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Article posted  by: White Nation Pretoria March 24  2017







WHEN  the late anti-Apartheid activist Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and became South Africa’s first black president, he carefully steered the country away from the radicalism of the African National Congress’s Marxist past and toward a policy which embraced moderation and responsibility in international affairs. Rather than precipitate conflict, he sought to mediate and resolve. South Africa gained widespread respect as a country embracing peace and looking toward the future rather than catalyzing the radical causes which have sown conflict around the continent and wider world.

Alas, Mandela was unable to make his changes permanent. After his five-year presidential term ended in 1999, and especially after his 2013 death, the leaders who followed Mandela—Thabo Mbeki, and especially Jacob Zuma and now Cyril Ramaphosa—have spent South Africa’s moral capital shilling for increasingly radical regimes, terrorist groups, and causes.

In December 2017, for example, the ANC both downgraded its embassy in Israel and invited representatives of Hamas to its party conference. While the Palestinian Authority exist because it in theory forswore terrorism and recognized Israel’s right to exist, Hamas opposes the two-state solution and seeks not only the eradication of Israel, but also genocide against Jews. South Africa has also proven itself a central location for the acquisition and smuggling of sensitive technology to Hezbollah, another terror group. Students affiliated with the ANC’s student union at the University of Witwatersrand praised Hitler and waved Hezbollah flags. Bilateral ties between South Africa and Iran are at an all-time high and Iran has recruited Palestinians in South Africa in order to conduct terrorism against Israel.

 South Africa’s new radicalism has now spilled over into piracy. Nearly a year ago, a Marshall Islands’-flagged cargo ship carrying phosphate made an unscheduled stop in Port Elizabeth. At the request of activists from the Polisario Front, an autocratic Marxist group which claims both to lead the self-styled Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and refuses to allow an U.N.-mandated referendum to determine what people living under its control really want, the South African government impounded the ship and its cargo. The Polisario claimed that phosphates mined in the Western Sahara should really belong to it. When the Polisario Front tried the same tactic in Panama, a Panamanian court rejected it outright.

But South African officials now favor terrorist groups and radical causes over international law. On March 19, it began to auction the cargo and transfer the proceeds to the Polisario Front, the same group which during the Cold War forcibly separated children from their parents in order to train them in Cuba and which continues to embezzle humanitarian aid. In effect, South Africa’s government and courts now signal they are willing to seize ships belonging to nationals of countries they dislike in order to seize cargo.

There’s a name for that: piracy. The precedent is chilling, and not only for shipping. The South African move comes less than a month after parliament embraced a bill to seize white-owned farms without compensation, the same policy which led Zimbabwe to ruin. In short, South Africa’s government and courts seem ready to confiscate funds from American and Western investors as radical activists and terror groups use South African courts to offer a legal patina to such looting. Many Western diplomats, journalists, and academics have long seen South Africa as a model for tolerance and development. They have invested widely throughout the country. But, the South Africa of Mandela is over, and the country is increasingly signaling that it will decline into Zimbabwe version 2.0. Radicals may find favor with South African judges and parliamentarians, but such policies will come with a price: Ruin for South Africa and a resurgence of terrorism in the Middle East and the Sahara.

Michael Rubin (@Mrubin1971) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. He is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former Pentagon official.




( WELL– what can one say? Nothing this ANC communists and their terrorist EFF lapdogs do can surprise us anymore. The stench of their abomination is overwhelming. Have those “right wing extremists” not been warning the world in 1994 all along about the “rooi gevaar” and this is precisely what was going to happen? Yet the “right wing” contingent were slandered as ” verkramptes,” ” doom prophets” and “delusional supremacists”  trying to derail   the dawn of the  coming new “democracy.” While the dastardly NP conspirators were busy selling the country out to these same terrorists at CODESA- liberal pony riders such as Piet Croucamp and Max Du Preez had much to say in their trash newspapers – and generally had a ball of a time promoting this new demi god-given “democracy.”

