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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Melbourne  AUS March 21  2017


Swedish documentary covers horrible murders on South African farmers

How the ANC participates in the Israel Apartheid Week

Ramaphosa want to open SA’s borders again for criminals to move freely into South Africa

Ramaphosa wants single currency for Africa

The world sits in silence as South Africa starts it’s white cleansing






AUSTRALIA’s liberal  foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, – buckled under pressure from leftist anti-white fanatics  around the South African white farm visa issue. In a statement on Sunday the poor treasonist rather preferred to play the “ diplomatic correct” fiddle-  and said said the country’s humanitarian visa program won’t change to fast-track white South African farmers’ entry into the country – and there are no plans to do so.


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Julie Bishop– Buckled under pressure from Turnbull and the leftist media – No “fast tracking “ visas for white farmers.

Bishop was responding to the furore that erupted after Australia’s home affairs minister Peter Dutton said that white farmers should get fast-tracked entry into Australia on humanitarian grounds. Dutton said this week that the Australian government was exploring how to bring white South African farmers to the country on humanitarian grounds due to the recent move by the SA government to change land laws, and also because of rising violence on farms in the country, which were said to be racially charged. According to Dutton, white farmers face horrific circumstances  in South Africa, and said that a ‘civil’ country like Australia should welcome the skills these farmers have.

South Africa: This is Going to Get Bad …

South African parliament votes to seize land from white farmers. Yes, really.

Posted by CRTV on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


His comments were immediately were labeled as “racist,” by white-biters-  and prompted an official diplomatic démarche from International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, demanding that the comments be retracted. Speaking to Australian media on Sunday, however, Bishop back-slided on her race – and said that there would be no special visa consideration for white South African farmers. Bishop- in  typical white liberal  miscreant style- said that the country’s humanitarian visa program was non-discriminatory and that each application is processed on its own merits, adding that there has been no change to that policy.

Why you need to care about racists ignoring white genocide

Despite the combined efforts of the media and many politicians to downplay or ignore the genocide happening in South Africa, this problem isn't going away.Racism is racism – no matter the target. But the socially accepted hatred of whites all over the world is getting worse. Here's why you need to care.Check out the YouTube version here for more useful links and information >**Yes – I know my accent is strange. It is a result of growing up around American and Australian accents and being a dual citizen.**

Posted by Sydney Watson on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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Lindiwe Sisulu- Daughter of Walter  Sisulu and part of the  communist “family” clans in the ANC – quickly complained about Dutton’s offer in order to hide the white genocide once again.

Bishop confirmed that Australia’s High Commissioner in South Africa was holding talks with the South African Government to clarify the basis of the visa program and to “understand “ what their intentions are with land reforms that the government is implementing. She also noted that the Australian government was keeping track of crime levels in South Africa, and noted with concern the dramatic increase  in violent crime in the country.

Speaking on ABC’s Insiders (at 23:30) she said:

Australia does monitor the rate of violent crime in South Africa, and there has been a dramatic increase in recent years. Last year there were about 19,000 murders in South Africa, and that’s a very high number for a country of that size. “We do have a humanitarian visa program if any person feels they are persecuted, then they can apply to Australia for a humanitarian visa, and that would be considered on its merits, and I believe that that’s what Peter Dutton is referring to.

“I believe the humanitarian program’s credibility comes from the fact that it is nondiscriminatory and that each application is assessed on its merits. That’s been the case under the Turnbull government, and as far as I’m aware, there are no plans to change that visa program. “We do raise concerns about (South Africa’s) land reforms, and we want to ensure those land reforms don’t lead to tensions or violence. We have made these concerns known to the South African government.”

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Malcholm Turnbull– Richest Australian politician and part of the Illuminati rich globalists. Under his guard a new law was published  that Nurses and midwives now are forced to announce ‘white privilege’ to Aboriginal patients and a new code asks medical staff to reveal their white upbringing before treatment (Link) 

According to Genocide Watch, the political left in the West is engaged in genocide denial. Almost to a man, the Twitterati scramble to point out how, for some reason, the Boer is not really being exterminated in their own lands- or that they “had it coming.”  Welcome to progressive victim blaming. Its fine, so long as the victims are White. It is not just Australia- most leftist publications in the West have looked away from this humanitarian crisis. I will give credit where it is due, the Independent has published a relatively clear-eyed report, Newsweek is recognizing the problem for what it is, and RT is ready to report on Julius Malema “cutting the throat of whiteness.”

