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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial March 17  2017




Hulle Verraad het ons in die gemors waarin ons nou is.Versprei dit weer Asb.!!!

Posted by Sakkie Claassens on Thursday, March 17, 2016




WTF ??!!

Posted by Basie Johan Botha on Friday, March 16, 2018



SOUTH AFRICA is in the news once again. But this time with an unexpected surprising crude twist. History is about to repeat itself. Peter Dutton– interior affairs minister in Australia has shown some guts – and opened a can of worms that now are reverberating across the world. He proposed that his department speed up visas for white farmers that want to migrate to Australia. AND that is HOT news that suddenly has the whole world abuzz. 

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For many years now  white farmers in South Africa have been exterminated in organized attacks- backed by the ANC regime. This fact was substantiated by both Adriana Stuijt from  the Netherlands – as well as  Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch International in a report to the United Nations a few years ago already in his fact finding mission about the brutal onslaught against white farmers.  He classified the genocide in South Africa as a level 6 genocide.

A MUST SEE- THE REAL TRUTH OF SOUTH AFRICA. The most completely compiled video ever!

Yet – because of the demonization  of the Afrikaners by mainly the British Press– nobody paid any serious attention to his warning- and because of that – somehow the ANC got it right to slither past the international attention. The mind-set at that time was that the Afrikaners “deserved” to be slaughtered. That was what the liberal media propagated. But times have changed considerably since then. Europe and the rest of the world is fed up with white nations being oppressed by the Jews -as well as all the flooding of their countries by alien infestations. More and more countries now turns back  to conservative values. Civil wars are brooding in Germany, Britain – and even the French are slowly waking up. America lead the way towards conservatism- thus it comes to no surprise that even Australia- also now heavily burdened with Muslim invasions- are in the process of breaking free  from their  liberal capturing cocoon. Thus the ANC communists and their vintage vindictiveness  now finds themselves wanted and their evil dictatorial ways now backfiring in their faces. Their time is up! 


For 20 years this onslaught went on unnoticed because the ANC was able to silence the media, cook stats, use the power of flat denial- and later on have time to even fine-tune and secretly fund their genocide against whites. They thought they have mastered the perfect killing method. By keeping on the “racist” rhetoric in their lapdog media against whites – they reckoned it will forever brain wash the international community that white Afrikaners are the true “racists”  and skunks of the world. BUT under the surface of a visible fair “democracy”-  there was another more sinister scenario playing itself off- one of brutal oppression, discrimination, dehumanization– and a silent genocide.

Then suddenly cracks start to appear in their otherwise solid defense. You can be as meticulous as humanly possible- but because the term “human” comes into play- you can expect to make mistakes- and that was precisely what the ANC did. The first cracks appear when they made a fuss about Katie Hopkins– the British journalist that visited South Africa on a fact finding mission about the farm murders. Instead of being friendly and helpful- they attacked her- and on her departure..ARRESTED her and want to take her passport away. That was a BIG mistake! From their own earlier days being the “victims”- they should be quite aware of the fact that you do NOT f*ck around with news reporters- especially not international ones. What they did not notice- was that yet another correspondent- Laura Southern,- a Canadian reporter- ALSO was entering  into the country quietly and unnoticed. She also did a fact finding mission on the farm murders- and this clever little vixen manged to slip past their security net without arousing suspicion – and quietly slipped out of the country again. Good for her!!  Now this foxy lady is giving them hell- exposing the white genocide in it’s full capacity from abroad…and it’s gonna get sticky.

Due to Lauren Southren’s exposure world-wide -even the European Union now is taking  a serious look at the ANC communists’ BEEE policies and the white genocide in South Africa.

 But the ANC became complacent, arrogant- and sloppy. Then they committed their biggest felony- the pushed for “land expropriation without compensation” to foreclose all white farm land . That was the final nail in their clandestine coffin. Then by the action of one man-  Peter Dutton – their little ebony tower was rocked to it’s foundation – he exposed their weakest link...the white farm murders! As always the ANC killers made yet another foolish bugger-up….they  arrogantly “demanded” Dutton retract his statement to help white farmers. This only underlines the level of arrogance with witch the ANC mass murderers  operate.


