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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent  Cape Town  March 16  2017




THE South African phobia about “racism” were taken to yet another level today as the poor  inferior-ridden anti-white parliament decided to approve the so-called “hate speech” bill. The Bill, once passed, is expected to help “eradicate “  not only racism-  but all forms of discrimination, the justice department says. 
The Cabinet has announced it had approved a bill that will criminalize hate crimes and hate speech. The Prevention and Combating of Hate Crime and Hate Speech Bill will now be sent to parliament for processing. “There is no question that incidents of racism and racial discrimination are all too frequent in our society and we are confident that the Bill, once passed, will contribute to eradicating not only racism, but all forms of discrimination, in our country,” said Deputy Justice Minister John Jeffery in a statement from the justice department.

The justice department also responded to criticism from the Hate Crime Working Group that the bill had been unnecessarily delayed. “The Bill was not delayed. There can be no dispute that the Bill is complex and sensitive in nature, requiring careful consideration which, in turn, takes time. After the Bill was published in the Gazette for comments, some 75 854 submissions were received from institutions and individuals,” the department said. “Many submissions were received after the deadline for the submission of comments. The views and concerns expressed in the comments, even those that were submitted late, have been considered by the Department and have, in many instances, been addressed in the revised Bill.”

The criteria for something to be considered hate speech had been clearly defined in the Bill, and “significantly changed”, the department said. “The qualifying criteria for hate speech is a clear intention to be harmful or to incite harm or promote or propagate hatred on the basis of age, albinism, birth, colour, culture, disability, ethnic or social origin, gender or gender identity, HIV status, language, nationality, migrant or refugee status, race, religion, or sex, which includes intersex or sexual orientation,” the statement said. “Lastly, the revised Bill specifically excludes anything done in good faith in the course of engagement in any bona fide artistic creativity, performance or other form of expression, academic or scientific inquiry or fair and accurate reporting or commentary in the public interest, in so far as it does not advocate hatred that constitutes incitement to cause harm, from the ambit of hate speech.”(Link) 

OKEY we have a situation developing here folks! As you can read- this so-called “hate speech” bill were specifically invented to act against mainly whites- PERIOD! Now why on earth would I say “whites?” Simple- If we have a little look back in the past it appears that only WHITES have been severely punished for alleged “hate speech.” To substantiate my statement one can only look back at cases such as the Penny Sparrow case, Justin Van Vuuren case, Mabel Jansen case, Mathyhew Theunissen, the Coligny, Reitz, Midelburg white farmer cases- Chris Hart case – and this week the Vicky Momberg case- where whites received inhuman sentences for their alleged “hate speech” offenses. The media were all over these white “offenders. The anti-white social media were going ballistic- and the regime puppets had a field day threatening whites about alleged “racism.” This “ gross” human rights abuses were mere words that were uttered out of frustration- but had dire consequences for the whites saying it. Their lives were totally destroyed by the media and anti-white population of South Africa.

On the contrary we look to the other side of the coin.We can start off with Jacob Zuma and his “ Kill the Boer” songs and his “ Bring me my machine gun(to kill whites.)” Then we have Luvuyo Menziwa– who dearly want a bazooka or AK 47 to kill the white “demon possessed humans.”  Then we have Lulu Xingwana– who made racist remarks against white men. We move to our king of hate speech- Julius Malema– who’s racist oratories have no equal. Next we have Vuyiswa Bhefile ka Hlazo- who wants a machete to cut out the tongues of whites. Meet Esethu Hasane– the black man that prays to God that God must rather punish whites another way than allow the dams in the Western Cape to be dry. Then we have the well known Velaphi Khumalo- the man that want to “cleanse” the country of all white people- Hitler – style. Next is Benny Morota- the man that said ” : “I didn’t entertain a white cockroach like yourself . . . i dnt understand why you interfere in my black business . . . F*ck you pink white murderer . . . Enjoy the blood wealth of our people, your time to pay with your white skin is eminent.”