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who you may remember claims Islam is the most feminist religion, outright denies the South African Genocide and claims that Australia really should import more Muslims instead of skilled White people, because of course she does. She is an unrepentant activist for Islam, but wishes to deny all others the same courtesy for their own faith or ethnic group. Apart from centuries of demonstrable farming skills passed from father to son by the Boers, sure. There is no benefit to preferencing skilled people over the unskilled, in Abdel-Magied’s book. It is odd indeed that open border advocates like Yassmin suddenly want to build a wall, but with a door that only non-Whites have the key for. Similarly, it is a dishonest ploy to conflate centuries of religious and ethnic conflict in Asia with the genocide in South Africa.


It is not in doubt that the Rohingya are suffering in Myanmar, virtually without aid from neighboring Muslim nations.

Even so, it is strange indeed to advocate for Australian aid for a community defined by political allegiance rather than religious or ethnic grouping when that kind of politics has no connection with Australia. Yassmin draws the line around Islam, and concludes that as she and the Rohingya are both Muslim, that’s her team. Fair enough, but this is not a simple case of racist persecution, these issues are deep-rooted. Simply moving the Rohingya to Australia is not a solution to Myanmar’s refusal to recognize the Rohingya as citizens or to end the bloodshed. Is it racist for a White country to help White people with whom they share a history as the sons of colonialists? Abdel-Mageid may argue that would be the definition of racism, and to be quite frank I for one do not care, because she would have to own that racism herself.

Do NOT make this about my only advocating for Muslims, or being anti-white, because that’s lazy and incorrect. It’s about challenging double standards – or in Aussie terms, a ‘fair go’ – which we like to talk about a lot, but clearly don’t know how to actually apply, in practice.

Australia, a secular society based on Europeans and their Christian values, recognizes the plight of another European Christian descended society and wishes to help. Could not the neighbors of the Rohingya, Muslim countries all, help their co-religionists and provide them support? If we’re honestly looking for solutions it is self-evident that people with common cultural, language and ethnic connections integrate into societies easier than those without. This should not be a controversial position, but apparently it is racism to recognize that people in the world are different- unless you are an intersectional leftist, in which case you can recognize differences in relation to White people, in order to leverage power.

It is racist to claim that Whites can be oppressed- despite this entire article existing as an exercise in highlighting the in-group preference that is exhibited by people of all races and faiths. If it is racist for White Australians to recognize their kinship with White South Africans, why is it not also anti-Kuffar bigotry for Yassmin Abdel-Magied to advocate for her own in-group? Can we not understand that having love and being an advocate for your own people does not necessitate hatred of the other? Abdel-Magied shows here that it is, as usual, group identity for the Muslim, but Christians- watch out. That’s racism.

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Apart from being such an egregious example of how not to make an argument, the leftist position is clear. If you are White and look at people who look like you being tortured and raped for their skin color with horror, it is you that is the racist. The implicit demand is “What about the non-Whites?” To which the reply should be- what race is more charitable, more willing to aid and more accomodating than those hated Whites? This is a sick ideology, and if it means that we are Alt-Right for opposing racist murderers, count us in. History remembers those who deny genocide.

I find Peter Dutton speaking about white farmers in South Africa while condemning others trying to come to Aus so incredibly racist.

It’s one of the most flagrant racist displays I’ve ever seen yet people are applauding him. Pull your fucking shit together Australia!

What we are witnessing is the weaponization of ethnic cleansing in order to promulgate an open-borders and globalist agenda.

To put it mildly, this sticks in the craw. The idea that because the Australian government has been brave enough to recognize reality and try to help that this is somehow racist is not only insulting but exhibits the most appalling kind of anti-White bigotry.

Let me be clear: Farm violence, and crime generally, is a major problem in South Africa. It warrants closer inspection and much stronger policing.

However, if you think it constitutes ‘white genocide’, you’re being taken for a ride by race-baiters and proto-fascists.

Jon Rosenthal of The Economist, who is Jewish, will denounce all genocide except when it happens to Whites.

This is outrageous racism. Australia detains genuine asylum seekers for years, but opens its arms to a bunch of white people who do not face oppression. 

Australia is racist because Rosenthal disagrees with their immigration policy with regard to helping people flee a genocide- though of course, #NotAllAustralians, Jon. Rosenthal will go so far to argue with a Black South African racist about what a genocide is.

