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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent  Pretoria March 20  2018




“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law, it is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which reality is defined, so that those who exist within it do not even realise that they are in prison; they do not even realise that there is something outside of where they exist”The Pleiadians

“There will be persecutions and wars, riots and looting, all manner of deceit and oppression will be practiced in the name of angry and revengeful gods. Worse still, all this will be practiced in the name of good and men will blindly accept what they are told and execute orders running contrary to their natures.– The Book of Lucius.



RACISM” was a term first coined by a Jew- Leon Trotsky– in 1930. Racism “ is the misconceptious  belief that humans can be meaningfully defined into biological ethnic categories in order to separate supposed superior from inferior races and/or generally showing discrimination or hostility against a person(s) on the basis of their race

There is some disagreement as to what the term “racism” means, although the most common definition is generally something along the lines of “showing prejudice towards a person on the basis of their race”. Disputed positions of this include:

  • Racism requires prejudice plus power, and thus racial minorities cannot be racist, but can be prejudiced.
  • Racism includes any recognition of race, even without any belief in superiority.
  • Racism includes desire for racial separation.

Being called a “racist” is an accusation that you are prejudiced of another race or ethnic group to create guilt, and so that you will not be proud of who you are Created to be. A racist is someone who is aware of his race, which is normal and natural, and this is how it was willed by the creator GOD. Racial diversity is destroyed by racial fornication, it makes all grey, no color, no identity, no heritage and no country. This technique to destroy a peoples have been used for thousands of years. “Political Correctness “ are rules made to support and enforce certain fallacies. If you do not want to commit suicide through racial integration, you are accused of being a “racist,”–  it is therefore ” political incorrect ” to acknowledge who or what you are created to be.

But today that term is not applicable to all races anymore. It does not even fit the original definition anymore. In it’s original definition the Zulu for example would have been defined as “racist” as well when they executed Tsjaka Zulu’s ” Mefikane” massacre of the other Nguni tribes. Mao Tse Tung and Stalin would be defined as  racists for exterminating millions of their own ethnic citizens – and so also Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and so also Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti. The ANC  regime also falls in this category for their 119 anti-white laws imposed on whites based on the color of their skin. Even Cyril Ramaphosa would be defined as a “racist” for his contribution in the Marikana massacre and his decision to expropriate only white farms for the Judeo-Marxist ideology of disowning all whites in South Africa.

BUT today  the term “racism”  specifically were ” fine-tuned” to tailor- fit whites only. The term “racism “ became “politicized” by the Judeo-Marxist establishment in Britain who’s sole purpose is to eradicate the white Christian from the face of the earth in their quest to a One World Order. . Today “racism “ is a very derogatory and dehumanizing term – as well as  a  pre-planned deliberate racist attack to make whites leave the table. But in the topsy-turvy race world we have come to inhabit, it is not referred to as “racism”  when black racists do it. If white mobs harassed black people, screamed “racist ” slogans-  and claimed that even the existence of black people was oppressive, no one would hesitate to describe that ugliness as “racism. ”  However– when black racists do it, it’s excused, defended and even praised .

Image result for kill whites south africa

Black racism hides behind  alleged “victimhood. ” Every act of bigotry, from name-calling to race riots to murder, is justified by the claim that every single white person is part of a conscious or unconscious conspiracy to “discriminate “ against them. This claim, embodied by the racist term “White Privilege”, is classic racism. White people are not responsible for the fact that murder is the number one cause of death for black males. White people do not sit around conspiring to deny black people jobs. If there is a job problem in the black community in South Africa today – it is because of the anti-business policies of a black president and the worst economic recovery on record.


Racism is not civil rights. No group that talks about “white supremacy”, “white privilege” or “white spaces” is a civil rights movement. It is a “racist ” movement, and anti-civil rights. The brutal honesty is that blacks are not victims of racism, – but on the contrary they are perpetrators of racism. That is why they reject “All Lives Matter” and insist that only “Black Lives Matter”. Every “victimhood “ excuse made to defend this racist disdain for other races is a lie. The truth is that to black nationalists, only black lives matter. #BlackLivesMatter means that non-black lives don’t and that is the root of its racist violence.