They have grossly misjudged it this time. You do not “demand” from international politicians to do something. Canada maybe…Sweden maybe- but not Aussieland. They are a bunch of stubborn buggers – much like the Boers! They do not adhere to your African whims and orders. Neither do they listen to your “commands” either. Needless to say Dutton ignored them. And more and more Australian politicians are joining him. Suddenly the ANC dictatorship now  finds itself out of it’s depth as hundreds of international politicians, reporters and bloggers alike sprung up from no-where- condemning the communist kleptocracy with a vengeance-  born out of years of enforced liberal silence. Suddenly the “democratic” holy grail of Africa becomes the skunks of the world. Even staunch liberals now are attacking them. They now all are gunning for the ANC terrorists- and they seem to bring hell with them. You can look at one video HERE

White South African Farmers

The White South African Farmers are facing serious persecution. Peter Dutton is right to offer assistance. Australia is with you.

Posted by Senator Fraser Anning on Friday, March 16, 2018

The ANC “strugglers” became used to everybody sucking up to their whims….hiding all their human rights abuses behind Mandela’s legacy…..but not this time. The party is over.  Mandela’s dead- and it now is time to dance with the Grim Reaper. As one politician in Australia rightly put it: ” Mandela’s legacy is DEAD!” Even a call for sanctions and a sport boycott was mentioned for the farm murders. The same world that praised the man-made icon and woo-ed  the South African “democracy” – now awakened to the reality- turning against the devious ANC.  Now a domino affect is taking form as more and more politicians, correspondents , bloggers and activists from Belgium, Britain and the USA join the fry.  Even the European Union is turning it’s attention towards the evilness the ANC bestowed upon white South Africans. And they are not very friendly by look of it either. Soon more voices from Europe will be added to the ANC’s swan song. For long the Afrikaner prayed for some higher intervention in their struggle for survival under a brutal oppression – and lo…God surely works in mysterious ways. 

But let us look at where it all started. It started with TWO brave female reporters- Katie Hopkins and Laura Southern.


 Harry Booyens -in his revue- wrote an excellent article- and we sincerely like to quote him on that:

Miracle above Miracle! Someone has noticed!

” In 1994, during the Great South African Election, all the world’s media was in that country, hoping to see a white bloodbath and get a scoop on that. I am not the only one making that point. Richard Dowden, a man who has missed no turn to make his “obligatory” hatred of white Afrikaners quite clear, also offers the statement in his book Africa – Altered States and Ordinary Miracles.

As the country started to slide into the Heart of Darkness scenario that I have described in detail elsewhere, the torture murders of white South African farmers have dramatically increased in the country. The Black National Socialist ANC government of the country stubbornly refuses to make statistics available on such attacks. That allows it to hide the problem, and the murders are consequently escalating beyond anything any nation on earth could possibly tolerate.

The formal media has absolutely refused to report on this, except when a Dutch or British-born farmer has been killed in the country. So, it is with great interest that I have been watching not one but two international Youtube News personages set off to the country to report on exactly this subject.

Miracle above Miracle! Someone has noticed! I am in shock.


One Brit and one Canadian

Young Right-leaning Canadian YouTuber, Lauren Southern (above), has been reporting from South Africa and doing an excellent job in the process. She’s obviously very intelligent and has pretty quickly grasped the basic  issues in the country. She is not fooled the way that British newspapermen and reporters typically are, because she does not come with their obligatory left leaning BBC slant. According to that particular calibration, no black man could ever conceivably do anything wrong if a white person is involved. Lauren states things the way they really are and the way it really looks like on the ground, without first running it through a “BBC/CNN Anti-Fact” filter.

