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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent  London   March 28   2017





THE West – for a quite considerable time now- has been looking for a confrontation with Russia. The “Devil’s Tri-Angle” has been attempting various strategies over time to lure Russia into a conflict. It started way back with the Malaysian Flight MH 17 which was shot down over the Ukraine. The West immediately blamed Russia for it- stating it was a Russian surface-to-air rocket that shot the plane down-  although no factual and substantiated evidence ever were presented. Then another false accusation claimed it was a Russian fighter jet that shot it down. Again no evidence were presented. False accusations from the Western media were flung towards Russia on a continuous basis. 

When that incident did not provoke any aggressive retaliation from Russia- the Western conspirators in NATO attempted yet another plan to invoke a confrontation when they organized a military coup in the Ukraine in an attempt to bring about a regime change that would allow them to capture the Russian main  fleet base in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol- and also create a passage on Russia’s doorstep from where they could launch ISIS-like terrorist attacks against the Motherland. Putin  quickly realized what their plans were- and thwarted  their plans by moving Russian troops into the Ukraine to protect the fleet base. Yet still no aggressive retaliation came from Putin. Most of the Ukrainian people also sided with Russia.  Again the demonic powers in the West stood red-faced. Their plan back-fired in their faces.

The next strategy they planned was to invoke military action from Russia by placing a network of military installations around Russia to force Putin to react accordingly. The devious NATO planners started huge military movements and build-ups  around Russia’s borders  and situating permanent military bases in the Baltic states. They moved thousands of troops and military equipment close to the Russian borders. They now tried to squeeze Putin in a corner by tightening the network around the motherland . Soon they start with their false accusations again about Russia breaking this and that accords- and falsely attacking Russia in their evil media and propagate that Russia continuously acts as the “aggressor.” They were looking for confrontation that could lead to an all-out war which again would bring millions in the pockets of vultures such as Biden, Bush, Cheney, Rothchilds and many more corporate thugs. Yet Putin again defused their ploy and although he ordered his forces on a standby-mode he remained docile- keeping the Red Bear at bay.This infuriated the Western conspirators immensely. Already THREE assassination attempts were made on Putin’s life by this evil workers of perdition. Luckily Putin manage to escape all three attempts. 

Now again they start yet another more subtle psi-ops tactic by launching a smear campaign against Russia . A always the West- if they cannot provoke a war- they create one. And this is precisely what they now attempt yet again with the “Skripal Affair.” On March 4th, Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were hospitalized after collapsing in Salisbury, England. They allegedly had been poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent supposedly developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The British government, as well as France, the US, and Germany, have blamed Russia for the attack.

Britain’s prime minister Theresa May said that it is highly likely that it was either a state-sponsored attack or that Russia let another group — terrorists, for example, or organized crime — acquire a military-grade toxic nerve agent. Did you read – ” highly likely” she said- not confirmed- but “highly likely?” Then she deliberately followed up her assumption with a bunch of false accusations that ”  it was either a state-sponsored attack or that Russia let another group — terrorists, for example, or organized crime — acquire a military-grade toxic nerve agent.May have no real facts or evidence to back up her false accusations -yet on this preposterous unstable “evidence” she threatened Putin with a nuclear war? Still, if the Russian government really was responsible, why use a nerve agent that could so easily be traced back to them? “They’ve had plenty of opportunities to kill Skripal,” says Michael Kofman, an expert on Russian military affairs at the nonprofit research organization CNA. “And there are, frankly, a myriad of much simpler and more practical ways of doing it.”

But that is the way the Zionist conspirators operate- first the accusations, then the demonization in their media- then the “substantial evidence” to bull-doze the UN Security Council to approve a full scale military offensive against the “enemy”– whether fictitious- or real. We already saw this modus operandi in the Middle East- where this same villains already murdered thousands of Americans in their 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers- and how they totally destroyed all the healthy governments in the Middle East in search for their “ weapons of mass destruction.” Meanwhile- as their CIA/MOSSAD created ISIS are running rampant in Syria- millions upon millions of barrels full of lucrative oil are rolling towards the West through Turkey. THAT is the West for you. So here we again see May  again  already initiating the beginning of yet another cooked-up   false flag operation . She then followed up  by expelling the Russian diplomats from Britain. In a neat pre-panned conspiracy with her evil twin sister- Angela Merkel in Germany- one after the other Western NATO-controlled prime minister also start to follow suit- expelling Russian diplomats. The conspiracy is picking up momentum.


RT reports:

The pressure on Moscow over its alleged footprint in Sergei Skripal’s poisoning, including the coordinated expulsion of diplomats, amounts to “political warfare” against Russia and is a clear case “hysteria,” RT has been told. Retired UK diplomat Peter Ford also thinks it’s the elites clutching onto power as they face more internal opposition. “The scale of it is surprising indeed, but it is just proof that hysteria is contagious. What we’ve witnessed in Britain in the last two weeks has been a classic case of hysteria whipped up by the government and fanned by the, mostly right wing, press,” Ford noted.