Image result for kill whites south africa

The hardest truth that we have to deal with is the fact that much of “black victimhood” is just anti-white bigotry. Race hustlers in the media, social media  and elsewhere use an exaggerated sense of racial vulnerability to justify racial aggression. If white people having brunch is a “white space” because white people are not people, but “white supremacy” incarnate, then white people are already dehumanized and can be attacked for almost anything. In our classrooms in our colleges to hate white people – (oppressors, genocidal zealots)  – is a “politically correct “ idea.

Black cries of “racism “ in the absence of actual white racism – says more about black racism than it does about white anything. The underlying problem is not “white racism ” or even “black racism,”–  but black racial insecurity. Paranoia about the place of black people and the intentions of white people is an easy gateway to “racism.”  Racial insecurity makes it easy for black people to believe the worst about white people and to react collectively. It is why so many black people and insecure white liberals are convinced that opposition to the ANC/EFF is about their race rather than say the dictatorial ways and contempt for constitutional order . It’s also why black activism remains relentlessly focused on imaginary “white problems “ rather than on the pathologies that are ruining and ending lives in all black communities.

It's reached the people in America. The world is watching and supports the struggle against the oppression and persecution white farmers in SouthAfrica.

Posted by 3rd Degree on Sunday, March 18, 2018


The left claims that “racism “ is based on power and blacks have no power. Absurd on its face. Blacks have a lot of power beginning with the parliament. Blacks control major cities and systematically ruin them because that’s what you get with a one-party system, and in urban South Africa you can get a one-party system when you tar and feather the other party as “white. “ Racism is based on insecurity rather than power. The #BlackLivesMatter activist screaming at a white couple having brunch and the AWB screaming at a black family are inspired by parallel insecurities. They gain power and a sense of security through racial intimidation.




Not talking about the problem of black racism will not make it go away. There is no reason why in 2018, with blacks as dominant forces in the government and in major cities and in the national culture, we should accept the intertwined assumptions of black “victimhood “ and white guilt. Whites are not perpetrators and blacks are not victims. Blacks are not helpless innocents and whites are not a powerful conspiracy. Making black people into victims and white people into perpetrators dehumanizes both races. It provides fertile soil for racism, paranoia and mistrust to grow on both sides. The first step to getting out of the corner the nation has painted itself in is to admit that black racism is real. It is not a minor problem.

Image result for kill whites south africa

It has become the engine of racial tensions in South Africa . Black politicians and white liberals in South Africa alike exploit this racial phenomena to elevate black consciousness above white pride. Black children from an early age already are inducted and brain-washed that whites are “racists” – and responsible for all the wrongs blacks endures in South Africa. They are trained that whenever they feel “offended” by a white- to immediately accuse the  white as a “racist.” By doing that the white will cringe in fear – and immediately start defending him/herself ,- profusely start to apologize- denying he/she is a “racist.” This way the black will walk out as the superior – leaving the white whimpering. “Racism “  therefore is a excellent defense against “white supremacy.”  “Racism” thus is used as a powerful tool to repel any white attack. Thus generation after generation of upcoming blacks grow up in a false environment of racial hatred against the white “racists.”  The Judeo-Marxist system enforced in South Africa since 1994 also desecrate the social system to subjugate especially white self respect into a abyss of misplaced guilt towards the black. So the black attack the white- slandering him as a “racist”– and the white on the other hand submit to become the lesser individual- giving in to this slanderous assault. The end result is the white become the black man’s slave. This is not only exceptional to South Africa- but it is a global onslaught against the white race.

This misplaced ideology and distortion of history now even are taught in all tertiary institutions in South Africa.

So apparently "all white people are racist" and "demons"The radical left isn't interested in racial harmony, in case you were wondering.

Posted by Media Research Center on Friday, August 18, 2017


There is no factual written or historical evidence presented for the fables of racial hatred children now are taught in classrooms or read in their school handbooks about the history of South Africa – but the writers of this tertiary handbooks based their assumptions on hear-say and vague word-by-mouth researches . Blacks never had the ability to master hand writing , an alphabet- or kept any record of their historical ancestral existence before white mercenaries came to Africa. But this is the agenda of the Judeo-Marxist system all along. By continuously slandering whites as “racists” and blaming them for being the origin and source of South Africa’s current decay through the use of a  very distorted and mentally abusive psi-ops war  – they slowly deteriorate the resistance of whites to hold their moral ground against this psychological onslaught. The aim of the Judeo-Marxist system is to steadily crumble the white mental intransigence with great effect. This also is the reason the so-called “Holocaust” are kept alive- to continuously “remind” whites of their “guilt” and “debt” towards the Zionist “victimized” masters. It is part of a global white enslavement agenda.