I’m waiting to here why its ok for @helenzille to deny the black holocaust. Zionists are incapable of understanding suffering except theirs 

Oh. Now you use the word “zionists” instead of Jews. Very clever. I have denounced apartheid. Will you denounce genocide of Jews?

This is the double standard that is being exhibited to varying degrees across the planet, when it comes to relations between people of European descent and virtually all others. It has now become common to claim that there is no such thing as Whiteness when it comes to an identity, but Whiteness itself is toxic and must be deconstructed. That is the philosophical root in the West of our neo-Marxist political left. This is the sharp end of the same ideology. This is the result of formented bigotry sanctioned by a state that wholeheartedly agrees that Whiteness itself is evil enough to be met with land expropriation, rape, torture and murder. Is this carnage really what the so-called progressives wish to advance? As we have repeatedly saidthis is what awaits Western nations, casually waiting for demographics to tilt the balance of power.

Image may contain: 7 people, crowd and outdoor

Last night in the news South Africa

Posted by SA Events on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The rhetoric is the same as that parroted by the benign social justice advocates in your own town. The weepy students who wail about wanting safe spaces and segregated housing because of the evil Whites oppressing them will not speak out against this genocide. They deny it. They will not condemn the South African government, they will say, well the power dynamics are shifting and this is a good thing thanks to centuries of colonialism, and South Africa should belong to Black people. Apart from highlighting how the left really sees multiculturalism -as a weapon against Whites- this is dishonest, upstream thinking. The same thinking begat the extermination of the Kulaks with the Holodomor, but for some reason many leftists don’t like to talk about that, either.

However– with this turn of events the Australian internal policy became crystal clear: Turnbull and the Australia’s ruling party still is overshadowed by liberal stool pigeons in service of  the New World Order. Turnbull and his Bishop ilk chose rather to protect their own self-interests in staying politically adrift – than really showing some compassion to people of their own race. Real crypto Jews they are- wolves in sheep’s clothing. The same goes for Malcolm Turnbull himself. Was it black African farmers that were the ones getting murdered at a genocidal scale- surely these white liberal quislings would have taken a much more solid verbal stance than what Bishop now is attempting to do- by again “generalizing” and “blending” the white farm murders into a “broader” comprehensive political view of a general “increase of violent crime “ in South Africa- a view the ANC also is advocating to evade the issue of  prioritizing of white farm murders per se.It appears Turnbull’s lackeys took their cue from taking a page out of the bullsh*t the ANC regime sent them per e-mail to avoid too much  leftist condemnation in the press- PERIOD! 


What she clearly do not contemplate – or what the Turnbull government is not even aware of- is that because of  rogue statements by the Red Goblin about land “expropriation, – the vindictive actions from the anti-white racist parties in parliament by approving it- the ANC’s support and the media hysteria afterwards- thousands of black freeloaders already accepted the proposed thievery as “done and dusted. ”  Now thousands of Illegal land invasions across Gauteng already are taking place and are causing widespread panic, amidst continued political discussions about land expropriation without compensation. (Link)


Ramaphosa has made it clear that nobody has the right to illegally occupy land or infringe on the property rights of others, but this has done little to appease terrified land owners who say irresponsible political utterances are turning the debate into a chaotic “free-for-all. “ Some property owners have meanwhile moved off their properties, saying they fear for their lives and cannot rely on the police for assistance.This is what the Turbull government blissfully is not aware of. It happens in Gauteng- not in Adelaide, Brisbane or Queensland.

The question now is when Turnbull will announce that Australia’s policy also must change to include “land reform ” laws to give back the land to the Aborigine people Australians also “stole” it from? Clearly Turnbull and his ilk are sucking up anti-white arse again.  As long as the heat is not burning your own arse we suppose one can sit and make  “political correct” statements like this for pure political survival.

What we can deduct from this turncoat reaction is that Turnbull called in Dutton and had a diplomatic “word”  -or-two with the laddie- then instructed this Sheila to make a public statement- grovelling in front of the liberal ” politically correct” establishment again to get the heat off the ruling party. NO  visible patriotism noticed here we’re afraid! So- this being said then we can safely assume  Dutton also now has been diplomatically “discouraged” from pursuing  his vision about “fast tracking” the visas for white farmers- and will fall silent  from ever mentioning that “racist” and “ghastly” term “white farmer” again- IF he still values contributing to his pension scheme at all on Turnbull’s payroll – that is. Mentioning “Black” or “Muslim” refugees sounds SO much better on the ear of those Agenda 21 conspirators that counts- than WHITE farmers.