Half of the European Union’s member states decided to expel Russian diplomats over the Sergei Skripal case. The move came despite zero evidence that Moscow was responsible. British Prime Minister Theresa May repeatedly accused Moscow of being behind the poisoning of former spy Skripal and his daughter in the town of Salisbury in early March.

During a summit in Brussels last week, the 28 EU leaders agreed with Britain’s claim that it is “highly likely” that Moscow was responsible for the attack on Skripal. According to Ford, the events of the unfolding crisis are actually “the reaction of elites to the loss of power.” “The elites have lost in recent years in several contests, Brexit referendum, notably, and the elites seat very much on the defensive against the forces of so-called populism, which is democratic movements that the elites don’t like,” he noted.

Ford pointed out that while the recent moves by the Trump White House against Moscow are increasingly hostile, the torrent of expulsions came shortly after Trump reportedly defied his advisers and made a congratulatory call to newly-elected Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It’s quite clear that Trump’s gut reactions show some understanding towards Russia and a real wish to cooperate, hence the notorious phone call, [in] which he apparently ignored the written reactions from the deep state,” Ford said, noting that Trump is limited in what he can pull off. “He has been caught up in this wave of hysteria,” Ford said.

US President Donald Trump added more fuel to the fire when he ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the United States, as well as the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle on Monday. Of the 60 diplomats expelled, 12 formed part of the Russian mission to the United Nations. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow would respond to the actions of each individual state that has expelled Russian diplomats. The way the entire situation was tackled by the White House, notably the justification for the Seattle Consulate closure due to its proximity to a submarine base and Boeing facilities, proves that it is a total farce, Ford said. “It makes one worry if American security is so imperiled by the presence of Russian diplomats on their doorstep,” Ford said, describing the narrative as “cartoonish,” and the portrayal of Russia and Putin as “pantomime villains” as “not serious.”

Former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT that he believes this is “coordinated political warfare against Russia.” “It’s global in scale, and it really has nothing to do with Salisbury, that’s a pretext. And, to tell the truth, what Mr. Trump wants or doesn’t want is not really relevant as far as this aspect of US policy in global policy goes, he might as well not be the president at all.” “This is a political pretext, like the kind of accusations we have seen against Syria and chemical weapons, [it’s designed] to ratchet up the pressure on Moscow to discredit the recent Russian election, and also I think it’s aimed at the World Cup this summer.”

John Graham, another former US diplomat, based in Libya, said the situation with the poisoning of the Skripals is “very complicated stuff,” but that Trump does not have the tendency to delve deep into any complicated matters, preferring simple solutions instead. Stating that though the nerve agent which Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with likely came from Russia, it does not mean that it was Russians who did it, arguing that the Skripal case has been extensively used to gain political points. “The important thing is now, listening to all these diplomats talking, is that no one seems to be taking these things seriously, they are treating this like a game, this is just the latest chapter in developing Russia events.”

However, some see the future of relations between Moscow and the West as not so grim . “My guess is that it will calm down for a while,” Peter Galbraith, former US ambassador to Croatia, told RT. “After all, the US, Europe and Russia all need each other. In spite of this incident, the common threats, that is to say the Islamic State, North Korea, Iran, require cooperation [in] terms of threats to each of our countries. Those issues are much more important.”

THERESA MAY warned EU leaders  on Wednesday March 22 that Vladimir Putin’s Russia poses a “long-term security threat to the whole of Europe.”  At a summit in Brussels, the New World Order vixen  issued  a plea for “unity “ across the bloc in the face of the Russian “aggression “ demonstrated by the nerve agent outrage in Salisbury.   “The challenge of Russia is one that will endure for years to come,” she said.”As a European democracy, the UK will stand shoulder to shoulder with the European Union and Nato to face these threats together,” she added. Again she is busy stirring up tensions based on a total unfounded allegation without any factual evidence. This again is an old tactic to create a “common enemy” again to raise tensions for another cold war – and possibly a direct conflict.


The reason the evil West hates Putin so much is because Putin vowed to destroy the New World Order. Putin warned his politicians against opening bank accounts belonging to any of the Jew bankers. Putin’s stance against terrorism also is well known. He already stated that ” ‘To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to me’ The oligarchs need money- and what better way than to start yet another uncalled for  and unnecessary war? On the end of the day it will not be scrupulous warmongers like May that will face the bullet- but thousands of innocent civilians that again will have to pay the price in blood for  the irresponsible and selfish actions of political psychopaths.

“U can fool Russia – She is trustful
U can ask Russia to help – She is Generous
U can be friends with Russia – She is kind & caring
U can Liaise & work together with Russia – She is honest,
But you cannot harass and attack Russia, She is UNBEATABLE!!!”
– Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Nuclear words: Putin’s FINAL warning to the West