Steve Naale– spokesperson for the Ngwathe local municipality (Parys), is our next black customer  that posted the infamous photo of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abraham Smith by the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana in the US in 1930 on the Facebook group page Ngwathe Online. He added a caption that read as follows: “Unless we want this under a white man’s rule, AGAIN.” Now we look at the infamous Jonathan Jansen– vice chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State that stated that y that something is seriously amiss with the education of Afrikaner men.” Tlou Molele– a black teacher said ” “If it wasn’t for this generic error called mutation, the white f****s would have never existed. You are the original Mother f****s. We would not be in protest and s**t like this if you white f****s went back to your native lands. Do you even have a place of origin…?”

There are much more even worse comments left by especially black socialites- but what makes it different from their white counterparts- is that NONE of these black transgressors ever were prosecuted – least receiving nearly the same harsh sentences the whites did. They all were slapped on the wrist- and still remained in their jobs. Looking at black social sites- you can read the brutal racism and hate speech  of many black racists boiling over. Here are some of that postings on their social sites:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

AND this only is a few examples among hundreds of black racism that NEVER were reported. What is clear is that South Africa is cursed with black racism as well as black hippocracy. There are three laws in action in South Africa: 1) One law to prosecute whites. 2) One law to vindicate all blacks from any transgression. 3) One law that put all politicians above the law.

Now let us look further down the line what their so-called “hate speech” intimidation further stipulates:

” The qualifying criteria for hate speech is a clear intention to be harmful or to incite harm or promote or propagate hatred on the basis of age, albinism, birth, colour, culture, disability, ethnic or social origin, gender or gender identity, HIV status, language, nationality, migrant or refugee status, race, religion, or sex, which includes intersex or sexual orientation,”

There is a few questions to be asked in this regard- and as we by now are very well aware of- the ANC rat pack will definitely NOT apply:

  1. Will Jacob Zuma be arrested and charged for hate speech?
  2. Will Julius Malema be arrested and charged for hate speech for all his anti-white threats and oratories?
  3. Will Rob Davis be arrested and charged for hate speech for his AA and BEEE policies he wrote to exclude whites from the job market that promotes and propagate hatred among whites?
  4. Will blacks on social sites from now on be arrested and charged for hate speech the same as whites?
  5. Will Jonathan Jansen be arrested and charged for hate speech for demonizing Afrikaans- a language- which promoted hatred within the white community?

I believe you know the answers to this questions already. The ANC rats sometimes have this bad habit of having selective memories- especially close to election times. What the communist abomination now are doing- is basically farting out yet another anti-white law to be added to the already 119 existing ones– a law that will prohibit whites to place any truth about the regime and their dirty cohorts on social sites for the world to see. It will ban whites from placing reports , videos and/or photos of black murderers and thieves on social sites. It will ban whites from naming any black perpetrator. It will prevent whites from placing posts on the social sites about any black criminals, corruption or felony. I.o.w it basically slams all reports about blacks committing crimes….even farm murders!

So- like the main stream media- the social media now too will be castrated and only descriptions such as “ A man was brutally beaten to death in his sleep by a robber bla, bla, bla. Nobody was arrested as yet.” Truly this communist criminals want to make sure all their bloody footprints are wiped out, no truth must be told- and the internet social sites silenced about the human rights atrocities committed against whites in South Africa by black criminals. This law was specifically constructed tailor-made to start a witch hunt on white socialites again. With enough white treacherous rats running between sites under bogus profiles- soon many sites will be blaring about “white racism” and “hate speech”  again.

About the “all forms of discrimination “ part in their so-called ” hate speech” law:

  1. Does it mean white South Africans can now charge the ANC for having BEEE on their law books?
  2. Does it mean they can charge the ANC for discrimination against whites because of their points system on which they fine companies if they donate money to poor whites?
  3. Does it mean they can charge the ANC for not treating poor whites in squatter camps the same they treat black squatters with regard to free services?
  4. Does it mean they can charge the ANC for discrimination for not also giving poor whites free food tickets and HOP houses like they do with blacks?
  5. Does it mean whites can now charge the ANC for neglecting orphaned white  children and shelters?
  6. Does it  mean whites can also now charge the ANC for not allowing whites to set up their own white towns and organizations like blacks do?  Just a few simple questions again that also will be left unanswered as well – we suppose.

