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Article posted  by: White Nation Cape Twon April 08   2017







THE  South African anti-white BEEE judiciary just entered another level of discriminating against whites as an Indian judge-   Pravina Raghoonandan– just sentenced a white woman-  Vicky Momberg– to an effective 3 years imprisonment for alleged “hate” speech.

Vicky Momberg was  sentenced to 3 years in prison. We take it you already have read the zillions of Main Sream Media fanfares about it by now- JUST like the “Penny Sparrow” farce. One year is suspended. That is an effective 2-years behind bars. She was found guilty on 4 charges of Crimen Injuria for using the “terrible k” word 48 times following a smash and grab incident in Johannesburg where she was a victim when black thugs attacked her and robbed her.

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A court jailed Vicky Momberg for three years, with one year suspended, for using an alleged “derogatory word “ against a black police officer 48 times. Her lawyer said she was not in a normal state at the time, as she had just been the victim of a smash-and-grab robbery. Racism on both sides of the spectrum remains a major issue in South Africa, – with mostly whites being targeted by the leftist media for alleged “racism”-  while blacks on the contrary mostly get away for the same- and in most times- worse offences.

Momberg was convicted of four counts of crimen injuria after her frustration against the flagrant crime against her was caught on video, and went viral on especially black social media. She was venting her frustration  at black officers trying at the scene after she was robbed on the outskirts of the main city, Johannesburg, in 2016, and complained about the calibre of blacks in Johannesburg compared to black people in Durban, where she was based.

Handing down her ruling, the anti-white magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan said some may think the sentence was harsh but it was intended to signal that racism will not be tolerated in South Africa. Previous prosecutions had not prevented racist incidents, and therefore imposing a direct prison sentence without the option of a fine would send a strong message, she added.

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Pravina Raghoonandan- really went out of her way to make an “example” out of so-called ‘white racism.” 


However– Momberg only followed the tendency which the South African false bias judiciary system imposes on mainly whites. Before Momberg there were other whites also being persecuted for alleged “racist” slanders or “hate speech” that also ended up with harsh sentences. We think about the Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, Sunette Bridges,  and the Middeleburg farmers that received 10 years imprisonment for alleged “racism.” This only are a few cases where especially whites were persecuted for alleged “racism.”

In a reply to the judgement Ernst Roets– CEO of Afriforum replied: ” The inconsistency being applied in this country regarding minorities has reached the level of absurdity. The reality in South Africa is thus that a white person who insults a black person goes to prison‚ while a senior officer in the Defense Force who says that white people’s eyes and tongues must be stabbed out is simply asked nicely not to repeat it‚In addition‚ an influential political leader talking about genocide is rewarded with an invitation to join the ruling party‚” he added‚ referring to EFF leader Julius Malema. AfriForum said it had in the last year laid charges against 113 black people who publicly incited rape‚ murder‚ assault and even genocide against white people. “Up until now‚ no significant progress has been made with these cases‚” 

Meanwhile South African Major  M V Mohlala – left a gross racist comment on Facebook about a gruesome attack on two white elderly males which left one – Cobus Naude (76)–  murdered. His comment was that ”Reverend van Wyk should have had his eyes and tongue cut out so that the faces of his attackers would be the last thing he sees on earth. Apartheid is in him. All these old white people are mistaken if they think we believe them when they say they were opposed to it. It is your turn now, white people.” YET Mohlala was only “reprimanded” by his black senior- in stark contrast what happened to Penny Sparrow , Vicky Momberg and whites after her in which case some received inhuman long jail sentences for making  alleged “racist” comments.


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The biggest nail in the coffin of the multiculturalist New South Africa forced through by Mandela, De Klerk and Ramaphosa in 1994, is the fundamental “irreconcilables ” in terms of culture and behavior between people of a Western orientation, and people of an African orientation. And we can list hundreds of examples – from Zuma claiming that corruption is a “Western” crime to the habit of lowering and adapting standards in all walks of life; which is of course not acceptable to the Western principles of achievement, development and investigative thought. The biggest of these, is of course the African belief system that in eradicating the visual symptom of a problem, the problem also disappears. The Western orientation teaches us: Root out the problem and the symptom will disappear. Not the other way around.

In addressing this fundamental, and irreconcilable difference in approach, a system of double standards cannot be avoided. How do you reprimand a person for what he really believes must be the truth? Such double standards become noticeable when we read, over the weekend, how an officer with the rank of “Major”, one MV Mohlala, was “reprimanded” for a racist outburst of hate speech on the social media. This followed the attack on the elderly reverend Braam van Wyk (80) and his friend, prof Cobus Naude (76) in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. Prof Naude was stabbed to death, while the Reverend Van Wyk’s hands were tied behind his back after which he was brutally kicked in the face.

Major Mohlala (stationed at Wonderboom Military Base in Pretoria) wrote on Facebook that, in his opinion, the Reverend van Wyk should have had his eyes and tongue cut out so that the faces of his attackers would be the last thing he sees on earth. Mohlala then went on (and revealed the African approach as stated above) by saying: “Apartheid is in him. All these old white people are mistaken if they think we believe them when they say they were opposed to it. It is your turn now, white people.” (sic)

Apart from being brutally racist and a prime example of the most offensive hate speech possible, Mohlala indicated that the black man still feels that elderly white people should be ” punished. Is this a possible explanation for the brutality of the attacks against defenceless old people? Is this why women in their 80’s and 90’s are raped? To “punish” them? Quite obviously so. What is more concerning is the fact that Mohlala got away with a verbal warning by his commanding officer!!!! Compared to Penny Sparrow, who was taken to court, slapped with a fine and made subject of a public witch hunt for weeks for using the term “monkeys” on the social media;- as well as Vicky Momberg who recieved a 3 year jail sentence-  one can hardly find a more shining example of double standards.

Now, if even the reaction to the same crime (with a very obvious variation in the degree) is so different, is it not time to recognize the fact that the cultures in this country are so irreconcilable that we are merely wasting time, and spilling blood, in trying to make this Rainbow Nation farce work. BUT this all form part of the subliminal onslaught against the white conservative people of this world- and South Africa is no exception to the rule.


SOURCE: White Nation