The United Nations were informed about the slaughter of whites in South Africa. Allowed by the ANC Regime. warned the world. Let it be known. Nobody will say, but we didn't know…

Posted by Henri LeRiche on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


It clearly appears Turnbull decided not to get “involved” in South Africa’s “domestic “ affairs- and rather take a more diplomatic position of “wait and see.” Any case that would save the Australian government  some face in the event of an international liberal onslaught from the Rothschild/Soros gangsters for returning Australia back to “apartheid-style” regimes- and we all know what such a slanderous label could do to the party’s “good name” during the next elections. The white Boers/Afrikaners in any case were branded as  the”skunks” of the world by the British media hounds of hell- and putting a respectable ruling  party’s good in name in jeopardy for them-  just isn’t worth it.

The positive  thing though if nothing else is by making this statement- Dutton caused quite a stir globally among both the left and right- focusing the international attention on the black communist disease now systematically devouring whites in South Africa- and high-lighting  the white genocide against it’s white minority. How long this prominence and sentiment will last- and what deceptive conspiracies the ANC rat pack will devise again to counter preying eyes and unwanted scrutiny into their human rights abuse and white slaughtering business- is yet to be seen.Hopefully the issue will not die a slow death again- forgotten by the international community as we suspect the communist regime hopes it will do. Their tactics now will be just to sit back and wait for the whole affair to “blow over” – use the power of flat denial- and press ahead the issue of “expropriation without compensation “ thievery any case to appease their millions of free loader voters for the 2019 elections.


An ominous  storm aiming for a full scale all-out civil war is brewing around the land expropriation issue- literally. Farmers’ organisation Transvaal Agricultural Union of SA (TAU-SA) on Wednesday warned it would use every means possible to stop the expropriation of land without compensation. This came as Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May over the thorny issue of land. On Wednesday, IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi warned against a policy that would allow the government to seize land owned by white farmers without compensation. EFF leader Julius Malema, however, told his supporters not to be scared of taking the land for fear of chasing investors away.

TAU-SA spokesperson Bennie van Zyl told Independent Media the agricultural union had already compiled a document detailing how the planned action would impact South Africa’s economy negatively. “We have identified 16 different points showing the dangers of the motion. “In one of the points, we are going to expose the ANC that they did not pass the motion in the interests of the country, but for their own gain. “The motion was passed because the ANC wants to regain membership it lost to the EFF. “We are going to ensure every means possible to stop the implementation of the motion,” Van Zyl said.

According to him, land expropriation would lead to an increase in unemployment. He said all their members in all nine provinces would participate in the hearings. “We cannot support this motion. It is going to kill South Africa. We can’t play political games,” Van Zyl insisted. The Joint Constitutional Review Committee, which was tasked by the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces to probe the feasibility of land expropriation without compensation, plans to hold public hearings on the matter next month. The committee, headed by Vincent Smith and Lewis Nzimande, said they had resolved to embark on an extensive public participation process to review Section 25 of the constitution in order for the state to expropriate land without compensation.


He said the committee was expected to engage in a public participation process to get the views of all stakeholders about the necessity and mechanisms for expropriating land without compensation. “The process will be kick-started next month when the committee will publish advertisements for oral and written submissions from the public. The public will have a month to respond, after which the committee will visit three to four districts or local municipalities per province for public hearings,” Smith said. Addressing a Human Rights Day commemoration in Sharpeville in the Vaal, Mthethwa slammed May for threatening South Africa with sanctions over land expropriation. “The ANC took a resolution on land in December and we as the ruling party are not going to be reckless on this matter. We are going to consult widely, but we are not going to be dictated to. We are not a colony of Theresa May as South Africa,” Mthethwa said.