Ironically are those that holler the most about “racism “ and those that keeps it alive by blaming other for it – are the ones benefiting the most from it. What this ANC criminals now are trying- is to charge as many whites as possible for “hate speech” just to show the world that the whites still are clinging to their “racist past.” The ANC now has screwed-up BIG time with their arrogant plan to ‘expropriate” land- and will now try to cover up their blunder by countering it with enough white ” hate speeches” mainly from whites. The Dutton-affair caught these criminals in South Africa by surprise- they are still reeling in shock. They were getting too complacent to be treated with cotton gloves. Now they became the skunks  for a change- not the whites- and they don’t like it one bit.

I just love the way another correspondent- “Mel V” – puts it – and I sincerely want to share it with our readers:

With more and more white blame rhetoric coming from various political parties in South Africa, more and more we are hearing that white people are not welcome in South Africa, and that they should go back to Europe where they originated from or suffer being murdered or having their land and property “reclaimed” from them, whilst being excluded from seeking any form of survival. Under the policies of Black Economic Empowerment, whites are excluded from the job market and from government benefits and social welfare.


Many white South Africans are looking at leaving the country, but unless you have any other passport other than a South African passport, relocating outside of South Africa is very difficult. Many South Africans have already fled seeking asylum and refuge abroad, but the international community does not recognise white South Africans as refugees, and many asylum applications from white South Africans have been turned down in other countries.

Furthermore, the inequality of status is evident in the fact that only whites are considered to be racist. It is apparently not racist to want all white people to leave South Africa, or even to want them all dead. If you are black, it is quite acceptable to say this and to make this as a public statement. However, should a white person say that they want to eradicate blacks, then they are considered to be racist. The double standards are very obvious.

What is interesting is that anybody who is pro Apartheid is considered to be racist. However, as this author has proven in many of my previous works, the policies of Apartheid were originally not intended for disrespectful racism, but for the preservation and respect of all cultures. Please check out my presentation below to get an understanding of this:

Furthermore, those whites who are considered to be racist by the South African government, will be put onto a government “Black List” banning them from travelling abroad.

The question then beckons:

If white people are not wanted in South Africa, why ban them from leaving?

What has become very evident is the fact that the South African Government does not want whites to leave South Africa, rather the South African government wishes to trap them in South Africa in order that they may be eradicated. This is a deliberately contrived plan to eliminate the age old enemies of the Roman Cult / Catholic Church, who are in fact the modern day descendants of the original settlers, that escaped the office of the Holy Inquisition by leaving Europe and settling in South Africa. For more details of this, please read my article THE FINAL MASSACRE (link below)

This may be hard for many to face, but there is no point in hiding.  We need to face the truth of the situation if we ever actually expect to find a solution to it.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve” 

But as we gather from our political correspondents overseas more and more countries now are looking at the communist kleptocracy through more scrutenous eyes.  In the Belgium parliament the issue of the white farm murders as well as the expropriation issues were discussed. In Britain some politicians also are  having discussions – and in America pressure groups already are preparing documents to hand over to Donald Trump. The call for sanctions now are coming up and soon more and more countries will join the fray.

Australian media are reporting that South Africa should be banned from international sporting events as “punishment” for land reform plans and attacks on white farmers, just as it was during apartheid. Paul Murray, a popular host on Sky News Australia, hinted that land expropriation without compensation is apartheid in reverse. “I don’t want to ostracise the entire population of South Africa tomorrow, but in the same way that little things built to what became apartheid, little things can build to a reverse of it,” he said during a panel discussion on his show. “I don’t think they [South Africa] should be banned tomorrow [from the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in April], but I do think it’s a little bit weird that no one is having a conversation about punishing South Africa through sport as we did quite correctly for apartheid, when they have passed laws in their parliament to forcibly remove the land of whites.”


Soon more and more voices will be heard and the ANC’s bloody party will be over. The ANC kleptocracy now sits in the pot for a change- and the heat underneath now slowly are turned on. Their lies and deception will be exposed. It only can happen in South Africa where someone can be fined up to R 250.000.00 or 10 years imprisonment for saying a word these criminals interpret as “hate speech.” They really are messed up- strewth! As for South Africa – well- under communist rule it truly have become one f*cked-up police state where criminals now became the guardians of distorted “morality!!” 


Help my GROOT asb. om die video van Steve Hofmeyr uit te kry na die wêreld!!!! Ek dank jou 🙏

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