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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent  Johannesburg  March 23  2017








Mirriam Jass wrote:


DO not mind my unsavory rhetoric if it offends you. I am being my old demented self. I was just commenting on a very important issue.

If Codesa did not address the economic imbalances, why not reopen the negotiations instead of unleashing our anger and hatred on White people. So the agenda of Black people was never really to live peacefully with White people as they so willingly agreed in those Codesa negotiations. The secret agenda was to lure them into a false hope of reconciliation and participants in our democracy, then ambush them unexpectedly and systematically drive them away or kill them. Is that the secret agenda? From where I stand that’s how I see things unfortunately. Yes we were the victims. But we’re now in power. Black people are in power. If they wanted White people to be part of the solutions they should have invited them.

Because this is democracy. And it’s supposed to be inclusive. We hold the power to put in systems in place to enable White people to engage in debates with us on issues relating to the advancement of our country. Have we done that? NO. Because it suits us perfectly to keep calling them “racists who stole our land and caused all our miseries. ” Because it suits us to keep judging them without giving them a voice to defend themselves. It suits us to play “victim ” while we plan and execute evil ongoing atrocities against others in the name of “revenge. ” And we’ll forever remain victims even if they all left the country. Because being victims helps us not to face our own weaknesses. Our own faults.

Everyone has to feel sorry for the “poor Blacks ” who’ve been traumatized by colonizers for 400 years. And no one should expect them to have fixed anything in the more than 20 years they’ve been in government. They’ve been having the power to change things for more than two decades. Power to do anything without White people stopping them. What did we do with that power? We ran down all our government institutions, created levels of poverty and unemployment that have never been seen in the history of this country. We drove our own economy to a downhill shithole. And encouraged corruption, racial divisions and enrichment of a few “elite ” Blacks. At our own expense. This wasn’t done by White people. But by us. Black people. Pulling each other down. No respect and empathy for our own Black people.

We blame White people for our poverty, illiteracy, non advancement economically. We blame them for our landlessness. We even blame for water shortages these days. And have we approached them to get their views on anything? No. Because deep down we know we don’t want them to be part of any solutions. Because that might just expose our dirty little agendas about them.

Mirriam Jass (Nonzima Yoliswa)


Yasmien Ibrahim wrote:

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” This is for you Cyril Ramaphosa, if anyone knows how to get this post to him…do not hesitate! I am prepared to go to jail, and I am not emotionally fuelled, I am calm….so don’t get it wrong. I want you Cyril Ramaphosa to know that I believe you are an idiot. You may have money but No brains nor feelings for the rest of the nation….least of all white people.

Firstly you are loaded with land, buildings, mines and money….land you bought from white people, you have paid for….but the farmers must give their land freely to WHOEVER YOU CALL SA CITIZENS ( BLACKS) is my guess…WELL F*CK THAT, it does not add up! Why don’t you toe the line, lead from the front, give of your property and land to the SA folk staying in squalor, especially the ones who vote for you and your party year in and out for empty promises???? Today, three clients of mine all three husband are dead in one week….HACKED with pangas, two wives succumbed to their wounds after being raped and one is fighting for her life….they were attacked in this week.

Those children are devastated….along with the farm workers, and their children. You and your cronies are turning a deaf ear, blind eye, speak about other countries who offer help to these farmers asif they are interfering???? My sorry ass!!!! You all walk around with body guards!!# We the taxpayer our money protects you but our white Afrikaner brothers and sisters get killed….they too pay tax man.
I wish honestly that all of you get some rubber bullet treatment up your asses today so that you can stop sitting in those chambers and talk your ignorant shit!

These particular farmers supplied major food chains, fed families for decades….supplied workers for free year upon year, schooled their workers kids, clothed them….some of the kids are at university….I guess you are going to fund them now???? Blinking fools you are!
Then you know full well that the EFF forms a large part of these farm attacks, fueled by the fact that you asked them to come HOME…So you are silent, again turning a blind eye…..you are a moron deluxe, not to be trusted….cause anyway the EFF are waiting in the wings to make your party ungovernable….I pray that day to come fast, I pray that every dead farmers and their deceased families come and choke you, haunt you and never give you rest until the last days of your lives……you must know Karma is a bad thing.

My children, like many others may want to buy small holdings one day…..they will have to pay….cause they are not black enough!
I wish your conscience… which I know every one of us have, rich or poor….never gives you any rest…..in so much you get shingles……
Now you can call this hate speech, send your body guards, after me I am Colored not Afrikaner…I am prepared to die….cause I know dead I will haunt you and All your good croonies no end! Julius Malema...wont escape me! Here are some pics, your body guards won’t have, a problem finding me.
Yasmien Ebrahim

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