The South African regime and their disgusting media in South Africa – the primary evils and most malicious  adversaries of the white (Bar psychopaths such as Malema naturally) – concentrate their main assault against the white in a manner that on the one side of the equilibrium will demonize and discredit someone purely on the grounds for having a white skin- and on the other side of the equilibrium  create an environment of arrogant pretentiousness among the blacks. It is then now wonder that the majority blacks in South Africa became victims of Narcissistic Personality Disorder themselves – as the video below clearly illustrates of what specifically black Law Enforcement has become in South Africa:


Posted by Diederick Stopforth on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Posted by Bashiera Allie on Monday, March 19, 2018



-AND even in the schools…..


Should be ashamed of yourself….

Posted by News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents on Thursday, March 8, 2018


Not even white babies are spared when it comes down to brutal black racism…



Black racism from their leaders- such as EFF Floyd Shivambu attacking  Netwerk24 Multimedia journalist Adrian de Kock..

Netwerk24 Multimedia journalist Adrian de Kock attacked by EFF's Deputy President Floyd Shivambu

WATCH: Netwerk24 Multimedia journalist Adrian de Kock attacked by EFF's Deputy President Floyd Shivambu while trying to take a picture and asking for comment at Parliament in the presence of other local media – eNCA, SABC News Online, News24 and EWN.VIdeo: Jason Felix

Posted by Cape Argus on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Black racism linked with arrogance from their leaders..


"We don't care about white feelings"~ Julius Malema, leader of the EFF

Posted by SA Nuus en Meer on Saturday, March 17, 2018


Their own black counterparts are not spared when it comes to black racism…


ANC supporters attack a truck with suspected BLF members

WATCH: ANC supporters attack a truck suspected to be carrying BLF members outside Luthuli House

Posted by Times LIVE on Monday, February 5, 2018


Coupled to the extreme enforcement and propaganda of “racism” against whites in South Africa- we also observe  yet another level of mental abuse and surreptitious elimination of white appanage. This is referred to as so-called ” Hate Speech.” This newest addition of ambiguous attributions to the already overpopulated list of “hate crimes” against whites is specifically designed by the Judeo-Marxists to target whites on social sites in an attempt to draw an iron curtain around free speech on the internet – and specifically to muffle any white resentment against either the system- or non-white perpetrators inflicting collateral damage against their race.

By enforcing this merciless system onto the white social networks by means of brutal legal repercussions- it force especially whites to refrain from posting any article, picture or posting about the silent genocide now currently in progress against whites in South Africa- and especially against it’s white farming community. Again this only is a one-sided sword designed to cut deep into the white freedom of speech as no race indication will be tolerated. Again blacks- who forms the nucleus of all attacks on whites- automatically will be vindicated from all blame as race are not allowed to be mentioned. The South African media- who mainly consist of non-white correspondents-  also participate in this distorted propaganda campaign as they continuously portray a white being involved in a crime in their head-line stock pictures . This creates the impression that the specific crime was committed by a white as no race is mentioned in the article.- where in fact a black was the perpetrator.


Image result for black racism south africa

However– when one visit mainly black social sites- one immediately are taken back by the naked racism on these sites. The open hatred and brutal vindictive nature of most of these black sites is to say the least – appalling.  Yet with all the anti-white sentiment , slander- and sometimes direct calls for the rape, torture and extermination of whites on these sites- the same system that conducts witch hunts on white sites for alleged “hate speech” seems to become oblivious with applying the same laws when it comes to black sites. Clearly a gross rape of justice and hippocracy shadows the internet when it comes to applying laws between white and black in South Africa. Double standards are in the order of the day. Only the black dog is fed.


But the main reason why whites are so much persecuted on social sites cannot be solely be attributed to the communist enforcement of ant-white social laws- but mainly because there are too many white traitors roaming the internet on the payroll of the white Judeo-Marxist  Afrikaner organizations. Most of the social site Administrators and collaborators of the system are white Afrikaners themselves– who long ago sold their souls for a few pence to become advent children serving  their lesser god in the netherworld against their own blood.