In Mpumalanga, where the EFF was holding its commemorations, party leader Julius Malema told supporters not to be scared of taking the land for fear of chasing investors away, as other countries had done so and prospered afterwards. “China has the land and investors are going there. They left Zimbabwe when it took land, now they are going back there. The conversation about land is an African conversation and South Africa shall take back its land,” Malema said. But Buthelezi warned South Africans not to support the policy as it would chase away investors and exacerbate poverty. He said Cyril Ramaphosa was making a serious economic mistake by insisting on not compensating white landowners. “I would not invest my money in a country which does not compensate landowners. Only an insane businessperson would invest here,” said Buthelezi in uMlazi.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Meanwhile the faint glimmer of hope white South Africans have that the international community- after 20 years of silence- at last woke up from their deliberate anti-Afrikaner slumber and now will take pro-active steps in choking the communist regime for human rights abuses against a nation is still flickering. Because of that  faint hope we pray that it will not be wiped under the carpet of “political correctness” again – and silenced by the malicious leftist liberal demonites in the  media again.  As we know the whole world now are under the Zionist spell of flooding white countries with non-white invaders- and the chance of reversing that process into turning an already partly flooded country back to it’s original state of whiteness- is not very likely to happen under the globalist money powers.

However Peter Dutton reacted on Thursday against all expectations  – and vowed on Thursday to press on with a plan to bring white South African farmers to Australia, hitting out at criticism from “crazy lefties” who he said were “dead to me”.  It concerns me that people are being persecuted at the moment – that’s the reality – the numbers of people dying or being savagely attacked in South Africa is a reality,” he told 2GB commercial radio. “We’re looking at ways we can help people to migrate to Australia if they’re finding themselves in that situation.” “Some of the crazy lefties at the ABC, and on The Guardian, Huffington Post, can express concern and draw mean cartoons about me and all the rest of it,” he said. “They don’t realize how completely dead they are to me.” “If people think I’m going to cower or take a backward step because of their nonsense, fabricated, fake news criticism, then they’ve got another thing coming,” he added.

Maybe the Australian ruling party  only pretend to keep up the “ we are a multi cultural society” bullsh*t for pure academic and media purposes for now – but underneath still silently will proceed to ” fast track “ those white farmer visas any case- but that only time will tell. Meanwhile the malicious South African media prefer not to report on the many illegal land invasions ,the human suffering accompanying it- and the possibility of a civil war brewing . Focusing deliberately  on the Adrian de Kock/ Flloyd Shivambu ding-dong where the poor white snowflake was choked a bit deserves more special attention to draw the attention away from the ticking time-bomb in Gauteng.


It’s also hitting the American media….

South Africa Goes Full Racist

Julius Malema is "not calling for the slaughter of white people — at least not for now."

Posted by Kibbe on Liberty on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


However-  what appears to be the white Afrikaners’ biggest Achilles Heel– is those thousands of “expats”- ( the white cowards that ran away from South Africa for safer havens across the seven seas you know)– that now sit there and simply watch how their own kinsmen are taking one knock after the other in South Africa- doing NOTHING to aid their white counterparts- although they have all the opportunities to do so. They simply are complacent, careless and have no patriotism for their own race. . They simply are too happy to be out of South Africa and “safe” in another country. They are too cowardly and too arrogant to start assisting their brothers and sisters in South Africa by creating pressure groups, start webpages, sending letters and any means of high-lighting the plight of white South Africans. But Lo– they are comfortable just to keep out of the fry- and just become another bunch of useless traitors to their own people in peril- each and every on of them. They are- to say the least- disgusting! But that again is the cut-through Dutch-Afrikaner mentality for you.

They have been like that since the Voortrekkers started their migration towards the North- again when they joined the British in murdering their own kind- and again when they handed South Africa on a platter through their vote to the exterminator. Now they are doing it again by just keeping their “diplomatic”  dumb -folded silence while many white South Africans are about to loose their property , their livelihood- and their lives. To all white South Africans now living abroad who did not even have the guts to stand up for your own people like the blacks, Muslims and Mexicans does for theirs- You have lost your self respect, you have forgotten your roots- and you have become part of the Babylonian dispensation now ruling this world. Like the Good Word justly say: “ You are FROM us- but you do not belong TO us any more..” – you have became alien reptiles in Lucifer’s domain. 

Reporters in South Africa now threatened if they report about farm murders after Dutton’s invitation:

“Jane Smit” (Not her real name for security reasons)who is a field journalist at SABC said she was told to stop covering farm attacks and farm murders by her superiors.

Jane said she had submitted 5 farm attacks exclusive news in the past 4 month and they were not aired on radio or broadcasted on TV.  When she asked why her reports never reached the people her non-white bosses told her that her reports are not good for the country’s image and told her to never bother with farm attacks.