Shortly after, the outspoken British equivalent, Katie Hopkins (below), set off to South Africa to investigate the matter of farm murders for herself. I must confess, I find Lauren Southern’s reports somehow more striking. She has really gone to extraordinary lengths to get key interviews. Some of them were extremely clear, such as THIS ONE. Others will leave a lasting impression, such as this one. However. We are waiting for the actual full production video to appear.

Lauren may want to brush up on the history of the country and its various peoples. I would love to sit her down for a day and get her properly calibrated on the lay of the land, its consequent history, its demographics, its racial groups, its eleven major black nations, and on what the White Afrikaner (of any mother tongue) has been through. It is very easy to make a mistake in respect of South Africa, and no one can afford for her credibility to be dented by avoidable mistakes. I do not think the young lady stands still long enough to read my book AmaBhulu. Stefan Molyneux got his people to read it for his presentation on South Africa a few years ago. He has now interviewed her in the last three days. She does at least know about the Fish River as historic border.

Lauren’s very evident shock at what she heard and saw explains why it is pretty much impossible to explain to Americans and Canadians what is going on in South Africa. They just simply do not believe one. Their minds cannot grasp such things. They just stare at one in incomprehension. And then they avoid one; the classic  psychological defence mechanism: if one ignores a problem, it does not exist. Lauren just speaks wide-eyed about it, using the word “bizarre” over and over. I suspect she’s just had the awakening of her life. Katie is evidently equally struck.

Dammit! Die quietly, white man!

It is the internationally more well-known and famously outspoken Katie Hopkins that attracted the attention of the ANC, and they moved to try and stop her. And this brings us to the ironic fact that the ANC government accused Katie Hopkins of “Spreading Racial Hatred” and tried to impound her passport.

So, let us see: A lady reporter tries to report on the murders of white farmers by black people in a country where parliamentary members sing songs with the lyrics “Kill the farmer”, but the government insists that SHE is spreading racial hatred. Are you kidding me?

One would think that the formal media would be all over this. But I think Katie is only now starting to comprehend just how insidious the effort of this whole global Liberal cabal really is.

The position of the ANC is clearly: “Dammit! Die quietly, White Man.” Thousands of White farmers in South Africa have now “died quietly”. I think the country is past the point where people can die quietly anymore. There has to be something very profoundly amiss with the value system of people in the West if they condone the situation in South Africa any further.

Nevertheless, Katie has managed to get the word out.

Make noise, lots of noise.

White people in South Africa have to stop this mindless idiocy of just sitting there and cursing the ANC along with their neighbors at a barbecue or over a beer. “Holding the other Christian cheek” will not work either. They will just be “slapped through that cheek” as well. I wish to high heaven I can get South African Whites to understand that they need to make noise…endless noise…extreme noise…by any means they conceivably can … to anyone within earshot.

But, the typical Afrikaner has been raised not to complain and to rather just pray that all will come right. The fact is, it won’t! Help is needed from outside the country in the form of political pressure on the ANC government, but the remaining decent folks in the rest of the world DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. And I assure white South Africans that the formal media is their enemy.   Having ignored the subject completely since 1994, they now clearly seek to question whether there is a problem at all. It is time folks told this errant DNA lowlife in the formal media that they have screwed up unforgivably. In this respect, President Trump is a one-man wrecking ball for the US media and BBC, and I appreciate that.

If white South Africans think using formal channels alone will work, they are deluded. HERE is the evidence that the formal structures of the world will NOT listen. The best that will ever be obtained from them is a lament over the death of the white people in South Africa after those white folks are all conveniently dead or gone. Yes, one can follow those routes, but folks must not mislead themselves into believing that they can secure a future by only that route.

So, when people like Lauren Southern and Katie Hopkins start to take up the flag on the subject and tell the wold, I seriously suggest white South Africans start making as though they want to be heard. At the very least, they can contribute financially to the efforts of these two brave ladies who have done more for the plight of White Farmers in the country than absolutely anyone else put together, including myself, despite my best efforts.

Stop dying quietly!” 