While the Judeo-Marxist controls the system, while white collaborators continue to betray their own people- and while whites continue to play second fiddle to the black racism that now are dominating the South African political and social environment- whites will only decent lower into the abyss of mental degradation. Whites must stand up and start to fight back- calling and exposing black racism for what it really is. The internet is big- VERY big- and once  whites start to realize there is a universal cyber world outside the captivating boundaries of Facebook and Twitter– they will be free to express their views without being banned and persecuted by villainous forces in service of the “racist” Satanic domain. But for now these social sites are captivating whites inside a spiderweb full of  treacherous wolves and under direct control of the Judeo \Marxist controllers- who watch their every move, report their every posting- coach them neatly into a box where they can  monitor and  prosecute their every misconduct.

There are so many more secure alternative social sites available such as DiasporaElloEyeEmPath, zuppon  and Vero , – so many opportunities to start alternative websites such as Wix– but being social animals it appears these complacent whites simply cannot detach themselves from the evil rule of the Facebook or Twitter Devil on these sites- returning back to the wolf’s lair time and time again.  Today you will see a socialite announce he/she now is “finished” with say Facebook. He/She is going to “close”  his/her account- and with a “Bye-Bye all”- he/she is gone….JUST to re-appear two weeks later again. White Nation for example ran a test and placed a warning to all it’s “friends” on it’s social page that soon the South African regime will impose their devious “hate speech” law onto this sites very soon – and an alternative way of sending/placing posts must now be investigated. Needless to say only 9 out of 4951 “friends” paid any attention with only 2 replies. Need we say more?

In essence  the founding principles of the fraudulent “Republic” of “South Africa” is genocide, murder, land theft, fraud, and any other crime there is. If it was not so devastating then it would be almost funny that the fraudulent “Republic of South Africa” has courts and laws functioning under the above criminal founding immorality, run by foreigners. “South Africa” went from an independent first world country, to a developing third world country on the verge of collapsing even the most basic services. Communism (democracy) has proven itself to be a failed government ideology, which has already repeated itself here as the same failure. “Multicultural” integration is genocide, a technique employed since Babylonian times to destroy a people. NOTHING in South Africa works. Only the parasites think it works great.


Communism has been identified to be a failed form of government from 1915 to 1991 in various countries. “South Africa” has already proved to be a failure under the same form of government, and it’s not even fully communism yet, it is still in it’s “democracy” stage, the precursor for communism. Can ANY government, organization, or “politician” be so illiterate, or intellectually retarded, or willfully maliciously stupid that they want to force a proven failure at the inevitable cost of millions of lives…. AGAIN ? Do you realize that the whole “government” – the Afrikaner Bond, the ANC and the democrat Zionists – can all be drowned in the blood of the already ~70 000 “whites” murdered alone ?

There is only one solution to cure the situation in “South Africa”. The Boer Republics must be returned to the Boers as per 1899 when the War started. There will never be peace in Africa, or world peace, as long as the Boers are withheld from their sovereignty because your own destruction, your own suicide, and that of the Western world is systematically accomplished being funded from here in South Africa. The Boer resources funded WW1, then WW2 for the English and now aid in funding WW3. Where else do the Western bankrupt countries fund the Zionists Wars from ? Also consider that England has the strongest currency, with no natural resources. It can only be maintained by sucking it out of every one of it’s hosts. By observing the corruption and fraud and misconduct  it is clear that there is a serious problem which leads to a cul-de-sac, which holds nothing good, not even for the perpetrators who think they will be rewarded.


There are no loyalty between criminals, and they will happily do to you what they (and you) are willing to do to others. WE (the people) have the ability to shape our futures, and we can start to do that by correcting the errors of the past, first and foremost, so that there can be a moral foundation to build on. Nothing can be sustainable if it is built on a poor foundation, and it is the same with morality as indicated – “that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as the physical laws”. If you violate these Laws, there are consequences, and if not corrected, their cause leads to a dead end. Literally. To allow the genocide on the Boers to continue is not acceptable. To uphold the Land theft of the Boer Republics is not acceptable. To continue the grouse  violations against ALL people in “South Africa” is not acceptable. The false reality and perceptions that people were brainwashed to accept as “reality” must be corrected.These complacent whites in South Africa really must get their ducks in a row and start fighting black racism- calling it for what it really is- or they forever will remain the slaves of their Judeo-Marxist black masters.



White Nation