Well- it appears those “right wingers” had it right all of the time- not because they were prophets or attended  any sooth saying classes- but simply because they reasoned with logic born out of past experiences such as the ANC WAS in fact that “rooi gevaar” – a system which they now fully embrace today- and they WERE terrorists doing some hard time for killing innocent people like the Amanzimtoti bomb and Church Street bombing before their ascension  to the throne – handed to them on a platter by the treacherous National Party and the Jews and corporate assassins the  likes of  Kissinger , Oppenheimer , Rupert and Soros behind them. Mandela then already refused to denounce violence- and so does his current “legacy” still proceed to do today. Just have a look at what’s going on in the streets and rural landscape of South Africa today! If it’s not violent riots destroying the country on a daily basis- its either violent criminals that control the cities or paid black assassins murdering white farmers at a genocidal rate. It’s friggen madness going ballistic in South Africa today. 

So why does the world suddenly decide to wake up now and cry in their paper mache pretzels all of a sudden when it already is past midnight? Isn’t that a bit of too obvious hippocracy running in that passages in New York or what? Why did they not listen to those “right wingers” that time in the first place?  But NO– the malicious British press and all their disinformation was their Bible which they all worshiped and Mandela their man made god they prayed to at the time. How many years now have the same “right wingers” been warning them about the ongoing white genocide- yet it took them 20 YEARS to finally wake up from their liberal media slumber? 

For how long now have this same ANC rats already being harboring Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorist camps in South Africa? Evil calls for evil. In 2012 H.Solomon already wrote a full article around the issue- stating the following: “Are we then surprised that, despite all the terrorist activity taking place on South African soil, so few individuals have been arrested for terrorism? ”  The full PDF can be downloaded HERE.  Both Britain and Israel as well as the American FBI already have been sending out stern warnings about the ANC regime’s close ties with Iran. In 2013 again there were substantial reports about al Qaeda training camps in South Africa ( Link)  Yet nobody seems to heed all this warnings and chose to “overlook” this little “security nonconformity” of their own UN resolution on terrorism so brutally driven by Bush jr?

Everybody seems to  be blinded by this fake “democracy” propaganda bullsh*t. While the ANC communists are hell bent to target only whites for disarmament – they in the meanwhile are arming these terrorists through the back-door on their soil!  Go have a look how many illegal foreign illegal smuggled  guns , weapons, explosives and machine guns drift around in black squatter camps and residential areas. They even outgun the police 10 to 1! South Africa- while the ANC rats are trying to entrap whites again for so-called  illegal ” weapons caches”- became the biggest open air weapons black market in Africa itself with any brand of gun to be purchased at a “reasonable ” price  . Yet bogus “gun laws” are advocated! What a joke! Becoming promoters of terrorism and piracy? Nope- they already surpassed that point a long time ago. They now already are main SUPPLIERS of weapons to terrorists and  material to pirates! 

While the communist regime continuously pretend to be hunting those “white supremacists” and pump out non-productive “racist” laws against whites- they themselves are deep into gun smuggling operations with terrorists in Mozambique and Zimbabwean training camps. The international world already had ample time to react to this pending danger- yet  with all the so-called “Fight against terror” bullsh*t running across the globe they all were too intoxicated by this liberal euphoria of “multiculturalism” and drunken by the riches the corporate assassins were plundering in the South African gold mines .

Does the world now awaits the first Iranian-sponsored nuclear bomb to be manufactured in old resurrected facilities such as  Pelindaba and Valindaba before they realize they totally misjudged those same “right wingers” that pre 1994 warned them about the ” rooi gevaar” – and the fact that this ANC criminals they hailed as a “democratic” political party factually were wolves in sheep’s clothing all along? How long will the security council  still sit in the United Nations- fiddling around with their thumbs- playing little ” politically correct” games with a deadly  hand grenade with a loose pin?

 It appears the international community with their selective preferences have this strange habit of misjudging everything coming from conservative whites lately. The solution is quite simple: STOP pussy-footing with the ANC terrorists. The international world better get their ducks in a row and react fast. They say your worst enemy normally is cultivated out of the anarchy you yourself allowed to develop.  Such was it that the Anglo British thugs destroyed a stable South Africa with controlled nuclear capability and murdered it’s nuclear scientists in the Helderberg airplane crash- now only created another unstable regime with more deadly uncontrolled nuclear partners to build an even BIGGER threat.

 Other than acting decisively against the ANC regime with sanctions and arms embargo resolutions like they did with the white government before- the  International community can revert to their now renown normal complacent passive approach- and with South Africa having an abundance of raw uranium material- wait for that dreadful flash from a  satellite transmitted image on their screens as the first Iranian nuclear missile of many more to come conduct  it’s maiden test over the Atlantic Seaboard off the South African coast.-Ed)