— Harry Booyens


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May said she is giving Cyril Ramaphosa a warning and a picture of what will happen if the country proceed with expropriating private land without compensation. May called the act of expropriating land without compensation undemocratic and a crime against humanity. ” That’s a crime and we will definitely react in a very bad way if Ramaphosa goes ahead with his plans” May said.  “The UK, EU, USA and Australia had already agree to impose embargoes and sanctions on South Africa should the ANC go ahead with their evil plan”. She said.

In a reply Ramaphosa said: ” We are getting a lot of intentional pressure to deal with the issue before it get’s out of hand . I never denied that farm attacks are actually happening- and it need special attention- but now that it is attracting global attention we must tackle it before it tarnish our country’s name.” Ramaphosa said more and more world leaders are communicating with him asking him specifically what are his plans about the white genocide as he is about to be the country’s president. “These people said they raised this issues before with the president of the country and they got no feed back”. Ramaphosa said anything that becomes a threat to investments, exporting and bad for the country’s image should be dealt with. “We don’t have something on the table yet but we want to hear what the farmers says first before we start formulating plans to deal with this cancer”

The ANC terrorists now finds themselves in hot water. Cyril Rhamaphosa once mentioned that  in order to exterminate whites- you have to use the “ boiling frog “ method. Just turn on the heat slowly bit-by-bit as not to warn the frog. Now it seems his little terrorist party became the frogs themselves. The only difference is that the international community does not believe in that “bit-by-bit” bullsh*t- for suddenly they turned on the gas in “full open”– and the communist frogs truly finds themselves in deep water – and the temperature is rising fast! After 20 years of slumber the international world suddenly woke from their slumber. Mainly because many influential Jews have assets in South Africa as well. And you know what happens if you touch the Jew’s money. Soon the fat cat rat factory will not have enough fingers to plug the holes that now will start to appear fast and furious on their wall of shame.



Their notoriety ,  all their corruption, their dictatorial rule – genocidal stunts and discrimination will soon be exposed. O they will try to swindle themselves out of this one with their usual deceptive lies as well. But from here on the pressure will be mounting. Their reign of terror ,intimidation, white oppression and dehumanization of  the Afrikaner may soon be over. Maybe- who knows- the International Court in The Hague will soon see some new “democratic” faces in the dock for Atrocities Against the Human Race and Genocide against a nation. We can only pray for another miracle…now can we?  


Now we await that loud mouth black Stalinist Malema to stand up and back-up his promise that he soon will meet the “white man” toe to toe.  Maybe he just may get his wish earlier than he expected..who knows? And  from what we gather- he is going to be one very busy manas there are quite a long waiting list of white Boers that sincerely want to “toe-touch” Malema face to face. Let’s hope he does the “right thing” and honor his obligation. Ironically it seems the Boer again will win this duel against the oppressor- without even firing a single shot. However we must nurture a moment of silence for all those white people- urban and on the farms- that was sacrificed in the most horrible ways before salvation eventually seem to have come their way.

Also we must honor many white activists that relentlessly spent hours trying to bring the message to the international world what was going on in South Africa. If victory for the whites in South Africa eventually is a reality- we all have to remember all these people that sacrificed their lives, hours and determination to bring about this dream.  On a more somber note : As White Nation already mentioned in earlier articles : It will be up to the women again to lead white South Africa out of the murky waters of deprivation as the majority men in South Africa seemingly became too cowardly to take the lead.


IF one day whites in South Africa wins their freedom- do not forget all those white liberals, traitors , social terrorists , agents, – policemen and police informants that formed part of the white genocide against your nation. We hope you kept a good complete data base of all those names through-out  the years- and there are many of them. They must all be hunted down- rounded up – and brought to justice for they also have to be charged with treason before a Boer Court- and if found guilty- afterwards dealt with the Boer way- whatever means that may require.  They also were responsible for the blood of many white farmers, old people and little children being slaughtered and innocent whites incarcerated. We can organize the services of a couple of bounty hunters to track them down and reel them in. ..just a thought. Get that popcorn and sit back folks- the show is about to begin!






Dammit! Die quietly, White Man!