I’ve been working as a reporter for 3 years and noticed how a lot of farm attacks does not get coverage and only appears online, I also leaked some of my stories only line just to make people get a glimpse of what our farmers are going through”. Said Jane. (Link) 

That the communist abomination in South Africa does not pay any attention to what the world say, how many “Black Monday’s” whites have, how many times Afriforum , The VF Plus and whoever Afrikaner group warns them about the white genocide and decline of our food producers- or how many websites warn against the brutal onslaught against whites in South Africa- is a verified fact. To them the whole world revolves around their own personal selfish gain- whether they still will be in control after 2019- irrespective if they have to commit themselves in bilateral agreements with Satan himself or not. Whites in their broader plan only are “ useful idiots” to pay taxes, carry the blame for all the woes and blundering in the country- and naturally- to be exploited and labelled as “the common enemy” when the time is there to “unite” the black tribes again for election purposes.

Image may contain: text


Image may contain: text

They will never lift so  much as a finger to start a constructive corrective action plan to tackle the farm murders- or even prioritize it. The Afrikaner Broederbond’s “wise men” instructed them that whites never again will rule South Africa- so their black puppets care less about killing farmers. They do not intend to do anything about the farm murders in any case. They never have in 20 years- and never will in the next 5 years. Other than the usual lip service and empty promises- the stage will remain empty- and the brutal farm murders will continue. On the contrary will they rather scoff at it- and downplay it as “ normal crime”– like they have been doing this past 20 odd years- and instruct their NASPERS lap-dog media to continue sending out false and counter-productive propaganda that whites basically are lying whiners and there is no genocide in the order of the day. They do not want unnecessary attention on them- especially after the latest heat coming from Australia.Meanwhile the slaughter of whites by  the ANC 3rd Force black marauders in South Africa continuous unchallenged each day….hidden under the cloak of ” politically correctness”….



Unfortunately this was only a very few Christian whites that were either brutally assaulted, raped- or murdered by godless black vigilantes in South Africa this past month of March 2018. There were many more reported- and not reported. But the bottom-line is while  political clowns  the likes of Turnbull keep on playing their ‘ political correct” games and having their “concerns” about the “violent” South Africa- two white persons are brutally assaulted or raped in South Africa each passing day –  one white person murdered every second day- and one food producing farmer every week by the hands of the “democratic” assassins. And so the game of death goes on- unchallenged by a careless world filled to the brim with loathsome political liberal reptilian impostors posing as human beings.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Then we received more good news as the Belgium cabinet also are looking to accommodate white South African farmers:



Mensen stellen zich vragen over de situatie in Zuid-Afrika en daar hebben wij alle begrip voor. De mondiale context is op dit moment erg slecht. Zestig miljoen mensen zijn op de vlucht voor oorlog en geweld in hun land.

Het verloop van een asielprocedure kunt u integraal lezen op de website van het CGVS: Asielzoekers hebben recht op materiële opvang (bed, bad, brood), maar krijgen geen financiële hulp; tijdens de asielprocedure zijn zij dus niet afhankelijk van het OCMW.

Als na onderzoek blijkt, dat de mensen effectief op de vlucht zijn voor oorlog of vervolging, kunnen ze worden erkend. Er moet een onderscheid worden gemaakt tussen:
. Vluchtelingenstatus: wordt toegekend aan mensen die vervolgd worden omwille van bijv. huidskleur, geloof, afkomst, geaardheid, politieke overtuiging, .
. Subsidiaire bescherming: geboden aan mensen wiens leven in gevaar is omwille van bijvoorbeeld oorlogsgeweld

Wie de vluchtelingenstatus krijgt en dus als vluchteling is erkend, heeft recht op een onbeperkt verblijf in België. De erkende vluchteling is onderworpen aan het Belgisch recht en moet dezelfde wetten respecteren als inwoners van dit land. De erkende vluchteling kan niet terugkeren naar zijn land van herkomst.

Subsidiaire bescherming wordt toegekend door het CGVS. De subsidiair beschermde krijgt een verblijfsvergunning voor een beperkte periode van een jaar.

In de hoop u voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd, verblijven wij

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Kabinet van Theo Francken
Staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie”




White Nation





WHITE NATION- While our people are dying at the hands of political mass murderers- we will keep on reporting it.