?????”


You could imagine what would the ANC rats and their evil media’s reaction be  if a white would stab a black female to death, decapitate her-cut off her limbs- and disembowel her??? There would be such a political ruckus and media frenzy going on- it will take YEARS to get over it. Yet this bastards rather prefer to ignore this blatant and horrendous racist murder! This now has been going on for the past 20 years without the international world blinking an eye- but has much to say about “racism.” They would rather-( as always)  concentrate their racist efforts against whites by setting up anti-white websites such as “hate speech reporting” (Link)  than set up a webpage to report and try to prevent farm murders and the murders of old ladies in their beds- such is the disgusting morals and values  of the South African communist regime and it’s sick racist majority population. 


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Farm attacks – an evil within